Friday, December 17, 2010

Just Wondering

Wonder, do adults mess up kids minds?
At really young ages we seem to get a kick out of asking little ones, what do you want to be when you grow up?
They're not even sure what they want for their next meal, which game they want to play next, or what they may want to do five minutes from now.
Yet, we ask them to decide the rest of their life!
It may be cute but are we putting to much pressure on at such a young age? Are we burdening a very young, growing mind with a question most adults can't answer?
Just some of the dumb stuff that floats through the gray matter between my ears! : )

I know many people, myself included, that are still asking that very same question.
I've lived a while and had my career, so have many others. Still, it lingers... What is it I want to do when I grow up???

Me, as I ride a tractor through a field while working (which I find to be fun and enjoy doing), still at times ponder this question, and I don't “have” to work any longer, work's just an expensive hobby.
I know business owners and even a few CEO's, that wonder about this very same thing.
Workers in various fields who claim happiness with their occupations.
I know retired people who can come up with very fascinating answers for this interesting topic.

I find it interesting to think about. Try it. See what you think. See what you come up with.

I'm wondering, do you feel this way?
You may have a career going for you, may be happy with it, but, do you still wonder?
What do you want to do when you grow up?

Be brave! Leave an answer in the comment section.
Could be fun to see all the possible answers...

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