Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No Time To Complain

I was making a pie yesterday morning. One of my favorites. A cherry pie.
While making that pie crust a lingering idea wondered through my mind. Just why can't I take the wringers from an old wringer washing machine and make a huge pasta machine from them!

But the pie turned out fantastic as usual and the grandkids and I enjoyed some after we had dinner. Their mom enjoyed some too after she got back from her job.

Everyone says how great my pie crusts are. All I do differently from most is use real unsalted butter instead of that nasty grease from a can. Then I do keep everything as cold as possible while mixing and making it.

I cut the butter into pieces and put it back into the freezer until I'm ready to add it to the flour. Then after cutting it in I place it back in the freezer until I'm ready to roll it out.

By keeping the butter as cold as possible I always have a flaky crust.
Over working the dough also makes for a tough crust. So no kneading that isn't absolutely needed to get the ingredients together.

I made the mistake of asking the grandkids what they wanted for dinner.
Hotdogs... Not exactly my idea of a good dinner, but what the heck, hotdogs it was. We had them with a tomato, basil, pasta salad. At least I snuck something healthy in there and they liked it so much they asked for seconds!

You can use any small pasta. I used a cup and a half of elbows this time which I had boiled earlier in the day. Then three stalks of celery chopped up small, some chopped garlic or garlic powder, four tomatoes chopped up (or more if they're small), about eight basil leaves chopped up, salt and pepper and two to three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.
Just toss it all together and enjoy.

You can add chunks of mozzarella cheese too if you want. To me that makes it a meal by itself. That and a thick slice of fresh homemade bread slathered with butter and I'm ready to go!

Today I'm ahead of the game. Instead of asking what the kids want I pulled some country ribs out of the freezer and I'll grill them this afternoon before they get home from school.

I'm still not sure what we'll have with them. The ribs would be enough for me, but I kinda think the little ones need more than that.

Thursday and friday I only have to get them on the bus in the morning. There mom will be home when they get home. I may not eat at all on those days...

Well, I'm off to do some mowing today. The weatherman says that rain from that hurricane Isaac will come up the Ohio valley and soak us for the weekend. So I figure I'll get the grass mowed down before more rain makes it possible to bale hay from the lawn!

Hmm, wonder how the grandkids would do with some grass soup : )

Monday, August 27, 2012

You Have To Try

Wow did I manage to forget how much work two little ones were. Forgot how much energy they have too. Four days of watching them and they have me worn out!
We've settled arguments, gotten lessons on not hitting, lessons on sharing and had pappy cooking more in one day than he cooks in a week. At least there are no leftovers.
We've about worn out the vacuum cleaner and used up all the clean rags.
But school starts this week so I'll have more hours of the days to myself. I may have to spend them sleeping so I can get rested up!

I have ordered two new recliners for the living room and they're due to come today. I made a special trip to the store to find two new chair covers to help protect them from the inevitable spills and grandson dirt.

I'm definitely outside of my comfort zone. I've gotten quite used to having no little ones to be responsible for. But I am also having all kinds of fun!

Then again, life begins one step outside of your comfort zone.
If you don't take that step you can do nothing to make changes in your life. If you don't take that step there is no way you can improve your life. If you don't take that step you can't find new ways to have fun.

When an opportunity to better your life or get something you always felt you wanted comes your way and you decide not to take it because of fears or doubts, your stuck. Stuck in what you consider the hum drum. Stuck in what you consider is misery or boredom. Giving up the chance to have fun.

What could be even worse is when someone tosses you a lifeline and offers to help you make the changes and you say no or back out at the last minute. Then you've wasted their time and possibly any money they've spent to help you. There is a really great chance they will not make the offer again. You will be on your own should you again change your mind. Heck it's quite possible they will have a real hard time trying to help anyone else. So you may be taking away someone else's chance for a positive change.

You have to be a little brave and take that chance, take that first step.

Nothing is final. Should you make that change and find out later it's not exactly what you want or it just doesn't work the way you want, you have the ability to make another change. You can decide to go back to where you were before or even to go in some other direction.

Only thing that is for sure is that if you don't at least try, nothing will ever change.

There is a line that fits here.
I would rather be lying on my death bed saying I tried than asking what if.

This life is too short not to take chances. Too short not to try and better your situation. Too short not to have as much fun as possible when you can.

After I get straightened up financially from the last attempt to help someone have a better life I will find someone else who wants a change and will help them. I've been lucky enough to have had several people help me when I needed or wanted changes in my life. So deep within myself I feel obligated in life to attempt to help others where and when I can. I have before and I will again!

If your in the position to help others you should try it. It always seems to come back to you in some good way. It also helps you make lifelong friendships. It also helps put a great feeling inside you. It also helps put a brighter smile on your face.

Take the chances you have in front of you and really enjoy this life.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eek, My Ears

Spent yesterday watching the grandkids. I didn't get to sleep the night before until quite late and then woke up very early in the morning.
I had forgotten just how loud kids can be when playing! There I was just as tired as tired could be and there they were just as loud as they could be. My head was spinning.
But I managed to survive.

Being that their mother will soon (like in two days) be starting work at six thirty in the morning means that they will be here all bright eyed and bushy tailed at six. I may have to start getting up at four thirty so I can have my morning coffee in peace and quiet...

That back pain that started three weeks ago is still being relentless. I'm getting my work done and walking slower than a snail. I'd just like to be able to walk again without the pain slowing me down. Work keeps falling farther and farther behind. The son can't help much. He's busy working at his job then after work he works more. I'm glad he's so busy though.

So life goes on and things are looking up for the kids. As for me, maybe next spring I'll get back to a reasonable life of caring for some new calfs. Hopefully the back will straighten up by then and I can get back to doing my work normally. I'm kinda sure the house will suffer again. But at least I had the time to get it cleaned up real nice and have and am making more repairs and getting some new furniture and other things.

I was going to tear a wall out in the kitchen and make some changes there, but being it's just me I've decided to just make some smaller changes and be done with it. Heck, I don't need a bigger kitchen. I don't even need quite so big of a house!

I have like four rooms I don't even use. They just seem to collect junk!
In the next month or so I intend to get into them and start ridding them of the stuff that's collected in them. I'm gonna do it the easy way. I'll park the truck under the windows and just start tossing stuff in the bed and haul it away.

I will be turning one small bedroom into a humongous walk in closet. Complete with shelves and built in cabinets with lots of drawer space. Figure I can store seasonal clothes and things in there. I may just build a really secure rifle cabinet in there too. Kinda make an area of it for my hunting and fishing equipment, clothes and supplies… Though I could do that with the dining room. Hmm, that's something to consider. What the heck do I need a dining room for. Any time I have people around we eat in the kitchen or out at the picnic table. That dining room is just another room that has collected unused and probably unneeded junk.

As for the other two rooms, I have no idea what to do with them. Guess I'll just clean the up then shut the doors and forget them.

Oh well, there is always things to think about and ponder. So as I go about my day I guess I'll just ponder the possibilities.

Monday, August 20, 2012


There I was, all comfy and snuggled between the sheets for the night and the phone rings. I usually have a way of ignoring the ringing when it's late and I'm in bed. But last night the phone was answered. It was from my oldest and best friend who deserted me and moved to Florida years ago.

We talked for well over an hour. Found out we're both doing fine other than the bad backs and worn out bodies. Wonder if some of the insane stuff we used to do together had anything to do with the worn out bodies...
We recalled many of those things we did. Even discussed doing some again! Yah, like we even could. Hey we could die trying! At least we'd both have a smile on our faces.

He spent some time talking to my son and said he was calling my daughter after we got off the phone. He's kinda like their second dad. Both my two youngest kids respect him and think he's the greatest. Quite often they both say how much they miss him.

Anyway, that's why I'm so tired this morning. Heck I was even late getting out of bed this morning. Never used to be like that. I'd stay up and usually out for half the night and still be the first one on the job in the morning. There was never a good enough reason to be late for work or call off.

Seems that the weather in Florida is way to danged hot for me. It was night and he said he was sitting on his screened porch with sweat pouring. Sounds like when I was just out in Indiana and there wasn't a day under 100 degrees. To darned hot for my liking. It's been in the 70's here and that I like.

I'm still thinking that I'd like to get a small piece of property in southern Indiana for the winters though. From what I was told their winters are like our spring and fall. They really don't know what real snowfall is and the temps aren't very cold at all. It sounds like light jacket weather to me.

I do know that I don't look forward to the winters here any longer. Drifted snow up to my butt and cold that makes the moisture from my breath freeze in my beard and mustache are not for me anymore. The son is here and the daughter is nearby and they can take care of feeding while I'm away and can keep an eye on the place. I can be sitting beside a river in a jacket fishing.

The love life may never get any better than nothing, but I can still have a good time and enjoy. Heck, been alone for so long now that it kinda is a way of life. Heck just this morning I had a raisin filled cookie and a huge piece of cake for breakfast. Now how many married guys can get away with that!

Have a great day! Think I'm gonna take a nap as soon as I finish what I need to get done this morning.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Me, Me, Me

How much better would this world be if everyone just stopped thinking of me...

So many tend to only think of theirself. I want. I need. I'd like. I want to.
Yes, poor poor pitiful me.

Sure we all want and need things. We all have dreams and desires.
Many times though I've found I get more of what I want or need when I help others get what they want or need. That also helps me get a bigger smile when I've helped others. By making them happy I've unwittingly made myself happy.

Yet as a society we tend to only think of what we need as the most important thing in life.

Think about it! When your working you give the boss what they need. As a result you get a paycheck which is something you need to get the things you need. Don't and you get fired or laid off and get nothing.

When helping others we give them what they need. We may not get paid in cash but we make and enforce friendships. Often when we need help they are there for us. But the biggest payoff is the great feeling we have inside.

This weekend how about not thinking about me and trying to help someone else.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It Is Your Business

When you have a cow that is always attacking the herd or causing other problems you cut it from the herd and turn it into freezer beef.
When you have a chicken who is always attacking the rest of the flock you invite it in for dinner.
When a dog or cat attacks and bites other dogs and cats or worse yet people you have it put to sleep.

It's not an automatic response though. Normally you try your best to correct the behavior first.

It's no different for people.
When someone or some animal commits crimes against the society they live in we take them from that society by locking them up. We try and offer ways towards correcting whatever it is they do which brings that society down or hurts it.

If that doesn't work we either lock them away from society for the remainder of their life or we bring their life to an early end.

There are times too when whatever they have done is so detrimental to society that we skip the trying to correct them.

Why some creatures or humans go bad is a question that may never be answered. There could be many partial answers. Each may have a different reason. A different set of circumstances that brought them to where they are or how they think.

But we can't allow them to go on doing more damage to society.

With the outbreak of murders that make no sense and the rash of masses of people being murdered by people who seem to have lost their mind, my heart is breaking.
I'm being saddened by this so much it makes my personal problems seem like absolutely nothing.

Then I hear someone say “it's none of my business so I don't let it bother me.”

Uhh, excuse me. None of your business...

Don't we all live in this society? Are we all not a part of this society?
It's the business of each and every one of us! We all make up the society we live in around this entire globe. What goes on while we are here is the business of all of us.

Perhaps if all of us quit saying it's none of our business we could begin to make a change for the better.
When we see someone being bullied it's our society that's being bullied. That makes it our business. When we see a woman being abused it's abusing our society. That makes it our business. When we see a child being abused or even taught bad things it's happening to our society. That makes it our business. When we hear of a inhumane leader in a far off country doing wrong to his people it's doing wrong to our society. That makes even that our business.

When we say it's none of our business we are saying it's alright for our society to be brought down. What happens anywhere in our world is our business and we should make it our business to attempt to correct the situation.

Just my thoughts...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life Goes On

Drug my tired rear out of bed yesterday morning, fed the dogs and left them out to the yard for the day and then proceeded to tear the mattress and box springs apart and moved them to another room.


Now I don't tend to move the bed to clean because of it's size and the fact that I'm just a lazy guy. So it hasn't been moved or torn down for a few years. I wasn't ready for the layer of dust that had accumulated under the bed. Nor the dog hair and various pieces of paper and dinosaur sized dust bunnies that were hiding there.
I vacuumed three times to get all the dust out of the carpet.

The new mattress and box springs came during the afternoon. Well the new box springs is about three inches thicker than the old one. The delivery guys couldn't get it up the stairs. So I had to take the railing down from the stairs to get it up.

With the railing back in place it was time to put the cover and then the sheets on the new bed. Gotta say, I could hear it calling me the rest of the afternoon and during the evening.

What a difference!

I slept like a baby last night. I don't recall waking up from back pain during the night at all. I also felt really refreshed when I did wake up early this morning.

Rowdy wasn't to sure about the new bed. It sets higher than the old one did and instead of jumping up he hid under the bed. After a while though he finally scaled the new heights and joined me for a great nights sleep. I was really hoping he wouldn't though... Guess the retraining to stay off the bed has to start.

In about two weeks, two new chairs for the living room will be here. It dawned on me that since I'll be watching the grandkids I should probably pick up some throw covers for the new recliners before they get here. That just might possibly keep the new looking new a bit longer. Kids do have a way of spilling stuff and carrying stain inducing dirt. Of course so can older son's...

Seems though that after twenty three years he's finally getting the point that dirty shoes come off before walking through my house. Shame I had to make him move out to the apartment over the equipment shed before he finally got that...

So life is moving on. It's a bit of a shame I don't have someone to share it all with, but life goes on.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Get Happy

The choice is yours to make.

When life seems to keep handing you bad things or your surrounded by people who seem to always be doing you wrong it's totally up to you what you do with the feelings your left dwelling with.

You can let the bad make you or let the bad show you what you don't want to be.
You can have any kind of thoughts, but you are in control of your own actions.

One way to start on your journey out of bad ideas and thoughts is by doing good or nice little things for others.

It makes you feel good. When you feel good you begin to have good thoughts. Each good thought pushes the bad thoughts further away from your mind.
When you do good for others they smile and tend to like you. Your making better friends.

You can try helping neighbors. Try helping people you see who need help in stores. Try volunteering. Even a simple shared smile can start you on your journey to being a happier person. There are many very lonely people out there who would cherish a few words shared in passing.

The trip out of your own sadness can simply start with you attempting to make others happy.
Happy is contagious.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Helping Others To Change

Life gets better when you turn to making it better with attitude and perseverance...

You can try and help someone do something to better their life, but you can't make them do it. The choice has to be theirs.
Maybe they have even made the choice to do something, but later decided to change their mind. You may have even invested a lot of yourself and even invested some cash to help them make a change. Went out of your way to try and help them. But once again if they have changed their mind all you can do is walk away and let them live with their decision. Even if it hurts.

Should they change their mind again and decide they want your help once more, the decision will be up to you to help them or not.

Depending on the situation that could be a hard choice for you.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Wow did I do some damage to my back last Monday when I had to crawl under the mowditioner to work on it and fix it.
I've been in bad pain ever since. Some mornings I'm having trouble getting out of bed. It hurts like mad just to try and stand.
But I'm persistent! Or is that hard headed...

I've caught up on all the lite work I had to do and even have the book work caught up. Now what will I do to keep my goofy mind occupied...

I kinda knew that once I was done fixing that darned machine that I should have quit for the day and rested my back. But no...
I knew that my back was hurting and bouncing around more by being in the field I would do more damage. But did I listen...
I made the choice to climb back up on the tractor and finish that field...
So it was my choice and I made the wrong one.

In my mind there was the idea that the field needed finished. I couldn't be satisfied to wait one more day. I couldn't be patient.

So as a result the field may be finished but so am I.
Now all I can do is wait for my back to heal once again. Now even more work needs to wait for me. No progress will be made until I do heal.
Not really a great choice was it...

Seems everyone makes bad choices from time to time. Yup, even especially me.

This choice can't be changed. What happened has happened and it's way to late. All that can be done is wait for the healing. Then life can get back on track. I can learn from this one for next time.
Some choices can be changed as soon as you want them to. Some don't have lasting consequences. Sometimes all you have to do is change your mind. Times all you have to do is apologize and ask for forgiveness. Sometimes...

Friday, August 3, 2012


Well things are slowly getting back to normal.
Picked up the part for the mower and got it fixed once again. Got the mowing caught up but it's time to start all over again. We've had lots of rain and the lawn just keeps on growing. By the time I finally finished what was started before the mower broke down again it was really time to start again... Imagine that!

Finally got the part back for the main tractor and got it installed. That allowed me to get back into the field I started mowing before it broke down and finish it. Now only four more fields to mow off. I've lost a lot of the first crop of hay because of that breakdown, but with all the rain we're having there is a good chance for a great second crop.

The electric wiring to all the outbuildings is now all finished. Yay! I can use my woodshop on rainy days again!!! To me that's a huge blessing. When I spend time there I get things built and it keeps my mind occupied with good thoughts. Busy hands keeps the mind from dwelling on bad stuff.

I'm eating fresh tomatoes from the weed patch of a garden, so not all is totally lost there. I even took some homemade garlic bread and brushed it with extra virgin olive oil, laid on some sliced tomatoes, put on some fresh chopped up basil and parsley, then sprinkled on some parmesan cheese and put it under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese was melted and browned. Had that for breakfast one day this week!!!
Might have that for dinner tonight too...

With the help of my son we finally got the transmission out of the truck. Not sure if it's going to be an easy fix or if I will look for another transmission. The input shaft broke off and we're still trying to determine if that caused any problem deeper inside the gears.

With any luck (which is in dire shortage here this year) the truck will be back on the road soon.

The son started a new job. He's not totally thrilled with it or so he says. But like I said to him, it's steady income. That will help him pay his bills so I don't have to help with that. And just maybe he can start paying me back...

Speaking of back. I took mine out again but only for a day. When I was in the field mowing the bolts that held the cutter bar gave me problems. One must of got loose and worked out which caused the other to shear off. Well when I had to lay on the ground to reach the area to fix it my back said enough. By the time I was finished I had a lot of trouble standing back up. But I managed to get up, climb back on the tractor and finish the project. Luckily by the time I was done my daughter showed up. So I sent her to the house to get my second cane so I could walk back to the house. Life with a truly messed up back stinks! You can just never be sure when it's going to go out and leave you stuck...

I've been checking out back braces and I guess it's time to get serious and get one. I hesitated all these years because of an old passed friend who broke his back and had to wear one. When he had to wear his, his muscles got weaker which gave him even more back problems. Seems wearing one can do that... So I guess when I finally get one I'll only wear it when doing things that I know are stressful to my back.
Just wish I knew the best back brace to buy...

I'd still rather crawl in a cave and hide until this year is over but as we all know that is not an option. So I'm doing my best to keep hanging on to that rope of hope.
Bad times do come into a life, but better times always follow. Ya just have to keep at it until the luck changes.

So on to more fix ups for the weekend. Yup, there is always something to do!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's Next

I just thought this was hilarious.

I've been talked to, talked at, growled at, scolded, chewed out, yelled at and cussed out.
I've been hit, kicked, punched, sucker punched, beaten and forgotten.
Been stepped on, pushed, shoved, been left stuck in the mud.
I've been ill, been sick, have bled and been broken.
Had a tree fall on me out in the woods.
Rolled and tumbled down a hill with a half ton of motor cycle in hot pursuit.
Been in wrecks no one should have walked away from.
Fell from roofs and walked away.
I've been lied to, lied at, lied about and left down.
I've lent and not been repaid, been robbed, swindled and conned.
Been ignored, dejected, heartbroken and left alone to sigh in the darkness.
Had some good times and way to many bad times, ups and downs to rival any roller-coaster ride.
Had dreams crushed, been confused, been told I'm full of crap.
Been loved then dropped like a pile of hot rocks and never found a love that would last.

Now after all this you'd think a person has nothing to live for.
No hope, no reason to carry on and see another day.

But in this goofy mind there lies one reason.

I just wanna hang around to see what the heck comes next!