Monday, December 20, 2010

OK, Don't Get a Job

It's almost Christmas. I just don't feel it. I've given ya some of my advice and if ya want, go check it out.

Right now, well a job is the farthest thing from my mind.
It's almost time for Santa to make his yearly journey and fill the stockings. Load the empty space under the trees with piles of wonderful gifts! Sure hope he doesn't forget me :) Time for him to fill up on all the tasty cookies and other treats left for him by expectant children, young and old, all over this big wonderful world. Hmm, wonder if he'd consider sharing with me :)

A job isn't going to make things better for Christmas... Might make life a bit more enjoyable but if you waited this long, what's another week?
Why not try helping others over the rest of this Christmas season? Ya know, I have found, what goes around, well it comes back around.
Maybe if you help someone who's in as bad a shape or worse than you the “powers to be” will be a little more apt to help you. Just maybe...
Know a lonely person? Why not make a friendly gesture, visit a bit? See or know someone who's hungry? Why not share a meal or make one up and give it to them? If you do have a little cash, why not help someone pay their bills so they can stay warm a little longer?
See someone sad, what's it going to cost you to try and make them smile?
We could all do well and join in as Santa's joy spreading elves! Don't ya think that would make him feel good?

This is one world and we all have to, at least, make an attempt to help one another. By doing so we make it a little better one gift of help or joy at a time. I really think if you help someone, that help “will” at some point in time be spread on. Maybe not today or tomorrow but eventually... And eventually it will return to you or yours.

Guess maybe this week for my “Get a Job day”, I'm giving you a job. The pay may not be what you'd like, and dollar wise is non existent... But the eventual pay is that all things come back around. The bigger pay is the feeling you will have for doing something to help another!

You say Bah Humbug, or why should I, that's OK. But remember, everything comes back... Life, the greater powers, karma, whatever ya call it may well say Bah Humbug to you!

Let's do it! We'll all just get out, quit feeling bad about our own problems, and just go and spread some joy. Let's spread that smile everywhere. The harder it is, the harder we'll work at it.
Bet ya we could start something bigger than this internet thing...

Sorry I can't pay ya but...  
Like I've heard before and say myself, If I'd hit the lottery big time, I'd farm till it's gone! But, well, that isn't going to happen, Heck I don't even waste the money for a ticket...

But... I earn so much in the way of the good feelings I get when I spread the smiles I try and spread! Doesn't always work but I just try harder next time.

So guess I'll catch ya tomorrow. Have a smile filled day : )

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