Thursday, February 6, 2014

Like what I'm learning

Where my home is, winter is a beast.
It wasn't so when I was younger. Winter never bothered me. I enjoyed being out in a snow storm plowing snow, shoveling snow or playing. Very seldom did I ever have to really bundle up. The cold was something I could laugh at.

As this body has aged, been beaten up by me and has broken down in some ways, that same cold now causes pain. Pain in the joints and pain in my mind.
So some time back I had decided to start looking for somewhere to spend my winters. Somewhere not quite as snowy or cold, yet somewhere not too warm.

When I was in Southern Indiana before I fell in love with the rolling hills. Liked the people I had met and those I talked to in passing.
Asked people here about their winters. What they explained, sounded like the worst of my spring and fall back home.

So I finally decided on my adventure. A adventure to seek a place to spend my January's and February's away from my normal winters. Also a trip and time away from the normal to see if I could once again discover my mind and myself.

This being the absolute worst winter in many years may have made this an insane idea. But in my pea brain it made sense. If I find the worst and can tolerate that, I can certainly tolerate anything better during normal winters.

Well, it's down right cold here. A whopping 27 degrees this morning. Slight wind too. So I finally had to don more than a short sleeve sweatshirt. I had to put on a long sleeve shirt underneath.
Hey, it's above 0 degrees! Less than that is what I left. This feels great to me.

I may not get much more fishing done while I'm here though because the ice won't melt from along the river banks. And I have no desire to fall. I did have a slight slip on Tuesday which had me looking for a chiropractor yesterday. With what's left of my back that is nothing new for me. Yet pushing my luck challenging ice wouldn't be a good idea.

I had the time to check out a cave where the guy who started this town stayed with his family when he first got here. It's not so much a cave as a deep hollow cut into the rock cliffs. Yet I can understand how it would have made good shelter and protection. It does have a wonderful view of the river also.

I'm hoping today to find some access areas along the river with good accessibility where maybe I can fish and not have to challenge steep banks that are muddy and ice covered.

I've already felt the affects of my escape on my mind. I'm feeling more relaxed, more open already. Maybe creativity will return. Maybe desire will return. Maybe, maybe, maybe...
I'll be leaving here in a few more days and heading farther to the south. Will that be the area I find I like more? Who knows, but instead of fighting the old, I am attempting to understand the new and build on that.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ball Shadow? Smile

So the groundhog saw his shadow...
Well when I left home early yesterday morning it was in the 40's. No snow, no rain, no clouds. I guess it could have been possible for that rodent to see his shadow. With all the lights from the cameras on him, how could he not see his shadow?
You can check out Phil's site at

On the way out of Pennsylvania I did find some rain. Didn't mind that since there was a lot of salt to be washed from under my SUV. Then almost to Columbus the weather got dry. It was still overcast which I appreciated. It's nice to not have bright sun blinding you.

It was great until I passed Louisville. It really greeted me to Indiana.
Ha, ha! Here drive in a snow globe.
I drove around after checking in at the hotel to make sure I still remembered my way around since the last trip here.
Amazing! I do.
Heck I even made a turn and thought I went the wrong way but quickly found what I was looking for anyway.

It's definitely warm here as compared to home. I e-mailed someone I know here to ask about some backroads I intend to travel on and ask about their condition during the winters. Got the answer I had figured on. Mud rut city. This should be fun!!!

The ball went well.
Danced a few slow dances with my grand daughter and then chatted with the other dads and grandpa's while the young girls were busy dancing with each other.

I am still trying to decide whether or not to put some pictures here. Something inside is telling me no. Maybe it's because she is so young. Maybe it's just something that will come to light in the future. I just don't know why I'm feeling no. But I've learned to listen to that voice inside.

Well, I'm off to play in the mud and snow and see what kind of orneriness I can find to do today for some smiles.