Monday, December 6, 2010

Work ???

Who the heck “wants” to work...
I'd rather be fishin...
I'd rather think about a sweetie...
I'd rather go to the bar...
I'd rather be sleeping...
I'd rather ___________... You fill in the blank!

I totally agree! I could and can think of many other things I'd rather do.
After quite some time and many different jobs I did finally have a thought that just maybe I was missing something! I pondered the situation... I was so tired of working at things I didn't like doing just to get money for food, rent, bills etc... For a while maybe even months, This kept going through my mind while I drug myself out of bed and forced myself to do what needed to be done, just to live... (Some “living”) (not what I considered life)
But isn't that why we work? We need to eat. Need a place to live. Like having a car, truck, whatever. Like socializing and maybe even chasing after someone of the opposite sex. Heck, for some the same... Need clothes to keep us warm and protected. For some, just to try and outdo their friends... And many other reasons.
Well after some serious deliberation, I came up with the idea that since I had to work, just maybe I should be doing something I enjoyed instead of putting myself through the pain of just doing for the buck.
I have enjoyed building things ever since I was a wee tot with my first set of Lincoln Logs and blocks. As a young lad I would visit construction sites and lumber yards collecting scraps. I'd take them home and build things from them. Now the outcomes were at times, a little questionable, some down right shaky... But some came out right well. Point is it never seemed like “work”.
I knew there may not be quite as much money doing that sort of work as in some other jobs but... Did I really “need” more money or could I be satisfied with less and be happy? Pondered that a while and thought, what the heck, lets find out. I'm only gonna get disgusted and quit another job anyway.
So I started as a laborer, got chances here and there to show what I could do and climbed up to leading a crew eventually. Wow, it was no longer “work” I got to go play in my big sandbox every day and get paid to do it!
That my friend doesn't happen over night, you always however have to start and “work your way up”.
One thing I've observed is, most that start at the top, or near, find themselves with a looooong fall down!
You are learning how to deal with things and people all the way up and learn how to prepare for disasters which “WILL” come. It's the “know it alls” that start way up there and are not prepared.

Now you may have to take anything at all just to “pay the bills” for a while. It may take time to decide what's right for you. It will take time to get that “dream” job.
You just have to get real, and realize if your to good to do a job, you are not gonna eat and have money for chassin hunny's. Get over it and just work... There's plenty of work out there that needs to be done.

Knew a guy once who was having a problem getting a job. He would drive his pickup truck around and when he saw an old rusted junky car, truck, whatever he'd just stop and just ask if the people would let him haul it away for them. They'd realize it was cheaper to let him take it away than to pay someone to haul it away. Well, he'd start taking it apart, loading it on his truck a load at a time and haul it in for scrap. Now he had a wife and little baby girl. He managed to keep them and himself pretty well... Just an example of not crying in your beer over a situation...

So just get out there, and get yourself some work... Then keep looking for your dream or what makes you happy. Besides, what else ya got ta do???

Hey, let me know some of your thoughts on getting a job, why get a job, whatever.
It is getting lonely out here and I'd surely like to hear from ya...
If ya don't agree, well let me know, if you make sense... I'm open to change. That's growth!

Alright, I'm outta here for the day and I'm kinda sure some of you are glad for that...
Have a good one!

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