Some Poetry

Yes, there is a bit of poet in me. Hope you enjoy them!

Deer Reunion  (from August of 1997)
I was mowing down a field of hay and just had to shut down the tractor, stop and watch...

She searches the field where she left her fawn lay
Eyes wide nose high, it was mowed down for hay

With quivering shoulders she looks to the south
She darts to the east no sound from her mouth
She runs to the north this field not mowed
To the west, where's her loved one, lost and alone.

Again she enters the field she called home
Looking lost and empty, so all alone
She searches and wonders with nose to the ground
When a rustle behind her makes her turn around

From the edge of the next field creeps out her child
They kiss and they nuzzle, they rub necks a while
As they pass me she looks to be wearing a smile
As they enter the brush going back to the wild.     IDG -97-

Broken   (from February 2002)

I gave my heart in full to you,
I slept, awoke, I lived for you
I worshiped the ground you walked on,
Your pain I felt with you

Everywhere you had to go,
I helped you to get there
I tried to understand your problems,
I'd do anything for you

We knew each others thoughts,
We shared our secrets too
We laughed and played enjoying life,
We fit in every way

Three times I've left you in my life,
Each time it was the same
You stayed with me until you tired,
Then you tossed our love away

There's never been another soul,
I felt connected to
Maybe there never will be again,
But I must say goodbye to you     IDG -2002-

Hope              (from 1997)

In my heart there lies a fear, a fear of life itself
A fear I think that I someday, will set upon a shelf
A fear that's been there through the years
as life keeps passing me by

A fear that has me deep in thought, is life even worth the try
Through my poems prayers and songs, I hope that I'll get by
But there it is isn't hope the word, that helps me to survive

I hope someday I'll find a love, A love that's meant to last
Not a love that falls apart, Like those that are in my past
I hope someday to have a family, a family of my own
A family that will prove its strength, and hold together long

I'm tired of the way my life has been,
it seems to keep going down
But I'll keep up the hope and I'll survive,
and I'm sure life will turn around     IDG -97-

Spring           (from 1978)

Today as I came home across the mountain a beautiful sight caught my eye
The sight of the sun shining down on the earth as it seemed to be taking a sigh
A beautiful winter it seemed to be saying, so white and so pure was the snow
But now its the time that I make my return and bring all this cold back to life

Its time for the trees to come back again, to shelter the ground down below
Its time for the bushes to wake up and grow and shake off the long winters snow
Its time for the flowers to push from the ground and once again come to bloom
Its time for the grass to rise up and grow to carpet this beautiful home

This home of the rabbit so small and so warm who hops all about the fields
This home of the cricket who sings with his chirps At the mystery the warm night conceals
This home of the birds who sit in the trees and sing us their happy songs
This home of the people who come out of their homes To be friends and all get along
This home of the life which I dearly love and my friends and of God up above

These are the feelings that went through my heart as the sun chased the cold from my bones
As I realized again another years past and with it how much I have grown
Now its the time I must wake from my rest and strike out and grow even more
I must seek out new friends and with their help, learn more how to cherish Gods home
                              IDG -78_

Valentines Day           (think from 2007)

Chocolate and flowers, celebrations of love
Misery for the lonely
To have no one special, nor close to the heart
Tends to make this day only

A day full of sadness, a day of seclusion
Makes this the worst day of the year
How sad can one feel, as their friends laugh and play
Enjoying their day full of love

Torturing the forlorn, as their feelings are tattered
By their lack of a love of their own
Friends will stop by, with a card and a smile
But the lonely, still go home, alone     IDG ?2007?

Lies           (from April 1997)

The lies that were told, have emptied a life
Emptied a heart, brought nothing but strife
Left a mind, lost and confused
Left someone feeling, alone and abused

No not a star, to want to reach out for
No hero's to trust, no pathways to follow
No dreams remain, not enough to chase after
No desire, no passion, no hope, Just sorrow

You asked for forgiveness, I gave it to you
Now I'd like to ask, one thing of you
Keep this poem, in the back of your mind
And if in your thoughts, a lie you should find

Think of the pain, that will surely arise
For whom its against, and your shame down the line.   IDG -97-

I lost my heart and feeling for a while, a long while. Also lost a lot of poetry I'd written over the years.
Kinda feels as if something is coming back. Hope it stays. This poem I just wrote. Guess it'a a poem about why I like writing poetry! Hope you like...

A Grain of Sand in a Universe                       Copyright December 10, 2010

Does it matter if I do, Does it matter if I say
Will anyone even see my words, On this or any day

How can I think that I can help, An empty soul somewhere
I can barely help myself, But my thought and dreams I share

Can I stop an eye from crying, Will a teardrop not fall down
Will I bring a smile to someone's face, If they have a frown

If I don't put in words, Some thing for those forlorn
Will they feel they're not alone, While they sit and morn

Don't know but I'll keep trying, for some far off future day
Someone somewhere may see the words, That will make them feel OK

I know I'm just a grain of sand, In this universe we live
But if I've been given words of hope, Should I not freely give

And if in someone's moment, between life and death they find
A hopefull word that I have shared, May their life turn and their mind

I may be just a grain of sand, On this universal beach
But the waves of time may carry me, To help someone in need

Quest For Love                                            Copyright  December 12, 2010

Thought I'd found it, then I lost it
Love, am I just a fool
I kept trying to find, a love for all time
But for me, guess empty's the rule

Felt I'd found that special love, the one where we shared a soul
But later I found, I was alone, standing there all on my own
Not good enough to be part of a life, of someone I thought was a jewel
Was it the last, I don't know, but love you can just be so cruel

Will I try again, for this thing called love
Where would I even look
Been told not to try, love would just happen by
Yah, guess I can just close that book

Been ten lonley years, but could I learn to trust
That love would be shared and returned
Should I open my heart, and seek love again
Or again will I just be burned

Yes love eludes, Love's so hard to find
Especially when your, in a bad state of mind
Trust in love, even more a demand
When you find yourself treated unkind

The tears and deep pain, surrounded by shame
Caused by another, who shall just stay unnamed
I know they will pass, will no longer remain
But will I ever again, get back in the game

Will my heart ever heal, again will I feel
The beauty that love can be real
I still believe, at least I hope
For love, in my life, that's revealed


  1. All of these are very, very nice. Most can identify with these lovely poems. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with us. I have had these same feelings but I don't think I could have written about them as well as you did.

  3. I'd like to thank you both for your gracious comments. It's a joy to know these are appreciated!
    Thank You!

  4. Thank you very much! I enjoyed reading. And I wish you find a true love and believe in love and trust the woman who will love you. You're creating nice poems and stories and I see your loving heart in them, the heart that is seeking for true love. We came in this world to love and be loved in return.

  5. Thank you so much Lyuba! Your wonderful words mean so much to me.

  6. You are truly an amazing man. Heart of gold!

  7. :) Oh but it is so tarnished. Thank you!

  8. The hope poem was very good. :)