Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to Tired of Seeing Women Hurt

Its Deer season here in wonderful PA. I should be out, but until may back decides to heal up...
I don't think its a very good idea. Every time I push it I end up stuck in bed on my belly.
Stinks but what the heck... It does seem to be getting better. For me anyway...

I ran into a question the other day. Something about how women express their feelings but why don't men... Wow, wasn't sure how to answer that!
I did decide the shortest might be the safest.
1. Guys are brought up to be tough, not to let feelings show. That's a sign of weakness.
2. With that, how can we.
3. It's been my experience that when we try to express some, women generally tell us to get over it, or to grow up.
Maybe I'll have to ponder that for a while and ask around hoping to find more or better to understand reasons.
Any help out there would be appreciated... Email or comments...
I do think we really NEED to learn how to discuss them with our ladies!

On to todays topic...
Why guys talk down to women!
I asked the question and got some interesting answers.

Jealousy. I asked for some examples but got no response... Is it possible? Maybe. Maybe we feel they are better than us, so like little boys, we try to bring them down to our perceived level. Maybe we know their better looking than we could ever hope to be. Maybe we know that they deserve better than us so again, we try to make them feel they don't.
If that's the case, we better get smart. By talking down to them we are going to push them away, right into someone else's arms!

Fear. Again I asked for examples... Got none. I can see some possibilities. If we fear they are better than us, are to beautiful for us or we don't deserve them... We could be (again) trying to bring them down so they don't leave us. And again, if thats the case, we will push them into the first guys arms that treats them right.

Big egos, they think they own the world. Well first, see November 24'ths blog. (This World Belongs to Women) Any guy who would think this probably doesn't deserve any woman. Heck, think of dear mom, where would you be without her? Women really only need us to have children. They can do anything else that we do and often times do better.

To make theirselves look big because they're not big on their own. What an incredible answer. This is probably the one thing I've observed most in my life... Guys do this to each other as a “monkey show” of dominance. Admit it you've seen it in gyms, on jobs, and just about everywhere two or more guys are together.

Now I'm admittedly getting a bit old but I remember most of the 60's. These are the same problems that stood in the way of peace back then. They've been in the way before that and since. They will probably be in the way forever.
My thought/fear is, as long as 2 people are alive on the face of this earth, there's going to be a fight.

Well come on. Do you really want any of these things coming between you and the sweet, caring, woman you love? If you even consider answering that with a yes... You deserve no-one!
Pal, she's going to and will find someone, somewhere, that will give her the loving respect she deserves and leave you to look in a mirror and talk down to yourself!

Now, common guys, lets all get out there and try our hardest to make this problem go away.
Before they go, and they will!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Blog Links

I really have no intentions of having a long list of other blogs, but, if I find some that really interest me and I think you'll enjoy I'm going to add them and let you know about them.

Single Dad Laughing
I really don't know this guy but I like his blog and from the reading I've done there, I like the way he thinks and looks at life.
He's also the reason I got up the nerve, courage, whatever to begin my own blog. I read a blog of his addressing the way women are treated. I too have witnessed and heard of the pain we cause them and just never had the courage to try and do something about it. Well, thanks to Single Dad Laughing. Now I'm here...

Chocolate Therapy
I just found this blog and I'm always on the lookout for great sounding recipes to try. They add so much to life. Well, the recipes there will make your mouth water and sound Fantastic.
Check it out and see if you don't agree!

Don't forget to come back and let me know what you think! Thanks :)

Ongoing, Get a Job

Why are we willing to do what it takes to get a girlfriend or boyfriend but not a job?
I was like that once upon a time. Yup, a complete idiot!
Is it possible? Should a job, work, earning money, be more important?
Well I finally came to the understanding, No job, no money. No money, uh oh, no girl.

Left you Saturday with some of my views on attitude getting in your way. I know what I had to say isn't a cure all for every situation but through a life of seeing and hearing that IS one of the biggest problems. I have seen to many people with little to no experience or education get jobs others said they couldn't. They were some of the friendliest, can do, people you ever wanted to meet!

Today though, dress.....
Just have to wonder where the people who teach in Tech schools, Colleges, etc... learn about “dress for success”... What I had taught to me when there and what I've heard others tell about it just makes me wonder. In all the years of working I've seen little proof that this helps the people who work outside of retail and offices.
Others I've heard from or about and from my own experience putting others to work, would not be likely to hire someone who came looking for a job with a suit on. Do they want work? Or do they just want a paycheck? Would they be afraid of getting dirty? Know a guy who just stopped in and asked a guy about a job while passing a place while doing some pretty dirty work. He had on jeans, T-shirt, and work boots, and was kinda dirty. Well there was a guy there getting interviewed, all dressed up... Well this first guy was told he looked like a worker. He got the job on the spot. Imagine that!
Now I did put one lady to work doing construction who came to a job and asked while wearing a dressy outfit (think it may have been a suit) but, she had the advantage that I knew her family were hard working people who weren't afraid of learning and getting filthy if it was necessary. But turned a lot of guys away who would stop in dressed nice...

I think you should first consider what kind of job it is you want. Then consider how others normally dress for the job. Then, make your own decision about what to wear.
In the past I would just stop at a place I hopped would be hiring and asked. Dressed up or not. I found that if I even sounded like I had real willingness and they had an opening, I'd usually get the job.

I'm sure that there are jobs you really need to get “dressed to kill” for but in a general sense, I believe you have to dress like you know what your doing. Window dressing is usually just a front for what's really inside.

Other than those two things, I've found the one thing that get you working is to be at the right place at the right time. In the past I finally realized, if they asked me to fill out an application. I might as well save my energy and the ink, just keep looking. Its a bit different today but from what I'm seeing, for the most its still true.

Just get out there, put on the miles, knock on the doors and keep trying. Just like the girlfriend/boyfriend, the right one is out there somewhere.

Again, I'm no authority, just a guy who has LIVED and learned. Now “DO IT” !
Make this wacky old guy proud.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Get a Job and Shut Up

Ever wanted to just choke the ???? out of someone you know or listen to, who is looking for a job?
Me, I'm so sick of hearing it... They say I'm over qualified, I'm under qualified, I don't have any experience..... on and on.
Yah, you might be but, the biggest problem I see is ATTITUDE!

Its kinda like making a friend. If you think your to good... Aint gonna happen.
Walk in with an attitude that someone owes you... Its just not going to be your day.
It is like trying to make new friends, like trying to find a new sweetie. You have got to be on your best, normal, behavior. Court the interviewer. Let them know just how friendly you are. If your not, don't try and BS them they can see right through you. They get BS'd every day just like you. They want to be sure you'll deal well with their customers and not loose them with attitude.
They want to know you'll do the job to the best of your ability without having to babysit you. That you will be a good representative for their business.
It is possible they want something or someone specifically, but most will bend for someone teachable with a cheerful, I can do it attitude with the friendliness that you would want from the people in your life. Face it, do you want someone who brings you down? Neither does Mr. Employer or his Customers!

If its not in your chosen field and you keep hearing “Your over qualified”. Its usually the attitude. Be friendly and caring and over qualification usually won't be in your way. Add to that, a willingness to learn and do whatever it takes, and lack of experience will be less of a problem.

Go ahead, say it. “I don't have an attitude!” Uh huh, take a day, get to know you.
Shut the TV, radio, and computer off. Close the door. Live with yourself for just a day. Don't answer the door or the phone. Just be with you! Without outside interference you can get to know yourself.
Is it getting real boring? Maybe your finding out you are. Just keep to yourself and be very, very open to your thoughts about YOU. Take notes if you have to. Be honest with yourself.
Think a bit about that person you thought could be a friend but wouldn't give you the time of day. You might find out why when you look inside you.
Its called soul searching, finding out who you are, getting in touch with yourself and a few other names.
It is worth doing...

Maybe, more on this Monday... Have a good one!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Great Day

Have that stuffed bloated feeling?
Don't feel like eating, ever again?
Maybe feel like ya gained 20 lbs.?
Its OK, its the day after Thanksgiving. Hope you do feel that way. Now its on to the quick diet, the Christmas shopping, hunting for gifts, the deer hunting.....
Can't understand why so many people worry about their diet at Thanksgiving when there is so much to do afterwards. With the billions of miles you'll be walking in the Malls and stores, the long treks over the fields and through the woods in search of your prey, won't you burn Thanksgiving off?
Now for you people who do nothing but sit on your fannies and surf the internet, GET A LIFE! Move a bit, go see that aunt you haven't visited in a while. Go see Grandma and Grandpa. They would probably be glad to know your still alive and breathing, unless they have a do not disturb sign on the door and are ? Busy ?..... Yep, they are still alive! Get over it. They're just burning the calories :)

Was with family and some friends yesterday. Hugs from the grand-kids, good conversation from all. Food, was excellent, ate way to much, don't think I can eat today...
My sweet little girl sure grew up to be a great mommy and an excellent cook. You really gotta stay out of her way though. My poor son in law was trying his best to help her but... He had that deer in the headlights look the whole time, was just waiting for her to yell at him for not doing “it” right or whatever... I had to chuckle! Hey, at least he tries, most guys just hide!
They're really turning out to be a great family and I'm so proud of them. They'll never know just how much!

My son, who ended up with 5 or 6 invites for the day, spent and I think intended to spend, the entire day with me! Wow, imagine that! Well, he did until, he got a call and had to go to help someone who's water heater went out... (Thanksgiving and the water heater goes out, #$@?, ouch. What am I going to do with all these #$@? dirty dishes?) Well my “White Knight” guy went and ended up replacing it for them. That's my guy, makes a dad mighty proud...

I didn't even hear from my older two... Wish I would have woke up earlier in my life and been at least half a good dad to them. I don't blame them at all for including me in their lives so little!

Just goes to show,... Hug em, love em, teach them carefully and well. It'll all come back to you one day....

Well, have a really, really great day and hug your kids. Give them all an extra hug for me!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This World Belongs to Women

The Amazons? No!
Super girl? No!
Every lady out there!!!

As men we so underestimate this soft, sweet being we can't stand to be without.
We know they can do about any job we can do. I even taught one how to shingle a roof. Several years later she was running a crew of roofers. I've worked in offices beside them, in fields beside them, I've hiked beside them, hunted and fished beside them. I've seen them handle horses as well as any “cowboy”. Seen them handle angry cows that would scare the pants off any guy. I've dated some, married a few. I've seen what they go through to have our children!!!
That's all very normal for anyone to do...

For the most part women raise the children. I am one of the guys that did and through that journey I came to realize a lot that I don't think most guys get...
They – raise the children, the future generations of the world.
They feed and nourish our offspring.
They protect our little ones from harm.
They help them to heal wounds and mend broken hearts.
They – impress the morals that will be carried into the future.

That's a lot of the reasons I say, This world belongs to women!

Our future depends on what they teach and impress on the little ones that we hope someday will run our world and take care of us in our old age.
Our society depends on children making it to adulthood and making good moral decisions and setting our governments on good paths.
Our legacies depend on women. Face it the only really lasting legacy we will have is our offspring. Without them we will cease to exist at death. Oh yah, some of the things we do will linger a short while but not as long as we think or hope!

But the families, the children that women nurture and teach will go on. What women teach our children, our children will teach to theirs. Therefore I honestly believe that the world belongs to women!

Think about it... Now, find her, apologize for any dumb, ignorant or mean thing you've ever said or done! Make it meaningful! Give her a really good hug, kiss her, and never forget... Your lasting life is in her care............
And next time you get the least bit angry with something she's done or didn't do.
Remember this little story.

Have a really great day and have a fantastic, food filled Thanksgiving!
See ya Friday for

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sucking Up ?

Nope, not about vacuum cleaners!  
Nope, not about sponges!

I post to two sites and (because of yesterdays post) a comment came up about being either a suck up to women or an enlightened guy.
I don't think I'm either...

I'd like to attempt to set the question straight...
I'm just an older single guy with sons and daughters. It would be nice to find sombody to spend my days and evenings with but, I'm comfortable with myself! It would take a really special lady to get past the walls that are put up. (Been hurt to much and to deeply) I really don't feel the need to have a partner in my life any longer.
Like I said, it would take a really special person to get in. So sucking up would be out... She'd have to “fit” in “my” life. I'm not changing or bending for no one! I also wouldn't want her to change for me. If ya don't fit together, then just be friends...

I've got a lotta nice lady's I consider friends. I hear them talking to each other and at times to me (usually when I ask them about stuff). I also have daughters. The second of which made me stop and think when she was only a baby.
I have sons who thankfully are not like I was at their ages.
Guess, my youngest daughter and time made me what I am today...

The women in my life always come back to the same topics.
After thinking a while, I thought, just maybe I could try a do something about it.

I hate to see anyone hurting. Especially when its from the words and actions of someone who just doesn't realize they are doing it. Also when they just don't care they're doing it.

I've just decided to try and show other guys, who give a darned, what they may need to see. It could just possibly, make a difference in the world. As for the guys who don't care, a word of warning so just maybe they'll have a desire to better theirselves.

No one can change another person, they have to want to change theirself.
I can only plant the seed and hope it will grow...

I want to show women that there are problem guys out here. (I know most are aware) Just maybe they could find a way to discuss with their guys, how much they're being hurt by our words and actions, after reading about it comming from another guy.

Maybe its useless, I just don't know, but it is now my lifes quest!
I'm no authority, just a older guy with something to say and time to say it.

If, from what I write, just one person gets a little help, I'll have made a diffrence for the better.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Think About Your Lady

Are women smart? I don't know they accept us into their lives...
Are women weak? Don't think so, they take care of us, our children, our homes...
Do women need us guys? Only to have children.

Here's two from history that impress me.

Abby House 1797 – 1881
If you read a bit about her you may find yourself asking what I did. Would I even be man enough for a woman like that?
Abby was a tough old gal who said what was on her mind! But apparently very caring.
During the Civil War she personally supplied soldiers with things they needed. She helped them when they were sick or wounded. After the war she gained even more status and fame.
Now I don't feel that Abby was for the correct side of the war but I'm really impressed.
You can read about her at ( aboutfamouspeople.com/atticle1193.html ) or just Google her.

Phoebe Pember 1833 – 1913
During the Civil War she was the Chief Matron of a hospital in Richmond VA. She worked her fingers to the bone taking care of the sick and wounded. In a mans world and often without needed medicines and supplies. She prayed with and for the soldiers who were hurt, sick and
dieing. Sad and heartbroken she just kept on working and caring.
More about her ( aboutfamouspeople.com/article1195.html ) or just Google her.

I guess what impresses me the most is thinking back on the times. A mans world... Women surely couldn't and shouldn't be involved with the miseries of war. They were considered weak. To sensitive for what they might see and experience. They just couldn't handle it...
Well, even though "men" thought they couldn't, they did. They were pioneer care givers.
Even though "men" tried to get in their way, they did what they knew they should.

Common guys, who took care of your little but? Most of us, Mom!
Who taught us how to deal with the world? Mom!
Who took care of the house? Mom!
Who took care of Dad? Mom!
Who taught us our morals?

Ask yourself, what would mom think if she knew how I treated the lady I chose to be with?
Ask yourself, would I want my mother to be treated the way I treat my lady?
How would I have felt if someone spoke to my mom the way I talk to my lady?

If you had good answers to these questions, great!

If not “think”.
Think before you do.
Think before you say.
Think twice before you think she won't walk out the door and find someone that has good answers to these questions. There are more of them than ya think...

Kiss her, hug her, really let her know you care. And don't speak bad of her or down to her.
They're tougher than you know. They may look all soft, but inside, this world is theirs.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

What? Not again! Why?

Willie found a pretty girl, pretty girl, pretty girl
Willie found a pretty girl, but I don't care ya know
                                      OK, now try reading it while thinking Mary Had a Little Lamb...
Here we go again... I personally don't give a whit about this Willie and Kate wedding. I didn't care about Charlie and Di. But every news program had to elaborate on the subject until I finally quit watching even the news!

I do like to keep up on whats going on out there in the world. It would be nice to know if some towel head might possibly show up in my area planning to do harm to My Country. I'd know to stock up on more ammo to take em out. 
It was kinda nice to keep up with the oil spill in the gulf. That also had something to do with My Country.
Politics??? Its helpful to know about so I can decide who I don't want to vote for. (Shame that's come down to picking the better of the worst) But common, What does a wedding twixt two Englanders have to do with the safety, the direction, or the economy of the USA?

The first ancestor I had in this country served in the 1st Bedford Militia in the war for our freedom from the tyrants that ran England. (so I figure my family was here before this Country :}) (he was certainly here before the government) (Sorry sidetracked!) Now we want to fixate on their leaderships family life?

They didn't care about us way back then and we really don't matter to them now.
It is nice to be allies in times of war, it is nice to be friendly. There's been a bunch of really good music that came out of that area of the world. But why do we give a care about their love life? I'm willing to bet if I would ever find someone and get hitched again they wouldn't fixate on my wedding, or even send a cheap gift!

OK, you media types, I HEARD. Now please move on... Don't pound it in to me every time I try to find out about important news.

One more thing, (yah like any of you would ever read this) I'm a little tired of the TSA bologna.
Just tell the people, ya wanna fly, your gonna get groped.    Ya don't want groped, walk.
Personally, I doubt I'd be real comfortable with that either but... Those big birds come down fairly easy and the trouble makers of the world can, and have, strapped explosives to their balls to do so. So I'd be very, very willing to submit to a strip search to be sure some idiot on the plane I'm getting on isn't planning to test gravity with my body.

Hmm, wonder if we should at least offer to send the TSA gropers to the royal wedding...

Wonder if the application for TSA has a line asking, 
Do you like groping?       ___ Yes ___ No ___ Live for it

Hey, its the weekend. Have lotsa fun and think of this crazy old fool while you are. And please, if you find yourself a bit tipsy, Don't Drive! 
After all if your reading this I don't wanna loose ya.

Let ALL women know they a more beautiful than those fakes on magazines!
Or ya could end up with that magazine!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Its alright, I'm OK, Just A Little Grumpy For Another Day

Woke up all to early this morning. 1:30! ???

Have ya seen the TV Ad for the Shake Weight? Hmm, I gotta less expensive idea :}

I said yesterday about this country being in a ditch. I hear about it all the time on the news. Is it really in a ditch or does our Government and a few money grubbing Wall Street types just want us to think that?

Shortly after we went into this so called ditch, I went to my bank for a loan and had no problem what so ever. I mentioned to someone at the bank about the economy thing and was told the bank had no similar problems at all. They never did give out loans or mortgages to people who couldn't afford them.

Seems to me like everyone but the Billion $ businesses and those money grubbers are doing alright. Heck during my life I was out of work, down on luck, a few times. I always found there was another job down the street somewhere! Man I even over extended myself on credit! That hurt... Well, I just had to make do, do without and yah, suffer a while until I paid things off. It took a while but guess what? My credit ratings actually improved! I have tried ever since to remember the lesson I learned then and have never gotten in that deep again.

I know a pretty great guy who just a few years ago, got out of school, now has an associates degree and is never really out of work. His work is somewhat seasonal but he manages to find other work to fill in. The difference, he's not afraid to work, is willing to get his hands dirty and will take work even if it isn't what he really wants to do. He's really young in my eyes but he already gets it...

No one starts at the top. You take what you can get to eat and pay the bills. You can always keep on looking for something better while doing something you really don't care for. Its all attitude! If you have the attitude that your to good then gee, guess your to good to have money. Don't ask me for any, I have a stall that needs cleaned and a few other nasty tasks I'm sure you won't want anything to do with. If you carry a bad attitude while working everyone will notice and soon you'll be looking for another job. From a bosses standpoint, I was looking for someone when you walked in and I can look for someone else!

Well, guess my point is, quit crying, moaning and carping, get out and find something that pays the bills and be thankful for whatever you find. Do it to the best of your ability. Thats the only way things are going to even begin to get better. With a good attitude, you'll find yourself in great demand. The guy I was talking about earlier is busier than a rabbit in heat!

Hmm, the guy I was talking about also told me about another guy that has some Tech degrees and is having trouble finding work in his field. Is he a quitter? Heck no, he's working for Wally World while waiting for something good. Thats the attitude of good people!

Alright if these two can do it so can you!

See if you can make someone smile today!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'll Get Over It

Old man hairs driving me nuts. Maybe someone should invent a comb for the ears!
Hmmm, maybe an idea for a song!

Its getting close to Thanksgiving, then comes the Christmas season. The time of year I should be thinking about family, my fantastic kids, the grand babies, maybe even thinking about finding someone to have a relationship with... Yah like that'll ever happin...

But NO!
Instead I'm thinking about how our intelligent, intellectual, all knowing Government, has decided there there is no Cost of Living increase needed for yet another year... Gas is up, fuel oil is up, the caps are coming off the electric rates, now I hear on the local news that food prices are rising..... But there's no reason for a Cost of Living Increase.

I hear all the time about retired and disabled people who have to choose between a meal and paying bills, deciding to skip needed medications so they can eat or pay bills, even skipping eating decent meals so they can pay their rent! Whats wrong with this scene?

Our wonderful leaders are like some people I know, if they have a buck they have to spend it. Why can't they tighten their belts like they expect Grandma and Grandpa to do? If they'd have kept their hands off the Social Security money in the first place we'd have been fine. But no, they saw money and just had to spend it. Now they would like to hand over OUR Social Security money to the same liars and con artists who drove this country into the ditch its in right now.

Investing is like any gambling, you do that with fun money. Only after you have enough to keep bills paid and some set aside for a rainy day fund. You don't lay out money to loose if you can not afford to!

Oh well, guess I'll go eat a pbj without the pb or j they are to expensive to buy. Who'd a thunk peanut butter would be like caviar?

Hey, Hug your hunny and be thankful your not alone!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Most Recent Rant

Its raining and chilly here and its been raining cats and dogs all night and blow me away windy! Oh well, like the song says, Rain makes corn, Corn makes whiskey, Whiskey makes my baby, feel a little frisky! Now if I just had a baby maybe I wouldn't mind the rain so much. But at least at this time of year I can say I'd rather see rain instead of snow. Just don't have to sweep, shovel, nor plow rain!
Speaking of a baby, (I started on this rant a while ago but feel the need to share) do you realise, we guys are in the habit of raving over the so called beauties we see. We drool over the fake beauties on magazine covers and in the centerfolds. By doing this we make them feel bad about theirselves. I know to us its the same as drooling over a great looking steak, or a really hot car. Well those other things have no feelings.
I've talked to many women that admit they spend so much time and money on themselves because we in doing the things we do make them feel they need to! They don't say it in so few words but its clear.
I don't mean to say we do it to them on purpose. As for me I never realised how my looks and words were so taken to heart.
I was enlightened about this on a site I spend a little time on each day that has mostly women using it. I've had a chance to try and make some of them feel a little better about theirselves and, (maybe its a dumb thing to do) intend to make it a point to try and change this. Its going to have to be a lifelong thing to do but, I've got 2 wonderful daughters and a lot of good female friends and I really don't want them feeling this way! I'm sure (I'm still a guy) I'll mess up once in a while but I've really got to work on changing this.
How would we guys feel if almost every woman we knew raved over the so called hunks out there? Yah, I don't think anyone has ever thought of me as one and I've never even wanted to be one. I'm satisfied with me as I am with all my faults but it would really be a bummer if I even thought I had to measure up to the fake movie hunks out there. Think I can say for a fact if that were the case I wouldn't have X wives or past girlfriends. I'm definitely no prize! Just a broken down old x construction worker, x biker, semi retired farmer, plain dressing red neck that has enjoyed life the best I could and still can. But this, I just gotta do.
Common guys, join in and help solve this problem! Maybe then we all will have better relationships with women. Hey, there is something in it for you too. (Maybe that'll get ya going!)
For any women that read this, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Even if you don't feel it, you are perfect just as you were made and even with the blemishes life has thrown your way! I may not personally know you but I love you all! Big or small, short or tall, chesty or flat, curvacious or not, I just thank the creator that you are here and I check you all out... Its what kind of person you are that matters the most!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just Getting Started

Hi, hope everyone's day is going great!
I'm just getting started so please bear with me... I'm just a middle age guy with time on my hands, thoughts and ideas in my mind and at times I like to rant. Sometimes I feel poetic, times I feel cranky, times happy, times sad :{  I figure I'll just put it all out here and hope someone will enjoy, laugh, feel better about theirself, or maybe even learn something. Maybe I'll invoke "your" thoughts or get you to think about something.
Like I said, I'm just getting started so please bear with me. I'm really new to this!
Any ideas would be appreciated... But please keep it clean...