Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cold and Snowy Day

It was cold outside, snow everywhere. The wind was howling through the trees.
The kind of cold that cuts through to the bone.

And there I was. In a warm cozy room. Setting on a big comfy overstuffed sofa.
Nice warm fire burning with a dance of flames that would make a ballerina proud.
A sweet lady snuggling beside me...
Fair hair like silk, soft skin, tender voice, the prettiest eyes you ever wanted to see.

We were sharing a delicious piece of Pecan cake.
Laced with cherries and white raisins.
Moistened with bourbon.
A piece of heavenly flavor to die for.

It was decadent!

Then out of nowhere, she looked deep into my eyes.
She leaned in, gave me a warm kiss on the cheek.

I was in heaven.

Huh! What the!

Darned Beagle anyway...
Even when I'm dreaming...

Sleeps all day, but just let me so much as think about food and she's wide awake and begging!

Tales of a lonely ole guy with a sense of humor...

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