? Me ?

I live on the mountains of Southwest PA. Grew up here, New Jersey, Virginia, then back here. This is home! I love it here and wouldn't want to live anywhere else! Guess if I really couldn't be here I'd try and buy a bunch of acres along the ocean. Love to surf fish.

Spent a lot of my childhood living in cities... So many people who don't even know their neighbors names! So much unfriendliness! So sad...
I came home here during my summers and was happy!

Can't even see a neighbors house unless I climb up on the roof but I think I've got the best neighbors there could be. When they drive up or down the road they wave a hello or stop and say hi! If something doesn't look right, they check it out. Now some may think that's being nosy, not me, that's what good neighbors and friends are for! They take care of and look out for each other and care.

Some may think it would be lonely here. There is so much sweet life here you can't turn your head without seeing it!
The dead of winter is a little tough. You have 3 foot snow drifts to deal with but it doesn't last long. Besides that, ever see a huge field covered with pristine snow? Thats beauty!

I get deer and pheasants as visitors. After a while they don't even care I'm around. Guess they just see me as part of it all. I do hunt when I can but thanks to health problems not so much. That, if its meant to be will improve!

Had a (guess) city guy ride a bicycle up the road once. Well next thing I know he's coming back. With a concerned look on his face he says, there's a bear on top of the hill. What could I say? I said to him, that's OK he's allowed there. His family was here before my'ne. The poor guy didn't know what to say...

I like keeping a couple of cows around for their company. Chickens, they keep you in fresh eggs and are fun to just watch. Over the past several years though there's been some big critters showing up at night and chickens just keep disappearing.

I walk out my door and I'm in a park. If I feel like it I can blast my music as loud as I want and bother no one. I can light a bonfire and nobody complains. I can pee off my porch :} if I feel like it.

I enjoy growing a garden and even more, I enjoy eating what I've grown. Heck, getting a bit strange, I've even been planting flowers and wild flowers... I like the way they look and remember when grandma used to have them.

My family has had this property since before Texas was a State. Hopefully my son will take it over when I'm gone. Its just home!

During my younger years, well, :} guess ya could say I did about everything ya shouldn't. Drank to much, smoked stuff ya shouldn't, partied days on end. Used to get off work on Friday and didn't stop partying till Sunday night! No cares... Put lotsa miles on a motorcycle. Loved a lot, lost a lot. Tried a bunch of jobs until I finally realized all I wanted to do was be the best carpenter I could. Ended up running my own business. That was fun! Dealing with customers, dealing with scheduling, dealing with problems. Never a dull moment. I loved it!

I like to fish when I can. Nothing like spending a day on a lake!

I really like to eat therefor I learned how to cook. Don't think its to bad, everyone else will eat what I make! Besides the old family foods I like trying new foods so I seek out new recipes to try. Sometimes they turn out great, times eh, not so good. Hey, I taught my kids to cook and they both are really good at it. My daughter is a bit adventurous with it and I think that's great!

I'm single. The mother of my last two children left when my son was 9 months old. I really knew nothing about raising little ones but we managed. I just put my love life on hold and concentrated on the kids and my business. I kept the business small so I'd have more time for the kids and everything worked out well. Took the kids with me when I could and it was safe enough.

As a dad I don't think I could be prouder! There were a few tears and sad times, but the smiles, laughs and really good times outweigh everything. I gave them all the love I could and received even more in return. I don't know how but they both have really great morals and attitudes. They're not afraid of work, they're respectful, and both very responsible and caring people.

My sweet little girl, who was never gonna leave her daddy, well she's a mother and I think she's doing a really great job of that. She brought in a son in law who, I'm proud to say, is the father of my grandkids. Didn't like him much at first but turned out he's good people. Hard working, loves his family, not bad to be around and usually, but not always, shows intelligence. Have witnessed some really bad moves on his part :} Yah, like I never messed up, Could write a encyclopedia...

My son, wow, what a ride. Had problems with school. Ended up graduating from Tech school and is now working his tail off and earning a better living than I ever did! While in school and after, he took jobs he really didn't care for and kept his bills paid. Attitude. His is great. Even when he was working those jobs he stayed polite and did his best. I'm sure thats why he's so busy now.

Have two from a previous marriage a son and daughter I don't get to see enough, but thats their choice. Like I say, I might be Dad but the guy who was there to raise them IS their father. He did a great job and I told him so! I'm just glad I got to know them.

Have no really major plans for the future, just to enjoy whatever is left and whatever comes my way. Wouldn't mind finding someone to set on the porch with in the evenings though... Again, if its meant to be it'll be.

One silly goal I have is to try and give someone something to smile about or think about with this Blog thing. Kinda glad I hurt my back and have been slowed down enough to get it set up...

OK Someone asked about Pictures

Here is one of my first horse ride around 1954

My first tractor ride with Grandpap

And Now

To much, not enough, I don't know? Maybe more later, maybe not...

* If you can't find something to smile and feel good about, your either not trying or your dead! *