Friday, July 29, 2011


Ever consider the vastness of a mind?
The highways where thoughts travel at speeds like lightning. Hurrying towards known destination and outcomes. Knowing that good times are ahead.
The freeways where you've been before that lead to the known that has been learned.
The side roads without direction or maps traveled in hopes for things new and exciting. Traveled with caution or fear of what peril might lie ahead.

The streets lined with homes of knowledge. Each individual with neatly mowed lawns and flower beds planted with care.
The avenues with shops and stores filled with possibilities.
The dark alleys where fear keeps the thoughts away. Or quickens the thoughts steps as it passes by.

The back roads where thoughts go to meander through the memories that have been acquired and are long past. That bring smiles of happiness and joy.
The forks where thoughts sometimes get confused or lost as they try to understand, learn, or grow.
The U turns as it finds it made an error and beats a hasty retreat.

The lanes where thoughts walk and discover all the beauty and wonders of the world.
The paths where thoughts and ideas walk hand in hand. Loving, caressing and sharing all that has been and can be.

The hills and mountains that thoughts climb to discover what's on the other side.
The caverns full of curiosity that incite and lure the thoughts.

The fields and planes where thoughts go to lay their weary heads to rest.

The bogs and swamps that desire and though sometimes get stuck in, then disappear in the quicksand when doubt rears it's head.
The deserts waiting to be watered by curiosity, fertilized by learning, built upon by homes of knowledge.

The creeks, streams, rivers. The lakes, seas, and oceans. The waters filled with unknown thoughts and ideas that are waiting to be discovered and caught.

The sky filled with bright shining stars of hopes and desires.
The planets of unknown and wonder of what's there.
Black holes that thoughts fear they will be sucked into and lost.

I suspect the mind is as big and unknown as the universe that surrounds us. Filled with delightful tales and stories untold. Cluttered with unknown discoveries and inventions.

Yet so many of mankind choose to feel sorry for theirself and shut out the mind by worrying about the sorrows. So many refuse to stop, be quiet and listen to the mind, they instead would rather run around looking for someone else to amuse them or keep them company.

Curious about what may be there? Would you like to know who and what you really are? Are you wondering what beauty may lie there in your mind? Or the bright discoveries and and ideas it may hold? Can you be daring enough to face the unknown? Brave enough to stare in the face of he mean, nasty, ugly, inhumane dark thoughts you may find?

Can or are you willing to put aside the barricades that keep you from your mind? Can you bear to do without knowing what others are saying or doing, what the world is up to for a while?

Then turn off the Ipod. Silence the music or TV. Unplug the phone. Shut down the computer. Not yet! Finish reading first...
Be alone and listen to what thoughts pass through your mind. That's your mind talking to you, explaining what it needs and how it feels. Speaking of things you've refused to consider.

Be open and travel the paths that your thoughts lead you on. It will be a journey that no one else will ever have the ability to travel. See what mysteries, beauty and curiosity there are that lies within your mind.

When you have a thought, embrace it, hold it's hand and let it lead you. Laugh with it, cry with it, feel happiness with it, feel fear with it. Let it show you what it will. Play with it, discover with it, reason with it and learn.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Have You Got

Been alone four months short of twelve years now. Yup, November of 1999. Not so much as a date for a cup of coffee. Not one sweet kiss or soft warm hug. No one to wake up and face a new day. No one to share with, no one to play with.

Now I'm pretty much past the worst of it. Maybe even totally past it... They do say if you don't use it you lose it. Usually even the emotional part is very often only a brief passing thought. Yet Sunday evening the emotional was all I could think about. I was talking to someone and trying to help them with their problem of loneliness and danged if it didn't settle into me.

They had mentioned the love like the man who after three weeks had finally found his wife safe from harm. They mentioned the look in both their eyes as they were reunited. Even having lost everything they owned, they were just happy and felt blessed with each other.

I'm kinda getting old and may well never know that kind of feeling for someone. That fear is just there and there is not much I can possibly do about it. It's just a part of my life because of the choices I made and for better or worse, I'll live with it. Yet at times it causes some profound thought in my goofy mind.

I doubt there are many who could make the choice to be alone that I did and really stick to it. There are times I look back and wonder how I did. There were many lonely days spent while choking back tears filled with emotion. There have been many lonely winter days and nights filled with an emptiness that is beyond imagination. Meals fit for a king that were only eaten by a lonely ole fool. Many play times spent playing alone. Many warm evenings spent rocking alone on the porch.

However, I constantly see so many who clearly show they take their partners for granted. Kind of treat them the same as an old pair of favorite shoes. Only pay attention to them when the need arises. Only show they care when they need or want something from them.

Forgetting to do the little things that gives the other a warm smile and lets them know they still have value in their life. That their cared about. Even forgetting more important things like birthdays, Valentines day and such. Yet they expect them to be there when they get home.

Even an old cow who's hungry, thirsty, uncared for, but fenced in with barbed wire, will break a hole in the fence and look elsewhere for what it needs. It'll slice it's hide open, endure the pain and bleed to break free of it's cage and seek out the things it desires.

I can completely understand that. The overwhelming desire, thirst and hunger, will give any living creature courage to face it's fears and put up with any pain to get what it wants or needs.

But humans are not kept in barbed wire. Unless they have done something really bad, they are not kept in a pen or cell. The only thing between them and what they desire or need, is a door. A simple turn of a handle and they're free. Free to search for what the want or need.

I do not understand though. What makes the ones who take their partners for granted, think they won't lose what they have? What gives them the secure feeling that when they get home the partner will be there waiting. Or does even that thought never cross their minds?

It's an old saying, but oh so true.

You never know what you've got, til it's gone...

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Erratic Thoughts

It's HOT. I'm miserable.. Have nothing but thoughts and can't keep any of them long enough to elaborate and even form a paragraph. Heck, as they roll through my sun baked, over cooked “cell” of remaining brain, they're jumbled and confused. So I figured that I'd just share some and hopefully you'll get a smile or something to think about.

Second opinions are not necessarily better than my own.
It's easier to buy new drapes than to clean the old.
It's easier to buy blinds than clean the old.

When fun things become obligations, they lose their ability to amuse and be enjoyable.
When people ask you how you are, they secretly hope you don't really tell them.

Oatmeal made with beer instead of water don't taste good.
Oatmeal made with whiskey don't taste good either...
Chocolate chip cookies do not go well with Old Grand Dad or Scotch.
Lasagna goes well with anything.

Do not try to dress to impress, stick with the jeans and they'll be surprised with what they find.
No matter how hard you try or what you do someone will always expect more.

To keep your kids from eating all your goodies, hide them in the healthy food boxes and bags.
If you can't find a needle you lost on the floor, take off your shoes and walk around...
Throw rugs get rid of ugly spills and stains.
When looking back on the teen years I've discovered I have miraculously survived the twenties and thirties, I realize by my survival, “I” am an over achiever...
Table saws, belt sanders or Dremel Tools do not make good nail clippers.

Before the age of 45 a day with pain makes you worry, from 45 to 50 you just learn to accept it. After 50 a day without pain makes you worry...
Never buy anything before asking yourself, do I really need it.
Pot and pan handles are always twenty times hotter that you expect.
If you need to use a bathroom, someone will be there.
No matter how bad your own problems seem, someone, somewhere has worse.
People struggling together when confronted with crisis tend to forget about religion, sexual orientations and politics.

A small childs pain when they fall is directly proportionate to your seeing and the fuss you make.
A childs curiosity is a terrible thing to waste it leads to their being a wise adult.
A childs imagination when nurtured often leads to their being a inventive, successful adult.
Parents will never be appreciated until a child is about thirty five.

No matter how serious you say something there will always be a way to laugh about it.
When you take yourself to seriously, you find yourself alone.
No matter how smart you think you are someone will show you your wrong.
When your happy and your feeling real good with your head in the clouds, there is always something around the corner to bring you back to reality.

Errors, mistakes and dumb thoughts spoken out loud bring smiles.
Blurted out words of anger bring loneliness and sorrow.
Adults are succeeding in the quest for children to be quiet, now all they do is text.
You'll never miss the sound of your child until they have grown up and have a home of their own.

And one from a friend of years ago... Though it's kind of for adults. So stop here if you worry about being offended.

When the weather's hot and sticky, tis not time to dip the dicky. But when the frost is on the pumpkin, tis the time for dicky dunkin...

Have a really great day and smile as I seek out some shade and curse the river of sweat that's raging into my eyes. Every once in a while I smile as a silly thought or memory comes to my mind.

Hmm, wonder how upset the cows would get if I go sit in their water trough...

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Call Me The Snoop

When your a parent of young children and teens, there are questions that seem to just pop into your mind... Questions like, I know their father and he's got a brain that sometimes works. I have a brain that works. How can my child have no brain at all?

My child seems smart. They get decent grades in school and seem to be capable of learning. Why oh why can't they learn something here at home?
Is it me? Am I just incompetent as a parent and can in no way teach them and guide them?

What will they do next to bring more worry and heartbreak into my life and theirs? What kind of acts of rebellion will they come up with next? Should I snoop my childs Facebook account?

I might know someone who does. Alright a few someones!
Not just too many years back, kids could do some really dumb things that would make the neighborhood or even the town cringe with fear and have everyone wagging their tongues with talk about that family down the street.

But as children grew and learned those problems would slowly fade into the sunset. Many people wouldn't even remember the acts that brought the fame to a childs name. Their bad acts and deeds would not be located in history books and encyclopedias.

The goofy and sometimes dangerous acts, the frivolous and even lewd acts like streaking the local high school football stadium or a local parade, would just be left behind and slowly blow away like dust in the wind. There may have been a few who remembered when, but they watched while the kids grew into long term thinking beings and smiled.

There may have even been some home movies that caught some of the acts of kids as they stretched their worlds bounds while experimenting and learning who and what they were. But those seldom left home. Some were caught by local news papers or TV stations, yet they too became no more than tapes collecting dust on shelves.

Some do get seeked out and put on display later if a child grows up and decides to become a politician, or grows up and becomes a boss with authority.

Then came along a TV show, Funniest Video's. Now the world could see the acts and deeds of an immature mind, incapable of thinking beyond the moment. They also were forgotten by most and were placed on shelves somewhere.

Now we have this internet. One can take a picture when they dress up all sexy, or undress, and easily add it to their account. One could record their stupidity and put it on the internet for everyone in the entire world to see.

Then anyone can witness the the inane acts and even download them for their personal enjoyment or to attempt to humiliate you at a later date. With the click of a few buttons, any and all that has been placed on the internet can be searched out and found. Usually at the most inopportune time in the life of a human who has become an adult.

Auntie Wag Tongue Wanda can find it and humiliate you at each and every family get together. Uncle Laughing Larry could be showing this even when your old and gray and have children of your own. Now wouldn't that destroy any integrity you have with your own kids...

In my own opinion, yes! You should inspect your childrens account. Not looking for all the itty bitty dirt that you could use against them when your angry that they won't clean their rooms. Not seeking new and exciting ways to ruin their lives and infringe on their happiness.

Rather to help them protect their futures and their possible future dignity.

Should you find something you don't approve of you need to delete it or make them delete it. Then talk with your child and discuss the possible future outcomes or results of what they say or do.

Let them know that as long as your the one paying the bills and your really the owner of said computer, phone, I Pad or whatever, you will control it and it's use by anyone who is “allowed or isn't” to use your instrument. Make them aware that even if it was a gift from someone else, they only use it with your permission.

Yes. In my house I am God and I will lord my mightiness over you right up until the day you leave. I will then take every possible opportunity to stick my nose into your personal life and do whatever or say whatever I think you need to keep you straight, right up to the time I see you acting responsibly!

Yes, you have a right to privacy and you'll get it when you grow up and have a home of your own and a life of your own. Mess up then and you'll find out there isn't much privacy in a jail cell, or living on the streets because your actions as a child make it impossible to find a job.

Your the parent. Your child is your responsibility. Your childs moral teaching is your duty. Your childs possible future is at stake. Take charge and be a real parent!

Point out that anything put on the internet will be out there forever. Anything can be copied and pasted. Not just to someones computer, but to anywhere else on the internet. There is no privacy on the internet. Nothing is totally safe. Even secure sites and areas have been hacked, much to the embarrassment of many people. Even peoples bank accounts and credit accounts get hacked.

So how could anyone expect any personal information to be safe? How can a Facebook account with anything you post including pictures be safe? Heck, might as well take the blinds off the windows and build glass walls on your house...

So just do it. Smile while your imposing on your childs life and ruining it. Smile while knowing that for all the tears and eye rolls of today they may have a chance at a decent life with decent employment. Then smile even more as you recall the dumb stuff you did and realize your oh so happy the universe has no proof you did...

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Organize ???

I probably need to organize. Everything is out of place, things I need are always hidden by other things.
I try to convince myself organization is over rated. So I've got my excuses.

I can't find things and need to clean up? No, finding the things I need is a nice way to have a nostalgic visit with all the things that are in my way.
Another way to look at it is like a treasure hunt or an archeological dig through the ancient past.

It looks like a mess? No it's not a mess, it's the style of decor, a fashion called early junkyard or tangled dump. I'm a great fashion designer!
It's not a mess it's pop art. I'm just showing off my artistic abilities. My home is my pallet...

If it were organized I would be able to find things when I need them and would get projects done more quickly? Yah, and then I would have even more time to be bored...

Besides, if I cleaned all this junk up and organized it, no one would visit me. Ever notice how no one comes for a visit when your place is clean!
And what would relatives complain about if I didn't have my mess. If not for the mess, they may actually start to look deeper into me. Who would want that?

Some might say my mess is a sign of laziness. No laziness is having everything put in a designated spot. Do you have any idea at all how much work it takes to find anything you want under a gigantic heap?

Besides, if everything would be put away all neat and tidy, a thief could come in and just pick up what he wants. When it's messy a thief would have to take too much time sorting through everything to try and find anything valuable!
I'm doing my part in fighting crime...

But OK, since the exceptionally wet spring broke and summer began, we have been busy outdoors getting everything caught up and done. No sooner were we finishing one project and four more would rear their ugly heads. Then there were people to see, places to go and things that needed to be done. (Like fishing)

Lawn mowing and the never ending fight against weeds in the garden had to take priority over the inside of the house. People driving by can see the lawn and garden, but not inside my home. Wouldn't want to become the talk of the county because of a messy yard!

And now it's just too darned hot and humid to clean. It's time to be seeking a cool shady spot with a breeze. Maybe even a time to be hunting for a cool stream running beneath the shade of some tall trees to wade into and then park my tired old rump clear up to my neck...

Yet I know I fight a loosing battle... I can come up with all these excuses and even more. I can come up with ideas while lounging in the shade which would make housecleaning so much easier.

Best idea for that I've come up with would be to build my home on stilts. Put big hinges along the wall and a trip latch. Bolt all furniture to the floor or hang furniture from the ceilings. Install big industrial strength ceiling fans. Then on any given windy day, clean the house by tripping the floors open and turning on the fans.

All my dirt, dust and clutter would fall out the bottom and blow away. Then shut off the fans, close the floors and enjoy the wonderful cleanliness of my home. Kinda doubt the neighbors would be very appreciative of my idea, but hey, you can't please everyone...

So I guess I've killed enough time and exhausted plenty of excuses. Guess maybe I should quit the typing and shut down the computer. Turn up the stereo to a rock concert volume, shaking the glass in the windows. Grab dust rag in one hand and vacuum in the other and dance the mess and dirt away.

Hmm... Maybe I should get one of those digital video cameras. Wouldn't that make a great U Tube video... Tidy with tunes... Dancing with the dirt...
Or make it an instructional video... How to freak your neighbors out again!
Or even an exercise video. Sweating to the dust bunnies!

So smile and have a really great clean up day!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Just A Thought

Whats an old guy whose alone on another Friday evening with no place to go and no one to go with, while he sits on his porch, in a rocking chair with his feet propped up on a bench, looking out under the leaf covered branches of a tree, over fields and tops of tree covered hills do?

His mind recalls days from his past with smiles. He ponders the possibilities of life in the future. He has recollections of history he's heard from other that were before him. He meanders in his mind back to the desires of a having someone to love, to talk with, to hold hands and feel wanted. He meditates of where things went wrong and all the wrong he's heard and observed in the world.

He begins to formulate in his nutty ole head just how things should be and would, should he ever get the courage to make another attempt of accepting someone and allowing them to touch his heart again... Here's another crazy thought that passed through the deep dark recesses of my cobweb filled head.
Being in a relationship is a lot like having children. Your relationship like a child is born. They both need nourished every day. They both need to learn and be learned. With proper attention and a lot of hard work they can both grow into something beautiful and lasting.

It may at first sound strange or even funny, but a relationship is a living thing. It wasn't always there, it was born when you first attracted, amused, then impressed each other. The cute and funny things you said that made you both smile and laugh. The way you looked with desire into each others eyes. The little gifts you gave to one another that left each know the other was thinking about you.

When a child is born it needs fed. Without regular nourishment it can't survive. If a relationship isn't nourished it will starve and die also. Food for a relationship is doing little things that allows the other to know you still care and that they are important. Same as when your relationship was born, it needs nourished with fun dates and romance. It still needs smiles, joy and happiness, to continue on.

When a child is born there is no instruction manual. Every child has it's own personality and individual needs which change as they grow. There is something new to be discovered and learned every day. A relationship is individual of itself and can have no instruction manual, it too changes as it grows. Just like with children if you don't listen and pay attention to how it grows, it grows into something you don't know or recognize.

Children need to be educated. We send them to school for the ABC's, but we teach them other things about life at home. When they get new ideas that may not be good, we hear them or see them and try to teach them better. Relationships also gets new ideas influenced from outside. If we don't stay up to date and stay educated about our relationship, it will become outdated and fall into the past.

Without proper attention and hard work by you, a child will become a wild beast. Not capable of understanding the importance of living within the rules known as laws. Only able to understand their own wants and desires. Self serving and self centered, they'll end up in jail or dead. Without proper attention and work a relationship too will become a wild beast, unable to be tamed and will be lost and put to death.

Both children and relationships take hard work.
Give them something to make them smile and feel wanted. Give a smile when they make you happy. Scold them when they make you angry, but always be fast to let it go. Let them know you miss them when their not with you. Hug them always, but especially when they need a hug.
Listen closely when they need to speak and never give advice unless asked. Let them know you love them each and every day, but more when their feeling down. Never, ever let the thrills and mysteries of romance become a thing of the past.

Just another sample of the silly stuff that rolls through the simple mind of a lonely old man as he goes and grows through his simple life...

Join me here on this site as I journey through the funny, the mysterious, the odd. The crazy, the zany, the foolish. The occasional wise and intelligent accidents. The preaching, the wondering. The sharing of the thoughts and feelings that wonder through the mind of a smiling old guy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Wrong

I get that it's possible to not realize you are wrong at the moment you actually say something or do something. Everyone probably does that at some time. Me, ehh... I probably do that way too much.

Then to become convicted to what you've said and/or done. Oh yah, how can I possibly be wrong...
In the heat of a disagreement or argument it gets even worse. To be wrong about anything would be to lose the entire argument! At least in our own minds...

Maybe in the heat of the moment the other person is just waiting with baited breath for you to make a mistake. Then pounce on your stupidity. Turning everything you have ever said or will ever say into a question mark of doubt. Maybe they even do a little victory dance making you feel even worse...

Now they have the upper hand, they tie you to a stake with your own words and roast you over an open fire of their words. Ha ha, your trapped in their cell of torture and they can now do whatever they desire with the remnants of your being. Your the fly in their web as they bundle you up with the new found knowledge of your wrongness and will devour you whenever they please...

Your beat, you've lost, forever to be cast into the lonely vastness of the chasm of the wrong. Never again to be a bright intelligent being. An eternity of incorrectness is all that everlastingly awaits your error making soul. Sadness, gloom and dumb... To be laughed at by the society into which you were born. No chance again to be seen as a shining star...

Yah right!

I venture to say that I make at least one mistake every hour I'm awake. First in the morning when I awaken. I make the mistake of getting out of a nice warm comfy bed with hope of a perfect day in an imperfect world. Only to have those dreams crushed by the feel of my toe smashing into something I should have put away the day before.

The pile of mistakes grows from there. I mistakenly think my son will awaken on his own with a smile and joyfully face a shining new day!
Uh hu... I yell up the stairs that it's getting late. He dresses and comes down with a scowl. Menacingly faces his day like an angry bear facing a human as they wake him from hibernation.

Yet after spending a few years on this earth, I've come to know that we all make mistakes. Most of those mistakes are silly of funny and make us laugh. Some are not funny at the moment, but are looked back on and bring smiles. Many are so downright hilarious they make our sides hurt from howling with laughter.

A few though are sad. They hurt someone else. Maybe the worst of which hurts the one we love. Bringing your love for them into question in their heart. Making them feel bad and leaving them wondering, do you really even want them in your life...

So why not admit it when you finally realize you are wrong. Don't wait until you get home or together. Pick up the phone and call, tell them your wrong and you love them for helping you to become a better person.

Don't fear being wrong. Look at being wrong as an opportunity to smile! A chance laugh! A possibility to grow into a wiser human being! A prefect chance to humble yourself to the one you love and make them feel even more, they are needed by you.

Admitting mistakes and being wrong becomes easier each time you do. Soon you begin to notice that others respect you more. They see that your just human and are brave enough to admit a mistake and your wrong...

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Get A Clue

Why is it so tough to ask for what you want? Why do we always feel as if we must hint and give clues when we already know that clues don't work... Then we get angry with someone when they don't get it...

Clues and hints never work. They need to be driven in with a sledge hammer. Minds are to small for clues and hints, there simply isn't enough room in a small mind. Clues and hints are given by a partner who gets angrier when they are not figured out, how can a sweating, worried mind fearing for it's safety and life figure out a clue or a hint.

Then we also never seem to learn that hints and clues don't work. So we get angry and exact our revenge! We sit and eat an entire box of chocolates or an entire pack of Oreo's, that'll teach them. We devour an entire chocolate cake, that'll show them not to take us so lightly. Heard tales that grandma would put starch in his undies, that'll stiffen his thought and make him aware...

Life is not a game! Clues and hints are games or things for experienced detectives. In the course of life very few will become experienced enough to see the meanings of hints and clues. Others realize your giving them hints and clues, but their minds are so confused with what they have done or didn't, that seeing the answers to hints and clues is beyond their temporary scope if intelligence. Possibly even their scope of intelligence...

If hints and clues are really no more than a game then why play? Do you really want something? Then really ask for it! Is your friendship or love built on clues or hints? No! It's real. Any relationship is supposed to be open and honest. Supposed to be trusting and accepting.

So why do you feel you can not come right out and ask for what you want. Do you want that gift for your birthday, anniversary or Christmas? Then be open and honest and ask for it. Do you want to go out for dinner and a dance? Then ask and you'll probably receive. Do you want more starch in your shorts? Unless you my friend are a glutton for punishment, better listen...

Would you like to try something different or unusual? Ask, maybe they're afraid to try because they fear they may upset you. Maybe they too would like a bit of change or added spice in their life. If your depending on hints and clues, they will never overcome the fear...

Afraid yourself to ask? How about bringing it up in light hearted, witty conversation. Once you get a feel for how they feel about it you can decide to get serious or drop it. If it seems it's accepted, something they may want to try as well, settle into deeper conversation. Then thrill them by looking straight into their eyes and saying what it is you want in the most serious and sensuous way.

People are just not born to be mind readers. I seriously doubt that true mind readers exist. Even if they do, could they possibly be able to read minds after a hard grueling day of work and putting up with all kinds of people? Could they still read a mind after chasing down energetic, unruly children, doing the housework, running the home, and slaving over a hot stove making dinner?

Nope! Get to the point. No clues and not one hint. Just ask for what you want.

Now about those supposed mind readers... Could you possibly imagine if one would be real just how much reading my mind would mess with theirs???
Heck, even I don't know whats coming out of my mind from one second to the next!

I may be thinking about flowers one second. In they very next moment I might be swearing at that danged old tractor and it's habit of leaking oil from another spot. Then the next about a lovely woman running her hands through my hair and whispering in my ear with sweet words carried on warm breath. Then on to making a salad for my next meal! Or who can I sponge a meal from...

Why that mind reader would need a psychiatrist before he was done reading my mind and his would never be the same! Just stumbling into walls and freaking out because his mind would be so cluttered with junk...

Well, have a great day and smile! Remember, ask for what you really want and do it with love.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Who's To Blame

There are restaurants around the Pittsburgh area that are banning kids from being in their establishments. That has brought an uproar from angry parents while also bringing a sigh of relief to many other people.

There was a poll on the local TV station asking if people were for or against that. I was very surprised that the majority of the respondents were for it. I just never expected that.

I love children. The openness in their eyes, the inquisitiveness they have. Their willingness to adventure and learn. Their ability to make me smile. The way they have of reminding me of things I've forgotten. The youthfulness they make me feel in my tired old bones as I watch them play.

I love teaching kids things. Things that help them understand the beauty of the world around us all. How to plant and grow beautiful flowers and plants for enjoying as food. Appreciation and respect of nature. Appreciation and respect of other people and their opinions and ways.

I don't like making them feel bad when they need corrected, but it is something that needs done... There in lies the problem that the restaurants are confronted with.

I can smile when a child wonders over and peeks to see what I am eating, or even says hello. But children that treat the dining area like a playground while running and screaming, not so much. Then when the children don't want to accept what they're served and start screaming and whining, that makes my meal seem undesirable and tasteless.

As a child I myself was not always so well behaved. (Believe it or not...) I even remember once that my dad grabbed me and drug me to the restroom and gave me a piece of his mind. Yes, he even gave my backside a sound smack. I didn't like it at the time, but it was called discipline and he was not afraid to get my attention and teach it.

They had asked nicely for me to behave and act like a nice young gentleman. The warnings with words were given. The look that only a mother can give that usually put the fear of God in a young childs heart was given. When all that failed and I continued to act like a wild animal, it was time for some wild animal training.

I lived and I learned. Learned that unacceptable actions would bring unacceptable consequences. Learned that when asked nicely that I should change the way I was acting.

But today there are to many parents who refuse to discipline and control the little beast within their children. They refuse to give them a good sound spank and warning... Well that's fine for them. But then they also refuse to take their untrained children and leave. That makes everyone else's pleasant meal and conversation a miserable experience.

So after receiving countless complaints from dissatisfied unhappy customers, the restaurants have taken a stand. It's sad that they took the stand they did but what else could they have done? Their customers were unhappy. Their staff had to do clean up after the unruly children made their messes and couldn't spend their time waiting on customers. The restaurants had to foot the bill for the things that were broke.

It's not each and every child that brought about this unfortunate result, it's the parents who refused to do anything about their untaught children. The same parents that are now crying the loudest, that they are given no consideration and respect by the restaurants and society. Yet they didn't respect the patrons of, or the restaurants when they let their children run wild.

These are the people that deserve the blame, not the restaurants!

A wild animal who causes society fear and unrest is trapped and caged, sometimes put in zoos, sometimes even killed, if it didn't learn from it's mother to respect humans and live within it's bounds or if it didn't learn from experience how to behave. But human children who don't learn are caught and caged too, they get locked behind bars of a prison, some even sentenced to death.

Those children are your future, those children are your legacy. Care about them, teach them well. They are your most important job in life and your biggest responsibility. The future of the world depends on what you teach or don't teach...

It makes me sad though for the caring responsible parents and their families. But what else could be done short of scarlet letters put on uncaring families? It's wrong that good families have to suffer for the uncaring thoughtlessness of the others. They who teach their children to be good members of society can now not dine and enjoy the social atmosphere of nice restaurants.

There is a part of me that would rather see the decent caring people take time away from their meals and all help escort the uncaring from the premisses. But I suppose that would be similar to the witch hunts...

This is a perplexing problem that today is keeping a smile from my face...
I enjoy children and will miss the smiling, inquisitive, yet well behaved faces at the restaurants. I'll miss seeing them interact with society and grow. I may find myself start eating even more at Mc Donald's, Burger King and the likes just to see them.

Yes, it's a sad thing to me, how about you? Do you have any good ideas of how this could have been dealt with in a better way?

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Clean Up

My house is a disaster! It needs cleaned really bad but where do I start... Everywhere I look there is clutter. Some is from me and the rest is from my son. Most is simply because I have to much stuff. Yet when I look around there is not much I can do without.

I've spent a lifetime amassing all the gismo's and gadgets I have and they all serve a useful purpose. But there isn't enough storage space for it all. When the clutter is straightened up though it's not to hard to clean. There are papers and receipts that need to be filed away. Yah, probably some a lot that need filled in the trash.

There are some tools that were carried in while hidden in the pockets and need taken back to the garage and put in the tool box. There are some power tools that need to go back to the shop. They were from projects done over the winter and were just never put away.

It's not good to have two guys living in a house without someone to give them casual direction on putting tools away. (AKA nagging) Unlike women, we find it natural to look at tools. They make us feel good, they make us feel comfortable and we know that as soon as they're put away we'll need them again. So what's the point...

So I'm trying to decide where to start. Trying desperately to devise a plan of action. I've tried just sitting here and hoping it would all get up and put itself away or where it needs to be, but that's like looking at the vacuum and wishing it would suck all the dirt up by itself... I've even wished upon a star for a good fairy to come and wave her magic wand! Nope, no help there...

So how to declutter and get rid of stuff you don't want or don't need...
Hmm, maybe get angry at it! Think I'm kidding? Just let it sit there long enough. It keeps getting in your way. You constantly have to move it to clean around it. You constantly have to clean it. Every breathing moment of life it keeps getting in your way until, until insanity sets in.

You naturally get angry at it anyway right? So why not get angry at it right away? Go ahead, call it all the nasty names you can think of while it sits there laughing at you and thinking it's safe. Sure that it will be around and cozy for a long time to make you feel bad and drive you crazy.

If one would get angry enough they'd probably end up with a nice bonfire which would warm their heart and make them feel happy. Or maybe end up with a heap of junk the trash collector will shake his head at. Making him think someone else put their trash with yours...

Ahh, but a nice bonfire... While standing around the bonfire you could do a victory dance. Yah, and then probably try grabbing something you shouldn't have thrown out from the raging flames of the inferno...

While boxing or bagging up that junk, you could take out all your frustrations by smashing it to itty bitty pieces. That would make it impossible to later relent and feel sorry for that junk and take it back into your house so it can further aggravate you and laugh at you for your weakness...

Maybe some helpful tips to make smashing it up easier! Remember the time when the kids turned up their noses to that meal you worked on and slaved at to make it special for them. Think about the huney do list. Think about the last hundred people who angered you...

Well, whatever it will take to get this nasty boring job done I'll just have to come up with. For now though I think I'll pour another cup of coffee and ponder this situation a bit more. That should help, shouldn't it?

What do you do to get motivated to clean up the clutter? How do you once and for all get rid of the junk that gets accumulated? Why hasn't someone came up with and automatic clutter cleaner? Hmm, remember Rosie the robot from the Jetson's, she's the one I need.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Alive And Having Fun

Last weekend I mentioned a critter my son in law has. It's called a turkin... I find it kind of ugly looking because it looks strange with no feathers around it's neck. Kinda looks like someone or something tore the feathers from its neck or looks like it's got something that made it lose it's feathers.

But he's one proud little guy who crows just about all day long to let the world know he's there. He doesn't allow his looks to get in the way of him being all that he can be. He doesn't hide or cower from other birds, he stands his ground like the being he is meant to be.

What I think makes no difference to him. What I or anyone else may say makes no difference to him. He just goes about his own life and seems to be enjoying it. Know what? I like that guy!

Hey, I may not be the prettiest guy in the world, but I'm proud to be me!

This is what they look like as little hatchlings.

Cute and cuddly but yet kinda odd with that bald neck... But it to will grow into a wonderful bird and be happy that it's alive to enjoy all life brings it's way!

Speaking of alive... Here are a few pictures of some baby bunnies my son had found already this summer who's mother had been killed by stray cats and by some accidents.

We kept them a few days and saw they were eating on their own and knew to hide when we came around or one of the dogs or the cat would get near the pen. We then took them to one of the quieter areas here on the farm where we seldom see predators and left them free. We watched for a bit and they went about eating and finding hiding places, so I'm sure they will do fine.

We don't have a lot of luck when we find wild babies and try to help them, sometimes we bottle feed them for a while and they still don't make it. But when they do it makes it all feel worthwhile...

Have a great weekend and remember to smile! Your alive, your perfectly you and you too can enjoy all life brings your way and has to offer!

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