Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Told you I don't know everything... I do have my opinions on a lot, but everything???
I'm no guru, not a sage, not a seer of things great and small. I'm not all knowing!

Ran into someone whom shall remain nameless. I'd never mention names unless the person told me to my face and put it in writing with a legal backing, that they wanted me to.
* But, should I ever find a comment full of cussin! Different story. *
** I will delete and say who, and why! **

The conversation came to news. Specifically, Don't Ask, Don't Tell...
I did as I sometimes do and just listened. May be hard to believe, and it is hard to do, but I can...
Well, I was told gay's don't belong in the military any more than women.
The reasoning... Women in the military would cause a guy to pay more attention to them than the enemy. Why he'd spend to much time checking her out and daydreaming. Well he'd just get his head blown clean off. He'd never to be able to help his buddies when he needed to.
Gay's, well now, wouldn't want to have to try and watch my rear while I'm watchin my front.

Now this is just a short version of what he said. I'm not spending all day trying to remember it all and I'm not typing it all. The important points of his opinion are right there.

I sat. Quietly... Made sure he was done. He sputtered some more, but I just waited...
He got a little upset because I said nothing. Asked if I was one of them that agreed with them gays... Now I was beginning to feel the red creeping up. I maintained and just said I was waiting for him to be finished. He had a mean look on his face but finally sat down and got quiet.

I started... (The gist)
I told him I just don't know!
Now this guy knows me. Knows I have a tough time keeping my big mouth shut. Knows just how opinionated I am... My old redneck buddy started to open his mouth but I said, I'm not done.
I proceeded... Women have been in the military for years. To my knowledge, no one ever died because he was looking at a woman. Guy's were to busy to even notice when in a heavy fight.
As for gays, well I'd suspect the same would apply.
Then I went on to remind him of all the stupid fights he's been in where his woman was right there watching. He never thought of her while doing so.
He had a bad look on his face but, he nodded.
Then I mentioned that unless some guy would hit on him, he'd never know.
He raised his eyebrow looking like a fight was about to start. Muttered something about he could always tell one.
Now this guy is died in the wool redneck! Only one thing would shut him up and sit him down. Looked him straight in the eyes and I said it... Ya know, man, woman, gay or not. In a time of heavy fighting, they all bleed the same. I'd rather have twenty gays and women than one ignorant old fool watching my back.
With a really mean look he got up, stared a bit, then walked away mumbling.
Guess my point hit home!

Don't Ask, Don't Tell... I don't know where I stand on this.
Only thing I can say is, I'll fight for “anyone” who will fight for my country and me. I don't hardly ever agree with the government. But this is still the best I know of and I have the right to try and change it if I disagree. I'm a veteran and proud of it. Don't be puttin any veteran down...

What do you think... All I ask is keep it clean... There is a delete button, but I'd hate to use it.
A piece about Gay, Racism and Hate... Was going to be here today, but, coming real soon!

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