Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sex n Hate "Felt the Need"

Had no intention to post today but, Felt the need...
Seems I've been visited by some sites or blogs that I wouldn't normally go to.
I'm not naming any because that's not my point.

Me, I'm not interested in strange, kinky, abusive, etc...
Now I'm not saying any of that's wrong if your into it... Just not for me. I try not to judge!
If I start to judge, I'd have to start by judging an awful lot of my own life and there just may be a few things in my past I really don't want to think about... Most everyone I've ever known could probably say that!
I have gotten a little unusual during my life with positions, places, etc... But personally see no reason for any kind of abuse... Some things are just to beautiful for that. “Just me”
I've always liked the soft side of love and relationships. Now if your into that other stuff, that's your business and I just accept that. I do wish the rest of the world would leave you alone too. It's just none of their business.

Not interested in Hate... Seen enough of that without looking for it!
If your into that... I do think you must live a pretty boring life. Just thinking, if I only centered on hate, how much would I have missed out on... How many interesting people would I have not had the chance to get to know... I think that would have impeded my opportunities for many of the fantastic experiences I've had, and yes even the not so good.
I don't have room in my life for hate. If you do, hey that's your bag. (wow, a 60's term)

I was born in the 50's and grew up during the 60's.
My dear mother asked me in the 80's why I was the way I was during the late 60's and early 70's. I smoked things that maybe I shouldn't have, ingested things that maybe I shouldn't have, drank a LOT, didn't seem to care or even think about a future.
My answer to dear mom, I grew up watching how many guys were being drafted every day and how many body bags were coming home every day. I'd see on the news just how stupid a war could be.
I knew I had no chance. I'd grow up, get drafted, then come home dead. Well how could I care...

Now my ancestry is German. I personally have had a lot of really nice Jewish friends. They're no different than any of us.

I'm a white boy. Basically a farm boy. Admittedly a red neck. A country boy, and real proud to be an American.
I've had so many black friends over my years that I was in the Army with, partied with, rode bike along side, that watched my back when needed... Just what fun times would I have missed out on if I'd had limited the people I've had the chance to know?
I don't want to leave out all the others I've been buddies with either.
Do, think, feel, act however you want, but I ask, why? What are you missing out on?

Racism... Hatred of others...
Common, If, you believe in the bible... We all started out in the same place from the same two people.
Science... Well gee they say we all started from the same puddle of goo.
DNA... Seems they can now trace everyone back to the same area of this big old spinning orb and will probably prove that old Bible right in that we all started from the same two beings...

Religion... Neat thing is, ya can believe what ya want. I'm not very but I do think there may be a higher power. I'll find out some day. In the mean time I'll just try and have fun while keeping that in mind. You, well you probably have one of your own. Think ya don't, well that's yours.
Had a buddy that said he was an Atheist. We came to the conclusion one day while pretty drunk and talkin, seems he must believe there may be a higher power if he realizes he doesn't believe in it... Think about it sometime it gets deep!

I've had hate in my mind and heart during this life but came to find. It only hurt me worse, from the inside out. I finally learned to toss it out.
It wasn't easy, really it was very hard. But over time I managed and now, its kinda easy!

As I said way back in the 60's, (not my line, only adopted) You do your thing, I'll do my'ne.
OK, I'm going back to my weekend now and I'll just shut up :)

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