Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm up Here!

Wow, on Tuesday I was on Single Dad Laughing.
This is the site I was reading an article on that finally gave me the courage to start my blog.
I do have this desire to try and make things at least a little better in this world, if that's possible. But just was not sure how to try. I read some of his blog and was convinced this was doable.

In his Nov 30, 2010 blog “Worthless Men and the women who make them” (which you can find from the link in, Blogs I Like, right on the side of my page. See it?) he sounded maybe a touch angry, but had a excellent point.
I was going to write a bit for you wonderful ladies today anyway.

The basic's of Single Dad Laughing's blog was that in some of the ways you speak to the guys, and some of the things you say. You (and I believe inadvertently) are making the man!
I do know from my own life, my dad had me totally convinced that I would never amount to anything and could do nothing right. It took me into my early 30's to realize that, and then throw those thoughts off. He really ingrained that into my mind.

You go calling your men jerks, they will be. Call them cheap, a holes, whatever, they WILL become...

Seriously, be open minded and read what he had to say. Then at least think about it!

My bit for today, Dress.

Now don't get mad at me its just from living life and observations.
Why do most of you beautiful women, you wonders of creation, get so mad at us when you wear low cut blouses and we get lost staring?
You wear skirts and shorts that leave nothing to the imagination and get bummed when we can't take our eyes off of you.
Not to leave out the sheer, see through, lacy, poofy, etc.. other sexy clothes.

Look, I appreciate it. I thank my higher power that he could make something so beautiful as you all are, and that I had the chance to look upon that beauty if only for a moment.
Did you ever look at, what you see as a beautiful work of art? Didn't you stop and look. Really look?
You've probably spent a little more time looking at the so called Adonis. Common... Ya know it!

We guys, young or old are going to look. Whether we are handsome or ugly (like me), were going to do it, and sometimes get lost in your beauty.
Please quit getting mad at us.
If ya don't want us to look so long, wear something longer and cover up just a bit more.

We are living, breathing creatures with desires that are awakened at times just like you.

I do believe we need a better way but how will we ever change Nature?

You guys, look quickly, try not to stay to long, and never, ever, make comments about what you have seen to your woman. If she catches ya, try being apologetically supportive of her feelings.
For you fools that drool, get help man, get help...

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