Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years For the Lonely

It's New Years Eve!
Tomorrow, New Years day.
So what are you doing?

Again like I said a few days ago,
**** Please, please, please! Don't drink and drive...****
We lose way to many people every year at a time they should be starting a new year off.
Not ending any chance they have for another year of life...
Another good reason... I do not want any of my fantastic visitors to get hurt, or worse!!!

I used to party like crazy. If I wasn't having a party, someone else was and I'd be invited.
That was quite a while ago when I still drank like a fish. Lost a whole bunch of ?friends? when I decided to change that... : )
Now it's just sit here remembering. Then getting a bit sour.. Then I just go to bed and forget about it!
I'm sure there are people out there that know how to have a great time without drinking themselves stupid but, who and where?

In all honesty though, this year, I'm tired. Kinda want to just go to sleep...
Tomorrow, I'll go to the daughters for a meal with family and friends, and laugh and play with the grandchildren. But this year after all the holiday todo, I'm kinda beat!

So I'm leaving this up to all you wonderful people out there.
Leave some ideas, thoughts, or helpful advice for anyone who finds their selves lonely for New Years.
Help them out a little. Maybe you've been there or maybe you will be there some day. Wouldn't it be nice to have a place to look for some hint of a way to not feel so blue?
Even if you find this months from now, why not leave a suggestion?
It'll be here so just maybe it could help someone.

Happy New Years and catch ya next year...

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