Wednesday, December 15, 2010


How do you know someone is lying? Yah, with a politician, when their lips move... Ha Ha. Yah.

But in truth, we can never really know... We may get a feeling that someone is, but can't be really sure until its to late!

Lies can make a person look kinda dumb.
I've been told some interesting things. Later when I related them in some way to other people, well, they'd look at me like I was an alien. That what????? look. Uh hu, now there I was with egg on my face... With one person that happened a few times. Guess I just wanted to trust them. Shame, but no longer! Now I hear what they say, but have a really hard time believing them.

I've heard of lies that devastated someone's life! Never had been able to figure out just why one person would do that to another. Then, about 15 or 16 years ago, it was done to me!

I went on for lonely weeks wondering why... I wouldn't even go away from home unless I really had to. Then a part on a tractor broke. I needed it fixed, went to see a neighbor that was the best welder around. We had known each other since we were wee kids. While working I told him what had been said. He was my first step in the healing process.
He looked me straight in the eye and said, “If I even thought you could do something like that I'd shoot you myself”. I just looked.
We talked a bit more while we finished, I came home and finished the job I was doing.

Let me tell ya, while setting on a tractor making a lot of trips around a field a guy has a lot of time to think... I pondered what he had said and the entire situation.

Next day I went to visit my best friend. Told him. Now this guy knew me better that I know myself. Over the years we grew to have a trust like no other. We always watched each others backs in all situations. Wow, he was ready to go. He was out for blood! It took me hours to convince him it would only make things worse.

Now this was a really bad situation. I pondered it for a few more weeks before I finally went and talked to an Attorney. It cost me some money I didn't need to part with, but we finally got our day in court and won.
Didn't make me feel much better but we proved a point! Several years later my phone rang and the person who had done the lying was on the other end. They apologized. What good that did, I don't know. Maybe it just helped them feel better...
Like I said, that was a long long time ago. I still have really bad trust issues!
That's where my poem Lies came from. The apology came, the truth came, but the hurt, that will, last forever.

How about a “harmless fib”? Used to think there was such a thing. No more. A lie is a lie is a lie!
Don't care what ya may call it, the potential is there to make someone look like an ass, hurt, or devastate. You tell a fib... The person you fib to talks to someone else and because they believe you, repeats what you told them. The person they're talking to has facts, that differ. YOU just made the person you fibbed to look like an idiot! No, there are no harmless fibs...

I've exaggerated during my life but never will again. Cost to much to learn that!
Now if I tell a story, I make damned sure I say it's a story. I'm a story teller and enjoy it! Twain was one of my favorites and as a boy I wanted to be like him! But now, I make real darned sure I point out, that it is just a story, a tale, something for fun, not fact...

Past is exactly that though. It's just a page ago in a life. The future? What ya want is yours.

So, had any lies that hurt? Ever tell a lie that hurt someone? What do you think of lying? Is there a harmless lie or fib?
Tell me what you think! I'd like to know.

Till Later, in truth, keep smiling, see ya... : )

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