Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Attraction - Love at First Sight/Lust

First a word or two “to” our ? Sponsors ? You know who you are! The Spammers and Spammetts of the WWW.whatevers... Why do you blithering idiots keep sending me spam trying to sell me the little blue pills?
I never asked for you to! I never wanted you to! So STOP!
If anything, all my life I have needed something to do the reverse of what these pills do...
Now I will say, if you can come up with something that will do the opposite, I may be interested..............

Sorry but I had to get that rant off my chest.

Today! My ideas of first contact.
Admit it, for I dare say the majority of we the human race, the first time we see another person we size them up. That's before we even say hello. If we like what we see or don't, that alone decides how we will say hello, hi, oh no, goodbye or run like the wind.
It's only later we find out we shoulda ran even faster than any wind could possibly blow!

That initial first sight is Lust. Absolutely no one could fall head over heels in love that fast. You don't even know if they like breathing yet. You only see attractiveness. Now what's cute to one may not be cute to another but only you can judge. Lets be real and face it. You see someone who doesn't fit your idea of attractive, you immediately put them in, at best, the could be friends box.

Ladies, sorry, I've hung out in a lot of bars, clubs, whatever in my life and I've heard you too. "Oh my, would I like to jump his bones" "I'd have his children any day" on and on... Your not out of this conversation. Uh uh, nope, no way. Its lust!

Now I've never had to worry about that myself to much because I'm just an ugly old, T Shirt n jeans guy myself. Not very attractive to a lot of women. The old flea bitten dog on the porch. But I digress...

Face it, lust plays a big part in all our lives. Young, middle aged, or old and gray. Yup, Pap and Gram have desires too. "Get over it." There are MANY of us who were the children of the 60's. We invented free sex and we ain't dead yet!

Don't like that guy eying you, well, it is just going to happen.
(I have another discussion for this)
Think that girl is eying you and your gonna score, yah, give her a second.

Personally, I'm trying (tho sometimes it feels like a lost cause) to look at “knock outs” and just thank my higher power that he did such a great job and gave me the opportunity to peer upon his fantastic work of art. Change is tough, but I can do it, I guess...

I'm trying to find out who is inside that body (kinda like a look under the hood) before I make a judgment. Guess it may be the fact that I've made way to many wrong choices and had to much heartache because of those wrong choices.

Lets learn from this!
Lets not let our emotions and desires get in the way. Lets practice self control.
We really may be missing out on a really great friend!

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