Monday, February 28, 2011

Who's Responsible

If your boss asks or tells you to do something, you do it. When you have kids at home you work to make sure they are fed and clothed. You pay your bills.
That's all responsibility.
When someone asks you to do something and you say you will. That also becomes responsibility.

Well just like the boss, if you do not do what you said you would, people are not going to be happy. Then they are not as willing to share with you and may even not want you around. What the heck, if you don't pull your own weight and preform your tasks and I have to do them, then what is the point in having you around?

Now your boss would fire you or at least put you at the bottom of any promotion list. But friends and even relatives, will probably put you at the bottom of their friends list. Shirk those responsibilities to much and you will not even be on their friends list.

Face your responsibilities head on and deal with them. As you finish tasks you are responsible for you will find more inner happiness. That happiness begins to boost your ego and you just naturally feel better about yourself. Then there is the added benefit that others appreciate you more and they begin to like you more. You may even be on the way to a promotion.

Then there are those that are always asking for help but are always to busy to return the favors. Now there is no written rule. But when you help others and they never return that good deed when you need it the most, how can you want to keep on putting aside your life to help them.

This seems to occur so often to people I know and myself that I just had to get it off my chest. I can understand that someone could be to busy to help each and every time I need help. But every time... Then if I am in the middle of something when they ask and have to say no, they get angry at me!

I'm not some idiot that does favors or helps others and feels they owe me. I just think it would be nice if the favor were returned. Then maybe I would feel a little more friendly with some.

There are also those that promise they will come and help with things. But never show up...
If you can't help, say so! If you don't want to help, say so! Why make yourself out to be a liar... There is no way that could help build a friendship.

Then there are husbands, wives and kids that say they'll do things. But then never do... Well, how do you think that makes the family feel? Maybe like you don't care, or they're not important enough...

When you do not do the things you say you will, or that are appointed to you, others are not happy. When they are not happy how do you figure they will make you happy? Or even want to?

Now go and do whatever it is you said you would do. And don't forget that what goes around comes around, so help others who have helped you.

Get out there and smile! Spread smiles with smiles and have a really great day!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Something Different

Instead of the usual today, I decided to give you a few pictures I found.
Hope you enjoy!

Here's three little guys we had a few years back
At feeding time they could clean up fast!

This guy was here at the same time but he was usually always anti social.

Here's a guy who wouldn't come willingly at bath time...
No, not my son!

Notice the untucking of the shirt on the left, the son's right!
Curiosity or orneriness? You decide...

Here is the youngest grandson.
None to happy about his first Halloween being dressed like a cow!

This is a view to the east from the top of our hill.

Your mind can wonder forever from here.
There is just nothing that can get in the way of your thoughts!

Here's a few new pictures.

We just picked these two little ones up on Wednesday.

The black one is a curiosity for me. He is Jersey, Angus mix.
I've never saw one before and can't wait to see if he has that loving Jersey attitude and then gets the size of an Angus!
Sorry about the eyes not looking right but flash does that and I'm no professional photographer!
They are both about one month old and we do have to wean them from the bottle yet. But we usually pick up calves when they're only three days old and have a month of strict bottle feeding before we can even think of weaning.

I heard about this Jersey, Angus mix from my son in law, who heard about him from another guy, so I had to go see. Yup... I brought him home. I also told the guy if he gets more to let me know and I'll go get them. If not we'll be picking five or six other calves up this spring.

With what I did to my back last year I decided to sell off most of the calves and cows we had. I just didn't feel right about having my son doing all the work himself while still working his job. But my back is about back to just being a bad back, and I think I'll be able to again pull some of my weight so hopefully we can get back into it.

We've sold all but one of those we did keep over winter and him I don't know if I'll ever sell. He's kind of a runt and never seems to grow much. He's got a chubby head and has grown kinda wide in the belly but then seemed to just stop growing. I hate to say it but he's becoming like a pet. I just think I may keep him around and see if I can train him to follow me around like the dogs do.

Shh, listen. That sound is my grandpap rolling over in his grave from that last line. Oh well, that's just another part of me...

Here's a picture of him right after he found a garbage can.
He's just so small and funny looking that he's grown on me.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post. Maybe after the weather gets a little better I can get some more pic's and share them with you.

So for today I'll say, catcha later and keep that wonderful smile!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ponder This

I read another guy's blog last weekend. His blog deals with Philosophy and Life. While reading I began to come up with some profound thoughts of my own.
You can see what I was reading at, - Plato on gay marriage
Now when I manage to find time, I can delve into philosophy and kinda like learning what long past ancestors of human kind thought about things. I find it's like being able to listen to the thoughts of those who have gone before but who are now no longer available to visit.

On a side note, wouldn't that be nice if our own ancestors would have made their insights, thoughts and ideas available to us? You can by writing your ideas and leaving them behind for your grandchildren, in a book of some kind, or the world in a blog of your own.

Philosophy is not a set of rules, but more the thoughts and ways some people felt about life and things. I sometimes think it's kind of handy to see how others see things, when I'm trying to decide just how I want to deal with things.

Well, In Mr. Vernon's blog he points out that Aristophanes described humans as once being whole but were cut in half by the God Zeus.
Thereby, as I see it, creating two that one being female and one being male would seek fulfillment in the quest for the other half.
That wasn't interesting enough so again the two halves were divided which leaves us with two women searching for fulfillment and two men searching for fulfillment. Which brought about homosexuality. That also leaves us the “heshe's”, the hermaphrodite's. But I'm a simple minded guy and don't like long words, so I'll stick with “heshe's”...

Now I finished reading Mr. Vernon's article and am impressed. But now I'll go in my own direction with what I was left pondering.

I have no specific religion that I adhere to, but with reading and a little discussion have found all religion to be interesting. I do tend to lean towards one but... I am not, nor do I have any intent to convince or lead anyone in any direction. I do feel each should read, discuss and make their own decision with all they individually can learn. In my mind not one person should allow their self to be led by someone elses ideas.

I also find mythology interesting but have a real hard time believing in Greek Gods.

What I found to ponder is the Bible tells us God created the universe, earth, and all that is.
God created man, God created woman. God's creation was good. But then we find, God turned control over to Satan.

Hmm, could it be that way back before Christianity, that Aristophanes guy was maybe on to something?
Could it be possible that it was not Zeus, but possibly Satan, who preformed the surgeries that have confounded mankind for the centuries since?

This could lead to some interesting contemplation for my wee mind while riding around the fields and even the huge lawn this coming summer...

And now my dear wonderful amazing readers, you too will be pondering!
And I'm sure there are those that ponder just what kind of nut is this guy : )

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cheap and Easy

I hear some words from a lot of young people who seem to endlessly be crying the same line. It sometimes stops for a week or so, but then they are right back to the same line. Sadly it's heard from some older adults too...

I gave him/her my heart, but he/she broke it. I even hear that with the word “again” added on the end...

First thing I'll say. Hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, shame on me.
Next... Instead of “giving” your heart to someone, why not make them really earn it.
Is your heart not valuable? Do your emotions have no value?
Are they so cheap that you'll just toss them to the rats?

Quit that giving to lost causes. You, your heart or emotions are more important than just having someone to be with. If someone is really interested then they will do whatever is needed to earn your heart.

Are you waiting for your prince to ride up on his great steed? Well in the world of today the chances of that are somewhere between slim and none! But take the time and reread the lore, fairy tails and stories. Even those prince's did things to earn the fair maidens hearts.

Are you looking for your princess? Then maybe you should read up too. You'll have to learn how to treat a princess. And yours may end up being the princess and the pea... But if you don't help her remove that pea, she'll find a prince that can. Or worse, you'll end up looking for peas for the rest of your life!

Do you think you are that prince or princess? Hmm, those stories are really short. We never hear about their entire lives. Oh yah, we hear the happily ever after. But don't ya think they still had to work every day to keep that happiness... I doubt prince charming spent much time laying around on the castle couch watching jousting matches on the royal TV!

We can read of some princes and princesses that became kings and queens. We also can read about some that became unhappy. Kings that chopped of their queens heads. Queens that poisoned their kings. Gee, is that the happily ever after?

No love requires that we spend the rest of our love life earning the day to day happiness. So why should you give your heart to someone who will not even earn your heart to begin with?

Now next time that cutie smiles and winks, then starts a conversation. Be nice and enjoy the attention. Enjoy making a new friend. But if it begins to go farther, let them know that your not cheap or easy. It's going to take some evidence that they are worthy of your heart.

Make them earn it and all you have to offer!

Do you too hear this line from some people way to often? Print it. Let it lay where the perpetual users of the line will see it and read it out of curiosity. Or just hand it to them.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Me ?

I've been blogging here for three months. I have gotten a few comments but wouldn't mind seeing more... Have a few followers and would definitely love to see more of them! I do have one viewer who would like to become a follower but because of some technical problems they can't. That has to do with older technology they are using. But that's about the blog.

So I'm putting off the tough part of what I felt like doing today. Me.
But deciding what is safe to put out to the world and what's not... That is tough! Think about it. There are some many strange people out here in internet land. So one needs to be a little careful what they put out...

So carefully, on to, who is this guy anyway.
I had someone quite a while back, say they wish they could be as outgoing and self confidant as I was. I just looked... Was stunned! Even left speachless for a while. I wish I really was but... It ain't so.

I have self esteem issues like everyone else. I constantly feel insecure. Heck, this blog is questioned before I begin typing, while I'm typing and quite a few times more before I can hit the post blog button.
I'm not a know it all either. I was a pretty good carpenter and grew into a pretty good all around contractor. I felt insecure and doubted myself daily while doing that! It was only my great contempt for half assed contractors that kept me from going back to working for others.

I'm just a simple guy with a simple mind. I like to farm but I question myself daily about what I'm doing at that. Truthfully, I'm amazed when something turns out right or grows the way it should. I have a deep love for animals. They accept me even though I make mistakes and they never criticize. They just look at me with those big eyes and give me kisses once in a while.

Other than a few bad physical health issues my “BIG” problem is, I can not keep my big mouth shut! I guess that's what some mistake for outgoing and self confidence... Well, let me tell ya, that big mouth that doesn't know when to stay shut gets me into some trouble at times. I can embarrass others and myself without even trying. It just comes natural... I can also anger others quite readily. There are some that don't talk to me for months, years or ever again. But most of the never agains I don't like anyway...

Things I do know, I know from some education but most is from living and experience. Yup, that wonderful school of hard knocks.
I was once quiet and afraid to speak my mind. But I finally got to a point where I just didn't care what others would think of me. If I had something to say I began saying it. Especially if I felt someone needed to hear, or needed to be shut up.

I've always liked to smile, laugh and enjoy. I deal with insecurity, doubt and problems with humor. When I find the humor in a problem I can deal with the problem better. If I don't, I begin to worry, dwell, and stress, then I get lost.

I've learned that my key to happiness is to not give a darned what others think or how they feel about me. So when someone has a stabbing remark. I just blow it off. Sometimes I do stew over it a while but eventually I find the humor and it's gone.

I came close to death back about eleven years ago. I ended up (in my eyes) a weakling. I have a really messed up back, a ruptured disk in my neck and weakness in my right arm and leg from that disk. I live in constant severe pain. The outcomes of surgery don't sound real good to me so I refuse that. I came to hate drugs during my life so I refuse the ones that I'm told will help.

I still do what I can, when I can, here on the farm. I sat around for a few years feeling sorry for myself, but then I began to find ways to improvise. I even figured that I could put a hook in a bale of hay, tie a rope to it and wrap it around my waist so I could drag it to the cows, since I can't carry it. Even I laugh at that, but it works. I also found little red wagons help...
I can get on a tractor, but often after bouncing through the field, need help getting off and into the house where it may take a full day or more for the pain to subside.

There are many things I simply can not do any longer. I have a son though who likes the farm and wants to be the next in the long line of the family to take it over. The really hard work falls to him. Sometimes I feel I'm just getting in his way and I mope about it a little. Then I usually find something else to keep my silly mind and self busy.

What else is there to do? Life goes on and I'm not about to just lay down and die. Though some days I wake up and feel it would be a blessing...
I do get lonely a good bit, but I'll leave that for next week. So if ya want to know more, come on back and learn a little more about this goofy me then!

Smile??? I still can. And I even find the humor in my life!
So you smile to! And have a great day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Twixt Six And Fifty

Why is it as children we tend to live, laugh, experience and enjoy? We say what we feel, we dance and sing, even though we look silly and can't carry a tune in a bucket. We look at everything with awe. We ask questions without hesitation.

Then we leave the security of home and family. Someone else we don't know and who doesn't know us, laughs and points us out to others and soon everyone is laughing and saying hurtful things. Making fun of us. Then we learn to feel bad...

Now we're on our journey of a life of worry that we will be laughed at. No longer do we feel free. No longer do we enjoy life. Instead we spend all our time worrying if we should or shouldn't do. Will those carefree thoughts and feelings we have be socially accepted if we do act on them?

At school, then work, even when on a vacation we fret that if we step beyond the so called socially accepted boundaries of what society says adults should be, that we will not be accepted. And we will be laughed at or put down.

Never mind that some people, namely comedians, earn a very nice living when they step beyond the bounds. Many actors who are idolized, act beyond the socially accepted bounds and earn more making one movie than most of us will earn in two or three years. Some in a lifetime!
Sports figures get paid big bucks for playing, and looking like idiots at times when they are playing their sports.

These “stars” are idolized. The public names their children after them. They tune in to watch them. They talk fondly about them. They lovingly laugh when actors and comedians act silly. They don't insult them and try to make them feel bad...

I can't exactly speak for all others, but somewhere around fifty I seem to have reverted back to my childhood mind. Once again I just don't care how anyone else feels about me. If they like me and find me funny, or some of the things I'll do hilarious, that's fine. If they don't then they can just turn around and go the same way they came.

I couldn't care less if some one doesn't like me. That is their problem!
It's not that I don't have insecurities, it's more that I don't let those insecurities get in my way of enjoying my day. I like to laugh and I like having fun. I really like acting like that innocent child.

There is a time to be serious, but I really think we are all taking serious to a stupid level when we let others dictate our feelings and actions. When we let others opinions get in the way of fun and enjoyment.

So today I lay out a challenge. Just do something silly to make someone burst out laughing.
Lay aside the thought that someone may find it stupid and criticize you. So what if they do. Do you need them anyway? Heck, when they see you becoming popular with all the people that will enjoy your loose happy sense of humor they may even envy you. I'm sure they will carry on their attack even more severely, but just keep your eyes and mind on the people who enjoy and your happiness. The nay sayers will slowly come around or not. Who cares...

The best way to get back at those who criticize is to ignore them and keep enjoying being yourself. Bullies can't stand that they can't make you sad like they are under their fake lifestyles, phoney smiles and put on airs.

Now get out there, have fun and smile. Share that good feeling and make someone else smile!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dare To Be

I have trouble understanding people who are not willing to dare to be more than followers.

I'm not talking about followers of blogs. Followers of blogs, I believe, are people who are reaching out to see how other people think and feel, they are gaining education through the experiences of others. They learn how others deal with life and that can help deal with there own. They enjoy the humorous way many blogs communicate the things that they do.

But instead I'm talking about the followers in life.
The people who live life the way other people say they should. Not that anything is wrong with living within the boundaries of the law. That is a perfectly good thing to do.
But more the people who live by some other persons standards. Or the so called society norm. Wearing in style clothes, having furniture, having auto's, whatever just because that is how others do or say it should be done.

So many people I hear complain about their jobs. Yet each and every day they get up, get dressed and go to work. When I ask, they admit they never have tried to make something different of their lives.
To me that seems like they have just become drones. Drones that complain.
People sob because others hurt their feelings. Do they stay away from the type of people who do?
Can happiness be found by a follower? Can serenity be found by a follower?

As a child I had to do as my Mr. Perfect, know it all, could never be wrong, must be done my way, dad said. Any other way would only lead to my punishment or in the least, household unrest and contempt towards me...
My childhood was a mental sweltering netherworld. Living within dad's bounds I never fit in socially with others of my own age. I found myself becoming a loner. To compensate with never fitting in I found that being a loner kept me from social hurt.
In my later teen years, I'd had enough at home. I rebelled and left.

I found as most do, life was kind of like looking into the mouth of an angry bear. It also became apparent that it was similar to swimming in shark infested waters. I had my own ideas and made many mistakes. Having many doubts and never wanting to live by some other persons ideals made the idea of asking for help impossible.

Then I finally realized that my own opinions of life and how to live it, were a mix of others opinions and ways. Some from movies, some from books, many from other people. All mixed together and stirred with a few of my own feelings for seasoning. So, other opinions aren't totally bad. Some outside ideas, then some thoughts of my own, could lead to good answers for me.

If not for listening to several others then deciding what is right for me, I'd still be that hurt little boy sitting around feeling lost and alone.
Now I don't say that feeling never comes again. There are still egotistical jerks who throw their thoughtless hurting barbs. I do feel the question marks in my head. But it doesn't last long now, because by making my own decisions I've become stronger in who I am.

Now when someone causes me to feel those questions and hurt, I can consider if it suits my life or not. Then I can choose to accept it and change or ignore it as the trash it is and dump it. Most people who say hurtful things are only letting their own self doubt show. And causing others to feel pain is their way of making themselves feel better about their crumby doubt filled lives.
From the outside they may seem to have it all, but are they really happy?

I choose to not let others decide me or my feelings. My happiness or serenity has been the result of that decision.
Storms may and do blow through. But by relying on those decisions, made by asking several others who I like, then pondering what they say and mixing in my own ideas, answers that suit me are easily found and the results are serenity and happiness.

It works for me. I hope it will help you!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Royal Smile - Couldn't Resist

I thought I was outta here for the day. I've got things to get done and places to go but... I kinda stumbled on these two things that I thought ya might get a good laugh over.
If ya feel like I do about the upcoming Royal Wedding Pain In The Butt Festivities, ya just might love these links. And I'm really not sure if I'll order these or not. They could be an interesting conversation piece and I am leaning towards the waste of a few bucks for the chuckles...
Also a “ WARNING “ ! I visited but didn't go any farther. I don't know if they are either legit or safe. So go farther than a look at the links, at your own risk...

Here They are, check em out and smile!

I laughed my butt off! Guess I'm not the only one not impressed with Royal crud.

Coon Hound Entertainment

Max was my friend, a coon hound who passed away years ago, for those who don't already know. He may be gone but his spirit lives well in my memory.

During cool weather Max would devour his food so fast I'd sometimes wonder after turning around if I even fed him. During really hot summer days Max would not always eat all his food in one quick gluttonous moment. He'd usually wait until the sun went down and the day would begin to cool.

I noticed one day when I stopped home for lunch that Max was taking one piece of dog food at a time from his bowl and would carry it to a corner in his run area. Then he would lay it on the ground and just walk a few feet away, then lay down watching it. Well I was in a hurry that day so I just shook my head, asked him what he was up to, then told him he was nuts and left.

A few days later I had finished the three month long job I had been doing. I had finished two days ahead of schedule so I had some time to relax a bit and sit in the shade and have a few beers. The first day I did that I had taken a few beers and was sitting at the picnic table beneath a shady tree.

As I and my X wife were sitting there talking and relaxing I noticed Max was at it again. He walked to his food dish, took out one piece of dog food, carried that one piece of dog food near the corner of his run and placed it on the ground. He then proceeded as before to walk a few feet away and lay on the ground and watch that piece of food.

I moved around the picnic table so I could keep and eye on him. While the X and I sat and chatted I watched Max. The X began to think I didn't want to talk because I wasn't looking at her and as she would, she left me know. I told her I was watching the dog. Then told her to move over with me and watch while we chatted.

She moved around and sat beside me. I was in the middle of explaining why we were watching and had gotten to the placing the one piece of food on the ground when all of the sudden a bird landed and began to check out the piece of dog food.

The bird hopped around lookin at it then began to peck. As the bird pecked it hopped around. When the bird was in a position that his back was towards Max, Max jumped up and towards the bird in one swift move. The bird was so startled he flew head first into the wire side of the dog run. He quickly though gained his birdie composure and flew to a nearby tree.

Max sniffed at the remaining piece of dog food and went right back to his laying spot. Again he laid there for a good twenty minutes. Just staring at the piece of dog food and so still the he was looking near dead. I'll be darned, another, or maybe even the same bird, flew to that piece of dog food, hopped around and began pecking.

Again he turned his back to Max and Max leaped again. With about the exact same results... This time though when Max checked out that piece of dog food I guess he figured it was getting to small. He walked back over to his dog food bowl and selected his next bit of bird bait. He walked back to about the exact same place and laid it there for his quarry.

Again in about twenty to thirty minutes it all was happening again. By now we couldn't take our eyes off of what we were seeing. We laughed so hard it was about impossible to drink the beer. This went on almost all afternoon. Max entertained himself with the birds and entertained us with his game.

One bird did hit the fence hard enough to stun himself a bit and Max nudged him with his nose until that frightened bird took off. He never actually made an attempt to hurt the birds, he just had his fun with his surprise attacks...

Tales of a lonely ole guy with a sense of humor...

Have you ever watched to see what your dog did for entertainment?
What are some of the funniest things you spent time watching your best friend do?

Friday, February 18, 2011

No Balls ?

Last Friday I talked about some questions I hear that are about things I don't even think about. I just seem to think everyone knows, so I find them amusing. What is even more amusing is the look on peoples faces when they hear the answers to some of these.

Last week I answered a question about how you tell the difference between the boy and girl cows after you cut off the horns. You can see that at
I finished with saying, I may tell ya why something seems to be missing when ya look for that big hydraulic cylinder sort of a thing...

The questions that lead up to this are, Uh if that's a bull where are his balls? Why don't they have any b...s? Well why do you do that?
First off, he's no longer called a bull. He's now called a steer.
Where are they? Uh, we castrate them. Either band them so they fall off, or cut em off.
Why??? Here is where this guy who's always lookin for a smile begins to have fun!

My quick comeback answer... Well, might be that I'm just mean, Or maybe because I'm jealous, Or do I really like Rocky Mountain Oysters. Heck, I guess it just depends on the mood I'm in.
Now part of that leads to, What are Rocky Mountain Oysters? To which I tell them and ask if they would like some. Well that gets some disgusting facial expressions going... I was a bit troubled once though when one girl had a strange sneer on her face and looked like she might be thinkin about actually saying yes...

Me, hu uh, no way, never had em, never will... Some things will just never get past my lips and that's one of them. If you don't know what they are, they are testicles from the bulls. Maybe now you can understand why they will “never” get past my lips!

So, now on to the long answer. The serious stuff.
To control the genetics of a herd. By castration you can control bad genes and keep from having weak or sickly cattle. You also prevent inbreeding. A bull when he's ready, (and that's about all the time) doesn't even care if it's his own mother or sister. Like some excuses for men, he just wants it now...

Bigger reason is that when he has none he's not so aggressive. It's kind of a testosterone thing. But as I like to say, what ya ain't got can't get in the way of serenity... When you work around mammoth animals trying to feed and clean up and care for them, you really come to appreciate that lack of aggression. It makes them much easier to handle and a heck of a lot safer to be around. Believe me when I say, you really don't want to be turning your back to cut open a bale of hay or clean up a mess with an aggressive bull around...

Also he's a lot easier on equipment and fences. When a bull feels real aggressive he sees equipment, no matter how useful or expensive, as a punching bag. He'll spend his entire day, if he has to, destroying anything around.

The guys also have a tenancy to to let that aggressiveness lead to some serious fighting. That serious fighting can lead to serious injury. That serious injury can lead to serious Vet bills, or worse... Death!

Those fences... Well if his girl toy, choice of the moment, is on the other side of the fence. The fence is no deterrent what so ever. And that holds true if she's on a farm a half mile away... I do have a formula.
( Pretty Girl Cow + Horney Bull + Well Built fence = Well Built Fence in itty bitty mangled pieces. )
It's really easier to control a hormonal teenager than a raging bull, and I'm sure you've seen raging, hormonal teens. Maybe you even remember your teen years... Now make that teen half the size of a pickup truck and have them weigh about a ton or more. How do you propose that can be controlled?

Yet another reason is that like many creatures, glands secrete some nasty tasting smelly stuff. Now the little girl cows may find it appealing but the human taste buds don't. By removing those danglers you cut way back on some of those secretions.

One final reason is that when the guy cows loose them danglers they tend to get a bit lazier and the meat is not quite so lean. A bit of fat makes the steak, roast or burger a lot better tasting.
And like a married man they tend to put on more size when they are no longer chasing after the girls...

Now I'm sure your asking, doesn't that hurt?
For the adults, they are usually done by a Vet and are given shots to numb the pain. Kinda like the dentist does to you.
For the little ones we use bands. They are small, made of heavy rubber and are stretched then slipped over the danglers when the danglers are still really small. The calf generally gets a funny look on its face but in only a few minutes, he's out grazing and playing with all the others. So it really can't hurt to much at all.

Most people who raise cows have a real deep love for the creatures and would not stand still to see any of them put to any kind of pain that was not deemed absolutely necessary. We spend more hours treating and bandaging cuts and scratches on them than we would our own children. We worry more about their health and safety than we do our own. Heck, some of us will not sleep if one gets out of the fence, until we find it and get it home where it belongs.
Yes, we raise them for beef, but we still give them all the care we can while they're with us. We try our best to make sure they have a happy, safe life until they are ready to be put on your table so they can then make you happy.
People need to eat. But just because they are eventually becoming food is no reason that cows can not be treated as kindly as possible. They truly are one really fantastic and lovable creature!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh, Baby Doll

Have ya ever really looked at a Barbie Doll?
Now look at or think about your woman.
Does she have some things you consider flaws? Well how do you see them?

If you look at them as something that needs changing then maybe you better take a real good look at yourself. No one is perfect by our ridiculous human standards. I'll bet the world if you honestly look at yourself you will find all kinds of flaws. If not I could...
How would you feel if your sweetie felt you needed changing?

It's those things we call flaws that give your girl her originality. Face it, if they all looked as perfect as the movie world, the magazine world or even the TV world seem to want us to believe they should be, we would be living in a somewhat world full of Barbies...

Would you even want to live there? A world full of women who all looked, thought and acted alike. First, how would you tell which one was yours? Talking to them would be so darned boring if they all thought alike. Heck they would even all sound alike. Could you possibly imagine if they all decided to whine at the same time???

Now do your hunnies so called problems still seem so bad?
Flaws, or as they should be called, differences, need to be seen rather as the things that make her unique. That one and only person who she is!

Do you want a happy life? Then to have a happy wife, or girlfriend, you darned well better make sure she's happy. If your looking at those so called perfect images in the pictures and making those childish rude comments. Or bringing up those differences and making rude remarks or laughing about them... Your undermining any chance that she will be happy.

OK, if she's so obese that her health is in danger you should probably find a nice way to help her see that, but for the sake of your happiness do not be rude! Also if you start to nag her about it she will probably shut you out like you would if she starts nagging about taking out the trash.

Look at those qualities that first attracted you to her. Now look at her differences from other women and celebrate them. Be happy that she is different and not just some cut out machine made doll. That would be like an eternal drive through a desert with never changing scenery. Be proud to hold her hand and walk down the street because of the wonderfully unique woman she is.

If you still can't find her as the fantastically wonderful beautiful individual she is, then look at you again. She could probably do quite a bit of complaining about you. And lets face it, we men have plenty of room for improvement. And we darned sure don't like to hear abut that! She accepts you and the many flaws you have. You could do the right thing and accept her differences also.

Do you still have a hangup and want some dreamt up excuse for perfection? Then why not do her a favor. Go to Wal Mart or somewhere and buy that doll. When you do end up finding her flaws at least you can't hurt her feelings by putting her down. Of coarse you are going to have to cook and clean for yourself. You are going to need to learn to have a totally one sided conversation. But hey, you want perfection. Sorry pal, your idea of perfection don't exist...

Now call her and tell her how much you love her. When you get home, take her in your arms and love her. Celebrate the fact that she is who and what she is and love her with all your heart!

In all honesty I've seen this in reverse. Not near as often, but it's out there.
So as for any women that may have read this far. If you see yourself in place of the guys I'm talking about here... Just change this to women.

Valentines Day may be over but you should show that love every day!
Now get out there and have a wonderful love filled day.
And smile!!!
Or I'm gonna send out my little army of terrible gremlins to give ya a swift kick in the seat of your pants...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Worthless Heart

I don't want to write this! To me it's like standing on a busy street in a huge city with no clothes on. Being naked before all the world. Letting the world know that I too have flaws.
I don't believe flaws are really a bad thing. We accept them in others, but can we accept them in ourselves? We should. The flaws are what make us who we are. They make us individuals. But are some self perceived flaws really flaws? But that's going to be in a later post, maybe next week... Not entirely sure exactly when though. It was going to be here today but something else is stuck in my mind.

OK, I'm hesitating. Putting off something that's eating at me since yesterday morning when I read someone elses blog. That wasn't bad enough, I read another blog and again it brought my silly mind back to the same dam.. uh, darned thing. It ate at me just about all day. I believed I had this resolved in my mind but maybe it's not...

Like I tell on that ?Me? page. (It's up top there in those green words, just click on it if ya want) I'm divorced. Not only once... I've also been in some pretty serious relations with what I thought were some darned nice women. Yah, none of them lasted either.

I went through times of mentally blaming the women. I went through blaming myself.
After a long time I finally realized that it wasn't the womens fault. I had met them all while I was on what I now call, vacations from my routine life.

I love nothing better than to live way out in the countryside and spending my time working or roaming the fields and woods. Truth is, even as a child I was somewhat of a loner. I liked being around people but liked being out in the boonies and exploring too. Hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking, laying under a big shade tree in the middle of nowhere on a hot day, making hay in the sweltering sun, being around animals and caring for them. These were then and still are what make me happy. But, I could also say these are the things that make me. (I just realized that when I was finishing that last sentence, right before I typed happy.)

I also enjoy going out and spending some time around other people. Even in bars and having a few drinks, kinda kicking up my heels and partying. Now when I'm out and about there, I'm still just me, and my lighter side way of life sticks out with the joking and laughing at life. That usually attracts people and we get to know each other. At least while I'm there. But... That is where I've realized the problem is!

After getting over that stupid, worthless blame game... Then some real heavy pondering, a good bit done in the tractor seat and some just sitting alone on the porch or in the empty house. It finally hit me like a ton of bricks! All these women I've met see the out on the town me! But that is only a very, very small part of me. When they decide to actually be with me... They become bored with the everyday me. The me that can be happy to sit and watch birds. Watch a couple of cows graze in a field. The me that can spend a day lounging on a shady hillside when it's just to hot out. The me that as long as the weather isn't to cold to be outside, can stay here in the boonies for weeks on end. Heck, I even shop for groceries with a list intended for a month most of the time. Well most people find my life downright boring. I've even heard the question, “How do you see anything in the middle of nowhere?”. The complaints that there is nothing to do.

I guess they couldn't see all the beautiful life that is there. They couldn't find the beauty in a sunrise or sunset. The interesting qualities of the way branches grow to form a tree. The natural beauty of a patch of wildflowers growing in a field. The majestic beauty of wildlife and their habits or ways of living. Heck, they can't even appreciate the beautiful symphony of a babbling brook or a breeze blowing through the trees. Nor the rock concert of crickets on a warm night.

I can't really fault anyone for that, but I do feel sorry for them.
I have no need for the things TV and movies make some people feel are the only things in life that can bring happiness. I'm not caught up in the things the companies advertisements suggest people need to live a happy life. I enjoy my simple life of coexisting with nature as closely as is comfortable. I also understand that this way of life isn't for everyone. I'm glad it's not because we would quickly run out of countryside if everyone moved here from the cities. So in no way can I fault anyone for finding my way of life boring. But to me it could never be remotely construed as boring!

So after more broken hearts from disastrous endings of relationships than I care to think about. I've concluded that there may not possibly be that right someone to be my special someone. I like me and I'm comfortable living as me. So I determined that if I have to be without a special someone, then I have to become comfortable with that.

Well, I was doing good for about three years now, but when I read about someones feelings about falling in love, then how good and bad it can make one feel. You can read that here, It's an adult rated blog but I've found nothing bad there, yet...
Once again I began obsessing over my own situation...

Am I right thinking I can spend whatever is left of my life alone? Can I get over sitting on the porch during a hot evening with no one to hold hands with? Can I really be comfortable hibernating in a house alone during the bitter cold days of winter?
How do I put my heart back in my chest and get back to where I was before reading these posts?

Yah, uncertainty again... That stinking flaw that for three years I had controlled, is back!
That weakness of being a human. The weakest creature on the face of the earth.

I'm sorry if I've brought you down. I just for some unknown to me reason, had to get this out. I tried and tried to leave it alone but it just kept haunting me. So here it is. Naked me.

Sorry, I can't smile today. And I really hate being this damned fragile!
But I guess it is just another part of who I am. And it may seem selfish but I hope this post can at least help my worthless heart.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Just Wanna Go Home

Sunday there was a celebration of my youngest granddaughters fifth birthday. Her birthday though was on Valentines day. Well, the little sweetheart had to excitedly tell me that she was no longer a toddler. I laughed and told her yes, she was. She gave me dirty looks, put her hands on her hips and proceeded to tell me “no I'm a big girl now because I'm five”! So I put my grandpap smile on, looked her in the eye and said, “no, your still four until tomorrow”. She thought about it for a few seconds and said “well OK pappy but I'm still a big girl”!

Such a hurry to grow up... Now me on the other hand, I never wanna grow up. Been there, tried that and it's just no fun. Yah, you still have to do grown up things and face grown up responsibilities, but hanging on to that child like, fun loving, care free mentality is fun. It's just figuring out when you can and can't.

Sure enough, when my daughter picked up my granddaughter from pre school, she didn't want to go home. She made my daughter bring her to see her pappy. She didn't even have her coat off before she told me that now she was no longer a toddler and she was now all grown up.

Oh well, I pick and choose my battles, so I just smiled and agreed. Why not let her have that moment or even day or so, of victory. But I do find it interesting that she has skipped all that lies in between. I sure hope she remembers the conversation of the past two days when she's older and gets the same inner smile I have right now about it.

I left my daughter and son win quite a few battles when they wouldn't be hurt to bad from them. Some that did hurt turned out to be real good lessons. The others that didn't hurt are now looked back on and smiled about. Those lasting childhood memories... The kind that bring back warm feelings and let you know you were loved. I have quite a few of my own that my grandfather left me with.

He had a way when I was very young of smiling and telling me to stay out of mud puddles or my mother would get really mad at me. But, he'd never stop me. Then he'd laugh as my mother scowled and scolded me. I might get spanked and he'd just look at me and say, I told ya so. Hmm, he did that once when I wanted to walk out the back of the barn with my new boots on. Oh my! I'll probably never forget the screetch from my mother as I came into view with my no longer shiny, but instead, mud and manure covered boots... Might never forget that licken either!

Then there was grandma in the hen house. Sure you can have one of those brown eggs, just don't put it in your pocket.
Thinking back, Yah, she knew I would. Yup, there was mom that evening scolding me for the then hardened, broken egg crusted, pockets...

So why do I do those kind of things with my grandchildren? I know it causes parents to have some problems but hey, when those kids do become adults and sit around thinking. They'll remember and they too will be smiling like I am right now, feeling all warm inside and wishin for the good old days.

They may even lighten up and let their children or grandchildren have a bit of “kid fun”. Life is just way to short to take everything serious all of the time...
Splashing through a mud puddle may cause some extra work on wash day but heck, try it. Just stomp your feet as hard as you can while wading through and see for yourself how much fun it really is. It'll clean!
Maybe instead of being in such a hurry, stop and really watch a bird while it's building it's nest in a tree. Watch those ants as they work like crazy carrying stuff back to their nests. It may seem like a waste of time but it's all so interesting.
If your real lucky, do it with some little children. Watch their eyes and reactions. You'll be very entertained at their curiosity and intent interest!

As for those little arguments or disagreements. Do you realize that if you do that with a smile and keep love in your heart, you will be teaching the children that they can have an argument or disagreement without getting loud and violent. And by giving in when you can, they see that they can sometimes win. But winning may not at times be a good thing.
Then they begin to learn to think things through!
I really believe it makes for some excellent life lessons.

OK, like the grandson, who turns four in August, said yesterday after we had lunch and played a while, “I just wanna go home now. I'm tired.”
So I'll catch ya later, have fun and smile today!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Get What "You" Want

First things first. I don't have one of those someone specials but, I've got family, friends and a few followers, who are very special people. I also have you visitors who neither follow or comment. To each and every one of you I'd like to say, Happy Valentines Day! May all of your hearts be filled with the warmth of love today and every day.

OK, on to my boring Monday motivation. I just want ya to get all the happiness outta this life ya can! And that can not be given by anyone. Someone else can make you smile, even make you feel warm and good. But deep down happy... That you must get for yourself...

Have a dream? Maybe dreams?
Want something but it's out of reach?
Did someone else say it's dumb, you'll never be able to do that, that's stupid???

Don't let others or society stop you.
Don't let conventional thinking stop you.

Have the guts to be “you”!
Why follow the crowd like a cow in a herd? Do you think it's a good thing to be like a lab rat? Always having to run some kind of gauntlet just to please someone... Just earning a little piece of cheese while someone else gets the whole block...
The only way you can get the big block of cheese for you is to dare.
Dare to trust in you and do it!

Life is a continual challenge with never ending decisions.
You wake up you decide to get out of bed. Then you decide what to wear. Then on to am I going to eat breakfast or not. What to eat. So now you decide if your going to work or not.
This decision making goes on all day, every day.

You make all kinds of decisions and you do really well at it. So now... Do you want better? Do you want to be the big boss, the owner of your own business?

Do something about it. Plan and write it down. Make a business plan complete with how you want things done. Make a list of things you'll need. Begin buying them as you can. Save and buy the bigger things if you “really” need them to start.
Update that list and your plan every time you make a little headway. That helps you see where you have been, the success you've made and where you still have to go. Be ready and open to make changes in your planned direction. Sometimes you find things you never thought of earlier. Sometimes you'll find you really don't “need” some of the things you thought you did. So keep flexibility an option.

If your going to need a piece of equipment or expensive tools only once in a great while. It would probably be cheaper to rent it. Then you can eventually buy it if you still want to. Renting is also a way to keep you from having to find a place to store seldom used items.

How about something like taking a trip, a dream vacation... You still need to plan. That plan allows you to begin saving towards that white sandy beach. Again keep a list. As you put money aside in a savings account you have a list so you see where your plans are going, how far you've come. It gives you a focus point so you don't get fed up and give up.

Hang a picture of your dream near your list so you can look and dream of what you want. It will help you keep your focus. So what if it takes time, what else are you doing...
Impossible? Not if you really want it...
Never give up...

Uncertainty and insecurity Are going to pop up. But don't let them become the things that stop you dead. If you have to, take a break.
Anything can become overwhelming when it's all you do or think about. Just get away from it a while and refresh yourself.

Do it one step at a time and celebrate each step. I'm saying each time you complete a set of steps towards your goal it's time to throw yourself a little party. You deserve that pat on the back even if it is from yourself.

It will take time and patience, but one day you will be able to walk in to that shop, store or office and tell your miserable boss, goodbye!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Party Dog

I introduced you to my old buddy Max last weekend. Like I said he was about the best friend a guy could ever ask for. He was one fantastic dog. But Max had his ways...

One winter evening it was decided we would have a small party. A few friends, some good eats and plenty of cold beer. Now it was one of those bitter cold winter evenings so Max was in the house so he wouldn't have to suffer the bitter cold.

We all enjoyed the lively conversation while a movie played in the background. Drinking our beer and having a really great time. Ole Max, well he made plenty of rounds, getting attention and the occasional dropped chip. He was into the party idea himself. He just naturally liked people. On the very rare occasion he didn't... There was a reason. But, he wouldn't get angry, he'd just leave. In all the years he was with me I only saw him show someone his teeth once. But I felt the same about that guy...

We all had a great time and finally the call came from the kitchen that food was ready, come and get it. So all of us went to the kitchen and loaded our plates, maybe overloaded, with plenty of foods. Some stayed in the kitchen, which was huge, and some of us, mostly the guys, headed back into the living room. We walked in and there was Max. Just sitting there as nice as could be, with an I didn't do it look.

And there were a bunch of beer cans, now laying empty on the floor. Uh hu... Max had himself a few drinks. Wild thing was, not one puddle of beer on the carpet. I just shook my head. Never saw him do that before... I did scold him a bit but doubt if that had any significance to him. Seldom did... Someone ran back to the kitchen and got some more beers out of the tub of ice and brought them back in.

We opened our beers and set them on the stands and coffee table and sat back and continued to eat. Max, like the king of the domain he was, walked right on over to the coffee table, reached up with his paw and tipped over one of the beers. Before it could begin to soak into the carpet he had it lapped up! I was angry but wow was I impressed.

I growled at him and scolded him, telling him NO, don't do that again. Well he gave me his, who do you think you are look, then went and laid down.
He laid down near the guy whose beer he had just swiped. After finishing his plate of food, my buddy took out a cigarette and lit it up. No big deal, back then we all smoked.

Well... He had to take things a bit farther. He was harboring a grudge with Max about his beer. So, he began blowing smoke in Max's face. Now Max could take care of himself and could move so I didn't get to angry. I just warned the guy that if he kept messing with Max, he would regret it. Max... He just had his ways of pay back... He didn't usually get mad, he got even. Eh, this guy took it a bit farther with a few more puffs of smoke and laughed.

Max finally had enough and got up and moved. He went over by the doorway and laid down.
The party went on for a while and finally died down. People went to the kitchen door, put their shoes and coats on and left. Some who had more than enough to drink stayed and slept on the floor, couch and chairs.

Early next morning we got up and had some breakfast. After eating, the guy who was harassing Max decided it was time to leave. He walked over slipped into his coat then proceeded to put his shoes on. Suddenly he looked and said, my shoe is soaked, then looked towards the ceiling for a leak.

He put the soaked shoe near his nose and shouted, someone P'd in my shoe!
Yup, ole Max got even... While we slept Max took care of business right in his shoe. The guy got a bit angry and was giving Max dirty looks until I reminded him that I warned him about the smoke in Max's face. He huffed a bit, put on his wet shoe and left.

I mean to tell ya we still laugh about that. And when I see him he's still called P shoe, even though that was well over thirty years ago.

So yah, be careful who you mess with. They may get even...
And hey, P shoe Paul. If ya ever read this, hows that squishy P shoe? Are ya pickin on any dogs lately old buddy?

Tales of a lonely ole guy with a sense of humor...