Friday, December 31, 2010

*** Happy New Year ***

I,m not going to be here tomorrow so I wanted to get this on. The Friday bolg is below...

Happy New Year!

All said, it's been a pretty good year for me!
Started out a bit rough when I hurt my back in February and spent a few weeks stuck in bed. Haven't been able to do much this year... But that is coming along kinda well.

Met a few new people that could become friends, some have.
Had some laughs along this years journey. Had a few real gut busters...
* Thanks Chuck and Neil! You two gave me the best laugh of the year! *
Might have had a few down moments but hey, they get pushed aside kinda fast... If ya can't fix it, ….. well you know the rest.

Got a newer mowditioner! That, I'm sure will help.
The son picked up a newer hay rake. Sure hope he gets to work on it so it's ready to use this coming hay season...???
Learned a little more. Think I may have forgotten some to. But sometimes that's good...

Learned some not so good. Yup, the people that talk behind ones back. The people that just figure their to good for ya. Uh hu. That's good to! Like the old saying, Keep your friends close, keep your enemies even closer... It is really good to know who not to trust or, who to trust to hurt you.

With the back keeping me from getting out and about and doing things. Well, I had time to reflect... Time to start this blog so I can vent, maybe pass along something helpful, maybe pass along some smiles and hopefully bring some glimmer of hope and some companionship to my lonely friends out there on the weekends.

Wouldn't mind seeing more followers but that may come in it's own time.
Pretty cool to see I'm being read around this great big spinning circling orb! That does show up in the stats.
I did say to my kids that now I can embarrass them world wide instead of just here near home : )

Tried some new recipes and foods. That is always good!!!

Think it's going to be even more fun to see what kind of BS, knowledge and smiles the new year will bring!

My New Years wish for you all,

May you be blessed with full tummies,
May you be blessed with nice clothes,
May you be blessed with great friendship,
May you be blessed with love.
May you be blessed with happiness,
May you be blessed with good health,
May you be blessed with a tight roof and a warm comfy bed.
May you be blessed with work you love,
May you be blessed with more money than you'll ever need,
May you be blessed by the words of this darned old fool.
May you be blessed with smiles and in knowing, this life is truly fun!

Have a wonderful and happy New Year
Ivan D

New Years For the Lonely

It's New Years Eve!
Tomorrow, New Years day.
So what are you doing?

Again like I said a few days ago,
**** Please, please, please! Don't drink and drive...****
We lose way to many people every year at a time they should be starting a new year off.
Not ending any chance they have for another year of life...
Another good reason... I do not want any of my fantastic visitors to get hurt, or worse!!!

I used to party like crazy. If I wasn't having a party, someone else was and I'd be invited.
That was quite a while ago when I still drank like a fish. Lost a whole bunch of ?friends? when I decided to change that... : )
Now it's just sit here remembering. Then getting a bit sour.. Then I just go to bed and forget about it!
I'm sure there are people out there that know how to have a great time without drinking themselves stupid but, who and where?

In all honesty though, this year, I'm tired. Kinda want to just go to sleep...
Tomorrow, I'll go to the daughters for a meal with family and friends, and laugh and play with the grandchildren. But this year after all the holiday todo, I'm kinda beat!

So I'm leaving this up to all you wonderful people out there.
Leave some ideas, thoughts, or helpful advice for anyone who finds their selves lonely for New Years.
Help them out a little. Maybe you've been there or maybe you will be there some day. Wouldn't it be nice to have a place to look for some hint of a way to not feel so blue?
Even if you find this months from now, why not leave a suggestion?
It'll be here so just maybe it could help someone.

Happy New Years and catch ya next year...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Physical Beauty

Hey, look at that! Man, I'd like to take that home! Now that makes me wanna... Look at those t...! Check out that a..! Wow would I like to do that! On and on and on...

Maybe it's because I think I'm as ugly as an old wet mangy dog, with ticks, that lives under a porch in a swamp... My way of saying I'm no Robert Redford or George Clooney!
But, have ya ever looked behind the pictures? Have ya ever looked behind the glamor? Have ya ever looked behind the fake, the makeup, the star studded glitz? Or the the sexy?

EVERY time I do, I find ugliness.
Somewhere, sometime, somehow, those so called beauties have messed up and shown their inner ugly! They may hide behind sexy clothes. Enough makeup to plaster an entire block of homes. A fake boob job, even a pretty smile. But... Inside, there is an ugliness hiding, just waiting to show it's evil head.

Yah, I'm a guy. I still look myself. Only difference. I don't get quite as excited! For me it's like looking at a really hot car then finding out the engine is junk and the tranny is shot...
I find myself looking, feeling a bit excited, then almost immediately in my mind I ask, ya what's on the inside? The old line “you can't judge a book by it's cover”, well sadly, that's all to true! I've known way to many “beauties” that hurt people and seemed to have absolutly no remorse at all. They didn't “care” one bit about anyone but theirselves and what they might be able to get.

Sadly, I see a woman with a ton of makeup, I just wonder... What would I wake up with in the morning? Once the designer clothes are gone and the putty and face paint has melted into the pillow... When the four or five hour hairdo is mussed...
What's it gonna look like? Would I maybe scream “eek” and run for the hills? Well OK, maybe not eek, more like “oh sh-crap”! Would it maybe be like a grizzly coming out of hibernation? : )
Wonder how many hours it takes to hide whatever it is she's hiding.
I really get to pondering that they know just how ugly their heart and soul are, so they work their butts off trying to hide behind a mask...

Yup, I was young dumb and full of cu_! See a hot female and my mind already had her in bed.
During my biken days, found a whole lot of ?women? would go nuts for what they “perceived”, was a bad boy biker. Yah, let em ride and they'd bed ya. Problem was... Next morning, you sobered up and found out what you really didn't want to find. U G L Y !!! A Bi..h! Someone who worried more about “makeup” than being real... Someone who cared about herself and didn't even conside anyone else's feelings. Sadly... That went for more than not.

I'm not, in any way, saying all beauties are bad. Some have a natural beauty and do have great hearts. They do care about others. They would help others even if it would end up hurting them.
I am talking about the selfish! And dear, sweet lookin, you know who you are! You know what's inside. Want to do a good makeup job? Start on the inside!”.....................

For you girls who do it for yourselves. Great, fantastic, glad it makes you happy and feels good. But hey, a few of ya... Take a look in a mirror with a really open mind. I'm sorry, but a lot of ya really make me smile...
Now if your doing it to make people smile, then job well done, I'm proud of ya.

For you guys... If your still as dumb as I was. Or if your just plain as dumb as I was. Pal, you deserve all the hurt and pain you will get! Better think you ideas of life over...

For you other guys. And those who have found or are finding theirselves like me now...
I've talked to, and conversed with in other ways, to a lot of women in the past several months who said how much it hurts when we dumb butts, look at the mag covers and start throwing out our lines... When we walk down a street and trip because we're staring at some so called beauty. Or again, tossin the comments. When they catch us with our tongues hanging out...
It all makes them think that's what we really want. Makes them feel like maybe they should be (in my words) fake...
Is that what we want? Or do we want what's real...
Would we rather have a fantasy or someone who really cares about us?
Would we really want someone who cares more about fake boobs and makeup, or someone who puts us first on her todo list?
If ya went after her in the first place, Ya musta thought she was pretty.

How about not just doing it for your lady, but trying to help me out in letting the rest of us idiots know just how we very well may be messin the ladies heads up?
I'm takin a little flak and crud over it from some guys. But... I don't care. I just consider the source... Butt heads will always be butt heads until someone or some pain, wipes em up!

So common, grow a pair and help.
Help all the women out there so we can all have a lot more fun in this life...

Hey, thanks for the listen. And in advance, thanks for the help!
For now, the dumb butt lost cause crusader says, later dude...
? DUDE? Where the heck did that come from : )

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mmm, That Smells Good

 OK, it's getting close to the New Year.
**** Please, please, please! Don't drink and drive...****
We lose so many people every year at a time they should be starting a new year off. Not ending any chance they have for another year of life...
Another good reason... I do not want any of my fantastic visitors to get hurt, or worse!!!

New Years Dinner
Traditionally my dear departed mother would make a nice pork roast with sauerkraut and dumplings, mashed potatoes with gravy and pie for desert. At times we would have sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top that she would toast to a golden brown in the oven.
That's what she grew up with and my dads side of the family had about the same. I miss the days of growing up. the families all getting together in one house and having a meal. With so many conversations going on that as a young boy it was never a problem sneaking cookies!

While raising my son and daughter I decided to go a bit farther.
New Years Eve I'd make some hot dogs and sauerkraut and usually add some kielbasa for having people over to celebrate and bring in the New Year. Just a good luck thing I learned... And a good way to get food in a drinking stomach

Before going to bed I would refill the crock-pot with a pork roast and let it cook until about done. Next morning while the roast was cooking away the kids and I would make some rolls from the bread recipe we liked so much and let them raise. Then we would go and play or just watch TV and rest.
Yah, I wanted to rest but they would usually be ready for the play... I'd lose!
Then we would add more sauerkraut, kielbasa and hot dogs. Make the mashed potatoes and put the rolls in the oven. When the rolls went in I'd dip out some of the broth and sauerkraut, put it in a pot and make the dumplings. We never used serving dishes we just loaded the plates from the pots then sat and enjoyed. When we would be getting ready to sit down I'd slip an apple pie I'd made a day or so before into the oven to warm.

Sounds like a lot of work but by getting everything together ahead of time it all went so easy. That work turned into play for us. We would have fun by working together and helping each other. Accidents did happen, spills mostly, but hey, that was something to joke and laugh about. Like I said, while things would cook we went and played. After the meal and desert, cleanup went kinda quick because we cleaned up along the way. And a sink full of dishes, well that could wait a while if we wanted to get back to enjoying and playing. Most days I'd just let them soak anyway until the kids were in bed.

My sweet daughter does most of the cooking at her house now and that's where I go and join her and her family for almost the same feast we prepared when she was growing up. It's kinda nice to see that Great grandma, Grandma and my additions are again being carried on.
Makes the heart warm!

Wonder are there any other single fathers out there that keep traditions up and pass them on to their children... Sadly I also wonder how many moms do...
Seems like so many people today just flit about to busy to be bothered. Family meals with everyone sitting and eating? Who has time?
You might want to drop some of the outside activities and get to know your kids. If you don't want to be forgotten by them...

So what are your traditions for New Years meals and celebrations?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Politically Correct

Politically Correct! “What”
What's correct about politics...
What's correct about politicians...
What's correct about correct...
Grow some tough skin, open your mind, and find some understanding!

You don't like how I feel, what I say? Ignore me... I've got my right to my own opinion!
Wonder how long until the politicians take that right away... Freedom of speech is getting thin.
Wonder if someday the politicians will try to take away freedom of thought...

Gay? I really don't care. It's your business. Now if ya try to tell me your right... You will hear my views on the subject. If you have the right to tell me your views, shouldn't I have the right to voice my own... Other than that, it's between you and your higher power.
My higher power tells me to be forgiving and thankfully pray, and let him handle the details. Tis not for me to judge... I can't say with total certainty that I'm right and neither can anyone...
I do know a few people who are. I think they are some of the nicest people I've ever known.
They're respectful and not judgmental. They care as much as I do about this world and this life.
I've drank with them, worked with them, hunted and fished with them. We get along just fine.
If I don't have the right to say what I think or feel, how will others know to stay outta my face...
With this “politically correct” crap how would I ever have found that out?

Now, if you can't accept someone because they are different than you, sorry, but you need serious help. Oops, maybe that's not “politically correct”...

Is it politically correct to sentence people to life for anything...
Not correct to spank your kids. Talk sweetly instead... Yah, like that would have worked with me...
I was asked nicely. Then told. Then if I kept it up, soundly spanked! Hey, I had my chance. I had two...

Hmm, why not just talk nice and ask murderers not to kill... Lets just tell thieves, that's bad, now don't do that... Why spend all the money we do for prisons?...

Wonder if it's politically correct to tell someone they need a bath, or should I just get a clothes pin for my nose... Maybe that wouldn't be politically correct either...I might hurt their feelings.

Racism? What?
My higher power said we all came from the same place. Science says we all come from the same puddle of goo. DNA is showing we all came from the same area of this planet...
Yah, I'm a white, so what! Are we not “all” the “Human Race”?
I've had a lot of friends and it was through discussion we came to understand each other, and became friends. Even though some discussions did get a bit heated.

If I hurt anyone's feeling here, what can I say?
I just think this politically correct stuff is a bunch of nonsense.
If we don't have politically “incorrect” conversations, how will we ever be able to understand each other or learn to accept each other?

What we do need to learn?
When having discussions and they get hot, go away and cool down. Take a chill pill. Get a fresh perspective, think openly about what was said, then carry on.

Don't be stupid and get into a fight. Its been my experience in life that no one really wins.

Winning is coming together and understanding what makes “US feel the way we do and either changing our views or learning to respect and accept those that differ.

If no one in my life ever let me know I was being a butt head, how would I ever have changed...
It's called “growing”.

Hey, I don't know it all, just know what's worked for me. I hope, it helps someone else...
Now, go forth in peace. Make love, not war. : )

Monday, December 27, 2010

Just Do It, Get A Job

And for me... Crud, today ugh, another year has past. Happy birthday to me... Just another day...
The years just keep ticking away. Used to seem slow, but wow, they are zippin past a bit to quickly now.........................................................! Beard's gone from mostly gray to mostly white! Don't see any wrinkles but the eyes always look tired... Sh-crap, I'm feelin tired... Eh, so what?...
Ok, enough of the self pity. I'm over it. Well, for now anyway.

I'm getting a bit tired of talking about getting out there and getting a job.

Just do it. Can't find what's right, get something to get by on until ya do.
Make a job for yourself! Just take what you like doing and find a way to earn from it.
OOOOOH, but it costs a lot of money to start a business... Wah, wah, wah... Do you want to do it or not?

The dad of a very successful excavator I know said to him after he took over his dads small business, take this old equipment you now have and let it pay for new. When you get that new, make it pay for another. Well he did. And he did very well. Has work 12 months out of the year, keeps all his employees working year round. Has so darned much equipment sitting and working all across this country that he at times wonders where the heck a certain piece of equipment is...

This guy started with one backhoe and one dump truck. They were old and about as used up as it comes. He spent countless hours just doing repairs to keep them going. Missed a lot of sleep doing so. He didn't always work 8 hour days either. He put in many 16 to 20 hour days.
Did he sit and whine? NO, he just kept pushing on. As he made money he reinvested money.
He had a family and a home also. Kids ain't cheap and sons have bottomless stomachs...
I've known many who had nothing, but were very successful business people. They did not start with new equipment, tools, office supplies or anything else. They scrounged, even begged, to find what would work for them and what they could afford. They “made do” with little and built from there.
Again, they too did not set on their butts and cry in their cheerios.
They aimed their selves in a direction and just kept pushing on. They climbed the ladder...

Can't get a loan? Well who the heck do you think you are? Of course not. You have nothing!
It royally p'd me off too! There is truth in the line that “only people who don't need money can borrow money”. Well guess what, they have a track record. Want to find out what kind of track record you have, just ask those people ya think believe in you to co sign a loan... If they can, I think you will find out just how much they think of you...
People who have, they have things. Some business, some personal. These things can be called collateral. Collateral is what you need to get a loan.
Took me many, many years to be able to walk into a bank and get a loan on my name and word only... But still, I ask for to much, eh, they want collateral.
OK, I get it. They want to be as sure as possible that their money will be returned... Along with the interest (their pay). Yup, they must have been in business a while their selves...

Check out rummage sales, thrift stores, auctions, for sale adds in the paper. That's where you get tools, equipment, whatever, to get started. They're not the only places but I'm sure you are smart enough to get the idea.

Don't let the desire to start at the top be your dead end. Don't let your dreams of shiny new toys keep you for getting them. Start with what “you have” and what “you can” and just keep on pushing. Get tough or die! It will not be easy, but then again, nothing is...

Now this paragraph... Take it as a warning.
I said before about not trying to BS when your looking for a job... We business people have been there and we have watched countless whiners fail because they wouldn't change their attitudes and push ahead. We've started where you are and can read people like a book. With really big letters! We learned...
Had people who wouldn't show up until lunch time... Oh well, just don't expect much pay. Most didn't stick around for long when they made little money but hey, they didn't put in much time... Even I had to learn that lesson!
Believe me, we learned the hard way. People cheated us, lied to us, refused to pay us, ripped us off, on and on... We dealt with customers and others who had “you owe me” attitudes. We learned...
People told us we couldn't do it! We'd never succeed! Well for the successful, thems was fighten words! It just made it more important to succeed. We just worked harder!

Not one darned thing in this life is easy. Even taking it easy isn't easy. Has a big price. Want to take it easy, then work your butt off so you can.
For some of you, mommy and daddy did, and because of you, still are! Get out! Go live under a bridge if your to danged good to take any job you can find. That is ALL you deserve. It's winter, get a shovel and shovel snow! Buy your own food, and pay your own bills!

Sorry, way to many mommies and daddies gave in when children whined... I just got even more hard headed and learned not to hear. And was even more likely to say no way! My last two kids heard “get a job” so many times, I do believe they were sick of it...

Did I hurt your feelings here? Ooooooh, go tell mommy maybe she'll give ya some more milk and cookies. Maybe she'll be fool enough to let you be a baby the rest of her life.
Just one question before ya go... Whatcha gonna do when she's no longer around?...

Hey, my fingers are getting tired.

Sorry I went on so long but I'm just tired of all the complaining about “I can't find a job”.
Look there is lots of work out in this world. It may not be your dream job, you might really have to work... (What a novel idea...) If “you” really want work... It is out there!

There are a lot of people out here that really would rather find an excuse than a job.
Funny, I've found it harder to avoid work than just do and get it done...
Next Monday??? Who knows? Just think I've beat this to death...
See ya later...

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas!

No new post for Saturday!
Hey, even an ole guy with a sense of humor and way to much to say needs some time off.
Going to spend the day with family, eat their food, and spoil the grandchildren!
Hope your day is great! There's plenty of reading here and I hope you enjoy.
And while your here why not be brave and join as a follower!
Followers really are the greatest people!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Lonely at Christmas

Christmas time.
Another Happy holiday for everyone but the lonely.
How can I be lonely when I'm with friends and family?
It's not hard. I all to well understand just how bad a person can feel when their with family and friends but, are still alone. Makes no sense right? Oh but yes it does!
When your with others and you still have no one you just feel like you don't belong. We know we're with loved ones but, it still hurts down deep inside. We laugh at your jokes. We enjoy your company but, we still go home alone!

Then there is that certain ignorant someone who always has to point out the fact that oh, you still don't have someone. Kinda wish they would just loose their voice. Maybe get so danged sick that they have to stay home... Yah, like that would happen...
Now I know that didn't sound nice but. If you have ever felt the bitter sting and emptiness of loneliness, you would surely understand. For those of you who don't know. I'm really happy for you and hope you never do.

You happy people, why not just pop in and visit someone who's lonely? And if your at a get-together and a lonely soul is there...
Do not... Do not... Try and tell us you know how we feel! Don't tell us you feel bad for us. It only hurts more... Those may sound like words of comfort but in reality, they're like a knife stabbed then twisted.
Instead why not just be there for us. Share normal everyday conversation. Help us get away from ourselves for a while. Find anything that we can share a smile or dream about.
If we talk about it, listen. Just let us get it out. Don't try and stop it. It is part of healing...

For you self centered jerks who seem to get your kicks from pointing out that we're still alone...
Shut up!
Look in a mirror and realize you may well be looking at a person who will be someday!
Everyone knows already so your pointing it out can only be to serve some deep desire of yours to cause more pain to those that are already hurting.
You are “not” cool. You make yourself look like a jerk to all who are around you.

Me, I'll be with family and friends, children and grandchildren. Guess I'm one lucky guy though. Never, at any get together, has anyone tried pointing that crud out and no one has even brought it up. We all just carry on happy conversation and enjoy each others company, a wonderful meal and the opening of gifts.

I'll come home after. Then, oh yes, my dear friend loneliness will be here waiting...
Shouldn't be to late. I seldom stay out late at all any longer. What's the point...
I'll probably be here in this long reaching www. Might even be here on the blog...
Yes my home away from me.

Well, Merry Christmas and thank you so much for taking the time to visit and read the words of some crazy ole guy with to much time on his hands and probably way to many opinions. : )

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Make Her Happy Or Else!

Didja get her a gift yet?
Man you better get your donkey in gear!
If ya don't ya might not find any Christmas goodies... Ya might even find yourself sleeping alone under the tree when she finds out!

So I forgive you. Now get outta here!! Just quit reading and get to the stores fast!!!

Just why is it we tend to wait until the last possible minute?
Do we really hate shopping that much... Is it the crowds... Do we despise parting with our dollars that much... Yah, your right, we're probably just to lazy...
I don't know, but I'm just as guilty of putting off shopping as almost everyone else!
With me though, well I got a lazy streak a country mile wide and fifty seven miles long...

We know if we forget she won't right? We'll be living that old living he-- for a long time!
And just about the time we think it's over, she'll find some way to remind us in some hurtful or humiliating way... Still can't figure that out myself... They NEVER forget! Even if your no longer with them, they still talk about the “jerk” who forgot!

I know a few women, and have known of a lot more, that remind their guys...
Doesn't always work... Seems that a lot of us get dumber when reminded! The more we're reminded the thicker headed we get.

Some of those wonderful gal's. Well they like to carry it farther and nag, nag, nag, nag, nag...
I don't know for sure but that sounds like a really bad idea to me...
If ya nag to much do ya really think he's going to want to get you something nice?
Even my kids learned at an early age, ya nag me, ya get nothing! The more ya nag, the more apt I am to say “NO”.
Without nagging, I even said no but after a while, thought it over, then said yes. Never minded admitting I was wrong with my first answer... But that's just me...

Now I was never to bad about remembering to get the women in my life a gift.
Admittedly, well guess I just kinda figured, there may be a little somethin in it for me... : )
Guy's, they can be, and usually are, very, very appreciative...
Treat her well and you just may find yourself treated well, or even better!

Ok, already got her a gift? Well, think those last two lines over...
Yah, go ahead. Get her a bigger and better gift too. : )
Heck she puts up with your crap so face it, she deserves it.
And just a heads up... Valentines Day is only two months away...
Yah. I hear ya. Oh man............................ bummer...

Alright guys, get out there and make those sweet sexy beautiful creations happy!

Till tomorrow... Happy trails to you, until we meet again. Happy trails to you, ...
Awww, Now that's gonna be stuck in my head all day... Grrrrrrrrr : )

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shopping Smile

Went shopping over the weekend. Now I do most Saturdays but only for the grub.
Well I said to the son that because my friend, the back pain, wasn't so bad we'll get some Christmas shopping done...
We pulled in the parking lot, finally found a spot. He got out of the truck... I just sat.
He opened his door and asked if I was alright. I told him just get back in and set for a bit...
I lit a cigar and just sat and watched the huge “herd” of humans passing...
I tell myself every year, ... I'm going to do most of my Christmas shopping during the summer...
But never do... I wait like just about everyone else, then get angry about the crowds.

About 3 minutes passed. I put the cigar out, said to the son lets just take a few deep breaths, put on a smile and try and remember, there is probably not going to be one single person there that feels any different about the crowds than us. We know we're going to be pushed, shoved and scowled at but, so is everyone else. Now lets just work on keeping that smile and if anyone gets testy, smile like he--, and stay pleasant!
We did. As expected we spent a lot of time waiting, but hey, we kept those smiles, nodded and greeted people, and believe it or not... We had a great time.

Instead of getting angry, I'd even smile and talk nice to people who would normally anger me. Gee, think maybe I spent longer than usual, but had some friendly and fun, though brief, discussions with about a hundred people.
I even made a turn around an endcap and about ran right into a pretty young lady. I looked up, saw a scowl, then said, You are the prettiest lady I've seen. Darned, I got the sweetest smile and a wonderful thank you.

After checking out, I saw a guy standing impatiently in front of the registers waiting on his wife. I walked over and stood beside a complete stranger and asked if he minded if I stood with him for a minute and watched the zoo! I don't think I've seen a smile quite as big as the one he got on his face, for a long time...

Guess, I really learned today that my adopted smiling, friendly attitude can spread like wildfire even in a wild, crazy store full, of hurried, agitated Christmas shoppers.

I'm tellin ya, this smiling, friendly thing is working so well I'm sold.
I adopted it a few years back when I realized that there is not one darned thing that getting angry can help. All it ever seemed to do was breed more anger and leave me feeling bad.

I began using this stupid sounding attitude and wow! It is really working! I spend more time now being truly happy, and really seem to be making other people happy in doing so.
It's crazy!!!!!

Look, just give it a try! What do you have to loose?
It may take a while, it sure did for me. Old habits “are” really hard to break!
But, you just, like myself, may find yourself happier, and you may make the grinches of the world smile too.

Please join in. All it costs is a smile... : )

I would really like to know how you make out! So comment and let me know.. See ya : )

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An App for That ?

___ Just another Day
___ Happy
___ Sad
___ Depressed

Now if someone would fill this in before I wake up...
I'd hang it near the bed!

I'd know how to dress for the day, or just know to go back to bed...

Not a thing wrong with the Holiday Season.
Just the tremendous swings a mood can can take from one day to the next...

Go to bed thinkin, good day commin tomorrow. I feel happy!
Wake up. Yah, right...

Wonder if there's an app for that?????

Oh well, I'll find some way to find something to smile about!
If not I'll go back to bed...

Hmm, always helps when others share...
So how do you deal with crazy mood swings when your alone?

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Told you I don't know everything... I do have my opinions on a lot, but everything???
I'm no guru, not a sage, not a seer of things great and small. I'm not all knowing!

Ran into someone whom shall remain nameless. I'd never mention names unless the person told me to my face and put it in writing with a legal backing, that they wanted me to.
* But, should I ever find a comment full of cussin! Different story. *
** I will delete and say who, and why! **

The conversation came to news. Specifically, Don't Ask, Don't Tell...
I did as I sometimes do and just listened. May be hard to believe, and it is hard to do, but I can...
Well, I was told gay's don't belong in the military any more than women.
The reasoning... Women in the military would cause a guy to pay more attention to them than the enemy. Why he'd spend to much time checking her out and daydreaming. Well he'd just get his head blown clean off. He'd never to be able to help his buddies when he needed to.
Gay's, well now, wouldn't want to have to try and watch my rear while I'm watchin my front.

Now this is just a short version of what he said. I'm not spending all day trying to remember it all and I'm not typing it all. The important points of his opinion are right there.

I sat. Quietly... Made sure he was done. He sputtered some more, but I just waited...
He got a little upset because I said nothing. Asked if I was one of them that agreed with them gays... Now I was beginning to feel the red creeping up. I maintained and just said I was waiting for him to be finished. He had a mean look on his face but finally sat down and got quiet.

I started... (The gist)
I told him I just don't know!
Now this guy knows me. Knows I have a tough time keeping my big mouth shut. Knows just how opinionated I am... My old redneck buddy started to open his mouth but I said, I'm not done.
I proceeded... Women have been in the military for years. To my knowledge, no one ever died because he was looking at a woman. Guy's were to busy to even notice when in a heavy fight.
As for gays, well I'd suspect the same would apply.
Then I went on to remind him of all the stupid fights he's been in where his woman was right there watching. He never thought of her while doing so.
He had a bad look on his face but, he nodded.
Then I mentioned that unless some guy would hit on him, he'd never know.
He raised his eyebrow looking like a fight was about to start. Muttered something about he could always tell one.
Now this guy is died in the wool redneck! Only one thing would shut him up and sit him down. Looked him straight in the eyes and I said it... Ya know, man, woman, gay or not. In a time of heavy fighting, they all bleed the same. I'd rather have twenty gays and women than one ignorant old fool watching my back.
With a really mean look he got up, stared a bit, then walked away mumbling.
Guess my point hit home!

Don't Ask, Don't Tell... I don't know where I stand on this.
Only thing I can say is, I'll fight for “anyone” who will fight for my country and me. I don't hardly ever agree with the government. But this is still the best I know of and I have the right to try and change it if I disagree. I'm a veteran and proud of it. Don't be puttin any veteran down...

What do you think... All I ask is keep it clean... There is a delete button, but I'd hate to use it.
A piece about Gay, Racism and Hate... Was going to be here today, but, coming real soon!

Monday, December 20, 2010

OK, Don't Get a Job

It's almost Christmas. I just don't feel it. I've given ya some of my advice and if ya want, go check it out.

Right now, well a job is the farthest thing from my mind.
It's almost time for Santa to make his yearly journey and fill the stockings. Load the empty space under the trees with piles of wonderful gifts! Sure hope he doesn't forget me :) Time for him to fill up on all the tasty cookies and other treats left for him by expectant children, young and old, all over this big wonderful world. Hmm, wonder if he'd consider sharing with me :)

A job isn't going to make things better for Christmas... Might make life a bit more enjoyable but if you waited this long, what's another week?
Why not try helping others over the rest of this Christmas season? Ya know, I have found, what goes around, well it comes back around.
Maybe if you help someone who's in as bad a shape or worse than you the “powers to be” will be a little more apt to help you. Just maybe...
Know a lonely person? Why not make a friendly gesture, visit a bit? See or know someone who's hungry? Why not share a meal or make one up and give it to them? If you do have a little cash, why not help someone pay their bills so they can stay warm a little longer?
See someone sad, what's it going to cost you to try and make them smile?
We could all do well and join in as Santa's joy spreading elves! Don't ya think that would make him feel good?

This is one world and we all have to, at least, make an attempt to help one another. By doing so we make it a little better one gift of help or joy at a time. I really think if you help someone, that help “will” at some point in time be spread on. Maybe not today or tomorrow but eventually... And eventually it will return to you or yours.

Guess maybe this week for my “Get a Job day”, I'm giving you a job. The pay may not be what you'd like, and dollar wise is non existent... But the eventual pay is that all things come back around. The bigger pay is the feeling you will have for doing something to help another!

You say Bah Humbug, or why should I, that's OK. But remember, everything comes back... Life, the greater powers, karma, whatever ya call it may well say Bah Humbug to you!

Let's do it! We'll all just get out, quit feeling bad about our own problems, and just go and spread some joy. Let's spread that smile everywhere. The harder it is, the harder we'll work at it.
Bet ya we could start something bigger than this internet thing...

Sorry I can't pay ya but...  
Like I've heard before and say myself, If I'd hit the lottery big time, I'd farm till it's gone! But, well, that isn't going to happen, Heck I don't even waste the money for a ticket...

But... I earn so much in the way of the good feelings I get when I spread the smiles I try and spread! Doesn't always work but I just try harder next time.

So guess I'll catch ya tomorrow. Have a smile filled day : )

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Was Had..........and couldn't wait to tell

Twas the night before Christmas, man was I beat
Got everything wrapped, was time for some sleep
Not a creature was stirring, no not even a mouse
A nice quiet hush, was about the whole house

I climed into bed, with the thought in my head
I'd soon be asleep, not have one thought of dread
I closed my eyes, I felt I'd soon find
Visions of sugar plums, deep in my mind

When all of the sudden, the quiet was shattered
I tossed off the covers, what the heck was the matter
The windows they shook, the foundation did rumble
My bed it was shaking, to the floor I did stumble

I turned on the light, to see what was this trouble
I listened some more, then I heard that rumble

The snore of a beagle, as she laid and slept
She was out of it now, you surely could bet

She had woke me, from my needed near slumber
now what would I do, to stop all this thunder
So I grabbed a pillow, we'll see who wakes who
You messed with my sleep, you sweet little fool

I tossed that pillow, right on her sweet head
She looked at me now, no fear but instead
A look of contentment, just a pleased as could be
Climbed on top of that pillow, made a fool outta me

She hurriedly closed, those sad looking eyes
Was fast asleep, after taking a sigh
Not a care in the world, not a tail wag good night
Just fell back to dream land, with my pillow held tight

So there I was, awake on my bed
I would just set there, shaking my head
Knew that once more, she'd out witted me
I know that she planned, that's the way it would be

She may be real sweet, but she's no dumb dog
Now she's back to sleep, sawing some logs
Me left to set here, ponderin facts
I feed her I pet her, I give her nice snacks

Yah dogs rule these worlds, that we may call home
But without them around, we'd sure feel alone
Guess I'll get back to sleep, She's won again
But hey, she sure makes, one heck of a friend
                     Tales of a lonely ole guy with a sense of humor...

Cold and Snowy Day

It was cold outside, snow everywhere. The wind was howling through the trees.
The kind of cold that cuts through to the bone.

And there I was. In a warm cozy room. Setting on a big comfy overstuffed sofa.
Nice warm fire burning with a dance of flames that would make a ballerina proud.
A sweet lady snuggling beside me...
Fair hair like silk, soft skin, tender voice, the prettiest eyes you ever wanted to see.

We were sharing a delicious piece of Pecan cake.
Laced with cherries and white raisins.
Moistened with bourbon.
A piece of heavenly flavor to die for.

It was decadent!

Then out of nowhere, she looked deep into my eyes.
She leaned in, gave me a warm kiss on the cheek.

I was in heaven.

Huh! What the!

Darned Beagle anyway...
Even when I'm dreaming...

Sleeps all day, but just let me so much as think about food and she's wide awake and begging!

Tales of a lonely ole guy with a sense of humor...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Just Wondering

Wonder, do adults mess up kids minds?
At really young ages we seem to get a kick out of asking little ones, what do you want to be when you grow up?
They're not even sure what they want for their next meal, which game they want to play next, or what they may want to do five minutes from now.
Yet, we ask them to decide the rest of their life!
It may be cute but are we putting to much pressure on at such a young age? Are we burdening a very young, growing mind with a question most adults can't answer?
Just some of the dumb stuff that floats through the gray matter between my ears! : )

I know many people, myself included, that are still asking that very same question.
I've lived a while and had my career, so have many others. Still, it lingers... What is it I want to do when I grow up???

Me, as I ride a tractor through a field while working (which I find to be fun and enjoy doing), still at times ponder this question, and I don't “have” to work any longer, work's just an expensive hobby.
I know business owners and even a few CEO's, that wonder about this very same thing.
Workers in various fields who claim happiness with their occupations.
I know retired people who can come up with very fascinating answers for this interesting topic.

I find it interesting to think about. Try it. See what you think. See what you come up with.

I'm wondering, do you feel this way?
You may have a career going for you, may be happy with it, but, do you still wonder?
What do you want to do when you grow up?

Be brave! Leave an answer in the comment section.
Could be fun to see all the possible answers...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Asked What Women Want

I asked. Got very few answers! Sure expected more, or maybe hoped...

One place I asked, I received three answers.
1. Treated as a human instead of a walking sex object to be charmed and gawked at.
2. Treated right and not lied to. Not disrespected. Treated like you would want to be treated.
3. Compassion

Another place I asked, again only three answers.
1. Someone that can be lighthearted, not boring
2. Someone who likes to be challenged and will challenge
3. Integrity

Seems that women want about the same things that we guys want...

The respect we all want as human beings. Now I think that respect includes not lying. Treating people like you want to be treated. Talked to and not talked at.
Treated as a whole person not an object. Not to be used but to be shared with. When in any type of relationship, romantic, friendly, business,work, whatever. To be treated as a partner, not a slave or piece of equipment. Not with a “you owe me” attitude.

I have witnessed over the years, that a lot of people speak and treat others worse than I would even consider treating the cows here on the farm.
Just ask yourself, how would I feel if someone spoke to me, or treated me, the way I treat others.

If... You want your woman to treat you like a King... Don't ya think YOU should treat her like a Queen?
If... You want your lady to be truthful with you... Shouldn't you be just as respectful to her?
You come home from work and demand... You will not, receive, in a very kind way.
Be nice, she will probably be nicer. Give to her, and you'll probably receive.
You come home from work and your beat, so stinking tired and exhausted, but she wants to talk. What do ya do? Ever think of, common baby, lets both go sit in the living room for a bit, and talk while we both rest? Your not going to starve while you spend a little time like I'm pretty sure ya did while dating her... Bud, she's beat to. Maybe not quite the same kinda day you had but similar enough. Work is work. Putting up with crud is the same at work, home, shopping or anything else.
Man, I worked construction, I know tired. Know what it's like putting up with peoples crap. I didn't have someone at home helping me with that task. Had two little ones that needed fed, help with homework, kept up after, on and on. Had to do it all including the shopping and cleaning. Most evenings I had more work to do here on the farm. I'm no magician and don't have a double. I didn't even have the luxury of time to find someone to date let alone have a relationship. Priorities had to be family, business, farm, and home. So please believe me, your lady is just as beat if not more than you. Pal, respect her for what she does. Get over what she hasn't had time to do.
Ya want that lady... Better treat her like one.
Have fun with her just like ya did when dating. Look, lets face it, there is a door on your life that swings both ways. You probably better get used to the idea your dating her forever or she may find someone else to date. Just because she was willing to be yours doesn't mean she's not the same person you met and took a shine to.......... Wanna keep her, better find some energy. Ya did before.

As for the lady that doesn't want to be gawked at, I understand. But we are guys with eyes... I even suspect that blind guys fantasize. There are some of my species that go a good bit overboard. There are butt holes that definitely go way to far. I'd like to change that, and am trying by letting them know just how much that hurts, but like I said there are butt holes and they may never get it... I really don't think they care at all and are only out for themselves. Best I can say is just stay away from them as much as possible.

As for me, well... I'm old enough, to broken down and way to tired to get back into the dating life. I have no real regrets. I made my priority decisions and am darned glad I did. I have fandamtastic grown kids as the outcome! They make an old fool proud.
I'd just like to see men and women, guys and gals, sirs and ladies, begin to have better lives.
Just trying to change this spinning orb for the better of us all.
Maybe seems like a waste of time, but time I have, and I'll spend it as I want.

So, if I haven't bored you to much, and your still here. In the least, you could think about it. You just may want to change your ways a bit and make an attempt to Treat Your Lady Better...

If ya want, let me know what you think. The blog's E mail is at the top and the comment section is right on the bottom here.

Now, for today and every day “Go forth with Love and Understanding”!

Talk to ya later : )
Think I'll go cuddle with the dog...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just Can't Wait

Blog in the middle of the day? I don't think so!
But today, well I just happened to catch a short bit of Cathy Lee and Hoda when I turned the TV on. Well, there was Will I. Am.

OK so I'm an older guy, but there is not a “type” of music I don't like! To me, music is music. Now songs? Yah, some are not worth listening to.
Now I am a white guy, but I guess I'm a person who doesn't see color. I see people for what and who THEY are! Treat others right and you must be alright.

I had to write this while it's on my mind. I forget things easily, the mind is just always way to busy and jumps all over the place...

Now this Will I. Am. guy.
I liked Black Eyed Peas from the first time I heard them. Just about all good songs.
Will I. Am,...
This seems to be the coolest guy I ever heard of. I've never met the guy and had the chance to talk to him personally, but think I'd like to.
Did you ever hear that song of his, One Tribe?
If this song really comes from the heart he has got to be one heck of a guy!
With this song it sounds he is doing so much for the attempt to unify us all.
I think this song should be added as an Anthem for our country! While were at it, for the world!
Unity is the one thing we should all be aiming for. Not the hatred that seems to abound.
One Tribe, One People! We are ya know...

Dig it out, give it a listen. Borrow it if ya have to. Just see what you think...
Alright, that's off my emergency list so,
Catch ya later!


How do you know someone is lying? Yah, with a politician, when their lips move... Ha Ha. Yah.

But in truth, we can never really know... We may get a feeling that someone is, but can't be really sure until its to late!

Lies can make a person look kinda dumb.
I've been told some interesting things. Later when I related them in some way to other people, well, they'd look at me like I was an alien. That what????? look. Uh hu, now there I was with egg on my face... With one person that happened a few times. Guess I just wanted to trust them. Shame, but no longer! Now I hear what they say, but have a really hard time believing them.

I've heard of lies that devastated someone's life! Never had been able to figure out just why one person would do that to another. Then, about 15 or 16 years ago, it was done to me!

I went on for lonely weeks wondering why... I wouldn't even go away from home unless I really had to. Then a part on a tractor broke. I needed it fixed, went to see a neighbor that was the best welder around. We had known each other since we were wee kids. While working I told him what had been said. He was my first step in the healing process.
He looked me straight in the eye and said, “If I even thought you could do something like that I'd shoot you myself”. I just looked.
We talked a bit more while we finished, I came home and finished the job I was doing.

Let me tell ya, while setting on a tractor making a lot of trips around a field a guy has a lot of time to think... I pondered what he had said and the entire situation.

Next day I went to visit my best friend. Told him. Now this guy knew me better that I know myself. Over the years we grew to have a trust like no other. We always watched each others backs in all situations. Wow, he was ready to go. He was out for blood! It took me hours to convince him it would only make things worse.

Now this was a really bad situation. I pondered it for a few more weeks before I finally went and talked to an Attorney. It cost me some money I didn't need to part with, but we finally got our day in court and won.
Didn't make me feel much better but we proved a point! Several years later my phone rang and the person who had done the lying was on the other end. They apologized. What good that did, I don't know. Maybe it just helped them feel better...
Like I said, that was a long long time ago. I still have really bad trust issues!
That's where my poem Lies came from. The apology came, the truth came, but the hurt, that will, last forever.

How about a “harmless fib”? Used to think there was such a thing. No more. A lie is a lie is a lie!
Don't care what ya may call it, the potential is there to make someone look like an ass, hurt, or devastate. You tell a fib... The person you fib to talks to someone else and because they believe you, repeats what you told them. The person they're talking to has facts, that differ. YOU just made the person you fibbed to look like an idiot! No, there are no harmless fibs...

I've exaggerated during my life but never will again. Cost to much to learn that!
Now if I tell a story, I make damned sure I say it's a story. I'm a story teller and enjoy it! Twain was one of my favorites and as a boy I wanted to be like him! But now, I make real darned sure I point out, that it is just a story, a tale, something for fun, not fact...

Past is exactly that though. It's just a page ago in a life. The future? What ya want is yours.

So, had any lies that hurt? Ever tell a lie that hurt someone? What do you think of lying? Is there a harmless lie or fib?
Tell me what you think! I'd like to know.

Till Later, in truth, keep smiling, see ya... : )