Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making Of Cold

SNOW!!! The last day of March and snow again. Now I'm hearing maybe up to three inches... OK mother nature, there is work to be done.
Please gimme a break?

Normally in March around here we can at least get out in the fields and get a start. This year it's been way to wet. I can usually get into the garden to get the first tilling done in preparation. Nope, not this year. Mess around with the ground when it's to wet and it makes the ground pack like a rock...

So now when the ground finally gets dry, there is going to be a really busy time of it trying to play catch up.
OK, I vented and hope it makes me feel better. Sorry.
While I'm on snow I can't help but think of cold...

I have to say that just maybe some people make others the cold empty, dispassionate people they become. Yes, there are guys who at a very young age begin to see girls as a play toy. Some see them as a victory and seem to add them one by one to their list of conquests...

Just perfect for making women who think “all” guys are pigs! Then ya wanna complain about how women treat us. Well, if I beat on your head for a while, your soon gonna think the whole world is out to get ya, and your attitude is going to go sour. Why would a woman feel any different?

There are also many young girls that like to play games... There is one I know of who called a lad and said something about having the three guys that are showing interest in her having a game to play. Whichever one would take her out and buy her the most would be the winner.
The young guy talks to her and says to just forget that junk. He's not about to turn his feelings for her into games.

So a week or so later one of her little girl friends gets hold of this young lad and says to him that the first girl really cares about him and she loves flowers. And... She would really be surprised and delighted if the young lad would surprise her by showing up when she got off work with some flowers.
Young lad even talks to first young lass and she confirms she is working.

So young lad gets finished working out in the cold all day and then goes and picks up a real pretty bouquet of flowers. Takes them at the right time to where young lass works. Uh, surprise young lass is not working...
Yup. Young lad has been played and is now beginning to sour, even more on young ladies.

So it does work both ways.

Not all guys and gals play games like this but how would you tell those that do from those that don't? Really it could turn both sides against the other!
Make guys and gals feel that the other is something bad. How would you even begin to help to heal people from all that???

Men, spend some time with young guys, try to teach them that womens emotions are not a toy or something to be looked at as a victory.
Ladies, let the young gals know that young guys are not toys either.

It's to late for those of us that are older, but by beginning to teach all those young guys and gals now. We may be able to begin a better world for both eventually.
You don't want the young to have to continue with this manure, do you?

So lets get that happy smile on our faces and get out there and spread hope for a better future.

Hmm, maybe I'll go see if I can build an April fools snowman and girl...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unwanted Passes

I hear people complaining all the time about customers and the general public that go into a place of business and act rude. They yell and complain and show no respect what so ever. They get angry and end up spoiling the day of a helpless employee and make that employee unhappy.

Ok, I can understand that. I've been in stores, businesses, even the tax office and whitnessed it first hand. How could you not overhear when the volume rivals that of a rock concert? I've even walked up and face to face, told the loud mouths off. Explaining they were yelling and taking their problems out on the wrong person. Now I'm a big guy so they usually make a wise decision and calm down.

Then I also see store customers get mad at the people trying to stock the shelves and move big pallets of food through the aisles. Like doing your job is not tough enough you then have to put up with insensitive customers. The people are just trying to earn a living and keep the shelves stocked so you can buy the goods.

Well... How about that big tractor pulling impliments from one field to another? They are big. But they are designed for power and work, not Indie races. The big engine's horsepower must be transferred to the wheels in such a way that the power transfers to the ground to pull those big pieces of equipment as they do their work. So speed is useless and power is king.

We're in a hurry too. We would like to get to those fields and get our work done. We're fighting time and in a race against the weather. If it rains we can't work. The soil would turn to mud, the mud would be packed to rock like consistancy. Time is an issue also. Plant to late and crops will not have time to grow.

Harvest to late and you may lose the crop. Just like the fresh vegetables and fruit in your fridge that don't get used quick enough, many crops will rot. There is a good chance that road your driving on was once a dirt road used only by us to get to those fields.

We're not going very far. We're not going to slow you down any longer than is absolutely necessary. Your rushing to try and pass us is a risk for an accident. The tractors are long and the equipment behind is longer. That equipment is also wide. There is no place for us to go if you try and pass and someone is coming the other way. We also can not see you coming from behind while your trying to pass until it's to late.

Your life and safety, someone coming the other way's life and safety, and our life, safety and livelihood are all at risk. Now suppose it's a school buss that comes over the knoll... How many more people would you be putting at risk? How many family members would you possibly be leaving to grieve?

Spring and fall folks. Just like you should be doing for the school busses, leave a little earlier to get where your going. We have a job to do too.

So next time you see that guy or lady, up there on that tractor. Don't get angry and start blowing your horn and showing us your IQ. Instead smile and wave when we pull off the road and go on your merry way. Please???

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Toilet Debate

The world is making many improvements yet still needs more improving. As a boy I remember many homes not having indoor toilets. Most had water to the kitchen by then because much canning and all food preparation was done there. I even remember some kitchens that had the washing machine in the kitchen.

Well, if one should happen to need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, they either made the trek to the outhouse with a light in one hand and the toilet seat in the other or used a chamber pot. That would be dumped in the outhouse the next day.

Now I can't say for sure but I'm willing to bet that late night trip was not made during the winter. Outhouses didn't have heat! I was fortunate enough that only while visiting some others I had to use an outhouse. Not a nice nor pleasant adventure...

Along with no heat they also had no running water. There was either a huge bucket that needed emptied when full or a big pit under the outhouse that would be filled over when it was full. So I'm sure you can imagine all the wonderful odors that would greet you. Especially on a hot humid day with no wind!

Outhouses were little rickety buildings made of wood. Usually kinda drafty. There would be flies buzzing about and tickling your rear while you were trying to do your thing. Many other insects liked the outhouse also and would be there to make sure you spent as little time as was absolutely necessary. There were also big monster spiders that inhabited outhouses.

Baths were done in huge tubs usually in the kitchen. It was close to the stove for hot water and close to the drains to bail the water out when done. There was also a bathing order. Kids were the last to use the water before it was dumped. Nothing at all like the luxury that bathrooms are today.

So when I hear the eternal complaints and arguments of toilet seats I smile. How would you like to have to carry the seat to the outhouse? Then fend off the critters while your there? Then only to find out there is no paper to wipe... No one will hear you while you yell for toilet paper!

Men leave seats up. We stand. It takes more effort to lift a seat than to put one down. So why not put it down while your already on your way? Some uncouth slobs won't even pick it up. They just do their thing and spray or dribble all over the seat.

I hear that not only the seat but the lid should be put down. Because of little flying atoms of water that may be carrying stuff. But if that's your worry maybe you should live in one of those environmental bubbles where no germs can bother you.

Back to the seat thing. Look, I'm on the side of women. Put the darned thing down. When I want to take a dump I'm usually in a big hurry and would rather not have to take the time to put one down. But!!! Pick the darned thing up before you P.

I do have a solution... Ever heard of a urinal? Sure you have. Why not install one or have one installed? Then the darned seat could stay down all the time. Heck that would do it for me. Would be the best of the best! Now I wonder... Could we possibly get women convinced to let us do that???

Have a smiling happy day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Peace Is A Journey

Ever watch little kids on a playground. The way they accept each other no matter how well they talk, or what they look like. Or even what color their skin happens to be. Long hair, short hair, blonde, brown, black, none of that junk matters. They just enjoy each others company and play. Sharing everything.

Then a few years into their education they become biased. No longer able to accept, rather now filled with dislike for others. He's to fat, her nose is to big, she wears glasses. Look at that funny hair... Oh, don't play with them their poor. Not them either their clothes look weird...

Is it the education? If so lets all get together and protest and write up petitions and riot like back in the 60's and force the government to hear us and put an end to schools! Yay!!!!!
Oops, sorry : ) I may have gotten carried away. Again...

Nah, I don't think it's the education from the schools. It's little Jim Bob Billy and Katie Sue and many others that hear things from parents and others. They hear trash from parents and aunts and uncles. They hear slurs on the streets and in malls. They even see way to much in movies. Then carry that in their minds all the way to the school where they teach it to the others. Same goes for the foul mouthed language.

As a very young boy in the 50's, my dad decided it was time to take his family elsewhere and we moved away. We moved to a small town near a city on the east coast. I met a boy at the school playground and we hit it off. Man we had so much fun playing and talking, yelling and running. But that was during the summer.

When school started and we were in the same class, I buddied up with him and never gave it a thought. He was my first friend and thats all that mattered. We sat in desks near each other and I wasn't alone! Then came lunch time. After lunch we went to the playground. All of the sudden I had kids yelling at me and telling me I shouldn't be playing with him... He was black. (actually they used a far worse term which was prevalently used at the time)

Heck, I'd never even heard that term before. I came from out in the country. From a farm where folks all got along and judged each person by their own merits. We had people who came here looking for work during harvest time and I learned to like and respect everyone of them.

We spent four years in that town and I did buddy around with some other kids but I was never really accepted. All because I was a friend with that ….. kid.
Many years later when I was back in that area for a short time, I did look up one family. They were a family that was much like my own. But I never did look up anyone else.

Things have changed since I was young. They have gotten a little better. Yet there is still such a long way to go. Many more parents today are teaching their children to be open and accepting. Teaching their children we can learn from everyone and associate with anyone who is nice.

It's still gonna take a long time but it makes me glad to see we are at least well on our way. So when your little one comes home and you hear things outta their mouths that you feel don't belong in their minds. What are you doing about it?

Do you talk to them and let them know it's just not right? Do you try and teach them that we are all one people? That the only difference is between bad people and good people?

If you are, smile. If not... Think. Would you want your children to go through the hatred filled times of before... Or do you want them to be another step to a wonderful world of peace...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I've Got It !

Here's just a few things I've finally figured out!

Those stupid hairs that grow in the ears of men as they age...
Well they are there because we have gotten so much knowledge over the years that the brain tells those hairs to grow so we don't have to hear anymore useless junk!

The old man eyes that can't see well anymore...
That's because if we could still see those pretty young girls, our old tired hearts wouldn't be able to take it when the blood pressure got high from the excitement!

Another reason we can't see well...
We're tired. We're not walking way over there to get a closer look at anything anyway. So if we can't see it we don't even have to consider it.

That belly that hangs out so a guy can't see some things anymore...
Well us older guys can't find anyone to play with anyway. So what's the point in seeing something you have no use for anymore? Finally a practical use for the phrase outta sight outta mind!

Then there's those tired old joints and hurting backs...
Well it's time to let the younger guys have the glory and enjoyment of doing work and doing it well. It's time for us to just sit on an old bucket and coach so we can teach them youngun's. Then also those old man ear hairs come into play again so we don't have to listen to them youngun's complain!

There are a few things I haven't quite figured out yet though...
Like how come these old guy ears that can't hear unless someone yells. How is it possible to still hear when someone doesn't want us to?

Then there's those things that are hidden by the overhanging belly...
Why the heck do they still ache like a teenagers do when we have no use of them anymore? That's just wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels!

Then there is the newest one for me to wonder about...
Why did the young dog who fell asleep on the landing roll over and then bounce off the two steps to the floor! And why did he walk around for the next five minutes with an embarrassed look in his eyes!
Yup, he just did it while I was writing this post : )

Friday, March 25, 2011

Be Free

Thoughts. Not the fun little things that run through a mind. Not the everyday kind that frolic through as we work or play. But rather the deep down things. The ones we have that eat at our souls. Thought of memories that we wish we could erase. Yah, those...

Maybe it was the party life that I led. The early morning hours after most of the people passed out or fell asleep when only a handful of us would still be awake sitting around a fire and had slowed into deep, in depth discussion. The discussions that would tell you more about people than any other could.

At that point we would open up enough with the others similar to ourselves that many hidden secrets would be talked about and shared. Many times with each other saying “if you think that's bad” or “here's one for ya”... But also many times those deep hurtful things would be discussed and rationalized. Often with eye opening, or as I say, mind opening results...

But all of us would walk away with a new outlook. An entirely new understanding of each other and “ourselves”. Many times, though I never realized it then, there would be a healing. A healing that would ultimately change us. Make us better humans that could again fit with society.

When you have things hidden deep inside from your past that have hurt you or bothered you, they can fester in your mind and cause you to shut down emotionally or even turn you against society. They can make it impossible to talk with anyone.

Is it the fear that someone will find something that could hurt, could make you look weak or even something that could make you look bad or even demonic. Or is it even something that hurts so bad that you just can't deal with it. Is it even something that seems like others will laugh about.

All those deep dark secrets that cause us the emotional scars that stop us from being all we can be or stand in the way of happy. The secrets that make us so mortified that we become afraid to openly share. The ones that cause us to have a low value of our self and bring out low self esteem.

I found that I became an open person that had much more understanding and acceptance, that could speak my mind. I've just come to realize that is what creates this illusion that I have a high self esteem. It could be quite possible that I'm not completely aware of the entire meaning, or meanings, of esteem. But I really don't feel I have a high one.

Talking about stuff that hurts us deeply can be dangerous. Talking about them to self centered egotistical jerks can cause even deeper pain to again be hidden. Talking to someone without an open, nonjudgmental mind can scare them and send them running for the hills. Talk with someone who can't tell the difference between private and not can lead to more pain.

But sharing with someone you can trust can help! That can't be done without really learning that person and then carefully considering them. Finding professional counseling can be a task and a half. But can be done. Yet that finding and then opening up “will” help. It's in the least a first step to the healing that follows.

Many times just seeing a problem on paper before your eyes can let you see a way to escape. I've been surprised while writing this blog a few times already, when I'd write about a personally touchy subject. Heck with this internet you can even comment anonymously and that could be a beginning. Even anonymous comments get replies from others that understand and can help. Many times just knowing your not alone helps.

But please! Find a way to open up and get it out. It really is a way to step on that path that leads to healing so your not alone and hurting. There is no problem or hidden secret that is to big or hurtful to share with someone! Open yourself and rid you of that thing that gets in the way of your smile.

I love smiles. They make everyones day much sunnier and spread warmth. So please smile. Common, ya know you can... Even through the tears. I've done that myself a few times. And for a tough old bird like me, that's a little touchy.

Look, if you can't find someone, I'll listen. I'll even do my best to get back to you. I'll do my best not to be judgmental. Though at times things I say may sound judgmental, they're never intended to be. And in all honesty I may even chuckle. But if I do it's usually with very good reason and I'll tell ya why so we can laugh together. I will also take you very seriously though. I do know that pain all to well...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's Wrong With Her

I talked about differences in women that cause confusion to men on Tuesday in the “Good Men” post. So I decided to day to go ahead and talk about another problem of the relationships between men and women.

There are women who, uh, like it rough. Some like kinky. Even some who ? like abuse... I really don't even like saying that but it is true. I think that's strange and it's definitely out of my scope of posibilities but it does exist. I did meet one a long time ago. We seemed to connect. Well, when we were finally about to make the ultimate connection she asked for something I could not believe. Uh, lets just say, at that point I could not carry on. I talked to her to try and understand, then left her down as easily as possible and left! I do sometimes bump into her and we can talk and even have a drink together. She's a really nice person other than that one thing, but that is to much for me.

Some women like wine and roses, some who will scowl at a man if he so much as tries to hold a door for her. There are women that like constant loving attention. There are also women who get angry with more than a peck on the cheek every day.

There are women that like to be lavishly dressed up and some who are comfortable in sweat suits, even a few in PJ's all day. All kinds of women with all sorts of varying tastes. Once again... No different than all kinds of guys.

For the most part a guy doesn't know exactly what it is his chosen woman wants. But in todays hurried society where we can't wait to walk down the aisle and get married, where is the time to get to know each other? Knowing and understanding are not magical. They take time.

If your loving wife is getting angry with you, maybe you had better pay a little attention and really find out who she is. No... Not her name. You did already learned that. The last name is probably the same as yours. Not what she looks like either. You saw that when she first caught your eye.

I'm speaking of the intricacies that make her the woman, no the person she is. If you dated her for a while you probably know what kind of food she likes. Even her preferences for drinks. But have you ever really learned if she likes to be looked at, day in and day out, like a sex object.

She may even like to play little bedroom games. Do you know that. Is that her preference or is that just a once in a while thing? Maybe her bedroom demeanor is a little cold. But would she still like to be kissed and hugged before you leave and again when you come home? Maybe that's why she's cold later...

Even though she was having a bad day once and told you to shut up. Doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't like to talk to you. I'm sure you have bad days... But do you know? For sure??

Take a little time and quit agreeing with the guys at work and the gym. Find out who your one and only really is. Learn how to be a partner and she may be a surprising partner to you. If... If you don't, then don't be surprised if her mind begins to wander. She may be longing for what she desires.

Let that wondering go on for to long and your gonna lose her. There may be a wall built up because of the hurt that you can never climb. There may also be some guy that catches her eye and he already knows how to steal her away and make her really happy.

Get off your butts guys. Get your heads outta your rumps. She's a woman, a whole woman and nothing but a woman. But women are people too.
Learn what that woman really is all about!

Now get out there and whistle a happy tune and smile.
But when ya get home go to school. Do it today.
Here's smiling at you kid!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


One more time. Talking about myself in this way and pointing out things that I see as weakness or bad point isn't easy. Being insecure is. I don't care who you are you have some kind of insecurities. The strongest most accomplished people I have known have at one time or another left insecurities slip out when we had enough time to talk and let things out.

Tough guys that hide behind their toughness as a mask for being afraid that someone would find out and see just how weak they really are. Business men who secretly tremble because they are scared they will make a mistake and clients will see their doubt and capability of making mistakes. Soldiers who fear letting their comrades down when they need them most. Even the fear of dying. Fathers and mothers that question daily if they are really capable of raising their children. Children feeling they can't please their parents. Teens scared stiff that they might embarrass themselves in front of their peers.

To be human is to have a fear. It's not the fear or insecurity that makes or breaks us. It's the wee bit of courage to climb out and say your piece that will begin to end the hold that insecurity has over you. Start climbing out and you will begin to soar.

Next, I'm overweight. But I really don't care. I enjoy my life and my extra weight doesn't hinder me from what I want to do. I also like to eat. Now when winter comes and I hibernate I gain weight. When spring comes I get back outside on a more regular basis and loose a good bit. So happily it all works out for me.

I also don't dress real pretty. I'm a tee shirt and jeans guy and I like it. I have in the past tried wearing suits and ties, casual shirts and nice dress pants. But I never liked them and finally quit trying to dress for everyone else. My idea of dress up now is a casual shirt and black jeans. I even tell my kids that I will be dressed in tee shirt and jeans when I die or I will come back and haunt them.

I also smoke cigars and will only give them up when I stop breathing. I like them and that's all there is to it. I gave up about all the old vices I had and I'm not giving up any more. I used to drink beer and other alcohol like an endless funnel. I gave that up but replaced it with an endless thirst for coffee. I still have a drink now and then when I want, but just not continuously.

So there ya are. Not only ten, but fourteen things I think are bad about me or are weaknesses. I'm sure I could find more. But I just intended to show that I am by no means even close to perfect. Nor would I want to be. I'm comfortable in my skin, being who I am. I do see things in this world that bother me and I'm not going to sit by and let this life go by without saying something about them when there is something as far reaching and easy as this internet.

We are all just fine the way we are. If some half wit tries to convince you different then the problem is with them. You my friends just go out and prove them wrong. Live your lives to the best of your abilities that you can and enjoy each and every day that your given. You don't need anyone in your life that says your less than perfect.

Think I'm a secure person? Think I have high self esteem? Nope, I'm not, I don't, and anyone can do what I'm doing here. It just takes something to get your desire up and going. For me it's just being fed up with seeing so many people getting hurt and misled by the jerks and bullies of this world.

Now everyone get up and be proud of being the most totally awesome, fantastically wonderful you that you are and remember you are perfect just the way you are! There are more of us than them.
Forget those egotistical jerks that pat themselves on the back for making themselves feel better by putting you down... They truly are the ones that need fixen!

Now go forth and smile the biggest smile you can beam from that beautiful you!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Good Men

I've heard it said that all the good men are gone. The men that know how to treat a woman like a lady just don't exist any longer. Well, it's really not totally true.
Just as many men would like to find a good woman, that good woman who can treat a guy like a gentleman is really hard to find.

Not all men are bad just like not all women are bad. But there are just so many people out there in the world that are, well, not quite what we're looking for.
Decent guys are just as lost and confused as decent women.
Good men go out looking for good women and what do they find...

Women who will put him down, laugh at him, or even call him silly for acting like a gentleman. Some even will call him a chauvinist for holding a door or helping her into a car. Women who don't respect a guy who acts nicely and seem to want a guy who's nothing but, Mr. Right Now. Yup, the guy who's all the fun at a party and has women falling over each other trying to get him.

They meet a woman at a bar and they hit it off. Next thing ya know they wind up together. Then just when he thinks she feels as serious about him as he does about her, he finds out it was only a one night stand. Or he was just the one she was spending time with and scratching her itch while she was waiting for something better to come along.

Decent men run into women with appetites for s** that are insatiable. Some that are kind of, or really super kinky. Even some who seem to delight in receiving abuse or even giving it. Now that last one I don't get??? But it exists!

Many that are out to see if they can score a guy with a never ending supply of money. So when they find that he has to work for money that comes slowly, they drop him like a hot rock and run looking for someone else.

They also run across lazy women who like to do pretty much nothing when it comes to cleaning a house or facing lifes mundane tasks. The ones that seem to be living only to party and live without a care in the world. Also women that are like some guys and can vegetate all day and watch TV. The couch potatoes.

I could go on and on finding other ways that many, even way to many women make all women look bad. Same as how way to many men make all men look bad. But I'm sure you can come up with plenty more without my help.
So men face the same problem as women. Where are the good ones.

Sure wish I knew! I myself live a life in which there is no special someone and live alone, not even trying because of a deep fear that I'll only find another that I'm not compatible with and be left feeling like garbage again. History has shown this to be all that is there for me so I guess I leave it to luck.

Church? Uh hu. There are many of these people who go to church and it ends up only being a mask to the person they really are. Or their, I don't know, maybe to perfect. The prudes of the world... People who can't have fun without feeling everything they do is an unpardonable sin. Yet another type that don't fit in my life.

Guess what we need to find is a place where we can meet people like ourselves, but where would that be... Even well meaning friends and relatives can be blinded and can't see what's behind the masks of many people. Or want to aim us at people that don't really fit us.

So men try too and end up living with all the same mass confusion...
I'm not saying anything is wrong with anyone who may fit what I've mentioned above. It really does take all kinds to make this world. But not necessarily to complete our lives.
Even us guys have to kiss many toads until at last we may find our princesses.

There is not one darned thing that is wrong with us. We are all perfect in what we are, we're all wonderful individuals, so get those thoughts outta your head.
So I guess just smile and know that we are not alone, because we are not, and there is always that thing called hope!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Life's Silly Jokes

Thursday, St. Patrick's day. Finished with the general things that needed done, and finding out my son in law was off work and working on a small used quad he had gotten for the grandkids. I decided to to jump on my quad and go to their place early. There was a party already planned and I felt good so why not?

Well I had fun taking the grandkids for rides around the neighbors fields and my own. Had fun doing a few things while riding alone that I knew I shouldn't. But hey, when I'm feeling good I like to enjoy the moment. If the stupid back hurts the next day, I'll deal with it then. Yah, an older fool acting like a teen... Oh well, that's me!

Everything went well though and I had lotsa fun. People showed up for the dinner and party and there was that chance again to show up the young pups. So I took it and did. (I need to find a way outta that mentality...)

Now I kinda expected that Friday would be a day full of pain or at least a headache from the beer. I was wrong. There was a little stiffness in the back, but it wasn't really bad. So Friday went about like a usual day. So I set my sights on Saturday being the day my back would catch up and I'd be stuck laying around like bag of garbage.

Well as I'm sure some have noticed, there was no post Saturday. Nope, it wasn't back pain. Mater of fact I didn't even notice any arthritis pain. Nooo.
Instead I had the worst stomach flu I've had in so many years, I can't even remember when.

I woke up around three thirty AM and was about doubled over in pain. I laid there a bit and heard my son in the bathroom. Seems he had been awake the entire night with the same thing. At least I had some sleep...

I made my way down to the kitchen and got some coffee. Thought, no big deal, I'll get the blog done early and have my coffee then when I could, I'd go back to bed and get some more sleep. Yup, thought about sh-t itself...

I didn't have anything ready for the blog, and had no head to do so. Every time I would start to get a thought started about something another pang of pain would shoot through and the thought would be gone. Then my lifes nourishment, the coffee. That wonderful thing that gets my blood circulating, my heart pumping, my mind functioning, that wonderful aroma and the flavor of coffee that incites me towards life each day. Well, it just kinda turned on me and sent me running for the toilet... Traitor!

I tried a few more times to work on a blog. The son, feeling better, took care of the cows. Then I just gave up and went to bed. I spent the entire day lost somewhere between sleep and pain. Made a few trips to the toilet and cursed the sandpaper feel of the toilet paper.

Made my way down the steps a few times only to be met by a dizziness not unlike the days when I drank a lot. Then I'd try and drink a little water and have to run back up the steps again. Finally I just gave up and stayed in bed.
The son mentioned food once and I threatened his life if he so much as mentioned it again...

The others that got this we're only ill for about twelve or so hours. Me... No way. Getting old seems to mean that when something does get ya, your gonna have it twice as bad and twice as long!

Yup... Some kinda funny thing that life seems to do to older people. Just another joke that the universe likes to play on us when we are really having a good time and blowing a day off to do it. Yup, mother natures way of spanking us...

Oh well, I had fun and if that's all I had to pay for it, then it was worth it for a day acting like a kid and enjoying the company of relatives and friends!

Friday, March 18, 2011

One Or Two

Spring is almost here. Soon the cold snowy days of winter will be nothing but a memory. The sun will shine down and warm the ground and the soul. Time to get out and start the garden. Time for the trees to begin to bud for a new season of life. Time for the flowers to push from the ground and prepare to give us a wonderful display of beauty with all their dazzling colors.

Now I guess I'm getting to be an old guy and I like to think I have my mind under control. I've learned through my lifes journey to let things pass that I can have no control of and just accept them. I've learned to change the things I can and learned to find the humor in it all. Well almost all...

With spring comes a renewed passion for life. The desire to get out into the garden and fields. To plant and nurture and see life grow. The want to take walks on warm afternoons in search of wildlife through the fields and woods. Knowing that at the end of the long hot days there will be a cool porch with a comfortable chair to relax in. To listen to the birds sing their comforting songs as I unwind and drift into relaxation before I go to bed.

But still, something is missing. An important something. The something that completes us all. The one thing in this world that leaves many souls lonely.

Lonely for the heartfelt words shared in close chat.
Lonely for the touch of a soft hand in mine as we walk. Or sit watching the sun go down, while sharing the events of our days.

Missing that happy good morning kiss, or warm kiss at the end of the day. The pecks in between with playful love by two hearts with desire to share.

Even lonely for the impending disagreements, that somehow become resolved.

I'm lonely for that time spent together when two unite as one then in the wild abandon, share their innermost words and feelings. That moment when two hearts deeply touch as can't be done at any other time. That snuggle then deep sleep that follows.

Yet in that moment when the profound is shared, there comes the possibility of hurt should one of the two become the enemy.

But my life feels so happy, less that one to hold close. Or is it just confused with contentment, who knows.
Should I reach out in search of that one. Or would it only lead to to the ruin of what I have now...

Maybe that is something we lonely should ponder before we blindly let anyone in...
It's just so easy to let someone in because of inner desires, our wants and our perceived needs.
But would they ruin the happiness of my life, or contentment that I have found...

( I'm not so much looking for answers. More so, leaving this for those in a similar situation to ask themselves when the time is right in their hearts... )

Thursday, March 17, 2011

She's Tired Too

We guys tend to get lazy. Work all day... Put up with the other employees BS. Put up with the bosses BS. Navigate the stampede of other drivers on the roads. Maybe even having to show some their IQ number... Then we get home and just want to kick back and put our feet up.

Well, how about that sweetie that's there for us?

Think she's had an easy day? She's been working too.
If she's been working outside the home she puts up with basically the same BS we do. She's beat too.
Then the most important women in the world! The mom that sees the importance of raising and caring for her family. Think she's had it easy? Think she just sits there all day waiting for your precious butt to get home?
Think again!

She's been playing secretary and answering phone calls. Then executive director and making important decisions. She's been the dietician and planning, shopping for and then the cook preparing the meals. She's been the laundry detail. She's been the cleaning crew, yes the one person cleaning crew for your entire castle. She's been the general contractor, deciding on who to hire to fix whatever needs fixing. She's also been the teacher. Then she's had to be the referee when those screaming children decided to start arguing. She's had to squeeze in being the entertainment director when they weren't.
Now I'm real sure I missed a lot of other things she's had to do, but surely you can stop for a second or two and think of more on your own.

Do you remember how ya got her? Were you to tired then? Yah, you may have been younger, but you mustered every ounce of energy you could find to chase after her like a beagle on a rabbit in a dense field of thorns.

She's still a woman. They like to feel desirable. Women like to be courted.
They also like to be appreciated. Yup... even after they've graced you with their hand in marriage.

They don't get what they want and need, they begin by feeling disappointed. That turns to hurt. Then they wonder if there is someone else. Then to anger. Absolutely no different than for a man. We all have egos that get hurt...

Here's an idea. Why not call a babysitter and set them up to watch those kids.
You can do that can't ya??? Have that babysitter meet you when ya get home. After that pick up that phone and call your wonderful wife, girlfriend, whatever and ask her out on a date. If she hesitates because she thinks she has to much to do, tell her it can wait because you have something real important that has to be handled now. If she asks what, tell her you don't have time to explain and you will later. She might get a little irritated, so tell her you can't talk right now and have to go.
But do remember to tell her to dress up all pretty like.

Now take her out to the nicest most quiet place you can think of and treat her to a fantastic, relaxful dinner. Then let her know that important thing you had to do was getting to be with her and her only, and let her know just how important she really is.

You can work on this a little so it can work for you, but do it!
Let her know how much you want her, how much you care, and how much she means to you. Show her that desire and love is still there.
Put a wonderful glow and smile back on her pretty face!

After a comment by another blogger I've decided to add a link here for you to see something similar from a womans perspective.     "  Push Me  
Please check it out! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Back to this. I guess an easy one would be that even after all these years I fall for a dare. Yup, an older guy still stuck with a younger guys mentality. Dares can be a lot more dangerous than this and many are down right stupid. I don't fall for the really stupid dares anymore but some come close. Like having a back thats full of pain but still trying to keep up with the younger guys. Like having a son who gives you one of those your to old for that looks and just having to prove him wrong... I know I shouldn't, I know I'll be hurting, but I do it anyway. Sometimes spending a day or so not being able to move after.

Compulsiveness. Now this isn't something that goes on all the time, but when I start into something I drive people crazy when I can't quit until it's done. Let me run into a problem and unless your talking about that problem I probably won't even hear a word you say. Oh yes, the sound goes by, but I more than likely will never really hear a word you say.

But I always did like to be challenged. And nothing can be more challenging than a problem without a clear solution. That gets my creative juices flowing and my heart purring like a kitten. Then I keep chugging away like the little train. I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can... Then all of the sudden the light bulb glows, I've got it! Then comes the urge to prove, if even to myself, that I do in fact got it.

Heck, I'm even doing that with a project I'm working on for the blog. Friday I was lost doing research for it. Asking questions, checking back for answers. Googling for information, note taking. Then the phone rang... My daughter wanted me to come over for lunch. Well she mentioned the grandchildren. Now how could I pass that up? I went. Spent some time and talked with her and the son in law, played a bit with the grandkids. But then came home and was on the computer until almost eleven thirty...

Then there are different seasons of the year that things just must be done. When the sun is shining you just have to work. The weather can only be counted on to mess ya up. Hay making time is probably about the worst. Just a little rain can ruin a crop of hay and then you may have to buy enough to feed through the winter. And the SOB's that sell it know the got ya by the uh, yah... I'm sure you get the point!

Now I'm not this bad all the time, but it has made people leave my life... I can't fault them. Sometimes I wonder if they do understand, or really care enough to want to. But this way of life isn't for everyone and I can understand that. Heck, I couldn't stand to be cooped up in some little office all day and not be outdoors. And I'll never understand people who can spend months in their houses watching TV in their spare time. I just gotta get out!

I also have a problem with what I call “winter lazy”. This has come on over the last five or so years... Maybe getting older and stiffer has a lot to do with it. But cold hurts the bones. I could be satisfied with hibernating like a bear. If I could get away with that, I probably would. It's only the need for groceries that gets me out and about when shopping. But I'm pretty sure I could find a way to store up enough groceries to last all winter. But I can't teach the critters to feed theirselves or get their own water. So being totally dormant is out of the question. But my “winter laziness” does drive some up the walls.

Darned. I was hoping to get that number ten on here too today. But I see I've gone on long enough. So I'll be back next week with at least that last thing I see as a weakness in myself.
Like I said, I'm not perfect and wouldn't want anyone to think I am. I have my faults and insecurities like anyone else. We're all just human. I can't wait until next week so I can rub this dare in to the one who said I couldn't do this...

So get out there and smile! Heck we're all messed up in some way or another. Just learn to accept that and find something to smile about!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Eek, a guy talking about “feelings”!
What would a guy know about feelings? Guys don't have feelings!

This isn't easy but I'll try and communicate it from my own perspective.
Guys generally learn from guys. More so, fathers. When we're given tasks and chores to do and we start expressing our sentiments we're told to be a man, and a man just shuts up and does what a man has to do.

While growing up when we begin to say anything about our bad feelings about anything we get told to be tough and buck up. That's what a man does.
When we hurt we're expected to be strong and not pout. Now we take pouting as expressing feelings. So we're trained that is wrong and makes us weak.

We learn from other men, fathers, uncles, whatever, that showing feelings is a sign of weakness. Then that gets supported by bullies that may find a weakness. A soft spot is the best to poke. Same as a weakness in a fort wall is during a battle.

Even many mom's tell their little boys that they need to just quit crying when they're hurt. You know, quit crying be a man. Then with the, your my little man. Oh, I know it hurts but your a man and you can take it. Maybe the worst I've heard was, get tough, your a man and I'll kick your a** if you don't quit.

So yah, we internalize. We wrap our feelings up in a neat little ball and learn to toss them in the trash. Well, they don't all exactly get thrown in the trash. Many feelings just grind away at out psyche. Sometimes it's not so bad, but sometimes they build an anger in us that is just waiting for an excuse to come out. But again... We shouldn't even do that.

Then many times if we try to express some feelings to a woman she throws that same line, “be a man”! No, not all women will do that but all it took was one somewhere in our past and we remember. We remember that there are soft spots and we can in no way let anyone find them or we will be destroyed.

We even get close to perfection with burying our feelings so deeply that we never even think of them. Even that nothing place I told you about in Nothingness on March 1st, has no room for feelings that have been buried.

You may catch us off guard and hear us begin to express a feeling, but we are usually pretty good at recognizing that and change the subject. Or just drop it.
That's why I'm having a tough time writing this. This is my feeling about feelings and it just don't feel natural. Heck, I've gotta p right now but I know if I walk away I'll never be able to come back and finish...

Now you want to talk about confusion, imagine what we guys go through trying to bury something as natural as feelings.
If you want your guy to talk about feelings, you'll have to nurture a trust that he'll feel will never be broken. Even one hint of a word about being a man and that'll be gone. Possibly forever.

Me, well for many years the only time I ever talked about feelings was in bed after a great round of s**. That was the only time I ever felt close enough to be able to let the inner me be seen.

Now, well I just don't care anymore. Should someone try and poke a soft spot, I'll just walk away and never see them or talk to them again. Heck, life itself has hardened me to the point that there are really no dangerous soft spots left.
Want to laugh at me? I'll probably be laughing right along. Want to criticize? Join the long parade of critics. It forms right behind me.

For any guys that may read this, what the heck. Why worry that someone will hurt ya with those feelings? First, ya don't need them in your life. Second, so what, your tough enough to laugh it off and you know darned well that the provokers have their own. Probably many of the same as you. Just toss that rock back at them. Ask them if they would like you to start talking about some of the stuff you know about them... By now I'm kinda sure you know that in todays world everything goes away anyhow. At least once it's out and ya quit letting it bother you, it can't be used against you anymore.

OK, so I've done what I can about mens feelings. For now... So I feel like getting outta here and smiling.
So why not join me in that today and we'll make it a smiling orgy! : )

Monday, March 14, 2011

Smile At Why

Now don't get me wrong, these things don't make me mad. Maybe a little angry sometimes but not mad. I find more humor in them than anything.

Driving on the wrong side of the road. Well in this case, pushing your cart down the wrong side of the aisle in a grocery store.
I'm sure you've been there. Trying to get that undesirable task of grocery shopping done and it seems like so many bothersome people can't realize which side of the road they drive on and push their carts in front of everyone else on the right side of the aisle.
Yah, there are no grocery store traffic laws or traffic cops but come on... When everyone else is in one lane, or on one side, can your mind not conceive that maybe you should change lanes???

Then there are the ones that take up the entire aisle while they look for something. Folks, pull to the side of the road and then look. In the least don't give me your dirty looks when I push your cart outta my way. It's not like I'm pushing it to the other side of the store... Though some days I'd like to!
Maybe a game of hide and seek would bring you to your senses...

You also have the people causing traffic jams while standing beside their carts and blocking the entire aisle while they talk on their phones. Then when you say excuse me, they either ignore you or give you dirty looks like your invading their privacy... Get with it! Your in public. You have no privacy in public. In the least get your phone addicted butt outta the way of others.

And while I'm on phones... I don't care about your conversation and I don't wish to hear it. Quit screaming into your phone. Or I will, like I do at times, join in on your conversation and probably say something to really make you want to scowl... I'll even do that in restaurants! No it's not me. It's you who are invading my privacy with your loud mouth.

What's with this addiction to phone crud anyway? Your attempting to do a task. Is that why at the end of your day you get nothing or so little done? If it's important they'll call you back. If not, why not just finish the task at hand???

I have been observing some guys at the store on phones. Maybe this can solve one of lifes problems. I'll hear them describing products and I guess it's to their wives. So OK, if your not sure of what you are supposed to get then why not head off that argument you'll have when you get home with the wrong thing.

How about the people that amble through the aisles in a complete daze. Looking forever at each and every item on each and every shelf.
Have ya ever heard of a shopping list? Try it. Take out a piece of paper. Now get a writing instrument. (a pen or pencil for those that don't understand) Then write down what you need or want. Seriously, it saves a whole lot of time.

Then there's the fondlers... Yah, the ones who have to touch and fondle every piece of fruit or every vegetable before choosing the one they want. I sure hope you have washed your hands before doing this. Then think of those that may not have. Now consider if you really want to be handling each and every one. Heck, I'm about half afraid to buy any myself after seeing you people doing this...

There's more, lots more! But I've ranted long enough for today. So I'll get outta here and let ya go fondle whatever ya want... Have fun! : )
There is humor everywhere. You just have to keep your eyes open and your mind unencumbered by sadness and anger.

Have a fun day even if you have to smile about something disgusting!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Something Different

Some Pic's for ya today!

I'm 12 years old and I sleep till there's food.
Then I eat and go back to sleep!

Yah, they only think I'm trapped,
but I just want some love.

Tell me. How could anyone or anything sleep like that
and still wake up and move? : )

Checkin on those really big dogs out in the barn is hard work.
I need another nap!

OK, I'm awake. How bout a belly rub?

What did ya wake me up for? 

OK, I'm awake. Now lets get to that head scratchin I like.

And he does. Scratch his head and he hops around all happy like!
This guys gonna be fun!
But I was warned he may decide to ignore the fence and join us in the yard...

Dang it. I like to play hide and seek, but they always find me so fast!

Hey! Tell him to get his head out of my feed bucket!

Get outta the way. I'm heading outside. 
All I wanted was some of that tasty feed...
Who's he anyway? I've been here longer.
Haven't ya heard of seniority?

Hrumph... What do you mean no? No my butt. 

I love this attitude. That's gonna be a big battle of wills
between Rodeo and me...
And when it comes to spite he has no shortage.

Hope you enjoyed todays pictures. Like I said, we always find ways to have smiles around here!
Even by imagining what they're thinking. Or gonna be up to next!