Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Still Alive

Hi there, was I missed?
I thank those who have e mailed me with well wishes!
I'm well on my way to feeling better. Still I get tired easily and need to take many breaks throughout the day. I'm able to get out a little bit for very short periods of time and even very short trips.
I'm hoping to get back to the blog next week.

Keep on smiling!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Just To Let You Know

I've spent the weekend in absolute agony because of being sick and the old body not working as it should. 
I do believe I will not have to go to the hospital and I'm still fighting the idea that some have of me seeing a doctor. 
I have no idea just how long it will take me to fully recuperate but I'll be back as soon as I can.
Meanwhile enjoy the older posts here on the blog.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Random Thoughts

We never know our finest hour until it is long past.

Many honeymoons end when the bills arrive and the realization comes there is not enough income to pay them.

Many relationships end when you find out the one you love isn't who they made theirselves out to be in the short time you took to get to know them.

Butts do look fat. They are supposed to. They are made of fat so they are comfortable to sit on.

Husbands quite often turn into was-bands.

Good marriages are not an endless honeymoon, they are two people who have gotten comfortable with each others company and have become best friends.

People need to learn to listen to their crapometers.

Inserting a foot into your mouth is a very easy natural maneuver for all humans.

For a parent, asking for a drama free day is like asking a cat not to shed.

Is empty nest syndrome really just shock from being able to have an uninterrupted conversation...
Or not knowing what to do with all your free time after being used to cleaning up after kids twenty four hours a day...
Maybe the shock from actually getting to eat a snack you bought!
Or maybe even PTSD...

Becoming single is like a being a piece of food picked up off the floor and put back on a buffet.

Wonder what the cure for terminal singleness is...
Wonder if they have an app for that!

After twelve years of being alone, even the thought of a relationship sends icy cold chills down my spine to my toes...

Some deny their fate, some justify their fate, some do anything they can do to alter their fate.
The only question is which one are you and only you can decide that answer or change it.
That is your fate.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Something that happened made me think lately. The young seem to act like rabid animals in heat. Males think nothing of treating the females badly and speaking down to them.

Could this be a failure of the older generations...
Have we dropped the ball instead of passing on the traits of being a gentleman...

I know for a fact that we sometimes get scorned for trying to be a gentleman. Have had that happen to myself. Tried to hold a door for a woman and she scolded me and told me in a nasty voice that she didn't need help, she could do it for herself... Have caught many dirty looks when attempting to be a gentleman and opening doors and allowing women to go first.

But I've gotten many more no thank you's and turned down politely. And quite often my offers are accepted with a thank you and a smile.
So there are still many women out there that appreciate a man being a gentleman.

When you mom or dad told you to not do something, did you always listen? When your doctor tells you not to do something, do you always listen? When your wife tells you to do something do you always listen? (Do not answer that if she is listening now) When your boss tells you to do things, do you always listen?

So why listen when a few unappreciative women tell us not to act like a gentleman?

And our daughters! If they don't see us being a gentleman to our women, how are they to know what a gentleman acts like?
No wonder they accept that punk down the street with purple hair, a pig ring in his nose and who is without a clue how to wear a pair of pants...

How we talk to her mom well influence her ideas of how a guy will talk to her and is acceptable. How we treat her mom will influence how she believes she is to be treated later in life. They really do learn a lot by observing...

So from now on when I do run into a woman who scorns me for trying to be a gentleman I think I'll use a new line. No problem mam, have a nice day! Then turn and walk away.

I know there is an overwhelming urge to say something like, Oh sorry, I thought you were a woman. But that will only give her more fuel to throw on the fires against men. But I still might save that line for any who become belligerent and start talking all foul mouthed.

So how about joining me in the fight to set the bar higher on the standards.
We will be doing our daughters, granddaughters, nieces and even out great granddaughters a huge favor.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Starts right before Thanksgiving with finding the perfect size turkey and making sure everything is ready as planned for the big turkey day. Then comes deer season, when it's time to be out in the fields and woods in search of the buck I've been learning for months before.
Then I go through the yearly ritual of finding the right gifts, wrapping them, making cookies and candies, getting the decorations put up, celebrating Christmas, spending the week after visiting and enjoying company, and catching up with people I don't see much throughout the year.
Then comes New Years. Once again planning and getting all the goodies for New Years Eve and for the big feast on New Yeas day.
All the while keeping up with the daily chores and rituals.

I never feel as tired, disoriented, bewildered, and full of unclear thoughts as I do after the holidays are over.
Yet this year I'm even worse. Maybe it was because I got ill right before Christmas and never quite took the time to heal. Maybe because right on New Years day I was playing and hugging my grand daughter who wasn't feeling well. Maybe it is because of the recent cold snap and the fact I still believe I'm twenty years old and immune to catching illness when I make a trip to the mailbox without a coat and in my slippers.
Heh, maybe it's just because I'm getting old... My mind however disagrees with that completely!

Wonder if it's just me or if many others feel the same exhaustion I do after the holidays are finally over.

My dear sweet little granddaughter made me a birthday card this year that I am going to share with you all.

I absolutely love it. I love the outstretched arms that look like I'm ready to hold the world. I love the sunshine she put over us both, cuddling us in warmth. I get a smile that she made my hands look like stars.
I love that she has such a wonderful smile. I love that she shows my hair without the gray running through it. I love that she got the beard so right. I do though wonder if she really sees me so much taller than she is...

She really is a twinkle in this grandpaps eyes.

So as I relax and recuperate and look at my beautiful card, have a great day and share the smiles and love!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prisons Called Homes

Many of us as adults often wonder why kids today are bored. They sit around the house and mope. They drive us nuts when they complain.
We see they have so many things that we never even dreamed of having and there is no way we can imagine being bored while having so much.

But what do we teach them?

As a boy I used to walk and run the woods, fields and streets from sun up until sun down. Used to drive my mother nuts wondering where I was and what I was up to. She would have to call several numbers just to find out who had seen me last so she could try and get hold of me for meals.

My heroes were the likes of Daniel Boone, Kitt Carson and Davy Crockett. I like them, did everything on foot. They were adventurers long before cars and trucks were around for transportation. They hiked this huge country when not everyone had horses to ride or could even afford that luxury.

Much of that carries with me today and is possibly the reason I appreciate nature so much. I learned to read the sky. I learned to listen to the trees and bushes when they speak. I learned to recognize what the animals, big and small were telling me and teaching me.

I had little to worry about though other than the occasional angry animal telling me to get away and leave him to his space or the grouchy old man yelling “get the he-- off of my property”.

Predatory humans did exist but were kept in check by people who had a backbone and would willingly and openly punish them. The laws did not protect the predators.

But today we have allowed the laws to be twisted to protect bad people. Now instead we punish our children by making them stay at home and live in fear of the predators.

We refuse to chase down predators on our own and chose to allow only police to do the job of catching them and trying to stop them. A small handful of police in comparison to the amount of people in a large area. Only a handful who may be at the other side of the county, township, or city when they are needed.

We as a society could never afford what it would cost to have a police officer for every quarter square mile or less that would be needed for protection.

Young people or children today do not have the same opportunities we had. We don't allow them to adventure on their own into the world to discover. Rightfully so we can't when we know there are predatory humans running free and protected.

Somehow we as society need to make the lawmakers wake up and either change the laws or write new laws to take away the protection of people who do bad.

As a boy I was taught that when you do bad, you lose your rights. Made me angry as a child, yet also made sense. Makes more sense now that I've been in society as an adult and raised children. Even my kids understood this basic premiss.

We can't rush out and just start taking everything into our own hands simply because then we would be law breakers. But we must take back our streets.
Right now all I can think of is to start writing millions of letters to our representatives and law makers.

One letter on their desk will only be overlooked and forgotten. But millions of letters will surely have to make them take notice and give them the incentive to start doing something about the situation.

Legal protests and demonstrations would possibly make them see that we are all wanting them to act in our struggle to take back the streets and freedoms. Make it possible as a society to protect ourselves and our children from bad people who would do harm.

Not to just go out and start hanging bad people or shooting them, but to be free to use whatever is necessary to hold them until the police can arrive without being thrown in jail for doing so.

This is just something that is going through my mind. I sure hope that maybe it will go through yours and you will pass it on to others so we can find a way to take back our streets, roads and neighborhoods.

Monday, January 2, 2012

What Do You Stand For

Christmas – check
Birthday – check
New Years Eve – check
New Years Day – check
Christmas tree – coming down today (I hope...)

Time for a break... Uhh, no.
It's only a short time until Valentines Day. So keep on thinking guys! You only have six weeks to do your greatest thinking and get her that gift. Don't forget the flowers, candy and a card!

So New Years celebrations are over and many resolutions have been made. I'm sure some have already been broken also.
I don't make resolutions any longer. I made one several years ago and have never broken it since. I resolved to never make a resolution again.

What I do though is get behind good causes when I hear them. I heard of one for a water wells project for helping people in poorer countries by drilling water wells so they wouldn't have to drink their water from polluted streams and die from the diseases caused by that. Many of those people have to drink the same water their animals drink from and cool theirselves in. Well when animals wade into those streams to cool theirselves and drink, they urinate and defecate while there. Then children swim and drink from the same waters. People carry that water home to drink.

I don't know about you, but there is no way I can sit idly by when I know about something like that. I would never want my family to have to do that and I see the entire human race as my family. Don't care if you believe in the Bible or believe in what the scientists tell us. We are all one huge family. So giving what I can to help alleviate that problem just makes sense to me.

Another thing I believe in is making this world a bit smaller and more willing to get along by letting people see through this blog, how much we are alike in our daily lives. How we are only different in our beliefs and how our respective governments choose to deal with things.

Our beliefs can be accepted as different if we choose to allow that. We can all work towards changing our governments if we choose to. All in all we all can work towards understanding and accepting differences and get along and make this a better world for all to enjoy.

These are just two of the things I believe in, stand for and back.

There is an old saying that if a man doesn't stand for something, he will fall for anything.

So I would like to ask you as you venture into this New Year.
What do you stand for?

If you don't have an answer for that then I'll ask you to consider what would be a good thing for you to stand for and to do it.

In this internet age we can communicate for a very small cost with people all over the world! Just look at that map on the side of the blog. You can see where people come from who have read this blog. I also belong to another site where almost every day I chat with people from all over this world.

It amazes me how much many of them have opened my eyes and mind. It amazes me how much we laugh when we share. It amazes me how much they have touched my life and helped me to grow as a caring understanding accepting person.

This world is really a small place full of brothers and sisters.
Only by openly communicating can we join together to learn, accept, understand and get along.
Only by learning can we find out how we can help.

Only by acting on the desires of our hearts can we possibly work towards our children, grandchildren and all the future generations to have a chance to live in peace and more happiness than we can even imagine.

Now before you go, how about clicking on that Join button and showing us your smiling face. We're all family here in this world. We all have similar problems and lives. We all put up with idiotic decisions made by our governments. But we all need each other to make a better world possible...