Friday, March 29, 2013

Hunkering Down For A Storm / Noodles ?

Last Sunday morning I awoke and listened to the news as I normally do.
Yup, for two days I had been hearing of a snowstorm heading this way and that it may well dump up to a foot of that flaky white stuff. Snow... And yup, it was still coming, hadn't even considered changing course.

So I took care of what I had to do and the creatures I visit, came back in, got my morning coffee which was now done brewing, and parked my rump on the couch. Ate my cookies, downed the supplements I take and sipped that coffee. Opened my internet connection and got lost here for awhile. Like normal.

All the time I was here on the internet, the sun was rising, shining real cute through the overcast sky, peeking like a youngun looking at their first heartthrob through bleary eyes. It was calling me. Calling me to take the advantage and even though cold, enjoy a four wheeler ride. I did.

The ride was cold and crisp, but as usual very life and love giving. Filling the lungs with cold air and the mind with a peace. Covering the body with goose bumps yet covering the heart with warmth and joy. Filling the brain with seldom seen beauty of early spring and uniting with the hopes of the brown plants and seeds.

Not one soul of the wildlife kingdom did I see, but I suspect they were hunkered down, nestled warm in preparation of the coming storm. Like usual. Bellies filled the day and night before. Dreaming dreams of prancing and frolicking through the fields and woods and allowing me the chance to watch them as they play while doing the needed work of their life.

I started to build a hunger. That silly mind began to work. While enjoying some more of that ride a lightbulb lit the recesses of that world of the lost. A smile came to my face. I hurriedly finished the rest of my ride.

Came in, went to the kitchen. Washed the hands and grabbed a mixing bowl.
Mixed up 1 Cup of flour, 1 Egg, a pinch of salt for my homemade egg noodles. Now not the usual noodles with only white flour. But 1/2 Cup of white flour and 1/2 Cup of Whole Wheat Flour.
Was about to add some water to bring them to rolling consistency, but stopped.
Reached in the cupboard and got hold of the container of Garlic Powder. Measured about a half a teaspoon of that in the palm of my hand and added it to the forming dough. Too bad I didn't think of that sooner but I kneaded it into that forming dough. Added the water needed slowly until the dough was just right for rolling. Rolled them out and cut the noodles to the size I like best.
Only cut half of that batch for today. Cut the other half much larger for another idea.

Didn't have enough stew meat in the freezer to make what I wanted, but had taken out some burger to thaw as the noodles dried.
Later I boiled some water to cook those noodles. I browned that burger with about a half cup of chopped up onions. Added some butter and flour to that pan and stirred until it was slightly browned and not lumpy. Stirred in some milk and some water and some herbs and spices to add some flavors I liked. Brought that back to a simmer. Got some frozen mixed vegetables from the freezer and dropped in a handful of them.

While that finished thickening I drained the cooked noodles. When the beef stuff was thickened just right I added the cooked noodles and mixed them in.

Have no idea what to call it, but it's great taste of the healthier whole wheat garlic noodles which was a first time try, and the creamy beef and vegi flavors all mixed together, brought comfort and joy to my happy mouth and taste buds. Brought a warmth only a comfort food can to my belly.

Then I was ready to hunker down like the critters and wait out the upcoming nastiness of more darned snow.
And that was my comfort food on a day that I knew more winter was still on the way.

What a way to bring on the smiles...

Missed that or want an easier way to copy and paste that noodle recipe?

Mix up
1/2 Cup White Flour
1/2 Cup whole Wheat Flour
1/2 teaspoon Garlic Powder (more if you like)
pinch of salt – to taste

make a hole in the middle of the mixed up flour
1 Egg – already beaten, while stirring it into the flour
Slowly add some water while mixing with a hand until a rollable dough forms.

Roll it out to your desired thickness (mine is thin enough to read a paper through), cut that into the desired length and width you desire (mine is about a quarter inch wide by about two inches long. To start, cut strips your desired finished length and then cut the widths of noodle. Set them on paper to dry while keeping them apart and separate.

IF you have too many for one meal, store them when completely dry in a canning jar with a tight fitting lid. They will keep quite nicely.

When ready, just boil them in water or even a broth of your choice. Boil until you are satisfied with the doneness. For me that is until they are thoroughly cooked. Al dentee is for macaroni and spaghetti pasta.

Enjoy and smile!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Relationships and Marriage

Don't know exactly why or really even have a clue as to why, but something found it's way drifting through my mind.
It's a sad thing I guess and to me a bad thing. But it's a thing of today.

Comes to mind that not many years ago when a couple would get together and get married they looked at and saw that marriage as a lifetime commitment.
When two were dating they would see that as a commitment to the other.

I was minding my own business when along came an old song through my mind.

Just hop on the bus Gus, make a new plan Stan, don't need to be coy Roy, just set yourself free.
Yup, there must be Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover.

Today it seems that the only commitment so, so many make is to be together until something better comes along. Some silliness that makes them feel better at the moment. Then they are off on a dead run fleeing the commitment. Committing to someone else. Only to do it all over again.

And we wonder why they only live together...

Well there may be fifty ways or more to leave your lover, but only through death or a very pricy divorce can a marriage be left.
Good or bad that is a hard fact.
Even a very agreeable divorce can cost a pile of cash to pay the lawyers and court costs.

Should we...
Should we accept that?
Should we make divorce easier and cheaper?
Should we make living together expensive and hard to get out of?

I've been divorced. I'm very aware of the money it takes to end a no longer wanted, a bad or broken marriage.
Also I'm very aware of the cost of ending any relationship where love and commitment are involved. The unseen cost.

Think there is none?
How about the sad feeling called a broken heart. How about the hours spent agonizing over why. Why would they do this to me. How could they do this to me. Why am I now wrong for them. What is wrong with me.

Even at many times the one who wants the break up and leaves, ends up wondering why they did what they did. And then another relationship breaks.

You also have the cost of the anger. That internal cost to the mind. Sometimes too the cost of things, that get broken in a moment of unleashed anger.

Again, should we...
Should we accept that?
Should we make divorce easier and cheaper?
Should we make living together expensive and hard to get out of?


Should we begin once again
to really get to know the character and flaws of the one who catches our eye.
Take the time, date and learn what there is to know that will affect the relationship in the future if there is going to be one.
Find out if a lifetime friendship is really there and can endure.

Is there some good from those old ways? The long dating periods. Then long engagements of a year or even more?
Could it possibly be that just maybe that gave the time to really know before taking a leap to possible heartbreak.

There are no guarantees. No where is it written that there is a forever when it comes to love that I know of. Even if there is I'll ask, what about death. Does one just go on through their journey of life alone should their loved one pass away? Careful now, I've seen that fantasy destroyed way too many times.
Life alone is often barren. Most can not live that life and be happy. Most can not keep that promise made to their self or their past loved one.
Maybe all, but seems at least most are not meant to be alone. Maybe...
Maybe I and others like me are. But I've found we are very very very, far and few between.

We the very few are never really alone. We are connected with many people we find who have a broken spirit. Connected and trying our best with all our waking moments to make them smile. Show them there is still hope. Something worth living for.
We are never really truly alone. I suspect our breakups and divorces are the result of what and who we are and the way we make our loved ones feel when we are on our crusades. It would take someone very special to understand and accept us. Quite possibly only someone who is like us.
But again I say we are very very very far and few between.

I've learned to accept what I may have for a future. Come to terms with it and made my peace with it. That's not to say there isn't a remote possibility it could change though.

Yet even for myself, should we begin once again, to really get to know the character and flaws of the one who catches our eye.
Take the time, date and learn what there is to know that will affect the relationship in the future if there is going to be one.
Find out if a lifetime friendship is really there and can endure.

Is there some good from those old ways? The long dating periods. The long engagements of a year or even more?
Could it possibly be that just maybe that gave the time to really know before taking a leap to possible heartbreak.

Hah, can two people who are considering living together in a relationship read this and still go on with the plans knowing that a real commitment may very well not even exist. That forever may be just a fairytale.

Makes one silly fool on the hill wonder.

Makes me smile too as I wonder how many I may make wonder along with me.

So as I go on about my day seeking for smiles and sharing those smiles, I certainly hope you will too!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Love Living Jobs

Ever ask yourself what exactly it is your wanting for?
A great paying job with lots of cash rewards. A great place to live and be where the sun shines all the time and it's warm. A perfect someone to spend your life with. Or some thing you believe would make you happy.

If it's a great paying job you may have to accept that it's much like a garden. You will have weeds to pull and toss out on a daily basis. You will have manure in your life that is a must to deal with to have your a happy garden.

I came to the conclusion long ago that great pay was nice, but what I found that was nicer and more fulfilling was a job that I enjoyed doing. One that gave me more happiness. One that I enjoyed waking up to and going to every day. One that made me feel more like I was playing instead of working.
There were still those weeds that poked up, but my happiness quickly got them out of the way.

I often long for a warmer place to be. Especially during the winters! Yet here I am. Just came in from the icy outdoors after unloading yet another load of firewood. Still cold to the bone. Hoping some things thaw...
Most warmer places I've been don't have the lovely mountains that please my eyes and allow my mind to wonder and play. That allow me to go on hikes and play.
Most areas I've visited don't have the climate that makes all the things grow that I like and enjoy growing, as they do here. And there is that heritage of being yet one more in the family tree to be blessed with having this farm.

That does not say though that should I choose I can't find a small place to spend my winters. And that is now in my mind and plans.
The youngest son says he wants to be the next in line to buy this from me one day. He's here and usually in the apartment above the equipment building. It was only because of the winter nastiness coming so early this year that he didn't quite get everything fixed up and I talked him into coming back into the house for the winter and finishing up at his leisure next summer.
Well he can keep an eye on the house when I'm gone like a bird for the winters and come back to my feeding grounds of happiness for springs summers and falls.

My daughter can find someone else to babysit the grandkids who can do as good as or better than I can while I'm gone. When she has a few days off in a row from work they can come visit me wherever I'll be and we can play in the warmth of a warmer climate while sharing the warmth of out hearts.

As for the things...
I have many things. Have had many things. Have junked many things.
The thing about things. At best they only bring a very temporary happiness. Like children with toys on Christmas day. The things quickly become old and forgotten. Things bring along work. Some work is intended as part of wanting them. Some just bring along work by giving you yet one more thing to take care of.
Things are just things. Those that are not really needed just eventually become just one more thing to get rid of.

Ahh, but that perfect someone to spend your life with.
Now there is something to make the mind ponder.

Is there anyone who could be perfect?
To be perfect I suspect they would have to be so much like us they would soon become boring. Then like other things we would long to toss them on a junk pile.
Maybe instead of perfection it would be wiser to find one we enjoy playing with. One who we feel we want to spend the rest of our days playing with and sharing with.
One who has differences we can tolerate or learn to tolerate yet can keep us intrigued. One that can go down a path by theirself and share what we both have seen and learned when our separate paths merge once again at the end of the day. Maybe even not just a day...

I've seen very many relationships die a slow death from strangulation. The need to be together every minute. The failure of one who can't play alone for awhile. Or has fears of playing alone on the path of day to day life, or fears of the other playing without them.
If you can't trust them then why be with them in the first place!

I guess for me there may never be a someone.
One who could tolerate that desire I have to help those I find that could use some help. The lost kittens and puppies. The way I take them under my wing to help heal them. The care and affection I show them to allow them see they are not alone and someone does care. The way and hours I listen to them, play with them until they go on their way down their own paths with a different perspective and renewed hope.
Though it was by no means easy, I've come to accept that.

Like everything I've mentioned here it's just one more choice.

Should you find there is not a smile on your face or in your mind, maybe you should consider a choice of a change.

Ahh, but what does a smiling fool on a hill know : )

Well I do know I'm hungry and about to go into the kitchen to play awhile.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Yuck, Changes and a little something to ponder

Seems the Clumsy Mumsy has left the blogging world. I've clicked on the link for awhile and never get taken to her delightfully smile invoking blog. Sadly this morning I removed the link that was there on the side.

I have though found another wonderful blog I'm liking very much. Not so much for the smiles but the creative ideas I've found there.
Goodies to make and eat, gifts to make and give and many other things to inspire, keep a person thinking and doing. Check it out. Here is a link
and there is a link for “giverslog” there on the side of the page under Blogs I Like.
Also I removed a few other links from over there along the side that led to the lost land of nowhere.

Today I'm just not feeling well. Wasn't last evening and definitely wasn't when I woke up around four AM.
Now I don't know about you but when I'm feeling like heck not a thing comes into my mind worth writing.
Yet I always find that humor. Laughter and smiles makes me forget about feeling bad. So the smiles continue in spite of this mean nasty bug that has me in it's teeth. The smiles and laughter should make it leave, right?

Anyway I went off on a journey around the web. Visited some other blogs, visited and laughed at the humor sites. Went to a few other sites I like to visit and spend time at too.

I found something I like and thought I'd share it here with you. I hope it inspires your thoughts and you enjoy it as much as I do.

At The Door Of The Temple
by Kahlil Gibran

I purified my lips with the sacred fire to speak of love but could find no words
When love became known to me the words lapsed into a faith gasping and the song in my heart into deep silence
Oh you who asked me about love
whom I convinced of its mysteries and wonders
now since love has wrapped me in its veil
I come to ask you about love's course and merit

Who can answer my questions I ask about that which is in me
I seek to be informed about myself
Who among you can reveal my inner self to myself and my soul to my soul
Tell me for love's sake what is that flame which burns in my heart
and devours my strength and dissolves my will
What are those hidden soft and rough hands that grasp any soul
what is that wine mixed of bitter joy and sweet pain that suffuses my heart

What are those wings that hover over my pillow in the silence of night
and keep me awake watching no one knows what
What is the invisible thing I stare at the incomprehensible thing that I ponder
the feeling that cannot be sensed

In my sights is a grief more beautiful than the echo of laughter and more rapturous than joy
Why do I surrender myself to an unknown power that slays me and revives me until dawn rises and fills my chamber with its light
Phantoms of wakefulness tremble between my seared eyelids
and shadows of dreams hover over my stony bed

That should inspire and arouse your thoughts.
Have a wonderful smiling weekend!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Length – touchy topic/not a topic for your young children

Not exactly a topic I want to discuss.
Here on the blog nor in any conversation.
Anywhere or with anyone.
There is yet another bad thing about getting older?
You seem to lose the ability to keep your mouth shut.
Things that once you would never talk about, you now do or say without thinking.
Heck you've been around long enough and have been embarrassed enough that embarrassment now only makes you smile.

I hear and see all these questions about length.
How long is too long? Is it long enough? And many more...

I've been around the block a few times.
Not bragging because it's nothing to brag about. It's really sad.
But I may have been with way more than my fair share of women. (That is one thing I've never quite figured out, how to hold onto... But I do have my suspected reasons for that, that have come to my mind.)
I seem though to be at a point in my life where I just don't care so much if I do get or not. I've discovered other things that keep me preoccupied. Things that many will never find and very few may ever understand.
But I do have what I believe may be some good advice.

I've heard and even spoken with women.
Try that. Instead of being in such a hurry to get in their pants, get into their minds.
Women hide a very beautiful place inside their minds. A place you will find very relaxing. A place that will share with you many many smiles and interesting adventures.
Ahh, but just like I can get lost in memories of hunting and fishing trips, I'm getting lost now in pleasant memories of minds I've been lucky enough to have shared...

One thing I have found. Women who are obsessed with length, have never had a guy with a really good technique. More often I hear that big only hurts.
I suspect that too is because of a poor technique...

Now keeping in mind that just as all men, all women are different.
What we like, what gives us the most pleasure, what we enjoy talking about and doing are as different as each of us. Men and women.

DO NOT lie to her. Whisper, talk softly and tell her only the truth of how much you care for her. How you feel.
Women seem to have a much better lie detector between their ears than we men do.
Heck I think they can hear us lie before we even open our mouths.

Really good begins with touching her mind. To do that you must have deep enough conversation to allow her to touch your mind.

Really good is never in a hurry. You need to take your time. Explore and adventure to find what she really likes. Watch her eyes and reactions. Listen for the sounds she makes, observe the movements she makes. She's just as embarrassed as you when it comes to talking about it...
IF she makes an uncomfortable sound, a fearful sound, an uncomfortable or fearful movement, STOP. She's not going to kill you for making a mistake. Just be tender and move along with that exploration.

Now I'm not going to keep going on much longer about all this. Your not dumb, you have a brain, I'm sure you can take theses basics and build the magic for yourself.

One more thing I will elaborate on though.
The absolute best I've ever found and experienced was started in the early morning with no more than a warm kiss, a hug and a few softly spoken words.
Reinforced at lunchtime with more soft kisses, hugs and a small handful of wildflowers. Along with some pleasant conversation while eating lunch.
Desires being built even higher at dinnertime again with the passionate kisses, warm hugs and more warm pleasant conversation while looking into her eyes.
Teased to even higher desires as the evening went on. Playfulness while helping with the dinner cleanup and helping with the dishes. Soft touches and cuddles along with more conversation as the day ended and evening began while resting and unwinding from the day.
Then what I've mentioned above.

Now I don't want anyone taking any of this as I'm looking for someone to do all this with. Should I have that desire I think the ole guy still has in him what it takes to find someone by himself.

I'm here only to say what I believe to be the answer to is it long enough.

The only thing that comes close to needing to be long is your technique. Your patience in finding and doing what she likes. What it is that builds her fire into an inferno.
Takes very little then to set off the fireworks.

Find that and you will find what satisfies her and makes her want you even more. Sends her into nirvana in a most blissful state of pleasure.

There is a truth I heard in a joke a long time ago.
She'll always know the length of yours, but you'll never know the depth of hers.
Remember that guys.

Oh yah, and remember there is little more than a warm pleasant smile and a nice hello to get all that started.

OK, I've humiliated myself once again and I need a cold drink now, who's buying the beer?

Monday, March 18, 2013

What is with this snow!

Woke up to snow.
Can not take one more flake of snow.
Want green. Want warm sunshine and fields of green speckled with flowers.
Trees covered with leaves. Blue skies with song birds flying and singing. Want to see butterflies flittering about. Want to feel sweat dripping from my brow. I want to complain about being hot for a change!

That is it. I am self diagnosing and prescribing.
I'm prescribing two Reese's peanut butter cups. One Mars bar. An entire bag of caramels and a Twix. A huge queen size bed made of one big chocolate cake. With chocolate icing as a blanket. Pillows of chocolate covered marshmallows.

Now wouldn't that give anyone a smile on yet another snowy day : )

Yah, it's snowing one more time. This is the winter that never ends. Heck the school has already canceled for the day so in a few more hours my daughter will be dropping of the grandkids for me to watch and take care of while she goes to work.
That will make me smile! Grandkids bring fun into life.

I get to teach them all the fun things their mom did when she was really little that drove me nuts! : )
Yah, yah. There are still those good things one should teach. But it sure seems they are more willing to learn the good when you mix it with fun things and make them smile.

Honestly though, it's what they teach me. Same as when my children were little. Watching kids explore and see things through those young eyes makes me see those things in a new light once again. Kinda opens my eyes to things I've taken for granted over the years while becoming blinded by adult life and living.

They bring out the relaxed little kid in me when they want me to join them in play and we laugh. Heck yesterday afternoon my house was like a major airport without flight control. There were paper airplanes flying everywhere!
We make the ones with the blunt noses so no one looses an eye.

The grandkids even helped me while getting the corned beef, cabbage and potato's on the table for dinner. I set the dishes and silverware out and they set the table.

They even made me come up with yet another recipe idea.
My grandkids don't like cooked raisins. So the normal soda bread was out. While everything else was cooking that was going through my mind.
All of the sudden soda biscuits came to mind. Once mixed I could make some of the biscuits for them and then add raisins to the remaining dough by kneading them in and make biscuits for the rest of us!

It worked. Worked great! Instead of a big loaf of soda bread, we all had individual tiny loafs of soda bread. Well OK soda biscuits. But is there really much difference? Doing them as biscuits gives that browned crust all the way around and who would complain about that? It's always a fight around here over the heels of a loaf of bread. Enough of a fight that I usually have one heel to myself as soon as bread is done baking. Hmm, sometimes before it's really even cool enough...

So I'm off now to get some ideas in mind for what we will be doing and playing with this afternoon.

As I wonder and smile, I hope you too will smile.
And remember a smile unshared is just not nearly as much of a smile as a smile shared.

So I'm prescribing for you.
Make at least one person smile today and everyday.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Some smiles ramble on

At times a warm smile can be better than a laugh

Only know you can't, until you've really tried...
Some have it, some don't.
Some really want it, some don't.
Some fear they will never, perhaps never will again.

Some have all but given up, some have.
Some will not try more than a little, never to achieve.
Some will flea in fear.
Some will try harder.

Willingness. Patience. Understanding.
Sharing, laughing, smiling.
Hearing music hidden from the world.
Playing with a bear.
Sharing tasty food.
Getting what you want or what want to give.
Gently healing what has been long broken thought destroyed.

Weary heart tenderly aided.
Emotions hidden, once tucked behind a wall.
Where once held in solitary.
Now free.
Allowed to roam.

Gaining that which is wanted, worked for, deserved by every soul.
Eruption of pleasure feared lost, not forgotten!

Pancakes for two on a snowy cold windswept morning.
Conversation, new day, first step as a new life begins.
Not knowing what life the future has in store.
Thankful now.
Only for happiness, inexpressible joy felt in a heart.

Maybe not a laugh.
No, something even greater!
A smile.

Warm smile.
Brighter than a summer sunshine.
A tear.
Appreciation and happiness.
Knowing now again what can, be achieved.

Knowing one who helped achieve shall always and forever be remembered.
Fondness felt.
Words can not express.
Once broken.
Softly touched.
An open doorway to healing that which for so long escaped the eyes.

Should these words reach your ears or appear before your eyes.
Utter not a word.
My finger to your lips.
Speak not of things shared before you went upon your way.
Hush in golden silence.
Only words I long to say.

A journey may be safe.
Wanting, more than life itself for toes to find happiness in warm sands.
Red to softly be caressed, washed with gentle waves.
Blond hair to be kissed by the sun.
White powder puff playing at your side.

Hurt shared, freed upon the winds.
Quiet pain hidden from the world.
Hearts shared.
Free now.
Once again loose to grow.

Thank you.
Happy tears begin to flow.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lost Love / Sorry Doggy

Often it seems we become narrow minded. Think in very narrow ways.
We see something. We like it. We assume it will be in our life forever.
Wonder if that is what happens with love...

We find things we love. When they are no longer useful, worn out, threadbare and we know the time has come to trash them, we feel sadness and loss.

We find a cute animal. We make it our pet. Love them and care for them. Even knowing their lives are much shorter than ours, when they pass on we have feelings of sadness and sorrow.

We meet someone...

Wonder if we shouldn't move away from expecting things to last forever.
Wonder if we should move towards making the attempt to appreciate more the time we have been allowed to share the love we feel.

Hmm, like a chocolate bar.
We see it sitting there all wrapped up in it's pretty wrapper. Our desire grows. We take that chocolate bar home. We tear open it's cover, we open it's inner wrapping with wild anticipation and drop it on the floor.
We savor it's sweetness. We enjoy the smoothness as we bite into it and the way it makes us feel as it moves ever so slowly across our tongues, then deep inside as it flows down our throats and treats our insides with fullness and comforting joy.

Momentarily we appreciate the love we have shared with that bar. We smile in our fulfillment of the moment. Our eyes glazed over with comfort and happiness. Our minds filled with contentment.

Do we sit for weeks, days or hours pining over that chocolate bar?
Do we wallow in sorrow that it's no longer with us? Is gone forever, never again to be a part of our life. Never again to give us the feelings it gave.

We appreciate that it came into our life. We appreciate all that it brought into our life. We appreciate that it became a part of us if only temporarily.
Yet do we remember it as we're out and about and we see another scrumptious chocolate bar?

We do remember the way it felt in our hands, the feelings it gave us.
We move quickly past that and reach for another to once again give us that which we desire. Another one to fill the need in our life.

We don't sit around bad mouthing that last chocolate bar to others. We don't shed hours of tears over it's no longer being ours. We don't mope for days and weeks on end over it's passing. We just accept that it's gone. We find another.

We do remember the good times shared with that chocolate bar. Recall fondly the savory sweetness it offered and shared with us. Smile over the love we once felt for it. Smile as it brings back fond memories of what we were allowed to share while it was with us.

Yet we just find another.

Wonder if that too is the way we should see and think of those that have melted, away from our lives. Leaving trails of evidence and sticky fingers.

There are many strange and goofy thoughts that wander through this mind at times : )

Hmm, thoughts of love? It's near springtime. Maybe I better start thinking about retraining that two foot tall, three foot long dog to sleep somewhere other than my bed!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Odd mind ahead/Aliens Please Read

If ya came here in search of perfection, move along.
If ya came here looking for sense, go away.
If ya came here seeking wisdom, something worth learning, keep out.
If you are an alien and looking for a world of intelligent life to conquer, read on.

Teens seem to pack in all the kisses they can because they can see no tomorrow.
As I age I want to pack in all the kisses I can because my tomorrows are growing fewer and fewer.

Kiss me baby! It may well be your last chance.
Wonder how that would work as a pick up line!

I know I'm getting old.
My thought of a bed is only a place to sleep.

Someone said close your eyes and think about it.
I woke up three hours later and missed my dinner.

I can't sleep at night.
But can fall asleep anytime during the day.

Best way to fall asleep?
Try listening to someone else talking.

Preachers, Pastors, Priests and politicians should hire out to parents at childrens bed times.

I think I'm becoming insane.
My twenty three year old son is beginning to make sense!

Funny how when you get older you find your intelligence level and that of your grandkids is about the same.

And their parents look at you with those eyes full of desperation and expect you to help.
Sorry kid, you had your chance.
Right before you drove every last one of my brain cells into oblivion.

I thought that retirement was when someone gave you money.
Not when you became the loan office for your children.

Loan office?
More like the financial aid.

Kids can empty a refrigerator faster than you can fill it.

Want to have some snacks for yourself?
Hide them in a health food box.

Want your food to last longer?
Buy food that actually takes some effort to prepare.

I thought that was a comma on my screen. After deleting and fixing it for the hundredth time I saw it was a speck of dust below that danged period.

Snowmen are visual proof that one can freeze off the b... squishy orbs.

No dear grandson, I am not a groundhog.
But I did a heck of a lot better than he did with his prediction of spring this year.

Just what is it that makes a guy with a lifetime of experience pop a cookie fresh from the oven into his mouth.
Does he want to kill of the taste buds to even the count with the brain cells?

Dogs theory of the big bang?
Yippie! Daddy dropped another scrumptious treat on the floor.
Hurry before he gets to the broom and dust pan.

Why is it that a pot will not whistle, clang or bang to warn you, but will set smugly on the stove staring at you when you've finished washing the dirty dishes and turn around full of pride and joy of a job well done.

There I did my part to save the world from alien invasion.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Just rambling thoughts

The days are growing longer, the sun is taking a peek out from behind the clouds more often and for longer stretches of time.
That sure has a way of turning an guys thoughts to spring.
Yet springtime has it's way of taking a mind and twisting it to thoughts that often seem only a figment of ones imagination when older.
Thoughts that can make me laugh and smile.

Winters have become slow times. Times when I spend little time wondering outdoors. Times when I go out as little as possible if the weather is cold and the ground is covered with snow. Times it can take a lot of sincere coaxing and offers of cash to make me say yes to leaving the warm confines of this house even to do something I enjoy.

There are the critters to feed and be tended to. There are the walkways that need the snow removed in case someone should choose to visit. Yet I wonder why they don't bring along a shovel or broom and clear their own path... And just why is it they don't bring along some food or goodies but instead eat my food. Don't they know or don't they get it that it would put a really huge smile on my face if they brought food or treats! Today I'm thinking lasagna! Maybe a warm apple pie to go with that!

Most of the time during the winters is spent looking out the windows in hopes of seeing birds at the feeders. Spent watching snowflakes as they drift slowly towards the ground and gently land, joining the other snowflakes and making that white carpet which hides the green of the lawn and fields. Lays in the crotch of the branches of the trees, decorating them with white contrasted against their dark brown bark.
Wishing for warmer days when one can get out and do some work.

For an older single guy who doesn't enjoy going out to bars and such. Who seldom feels a need to leave home. Who's back will ache for days should he take a tiny slip on the ice or make a slightly wrong move while lifting things like a snow shovel. Who shies away from dances which will make him forget his back and want to dance the night away which may well bring on a stay in bed thanks to an aching back. Who fears anything more than a slow dance while holding some pretty gal in his arms, making love with the eyes while softly swaying to the music.
There is a lot of time spent in thought...

And talking to the dogs.

I'm kinda sure they are getting tired of hearing about the gardening plans for the upcoming season. The decisions and changes of decisions.
Tired of hearing about the plans to find and get a few new calves this spring to bottle feed and start yet one more small herd.
Tired of hearing how those fences need checked and mended.
Growing weary of hearing how much I can't wait to be out in the sun on the tractor.
Would rather hear about me making more doggy treats than my plans of how much hay I will need to cut, rake, bale and store for next (yuk) winter.

So a lot of time peering out the window wishing there were some nice lady who would want an old broken down guy to share schemes and dreams with. Someone who would want to and could take the lawn and enjoy making it pretty with flowers. Someone who could take this old house and make it feel like a home. Someone who could take this ole guy and make him feel like a young boy again for even just a few moments of a day.
Someone he could romance with a handful of wildflowers, some words of appreciation and loving fondness. Someone to share smiles and words with.

But where would one find such an angel that would want the fool on the hill.

A fool who has found his happiness out in the middle of nowhere land. One who very seldom feels the need to be in the midst of crowds but would rather walk through the fields and woods trying to chat with the critters he finds. One that would rather listen to a bird sing than go to concerts. One who hears a concert when the crickets fill the air with their chirps, the croaks of frogs and toads in the swamps. One who finds the smell of fresh mowed hay the greatest perfume that has ever wafted past the hairs in his nose.
One who finds enjoyment visiting the beach on fishing trips yet finds his ocean of woods and fields covered with wisp's of clouds more fulfilling and comforting. One who would rather spend a day listening to a babbling brook than hear the constant drone of cities and towns.
A fool quite happy and content.

A guy that can spend winter days very happily experimenting, working on and perfecting recipes while cooking or baking in a kitchen as a release to winters boredom. One nutty enough to put his words where anyone can read them...

A goofy guy who looks at seed catalogs like many guys look at Playboy. Drools over pictures of seeds and the things they grow instead of half naked women.
A guy that only wants one woman to look at and salivate over.

Where indeed would a guy find an angel such as this...

Hmm, think I'll brew a nice cup of green tea and ponder that while looking out the window.
Who knows, maybe she'll appear in the clouds as they wonder over the top of the mountain and drift past on their way to who knows where.

Though many would find my life and ways boring, heck there are even moments I do, there are many things that need done. Many that one does not feel like doing. Many one does. Some not so much fun. Many that are.
Yet there are many places your mind will carry you.
IF – your brave enough to allow it to.

Soon it will be spring. Soon the ground will warm. Soon the hummingbirds will make their return and bring with them the smiles they so openly give. Soon there will be so much to do and keep you busy that there will be a slight longing for the quiet days of winter.

Ahh, but today...
Today I smile as I hear young guys fantasies playing and singing while dancing through my mind.
Feel the blood warming as those thoughts bring about their warming effects. Sense the burning desires and tenseness of nerves.

Today I need a cold shower.

Or perhaps I should just go out and make it with some snow angels!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Slow down and look around

Went out to eat at one of my favorite brunch buffets on Sunday morning. It's one of the few meals that can be had for a relatively cheap, yes I said cheap, price and one can still get enough food to eat to last an entire day.

I'll not shy away from calling myself cheap. Anywhere I can save a buck or even pinch a penny I do. Heck I even enjoy being cheap. When others say how much they've spent I'm always there to say how little I spend for the same things. Well when I can.

Now when it comes to many needed purchases it seems a wise person would wait a few days or a week and buy the exact same thing I did. On sale.

While at the restaurant I couldn't help but overhear parts of a conversation from a nearby table. A mom was talking to her daughter about her daughters going to another state to see a guy she had met on line. Mom was none to happy that her dear daughter was going somewhere far away to meet a man that mom had never met and knew nothing about.

Oh yes how things have changed over the years. I just thought that and smiled to myself.
From all I can see from my little hill here on the farm, there are no guarantees that a guy from the same street who mom does know would be any better.

There was a story on the news in a city only an hour or so away about a guy who dumped nail polish remover on his girlfriend, set his girlfriend on fire, threw a blanket over her and then left!
They were having an argument about their relationship...

Wonder what was going through his twisted mind. Honey I love you so much I can't stand to lose you. So I'll just destroy any chance that I can ever have you or for you to even want me.

Wonder how he'd feel or react if someone did that to his mom.

For some reason so many minds today seem more and more twisted.
What many seem to forget is that it takes time to see the twists.
Time to really get to know another person.

Then on the way home from brunch and after stopping for a grocery stash to restock the nearly barren shelves I saw the remnants of a really bad accident.
There was one vehicle on it's wheels that was really smashed up. The other was against the guide rails, on it's side with the roof smashed part way down and the rest of the body all smashed up.
There were plenty of people around and I could see EMT's on the way so didn't stop, but got out of the way and continued on my way home.

Yet I'm a nosy ole cuss. So I set myself to finding out what had happened. I didn't have a bunch of luck with that. Until two days later.

It looked to me like either one decided to try to race onto a side road while the other was speeding towards them and didn't make it. Or the one had pulled out of the side road and into the path of the other.

Tuesday I found out that my second scenario guess of the car pulling onto the highway was the cause of the accident. Sadly a woman who was driving that car is no longer with us.

That section of road to me seems to be a raceway!
Seems everyone is in such a hurry they feel the need to speed, need to pass when it's not really needed and no one pays any attention to what others are doing.
Which would be the case of either scenario I could come up with.

So instead of being only a few minutes late for wherever they were going they are now hours late. One will never make their intended destination.

Kinda like when someone is going to be a few minutes late for work or an appointment. They try speeding to make up time. There is always a cop waiting to write them a speeding ticket and they end up a half hour or more late.

Guess when I was younger I was in a hurry too. Yet over a few years I've learned there is nothing worth hurrying about.

Nothing so important which is worth risking your life speeding on crowded streets, roads and highways.
It makes me shake my head when they pass me like a bat outta hell on that stretch of road and then when I get to town they are there waiting at a red light. They really saved some time didn't they...

Slow down getting into relationships. Learn who it is you may want to get to know better.
And slow down on the roads.
Both will allow you more time to smile and will more than likely have better results.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cha cha cha changes

There I was, about to drift off into dreamland last night knowing I had a post for today. All snug under the warm blanket, listening to the local news, when I realized I couldn't use that post today. For reasons I won't go into today.

I woke this morning with plans of going out for a visit with the critters and to refill their feeders for them. I opened the door to see even more snow flakes had piled up over night. Not feeling like moving snow out of my way first thing after waking up while my body was still toasty warm and half asleep and getting an early morning shiver, I decided that could wait until after the sun made it's appearance for the day.

I went to tend to the fire, thinking I would just have to swing open the door and add a few pieces of firewood. Only to find! The fire had burned so well overnight there wasn't much left to quickly bring it back to life. So now there will be a few trips along with poking and stoking before it rages back to it's blazing life.

So here I was wondering through the cobwebs of the mind. Beginning to get a few ideas and typing them. The pup Rowdy. Remember Rowdy? Well he's really not a pup any longer, although I will probably always see him as my cute little cuddly buddy. I really should get a picture or two and give him some more fame here.
Even though he decided one day in a fit of jealousy when I left him alone and didn't take him along outdoors and decided the upholstery of the sofa no longer suited his taste so chose instead to taste it. Causing me to have the need to purchase a cover... Lucky for him and me that it's already shot and there are plans of buying a new one soon.
Well Rowdy decided one trip out into the cold already this morning wasn't enough. He went to the door and sat and stared at me. That's his way of telling me, “let me out to pee or I'll pee where you don't want me to pee”.

The thought process was lost as I placed the computer to the side, walked over, opened the door and allowed him his relief.

I don't get it. He knows where the doorknob is. I've witnessed him taking it in his mouth. All he has to do is turn and he could let himself out. But instead chooses to make me his door opening slave. Shouldn't he be opening doors for me?
Wonder if he could write a few blogs... Tales of puppy dog tails. Tails of life. One tail to wag. Efficient wagging. How to knock over daddy's coffee in one wag.

After waiting, waiting and waiting. And waiting. I was finally able to let him back in after he bounced back up over the end of the porch wagging his happy tail with that I'm cold look on his face.
Now back to thinking and writing! But nooooooo.

Might be better to peek in on that fire in the furnace and see if it's time to add another log. Heck the coffee should be ready. Might as well pour a cup of delicious black heat while I'm passing by that way. Hmm, might as well grab a few cookies to go with that coffee. Ugh, now Rowdy and Lakai will want a treat or they will be begging for my cookies with their puppy dog eyes.

Finally! Back to writing!
Hmm, just what was that I was thinking of writing today... Oh yes!!!
Things change!

No matter how much work you may have put into something. Things change.
Doesn't matter what you have planned. Things change.
You may be set in you ways like an old stone wall. Things change.
You may have plans to make hay. Along comes the rain clouds. Things change.
You may feel there is no hope. Things change.

You may like that comfy pair of underwear you've been sitting around in for a few days. Uhh, things better change real soon!

Changes just happen!
The choice is yours to sit and wallow in self pity while permitting anger to grow inside and consume you.
To allow yourself the flexibility to smile and go along for the ride.

And oh yah! I did get a really good smile while in the grocery store over the weekend.
I walked around a corner and started down an aisle just in time to see some really manly looking man sniffing at a scented candle. Had his nose stuck right in there!
Well until he saw me.
Then he tried hiking up his shoulders and putting on his toughest manly man look.
To late pal, I saw that unmanly move.
Relax bud. We're all human : )

Friday, March 1, 2013

Try to understand others

This February is over and we're closer to that most wonderful time of year we call spring!

The time the life that has went dormant wakes up and begins to carry on with it's life. The time when tiny seeds begin to sprout in the warming ground and begin to reach for the sun making new plants to decorate the earth.

The time this ole body will begin to loosen up and shed some of the stiffness and a few of the aches as the sun brings it's warmth. The time this ole mind will begin to cast away the cabin fever and winter doldrums as it spends more time outdoors. Breathing fresh air, strolling in the sun, working in the garden and fields. Listening to the music of the breezes and birds.

Keeping the body limber by moving is tough during the snow covered icy cold days of winter when you know that the slightest slip will bring you pain. When you know that pain could send you to bed to lie flat for several days waiting for the pain to ease enough to breathe without anguish.
Knowing that a tiny two inch slip of one of your feet could have you stuck and looking for help to get back to the house and into a chair or bed.

Fortunately this winter (knock on wood for luck) that has only happened twice. Both only costing me three days or four of being confined to a seat and struggling to walk with two canes. Not eating because of the pain that standing would bring while trying to prepare a meal. Not to mention dreading a trip to the toilet when the body is done with that food...

Days of not even being able to withstand the pain to sit in a seat and watch TV or read a book. Days you can't even sit in a seat and help plow snow. Days where even the thought of walking almost brings tears to your eyes. Days where you struggle for a smile for yourself yet find ways to make others smile with your words when they call or visit.

Time spent recalling days past. Time spent recalling what it was like to have someone to share your life with. To talk to, to cook with in the kitchen, to take walks with while holding hands and sharing schemes and dreams, to play board games with, and yes to have a relationship with.

But the back pain takes that away too.
You really don't know how much you move your back until that movement reminds you with stabs of pain and lasting aches that would rival the worst toothache you can imagine or a broken bone.

And some wonder why I find it easy to be alone. Wonder why I keep a wall, a distance, between myself and women.
Many like to toss around the words “sex doesn't matter”. But in many ways, at many times, it does.

Only when you can no longer do what you once did so easily without thought will you ever realize that.
I hope for you, you never know.
I hope for you to never have to live with so much pain you find the need to “learn” to exist and live. Never have to learn to do what others do naturally.

This has been a really hard post to write. I live with these thoughts in my mind but normally keep them to myself.
I write them with tears welling up in my eyes as I choke them back into the lump in my throat.

I am not looking for sympathy.
And do not want to hear any words of sympathy.
They only cause the mind to dwell longer on what it has to push aside to find it's smile once again.

But many wonder why some like myself find winters so hard to take. Why winters seem to bring us down so badly.
Why we seem to find it so easy to keep some people who want to love us at a distance.

We smile, we laugh, we play. We have learned to do things differently and are darned proud that we can still do most things for ourselves.
But we don't want others to have to share the pain with us.

We've found our new and different ways to be happy and have found new ways of fulfillment. Found there are some things we can live and survive without even though we'd rather not.
We want your life to stay happy and you to always be happy.

I also want anyone else who finds their self in the same or a similar situation to know.

Now lets get the heck outta here and get back to smiling and playing in this huge playground we call a world.