Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just Can't Wait

Blog in the middle of the day? I don't think so!
But today, well I just happened to catch a short bit of Cathy Lee and Hoda when I turned the TV on. Well, there was Will I. Am.

OK so I'm an older guy, but there is not a “type” of music I don't like! To me, music is music. Now songs? Yah, some are not worth listening to.
Now I am a white guy, but I guess I'm a person who doesn't see color. I see people for what and who THEY are! Treat others right and you must be alright.

I had to write this while it's on my mind. I forget things easily, the mind is just always way to busy and jumps all over the place...

Now this Will I. Am. guy.
I liked Black Eyed Peas from the first time I heard them. Just about all good songs.
Will I. Am,...
This seems to be the coolest guy I ever heard of. I've never met the guy and had the chance to talk to him personally, but think I'd like to.
Did you ever hear that song of his, One Tribe?
If this song really comes from the heart he has got to be one heck of a guy!
With this song it sounds he is doing so much for the attempt to unify us all.
I think this song should be added as an Anthem for our country! While were at it, for the world!
Unity is the one thing we should all be aiming for. Not the hatred that seems to abound.
One Tribe, One People! We are ya know...

Dig it out, give it a listen. Borrow it if ya have to. Just see what you think...
Alright, that's off my emergency list so,
Catch ya later!

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