Thursday, June 30, 2011

Head ?

It's been said that the man is the head of the household. That may be but...
There are heads that are born insane... There are heads that suffer from injury and no longer function sanely... There are many heads that never figure out how to function properly... There are heads that are firmly implanted up some eh, uh you know.

So maybe it is true and maybe it's not. But if man is the head then woman is the neck that holds the head up...

Why is it that so many men seem to think nothing of abusing women...
Isn't that like cutting your own neck? You married and became one, so isn't that beating yourself and abusing yourself?

These guys don't need a woman, they need to learn to be a man first.

Many times I hear they have beaten on their ladies in the heat of an argument. I've also heard of women who do the same... Well, I've also witnessed fights in bars that have started the same way. I can even remember as a child seeing fights on playgrounds starting like that.

People can't avoid all arguments, that would be impossible. As long as two people survive on the face of the planet there will be a disagreement. Yet it is possible to learn to disagree in a humane way without losing control and swinging fists.

Open and honest discussions with each having the willingness to listen and try to understand the other is a thing that must be learned. When we can't learn to accept there are differences and that differences can be lived with is when war breaks out.

One of my biggest problems with a one world government is that we would have nowhere to move if we didn't agree or accept the government we live under. Well if two people can't live together and accept differences, they can move out and begin a new life apart.

There is absolutely no reason to start swinging on your partner or anyone else when there is an entire world you can move in. Attacking someone you don't like or that you disagree with just makes no sense. You always have the ability to leave.

Staying and taking abuse can be looked at in the same way. There is an entire world full of places to go. It is hard to accept defeat in any situation, but it can be done. There is a loneliness when you move on and leave someone, but that does go away and there are many who would love your company and would accept you.

Try looking at losing a partner as losing a job. I was looking when I came in and I can look again for something even better for me!

There is loyalty built into relationships. But when the other partner has broken that loyalty by attacking you then how can you even consider being loyal any longer... Loyalty starts with being loyal to yourself!
A partner that abuses you is just like any other disease. Given time it will infect you more and may even kill you. When you have a cancerous spot on your arm you have it removed and you don't try to put it back!

As for self esteem. Yes, no one likes to look like a failure at anything. Yet how much of a failure do you look like when everyone sees your unhappiness or bruises and scars and then you refuse to leave the situation that causes it all? That's kind of like holding your hand in a fire and saying if I keep it there long enough it will quit burning. Yes it will. When there is no hand left!

If your one of the abusers... Grow the heck up. Get some help. Maybe even take some debating classes and learn how to disagree in a better way without losing your temper. Learn to accept what others think and how others feel and maybe you'll find that others will begin to like and accept you...

Life and the world change every moment. Someone new is born, someone old dies. New plants begin to grow, old plants die. There is always something new and better taking the place of something bad.
Your life can change for the better too. All it takes is making that first step into something better for you and keep walking until you find it...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have no idea what to write! Yesterday after checking in with the critters, posting the blog and spending some time poking around the internet, I went to pick up a few things from the store.

I did only get about three hundred feet up the road and remembered I didn't pick up some checks I had to take to the bank and deposit. So I turned around and got them. Normally I wouldn't have remembered them until I was four miles away at the bank...

Then on the trip to town I didn't have one person get in my way on the road and no one cut me off. It was around twelve thirty, so my first stop was at Starbucks for a coffee and a bite to eat for lunch. When I walked in there were like seven tables open. I walked over and set the laptop down and hit the power button.

While it was starting I walked over and low and behold, there was no one else getting anything. I ordered right away, no waiting... I went back to the table and got on line and started doing some updating and surfing while enjoying my coffee and a scone. The place never did get real busy or noisy!

After finishing I left for the store. The lot looked a bit crowded but I managed to find a parking space not far from the doors. Had a pleasant walk into the store and did my shopping. It was like magic. Everywhere I went there was no one in my way.

The few people I did get close to were pleasant and I even had a few nice chats with complete strangers. My walk to the checkout was completely uneventful. Again no one in the way and no one cut me off while I was on my way!

I got to the registers and the one I was going to had only two people in line and they were both getting very little. I didn't have to wait more than three or four minutes. Even the register lady was nice. She smiled and we had a nice little chat while she was checking me out.

My trip back out to the lot was great. Again, no one in the way and everyone was smiling and seemed happy for a change! When I got to the truck, the guy who parked beside me had left plenty of room between his truck and mine to make it really easy to unload the cart and put everything in. The car parked on the other side left plenty of room too!

My trip home was fantastic. I was feeling a bit ornery so I pushed it. I was doing like eighty five in a sixty five and never saw a cop or had anyone in my way. Had to slow down for a construction zone though. But that's normal here. I Pennsylvania there are only two seasons and you get used to that. There is winter and road construction seasons...

Got home and put everything away and went out and played with the Beagle for a bit. Looked in on the chickens and saw the cows in the pasture and talked to everyone for a bit. Came in and settled down and had a pretty little college girl knock at the door. She was selling childrens books so I didn't buy anything, but we chatted about Minnesota for a bit. That's where she was from and I had some buddies years ago when I was in the Army that were from Minnesota. So we had something to chat about.

I came in and did some cleaning and getting garbage ready to go out. Had dinner planned and when my son got home he said he was making it and he even took the garbage out!

I have just had one of the most pleasant days of my life! Everything went great and it was so calm and relaxing. Seriously... Have I died and gone to heaven??? This is just so unnatural! Or should I be worried that something real bad is coming...

Oh well, until it does I'm just going to enjoy the warm, wonderful smile that yesterday allowed me to have!
Hope your smiling with me!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Growing Up

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.
I read or heard that line somewhere and I believe it's the absolute truth. Come on, how many people do you know that simply act like children...

A few I know do seem to lack the mental capacity to grow up but they're fun to be around. Many more, myself included, just like to have the same kind of fun as we did when we were children. We do know how to be responsible adults, but also have maintained to capabilities of some play.

For myself, working construction was a natural progression from the building blocks, Lincoln Logs and Pick Up Sticks that I played with as a young child. It was fun then and was even more fun as an adult when taking a pile of materials and building something beautiful and useful.

My life started here on the farm. As a boy I had lots of little farm tractors and other farm toys. I would stand in awe as grandpap would work the fields and then as the crops grew into food. I'd mock everything he did when I was in my sand box or just in dirt.

When I left and was in the city I had to garden just to keep my hands in the dirt and have tasty fresh homegrown foods that I remembered. The farm always called me back. Now it's just a big boys sandbox and instead of pushing tractors around I get to ride them around.

A really big part of happiness is finding your passion. Passion is that intense emotional compelling feeling of enthusiasm or desire for something. When you find your passion and then find a way to work with it to earn a living, you are on your way to being happy. When your work is your passion, long hours and strenuous labor don't feel like much. They become part of your life and you find you sleep better.

The day to day set backs become nothing more than a challenge. Not the nightmares and headaches they are to other people. Even the paperwork and record keeping that is required because of taxes is easier to take. Though they still seem ridiculous...

You feel like getting up and out of bed in the morning and have a desire to face each day of work. When the rain falls you feel like dancing. When your hungry you feel like savoring every bite of food you eat. When you take a day to do something just for you, it becomes natural to leave the everyday behind and enjoy every moment as much as you possibly can.

That passion leads you to doing things like jumping and stomping through mud puddles, diving into a pile of leaves, laying in the snow and making snow angels. You just feel so good about living that you enjoy everything just like you did when you were young.

Take the time and pay attention to what makes you feel happy then do it. Quit making excuses and find the time to make it happen. You can start something new while still doing what it is you need to do. Maybe your passion will only be a part time thing and you can still keep that mundane job. Maybe that passion will only be a hobby. But it will even make that mundane job seem much better. You may actually begin to enjoy that job!

I've personally known people who had what seemed to me, the most boring jobs in the world. Yet when they were at work they were the most smiling, happy, joyful people you could find. When you learned more about them you would find that they had something in life they were very passionate about. Some I found were just that passionate about their families and the time they would spend together!

Finding your passion gives you new feeling for life. Passion puts a smile on your face and brightens your attitude. It's also infectious. When you start to feel better about you and you begin to smile more, so will everyone around you. Your attitude will begin to brighten the attitudes of those you come into contact with and even the grumps you live with.

Find your passion and find that love of life you had when you were a child. Then go and spread that smile!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Do It

There is something I've learned from life. One line from a song that has always played in my head and has so much meaning and is so wise.
We may never pass this way again.

We meet people in life and so many times take it for granted. We may even share a short conversation with them, but still take it for granted. Good things happen in our lives everyday. Many times they are small and seem insignificant, so again we take these for granted.

Instead we dwell on the bad things that are said and that occur during life.
We lose a friend because they move away and we feel hurt and angry. A loved one passes and we feel loss and hurt. A company we have worked for closes and we lose a job, we feel loss and anger.

We fall in love and don't exactly spend the time required to keep in close personal touch with the one we are in love with. We're with them every day, but never really talk to them about what's going on, hopes and dreams. Sometimes we have two different lives and grow apart. The love wanes and we find ourselves alone. We feel hurt, loneliness, anger and bitterness.

We never seem to take the good from what we have. There was something good or even beautiful to what we did have, but we never seem to try and hold on to that. Yet those are the things memories are made of that make us smile when we think about them.

It just seems to me that we need to learn to take advantage of every opportunity to make new friends and not dwell on the friends we've lost. We need to learn that losing a job is an opportunity to get a better job. We need to look at the small good things in life and look past the bad things.

When someone we love passes, we need to remember the good times we had and try and share even better times with someone new. Yes, we need to continue to learn, grow and enjoy the life that has been given to us.

When we let ourselves be defeated by the evil and bad in the world, that is true tragedy... When bad things happen there is always the possibility for hope to prevail. When reason and sanity don't seem to be around we can find purpose. The universe will go on with or without us and only our enjoyment of life will be lost.

If you don't stop and smell the roses while their in bloom they will be gone. You'll have missed an opportunity to enjoy something beautiful. Same goes for people, if you don't take the time to stop and talk to people they too will move on and you'll lose your chance to get to know them and learn from them. Also like that rose, if they're not cared for and nurtured they'll grow wild or will pass away.

So many times I have seen relationships wither and pass away simply because they were not nurtured and cared for. Time wasn't taken to just talk. Hugs and quick kisses were given up and replaced by a hi and a nod.

I've watched as people were so busy that they never really talked to their kids. The kids grow up and are gone. Leaving parents wondering how they missed it all. That goes the other way too. Parents pass away and kids are left wishing they had taken more time to know them.

So many great memories are missed simply because the time was not taken to create them. I think it's about time we all begin to take that time to make good memories. Time to pass on placing blame for bad and dwelling on the bad. Time to learn to remember the good and the beautiful and enjoy the life that we have been given.

Smile today as you remember the good times and get busy creating even more!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Time For You

When I want to go somewhere, I can go. When I get the urge to do something different, I can. If I feel like doing absolutely nothing, I can do that too. Should I not feel like eating, I don't. Should I desire a fancy meal, I can go to a restaurant of my choice.

If I'm to lazy today to do the dishes, I won't. Should I be tired and not want to run the vacuum, there's no one to complain. If I need to put in more hours working, it affects no one but me. Maybe I'm not feeling like work, I can go fishing or for a long walk in the woods. I can even lay around the house all day and do nothing.

Living alone isn't all bad. At times it would be nice to have someone around to share life and living with, but that brings the pressures of pleasing someone besides yourself. Finding someone to accept the entire good, bad and ugly of you is next to impossible.

Should I feel the need to talk to someone, I can visit or call on the phone. I can go to a bar anytime I like or I can sit at home in my undies and do nothing. If I don't feel like mowing the lawn today there is no one to complain. If I don't feel like doing the laundry or putting the clean laundry away, I just don't have to and will hear no complaints.

I came into being without someone while raising my kids. I didn't want to subject them to the dating life and seeing various women come and go. Didn't want them becoming attached just to have someone else walk out of their lives. So I quit dating or even trying to find someone.

There was only one problem that I had trouble finding an answer to. Sex...
What I found is that sex was an addiction. Like any other addiction, the only cure is to be strong and just say no. Not easy, not desirable, but it can be done and “no”! You will not explode... It's just a matter of training your mind and body to something different.

I've also found that happiness is a frame of mind. It doesn't take anyone to find happiness, it comes from you. Being alone you can find that acceptance of who you are is the most important thing on the journey to happiness and the picture begins to clear. Being you and not what others think you are or should be.

Once I accepted being alone and began to learn myself, I began to find happiness in most everything I did or do. It's kinda like being a little kid with no end to playtime unless your ready for it to end.

Yah, there are some things that need to be done or taken care of, but you do them when you want or decide to. I've found that by setting specific days to pay bills, I can do them in just several minutes and be done. I actually have two days I do that. One in the beginning of the month and one in the middle of the month. But I look at that as playing responsible adult...

Attitude is the difference between being happy or being in agony. Look for ways to change your attitude if your unhappy, and learn that you can smile about everything!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Enough

Whatever I do is not good enough
I'm never good enough
I'm not worthy
I'm not perfect and nobody will love me
I have to work hard to get it just right, but it's never enough and I'm completely exhausted
It's an uphill battle, all the time

It's so easy for other people
I don't have a chance
I don't deserve to feel good about myself
My father or mother didn't think I was good enough or worth it, maybe they were right
I'll never have anything but this pain in my heart
There is something wrong with me

We all have these thoughts, but we don't have to keep them...
Instead think differently! It will take time to adjust but you can do it!

Allow yourself to relax and just be you.
Tell yourself the time for healing is now.
Give yourself permission to enjoy life.
Admit to yourself you are just perfect as you are.

Focus on your accomplishments every day no mater how big or small.
Write all your daily accomplishment down.

Love just is, love has nothing to do with being the best you or doing everything right. Love is accepting of differences. Love is understanding.
Get away and stay away from anyone who tries to tell you different or that tries to tell you your not good enough. If in an abusive relationship, get away and find help.

I allow me to do it my way and anyone who says I shouldn't or can't is wrong.
Find a way to do it your way that really works for you and do it.

My life is joyful and calm, I feel safe and relaxed with other people who “I choose”.
I am free to be me.
The truth is I am the perfectly, wonderful, beautiful me.

I am loved and appreciated by the universe just as I am.
I trust the flow of life the universe has given me.
I choose to let the world see me shine right now.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just Not Fair

Sunday night it rained. Really really rained. I'm just guessing but from some stuff sitting around outside it rained about an inch and a quarter or more. It's now Tuesday morning and darned if it didn't rain again last night. Somewhere around another inch.

While it's perfectly good for the seed planted in the field, it's not so good for the garden. Being that everything is soaked I'm loafing a good bit. The arthritis is aching and I don't feel anything but tired and achy. So at about nine AM I went back outside for a stroll to loosen up the stiff joints and walked around the garden.

Stopped by the currant bushes and ate a few handfuls of currants. Swung by the cherry tree and had a few handfuls of cherries. All was good. But when I was looking over the garden, I noticed that with all the wonderful life giving rain came the garden choking weeds just popping their little heads out of the ground and mocking me.

Last week I finally got control of the last crop of weeds and had the garden looking great. However with the latest rain all the little weed seeds blown in by wind and carried by birds have decided it's their time to grow. I however refuse to let them take over the garden. So as soon as it dries out enough I will be back in the garden and pulling more weeds.

I really wish they tasted better so I could just use them for salads... Wonder if maybe lots of sugar would help that. Or maybe someone should work at perfecting a great dressing that would mask the bitterness and improve their taste. I mean, why not? They grow better than the tasty plants and do so willingly. OK, just a thought...

While there I checked out the beans. We've planted them three times now. The first planting rotted in the ground because of to much rain and to cool of temperatures. The second planting went to a beautiful pheasant and a majestic wild turkey. We've chased both of them from the garden several times now, but they know there is a free meal waiting for them.

I'm kinda thinking they would make a really good meal or two... But it's still early in the year and I would rather they do their thing and make lots of little baby turkeys and pheasants first. So for now their safe. For now...

The tomatoes and peppers all have blossoms and it won't be long before I'll be feasting on them for lunch and dinner. The lettuce is up and growing well. Matter of fact after I had the currants and cherries, I had some fresh lettuce for desert. There is nothing like just walking out and picking and eating. No dirty dishes, no dirty pots and pans and above all, the greatest tastes in the world.

The cucumbers are growing well as is the zucchini. Neither are anywhere near ready to start donating their fruits to my hungry belly. So I'll have to wait on them a bit yet.

So there I was munching on great tasting, fresh food and having my senses filled with the clean smells after a rain and being teased by the sound of my pheasant buddy calling for his sweetie.

Now if that's not a great way to spend a morning then what is? Brings a smile to my face and to my heart every time! And the wonderful tastes of the fresh fruits and veggies brings a great smile to my belly.

So what was the first thing to give you a smile today?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thinking Doing

Do you want to make your kids lives miserable as adults? Then just keep on making their lives perfect as children...

A part of winning is losing. A part of success is failure. A part of ease is hard work. A really big part of happiness is sadness.

To really be happy you need to learn how to deal with sadness. Lets face it, without sadness how would we even know what happiness is... Happiness would become boring. We'd have nothing to compare it to. We wouldn't know how to find happiness if we never felt sorrow and unhappiness.

When parents always make sure their children are busy with sports and activities, I never see happy kids. I just see kids doing. They laugh and play but get bored so easily. How will they ever learn to keep theirselves from getting bored if they don't experience boredom and find their own way out...

Then there has been this tendency to even take scoring away from sports. There are no winners or losers. Just players having fun... So whats the point in playing if they are not allowed to win and lose, just send them to a gym if all their doing is getting exercise.

Sports has winners and losers. When we lose we learn to work harder to try and win. When we are winners and end up losing later, we learn that we can never stop trying our best and get lazy or we will no longer win.

If we let them fail and feel bad, children will learn that they have to strive to be better and work harder to earn what they want. Be better friends or they'll lose their friends. They will become better people in society than the helpless drones. They'll become the winners.

By allowing them to be bored, they will learn to find ways on their own to entertain theirselves. Their minds will begin to open up and become creative. They will someday become the designers and leaders of the world.

Giving kids clues, hints and advice and then letting them figure out how to do for theirselves is the best way to teach them to stand on their own. But giving them every thing to do will only keep them dependent on others. They will never learn to be the leaders and inventors that have allowed this world to make advances.

Quit doing everything for your children and smile. Knowing that later on they will be the ones smiling and will be able to do for theirselves.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Back To Life

Took some time for myself and enjoyed. The lawn is about caught up except some trimming. The garden is caught up with the weeding. Everything is growing alright. The hay is about all made. Only two fields left to go. Ahh, life is about back to normal and I survived.

That little bit of me time helped the grumpiness I was beginning to go through. It just left me time to clear the brain from it's overload.
Then Fathers day. Wow!!! My son in law and daughter had a picnic for us dads.

There were ribs, chicken, burgers and hot sausage. There was potato salad, pasta salad and fruit salad. There was a vegi tray with about six different dips. And there was plenty of good company and many laughs. There were the grandkids playing and enjoying theirselves.

Think everyone there ate to much and I'm positive I did. I may not be able to eat a bite for the next two days. After we all ate and chatted a bit there were dads ready to fall asleep sitting around chatting and watching the kids play.

So it's back to work this week and hopefully everything will be caught up and get back to normal, whatever that is... Honestly there is never a really normal day around here. But days that aren't spent playing catch up are what I like to call normal. Days that can be started early with a nice lunch break and then be finished in time to enjoy the sun going down while chilling out on the porch.

Just a slightly slower pace with a few less things going through my mind at the same time. Days where I can stop for a moment and listen to the birds sing their songs. Days that start at sunup, but end before midnight. Nights that I can go to bed without one hundred things going through my mind and keeping me awake...

Some of our potted flowers on the porch were neglected and have died, so we'll have to get some more to take their place. For some strange reason they just can't get up and walk in here and get theirselves a drink... Then when we go out in the dark and not get back in until dark they just get overlooked.

One day while working, my son tossed a junk piece of pipe into the bed of his truck. Darned thing took a crazy bounce and hit the back window. Didn't hit it hard at all, but yup... It broke. Shattered like cracked ice! He reinforced it with some clear packing tape as a temporary fix, but had to replace the entire window. That's fixed too now.

We have seen many stray cats hanging around eyeballing the chickens. Just heard yesterday that a neighbor is feeding three stray dogs. I just don't understand why people have to drop their unwanted pets off out here in the boonies. Don't they understand that their pets can't fend for themselves? They don't know how to hunt for their own food and even end up becoming the food of wild animals!

Personally I'd like to catch those people and drop them off in the middle of nowhere and see how well they survive... I know how to keep warm on a cold night in the wild, but would they and how are their pets supposed to know? I know how to find food that's safe to eat, but would they? And again how are their pets to know?

Oh I would go and find them after about a week, but they'd learn a lesson they wouldn't soon forget! But I'm sure that the law wouldn't allow me to do that.
Yes, the SPCA will take the animals, but not without a donation. If these people can't afford to buy a $20.00 bag of pet food how can they afford a $40.00 donation?

Don't know what the answer is, but I sure wish someone would find one.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Time For You

If you've been reading this blog all week you know I've taken a little vacation. I still had to do some chores every day but the rest of the day, or days, I've taken time for me. I worked my backside off since the weather broke this spring and was beat, my mind needed some time off and my body needed some time off.

No major trips or anything, just a change from the usual running, worrying and working I have been doing for the past while. A little me time worked into the schedule. Even had to deal with some stuff my son went through and forgetting his birthday gift until the last minute.

I did say that I would probably end up getting him the perfect gift and darned if I didn't. Managed to get him the one thing he wanted the most and will benefit from for at least a year. Something he really wanted and needed, but since his work slowed down he couldn't afford himself. So once again being under the pressure of a last minute decision paid off for me and him.

Neither of us are over the loss of his pup Rodeo yet. That may take a while. I did mention to him about getting another dog, but he said he'd like to wait a while.

Wednesday I still didn't feel much like fishing, but I didn't really want to get back to work yet either. So I just went for a ride and stopped at Starbucks for a caffe' mocha and a blueberry scone for lunch. Then drove a round about way back home for some sight seeing and did a few things that I've ignored for a while but wanted to do, but mostly just loafed and listened to music.

Later in the afternoon I did go buy myself a new drill I've been wanting and needing for a while. Also just stood around the hardware store and caught up on some local chit chat for a bit. Ehh, same as usual, nothing much new and exciting.

Then Thursday I had to run and get a cake and ice cream for my sons birthday later in the evening and also had to run to take him to dinner after he got off of work.

The big thing though is I feel so much more alert and alive. My body is physically tired and beat, but after taking a break from the routine, my mind is feeling clear and ready for about anything.

Sometimes when life is becoming to much to take and it feels like my mind is about to explode, it's the perfect time to just escape in any way I can. Yes, there are still responsibilities and things that must be done, but letting the things wait that can wait and doing something for you, whatever it is that lets you relax, is the best medicine I know of.

It keeps you away from doctors and their high prices and keeps you away from their prescription drugs that cost as much as a home.
We all know how great we feel when we come home from a vacation, but so many don't seem to know how to take an escape from the ordinary by just changing their routine a little. But it helps me so much! So I hope you can change just a few things and let a few things go for a bit and relax yourself.

Be it for a day or two or even for a week. I'm sure you'd find it as helpful as I do. Heck, if ya don't tell anyone what your doing, they won't even know your taking a mini vacation... They may think your going 
through a lazy spell, but that's their problem to deal with.

It does wonders for keeping a smile on your face and in your heart!!!
So try taking a little vacation from the usual this weekend and enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy doing and let the smile come back to you heart and your lips!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Plans Change

Was hoping to do one last day of fishing on Tuesday, but I really lost the urge. My son's pup Rodeo got real sick and died on Monday night. He hadn't eaten on Sunday or Monday and was real listless. We gave him some meds and were hoping they would work.

Well late Monday evening he laid down at my sons feet and went to sleep and just quit breathing. So I just lost the urge to go have fun. My son was off again on Tuesday and we did have to go pick up some parts, but after we did, we came home and just worked at finishing up the weeding in the garden.

Neither of us slept real well Monday night and we just didn't have much to say all day Tuesday.
I wasn't going to get close to that little pup, but he changed my mind. He and I had gotten so close that sometimes we wondered if he was my sons dog or mine.

So that's two hard hits my son had to take this week. I'm really going to have to come up with something really special for his birthday... Oh no! I'm writing this on Tuesday for Thursdays post and Thursday is his birthday! Uh oh, I really have to do some serious thinking for a gift for him... Two days, how will I do it? What could I possibly get for him? Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

But isn't that just like a guy... Wait until the last minute to find the perfect gift. Most of us really do seem to have that tendency. Maybe it's because we think better under pressure. Or is it that because of the pressure we don't have time to over think and end up making bad decisions...

So many times in life I have seen people who over think make bad decisions. Heck I'm guilty of doing that myself... When looking back I can see where all the times I've flown by the seat of my pants everything went better and every time it was much more fun.

Even something as simple as a party. When parties were just thrown together at the last minute, everyone including me, the host, would have a really great time. But when a party was planned and thought out real careful, it became a chore and there was always something stupid that was forgotten.

Gifts. Now there is another thing I mess up with when I think about them to much. If I just go and quickly make a decision it seems that my instinct knows exactly the perfect gift.

Kinda like when I'd be on my way home from work and suddenly get an urge to stop for flowers for the women I've dated and been with during my life. Sometimes after getting them I'd think they were the stupidest looking flowers in the world. But when I'd get there and hand them to the ladies, they would love them...

But let me make plans, like around Valentines day and pick out the perfect bouquet... Ehh, they were never quite as big of a hit. Yah, they looked pretty and would always get me a kiss and hug, but there was never that twinkle in the eyes that the flowers I'd get at other times gave.

So there you go guys! Don't say a word. Just stop on your way home and grab a nice bunch of flowers and give them to your gal. See if they don't bring a spark and a twinkle. She really might love them enough to give you a really great evening!

When you hand them to her you might even give her a great big smile! But be sure to include the “Just because I love you”!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time Off

Can't say I didn't try. I tried to get my son to go along fishing on Monday since he wasn't working, but he complained about spending the night awake over that child of a young lady. He even snapped at me when I tried to convince him to go along and get his mind off of her and the games she likes to play.

So I took care of the feeding and watering and hung some laundry out to dry and then left. On the trip there I stewed over his predicament and the fact that he snapped at me because of her and his feelings... But as I drove along I saw some pheasants and some deer and one bunny. So my mind quickly began to leave it all behind.

When I got to the spot I was planning to fish at I saw there wasn't a car or truck in sight. My spirits brightened even more. I walked to where I wanted to fish and had the place all to myself. I baited up and began my day of fishing. I sat down and thought I'd relax a bit and just as my mind began to think of my son and his hurt a fish bit at my bait.

So the wonderful universe kept me busy and kept me from thinking about problems. I kid you not, every time I started to think about him and girl problems I'd get another bite. It was like magic! I managed to catch nine fish in the four hours I was there.

Uh, I did have one disturbing moment. A young rattle snake made it's way past me. Now I have absolutely no time for snakes of any sort let alone a rattle snake. It was however the first rattle snake I've seen since I was around eight or nine years old. So they have survived... That's good but I still would have rather taken someone else's word for it.

After knowing what it was and seeing he was small and wouldn't be to fast I couldn't resist the urge to play a little. I picked up a long stick and began harassing him. He bit at the stick several times and then took a real good lunge and hooked onto the stick. I took that opportunity to fling him and the stick about sixty feet through the air before they landed in some brush far enough away that I once again felt comfortable just relaxing and fishing.

Now if I can only convince my son to toss that rattle snake of a girl out of his head and forget about her...

I'm enjoying this fishing so much this year that after stopping at my daughters for fish dinner and coming home and taking my clothes off the line and folding them up, I've decided to do some weeding in the garden tomorrow morning for a few hours and then go fishing some more.

I do have to run to town to pick up a hose for a piece of equipment I ordered so I can just do that and pick up a few other things I need on the way to more fishing.

I really do have to get back to work soon though, but until then I'll keep on fishing and smiling at all the strange and wonderful stuff and events of the world!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend Off II

Sunday my son and I got up, fed and watered the critters then left for our fishing trip. We went to a place I hadn't been for years. When we got there, there was a real downpour. So we went to a restaurant and ate a really huge breakfast, a meal that lasted all day. Never even considered eating anything when we got home Sunday night.

After eating that king size meal, we went fishing. Well, sometimes you just shouldn't waste your time going back to places you once frequented often. I didn't have one bite in about two hours... My son caught two little fish that barely were as long as his hand was wide.

Well, no problem we went to another creek I used to have a lot of fun at and caught many fish from. I hadn't been there for quite a few years either. Yup, shouldn't have wasted my time there either or the gas to get there. City people have bought up property and posted no trespassing signs. Some of the best spots are now off limits.

Made me think of the song, sign sign everywhere a sign, blocking up the scenery breaking my mind, do this don't do that can't ya read the sign...
It's so sad that people can be so self centered and selfish that they keep others from enjoying nature...

We did however try out a few spots, with no luck, before moving yet again to another place I and a few really good friends from way back, used to go for a great day of fishing. Well I guess that since all the no trespassing signs were put up that everyone else in the world has moved on to that last spot. There were just so many people there that we would have had to fight for a spot to cast a line in...

I looked the place over and mumbled a few choice words then made my mind up to just drive to the place I was on Saturday, even though it was over an hours drive away. So we rode on while discussing all the wonders of life and the world.

I might add that the night before my son got a phone call from a girl he has been taken with for a few years now. So taken that even though she doesn't normally give him the time of day, he drops everything each and ever time she needs help... Well, she had been calling him almost all day.

We finally got to the place I was fishing and had so much luck the day before. Once again my line hit the water and I started getting bites. I sent my son to the place I sent the stranger the day before and he started getting bites right away. I got my limit of trout and he caught a few. We didn't leave until pretty late.

The whole time we were there he kept getting calls or “texts” from this girl. She kept telling him she wanted to talk to him. So after we arrived home and got the fish cleaned up and taken care of he was off to meet with this girl. He wasn't to sure about it being the past he's experienced with her, but I shot of my big mouth and told him, people change and maybe he should give her another chance...

He was home within an hour and mad as … well, you fill in the blank.
Seems when he got to where her and her little friends were, she wouldn't talk to him and said she didn't really want to.

So there he is again, broken hearted and mad as heck at himself. This is like the third time she's pulled the same crap on him. Guess she gets her thrills at hurting him. She's also one I've heard the line, where are the nice guys at. Yet here she is turning a nice guy into a heartless, cold, butt head of a guy!

It's a real darned shame. He turns twenty two on the sixteenth and already he's being hurt bad enough to give up on love and turn sour to women. That took me forty seven years to get to that point... Just wish I could find a way to let him know that there really are women who are nice and adult enough to fit a guys life, but around here there are just not many good examples. The few there are are taken and are treated great by their husbands.

I'm real glad we had a great time fishing together and had the chance to share lots of smiles on Sunday. I'm writing this on Monday morning and really don't feel a smile today.

Hmm, maybe I'll take one more day off and go fishing again. Out where there is plenty of wildlife and beauty to clear a hurting mind and maybe find a smile once again... Think I heard him say he wasn't working today so maybe I can convince him to go along.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Off

Saturday was a bit of a bummer. My son had to work so I ended up going fishing alone. That's not the worst thing that can happen, but it is nice to have someone to talk to on the drive and during periods where the fish don't bite.

When I am fishing alone old songs start playing through my head while I'm watching the surrounding hillsides for dear and other animals. Very seldom do I start any deep thinking. For some reason fishing is about the only thing I do that doesn't start my head to thinking. I just kind of relax and enjoy.

So there I was with the song, My baby does the hanky panky, going through my mind when a fish hit my line real hard. I mean “real” hard. Next thing I know I'm singing my fishy does the hanky panky while bringing him in. Not bad, it was a nice fourteen inch trout and he put up a fun fight.

A little while later I had stood up and started stretching and moving a bit. I turned around to see a dear about fifty feet behind me so I was watching and talking to him real calmly. Next thing I know I hear a splash! Another nice bite that knocked the tip of my pole into the water. So I forgot about the dear and focused on bringing another nice trout in. This one who was about twelve inches, was added to the stringer also.

Little bit later I was getting bored again, so I was watching a flock of geese waddle along the field on the other side of the stream from me. BANG! Another good hit. This time a ten inch trout was added to the stringer.

After about an hour with no more bites I was getting bored again, but knew I was in a great spot so I wasn't leaving. I took one of my two poles and changed to a smaller hook and started playing with the pan fish. I managed to get a bunch of bluegills to bite and ended up keeping two that were pretty nice size.

Once while playing with the pan fish I had another nice bite on the other rod. This time it was a catfish and he was a lot of fun as he dove for the bottom and the weeds while I was pulling him in. As soon as I put on fresh bait and casted in again a perch of about ten inches bite with a vengeance.

I like the taste of perch, but I like bigger perch because of all the bones you have to eat around, so he went back in to grow a bit bigger. I put new bait on again and casted to a spot that looked great. While waiting for a bite on that line I picked up the other rod and started playing again. Caught several more bluegill, a few small mouth bass that were to small for me to want to keep and some more small perch.

While playing I noticed some guy coming up the creek. He stopped to chat a bit and he said he hadn't had a bite. He also said he worked his way up the creek for about half a mile. He asked if I was doing any good. I turned my head towards where my stringer was and he then noticed my pretty full stringer. So there was no need for me to rub my good luck in.

I told him there was a really great spot right on the other side of the creek from where I was. So he went back downstream where it was narrower and shallower and waded across. He got a few nice looking fish while there and I got one more nice trout about fourteen inches long, but I had enough fish for about three dinners already so I tossed him back for next time.

All in all it was a pretty good day, even if I was alone for most of it. And mother nature gave me plenty to smile about while I was there.
I'm thinking that tomorrow, Sunday, will be another good day and this time I might even get to spend a day fishing with my son.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Time For Me

Back in April I started worrying because of the really wet spring weather we were having, but there was work inside that needed done. That work got done. Things were slow but there was work to do every day. That's always nice because a lonely guy doesn't have time to think about being alone when he's busy working and worrying.

Then May came and there was a new chicken coop to be built. One that was smaller and still easily accessible for feeding, watering, gathering eggs and cleaning. I had a sketch of what I wanted but never bothered making specific plans. Two other priorities were that it had to be somewhat easy to move to different locations from time to time here and the fenced in area had to be moveable.

I really don't like keeping my chickens penned up but we are having problems with predators. Namely coyotes, racoons and occasionally foxes. Not to mention the dropped off stray cats and neighbors cats. So the fenced in area also needed to be covered with even more fencing to keep critters from climbing over and killing the chickens. Took a bit of thinking and work, but that job too got accomplished and the new chickens are growing just fine and seem very happy with what I named the Taj Ma Coop.

There was also the garden to get tilled and planted. That rather time consuming job got done also. Then there was plowing, and planting which because of all the rain this spring was running late. Then the hay did really well thanks to the rain and was ready a bit early.

So while still doing some planting we had to also find time to cut and bale hay. Now none of these tasks in their selves are real bad, but you always have the inevitable breakdowns of equipment. This year we had more than enough...

Then this past week my son was offered some work. Well he needs money to pay his own bills. He mentioned to me that he wasn't sure about taking on a job right now because of all that still needs done here, but I told him he'd better take work while it's available. So he isn't here much during the days to help out.

Most everything is caught up now and I spent the last two days working on the garden and trying to get ahead of the fast growing weeds. I also had to hunt beneath weeds for my young blueberry bushes. I dug around them and laid bricks so maybe the weeds won't cover them again.

Then on Thursday I was back at the garden trying to finish that up and still did a few other small tasks that needed done. About one in the afternoon I was beat. I came in and drank a cup of coffee and started to drift off to sleep. So what's and old guy to do... I went and laid down on the bed and took a nap.

When my son got home he caught me and rubbed the fact that I'm getting old in again... Shoulda never taught him how to talk... Well we went for dinner and did some grocery shopping.

Now after sitting here this evening and thinking about it, I've come to the conclusion that I'm taking a few days off. I haven't even bought a fishing license for this year! So bright and early I'll go and get one. Then I'm stopping and picking up several bottles of wine.

I fully intend to spend the rest of Friday doing as little as possible. I still have to feed and water the animals, but that's all the work I intend to do. Then I am going to spend my weekend fishing. And if it gets as hot this weekend as it has been, I may even do some swimming or just laying in the water along the bank of the lake or stream.

So if ya hear of some crazy old bearded drunken whale you'll know it's only me. Have a really great weekend and be sure to make someone smile!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

So You Need A Break

You've been working hard and maybe even been putting in extra hours. Your beat and would like some time to yourself to relax. Maybe you even want to go to the gym or just out walking or running to give your mind an escape from the daily routine.

The boss has been riding you like a horse in the derby. You want to hear nothing from anyone. Seems like everyone is asking you questions, telling you what to do or seeking your advice. You want time to hide away from the world and rejuvenate.

While at work, the customers took all their anger and frustrations out on you. You want to be loved and appreciated, you want someone to like you and say nice things to you.

You've been so busy and spending so much time at work that you would give up an eye for just one day to spend on hobbies you like.
You are not alone. Many people feel overworked and like they need time for theirselves.

How about the wife. She's working at home twenty four hours a day, every day. When was the last time you offered to spend a day with the kids and left her to do what she likes. Left her go to the gym or even out for a walk. When was the last time you offered to help do the dinner dishes so she wouldn't have to do them alone and could have an hour to herself to just relax.

I'm guessing you can't answer that without some thought. If not it's been way to long. If your answer is never, you really should consider doing it!

Think about it. You go to work, then come home. No more boss, no more customers, no more complaining co workers.

Her job is the home, there's no where for her to go to get away from the kids or any other part of her job. She would probably love to have even a half a day to just hide and relax.

Maybe if she's not used to it, buy her a gift certificate to a nice salon or spa. Then you spend a Saturday with the kids and let her have a relaxing day vacation.

She not only runs the home when your away, but she listens to the energy overloaded kids all day, every day. She has to calm the fights before someone hurts someone else. She has to listen to their arguing and whining when she tries to get them to do their chores. She has to decide the days menus. She has to clean and schedule everything.

She places everyone and everything before herself and is probably ready to burst from overload. Her mind needs a break from the everyday before she ends up with serious health problems from it all.

Give her that day and you really may put a big smile on her face. Then you'll be able to smile a little more too.