Friday, December 31, 2010

*** Happy New Year ***

I,m not going to be here tomorrow so I wanted to get this on. The Friday bolg is below...

Happy New Year!

All said, it's been a pretty good year for me!
Started out a bit rough when I hurt my back in February and spent a few weeks stuck in bed. Haven't been able to do much this year... But that is coming along kinda well.

Met a few new people that could become friends, some have.
Had some laughs along this years journey. Had a few real gut busters...
* Thanks Chuck and Neil! You two gave me the best laugh of the year! *
Might have had a few down moments but hey, they get pushed aside kinda fast... If ya can't fix it, ….. well you know the rest.

Got a newer mowditioner! That, I'm sure will help.
The son picked up a newer hay rake. Sure hope he gets to work on it so it's ready to use this coming hay season...???
Learned a little more. Think I may have forgotten some to. But sometimes that's good...

Learned some not so good. Yup, the people that talk behind ones back. The people that just figure their to good for ya. Uh hu. That's good to! Like the old saying, Keep your friends close, keep your enemies even closer... It is really good to know who not to trust or, who to trust to hurt you.

With the back keeping me from getting out and about and doing things. Well, I had time to reflect... Time to start this blog so I can vent, maybe pass along something helpful, maybe pass along some smiles and hopefully bring some glimmer of hope and some companionship to my lonely friends out there on the weekends.

Wouldn't mind seeing more followers but that may come in it's own time.
Pretty cool to see I'm being read around this great big spinning circling orb! That does show up in the stats.
I did say to my kids that now I can embarrass them world wide instead of just here near home : )

Tried some new recipes and foods. That is always good!!!

Think it's going to be even more fun to see what kind of BS, knowledge and smiles the new year will bring!

My New Years wish for you all,

May you be blessed with full tummies,
May you be blessed with nice clothes,
May you be blessed with great friendship,
May you be blessed with love.
May you be blessed with happiness,
May you be blessed with good health,
May you be blessed with a tight roof and a warm comfy bed.
May you be blessed with work you love,
May you be blessed with more money than you'll ever need,
May you be blessed by the words of this darned old fool.
May you be blessed with smiles and in knowing, this life is truly fun!

Have a wonderful and happy New Year
Ivan D

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