Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Was Had..........and couldn't wait to tell

Twas the night before Christmas, man was I beat
Got everything wrapped, was time for some sleep
Not a creature was stirring, no not even a mouse
A nice quiet hush, was about the whole house

I climed into bed, with the thought in my head
I'd soon be asleep, not have one thought of dread
I closed my eyes, I felt I'd soon find
Visions of sugar plums, deep in my mind

When all of the sudden, the quiet was shattered
I tossed off the covers, what the heck was the matter
The windows they shook, the foundation did rumble
My bed it was shaking, to the floor I did stumble

I turned on the light, to see what was this trouble
I listened some more, then I heard that rumble

The snore of a beagle, as she laid and slept
She was out of it now, you surely could bet

She had woke me, from my needed near slumber
now what would I do, to stop all this thunder
So I grabbed a pillow, we'll see who wakes who
You messed with my sleep, you sweet little fool

I tossed that pillow, right on her sweet head
She looked at me now, no fear but instead
A look of contentment, just a pleased as could be
Climbed on top of that pillow, made a fool outta me

She hurriedly closed, those sad looking eyes
Was fast asleep, after taking a sigh
Not a care in the world, not a tail wag good night
Just fell back to dream land, with my pillow held tight

So there I was, awake on my bed
I would just set there, shaking my head
Knew that once more, she'd out witted me
I know that she planned, that's the way it would be

She may be real sweet, but she's no dumb dog
Now she's back to sleep, sawing some logs
Me left to set here, ponderin facts
I feed her I pet her, I give her nice snacks

Yah dogs rule these worlds, that we may call home
But without them around, we'd sure feel alone
Guess I'll get back to sleep, She's won again
But hey, she sure makes, one heck of a friend
                     Tales of a lonely ole guy with a sense of humor...

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