Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good Bye Sandy, Glad To See you Go

Well I guess Sandy has now turned north and is heading to Canada. The weather service is saying we have about two more days to receive whatever she decides to give before we will see sunshine.

Last night she left me with a nice snow cover. On the way to feed I got to do some skiing down the hill and then some slipping on the way back up. Then on the walk back home from my daughters after getting the grandchildren on the bus I got to walk through the winter wonderland.
Had the chance to see some deer wondering through a field before they spooked and ran to the woods. It's cold, but it's beautiful.

Snow here for Halloween is nothing new. We usually get either snow or bitter cold with rain. I opt for the snow. At least the kids trick or treating don't get soaked as they make their way through the homes begging for candy.

I wonder if we could come up with a new day where they come to our homes to give us some candy...
But I do get a laugh from seeing all the ghosts and goblins, the princesses and the ghoulish other outfits. It's kinda nice too that the children have a chance to have a day of fun after being back in school for two months.

I'm seeing a lot of devastation on the news. With what I'm seeing I'm wondering if my favorite shore fishing place is still there or what it looks like now. I like Island Beach State Park. It's a long drive to the southern end and you run out of road and then have to drive the beach. It's not much more than a sand dune between the ocean and the bay. So with the high waves it could be changed drastically.
I just hope it's not too drastic and I can still fish there.
I also hope all the people from Point Pleasant down to there and the people from Toms River who treat me so nice and are a joy to talk to are OK.
Guess they will be very busy with the cleanup and rebuilding!

The worst problem I had was finding out a window was leaking when the rain was coming down sideways. But a little seal up with some caulking will take care of that. Then next spring I can make a more lasting repair.
The electricity did go out for about and hour, but that was during the night while I was sleeping. That only made me have to reset a few clocks.

Just south of me some are measuring the snow in feet. Further south in West Virginia they are measuring a few feet!
Even though I haven't seen the sun for days and won't for a few more days I'm pretty darned thankful for as little of the wrath of the storm as I got.
I'm also very aware that as this storm moves across the Great Lakes I could see a huge dump of snow along with the bitter cold. But that too can be cleaned up without too much trouble.

So as I go about my day I'll have all who have seen worse from Sandy in my thoughts and prayers.

Sure hope you can help your neighbors and find some little things to smile about as you go through your day.

Monday, October 29, 2012


So what will Sandy bring?
Maybe nothing. But then maybe four to eight inches of rain. Maybe snow measured in feet.

I keep hearing people complaining about the weather service blowing weather out of proportion.
Maybe they do to an extent, but then maybe they don't.

If you could know that you may possibly stub your toe, wouldn't it be nice to know so you could possibly avoid it?
If you could know there may possibly be a delay on the roads you drive for work, wouldn't it be nice to know so you could take another road?
If you could know that you may be in an accident on that road and die, wouldn't you definitely want to avoid that road?

I'm hearing I could possibly have seventy mile an hour wind. So I'm checking for anything that may possibly blow around and putting it inside or tying it down.

I may possibly get four to eight inches of rain. Well, no big deal here because I'm on top of the hill. Should there be flooding here there isn't anyplace to go but to the top of the mountain. But I know I have family and friends in lower places, so I can be ready to take them in if need be.

I may get feet of snow! That would be good for my buddies who plow snow during the winter. Could be good for me if they have too much and need help. Though I'm hoping not.

I'm hearing I may lose electric power from the high winds. That's nothing new, but having the early warning leaves me time to get plenty of water stored just in case. Lets me get the oil lamps checked and filled. Allows me time to check the food storage for non perishable food that won't take too much to make ready to eat.

I live way out in the countryside so I'm usually well stocked anyway. I also know not to have to depend on others but to be as ready as possible to fend for myself no matter what. Crud just happens.

I've never been a boy scout, but I have been a boy scout leader. Even before that I learned to always be prepared.

To date the longest here we've been without electricity before it was put in by my grandpap, was a little over a week. When your prepared for that it's really no big deal. Just a big inconvenience. And yes I know I will be flipping light switches if it does happen. I will never understand that!

I've spent time getting ready for winter and it's snows, so there is no big deal there. Matter of fact I wouldn't mind seeing a huge snowfall. They are beautiful. A bit of a pain to have to clean up the sidewalks, drive way and road, but it can be handled.

I feel bad for those that are complaining and not getting ready at all for what may come.
It is them who will suffer should things get really bad.

Your serenity, happiness and humor are your responsibility.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I am not that fragile

How come you just can't seem to help some people?

There are those who would rather find the help they need by theirself. They may accept what you have to say and then use that as a reference as they find their own solution. They will probably also look for answers from others before they make their own decision.

I think they are the smart people. They know that what works for one seldom if ever works for another. We desire to find our own paths. Not just to follow a path made by someone else that would end up not working for us. We have a sense of adventure.

Some I suspect would rather spend their time in sorrow and hope for someone to join them in their pity party.
They do not want to hear the voice of reason that offers some helpful direction to a solution.

Some seem to want help all the time.
If you help them they expect you to continue to help and do almost every thing for them. They are the lost and first need to find their path out of selfishness.

Could be some of them are the lazy and don't deserve help.
They need to get off their lazy seats and find a direction to travel.

Some are just too angry.
When you attempt to help someone who is full of anger and rage, the anger and rage ends up being placed on you.

Some because of such deep seated prejudice.
When you try to mention possibilities they only turn hostile. Some to the point of name calling. Some to the point of striking out. Some to the point of wanting you dead.
They don't want to hear any opinion but their own.
They need to find out the reason for their prejudice and find a path away from it.

My beliefs are not fragile. My beliefs do not depend on you. My beliefs are learned and time tested beliefs.

Learned from others in books or words and put together with my own thoughts. Learned from mistakes and then finding new ways that work for me.

Tested by the time I've spent in this world with plenty of trial and error.
Some have called this bullheadedness.
I call it being wise.
I tend to question everything as it comes my way. Then I find out if it's true or right. If and how it fits me.
Again, what might be for one might not be for another...

Yet finding your path to heal and then using what you've learned to attempt to give someone else some help with their direction can warm your heart and give you reason to smile.

I'm a believer in God. I suspect God is not so fragile that he needs you or for you to believe.
I've tested my beliefs and found they work.
God does answer some of my prayers. Others he doesn't.

If you've asked for his help in some way, perhaps you should question yourself. Do you fit in a category that deserves no help?
Are you asking for something that you can do or in some way get for yourself?
Are you asking in anger?

Like any good parent, God will always try to help you help yourself. And like a good parent God will know when you are in a rage and not waste his time on you. But when you do make the choice to calm down and at least try to listen to reason, God will be there to help.

So when you see me shake my head, smile and walk away, now you may have a better idea of why.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The world is a garden

Wonder why so many people can only trash the world. Some by littering it with trash, others by littering it with words.

The garbage can be a nuisance.
I personally have other things to do and would rather do besides pick up trash dropped by the trash who would drop the trash.
The garbage can give bad disease and germs a place to grow and thrive until they get the chance to infect one of the beings or animals that live on the earth. The garbage can also pile up and give fire a place to start.

The trash that spews from the mouth's of people though could be the worst trash of all.
Some seem to spout off about all that they feel is wrong with the world. But they seldom ever mention a good idea of how to fix what is wrong?

If you see something that is wrong wouldn't it be wiser to think? Think of a way to fix it and do so? Think of a way to fix it and make that a suggestion to others who could help?

Sometimes I feel that the ones who only go around complaining are the worst weeds in the garden. They just suck the sap from the minds of people who who are feeling to bad to see good at the moment. Instead of encouraging, they discourage.

It's too easy to focus only on what's bad. When you slip into that sort of thing there is a tendency to only see the bad and feel life is not worth living.
Gloom and doom is all you begin to see. Fear and hopelessness are all you begin to feel.
You start down that slope to giving up.

When you try just a little to see what is good around you and in the world, the tendency is to feel more content and hopeful.

I think if all you do is announce the bad you are part of the problem with the world.

A simple change of attitude is all it would take.
Rather than just cry about things that are bad suggest a solution.
For every bad thing you see mention at least one good thing.

Dwell more on finding things to smile about and soon you begin smiling about more things.

I'm still not completely over this flu and back to feeling as good as I should, but today I fought back and trudged through my work. After taking yesterday off to break the fever, work was beginning to pile up fast.
I'm tired to the point of exhaustion. Still have no real appetite. Not feeling quite as achy, but still sore.

Yet because of pushing ahead and accomplishing that which needed done, I feel kinda good and have a smile.

Quit suffering with the bad stuff. Find and do some good stuff, even though it hurts and is hard and you will begin to smile and feel better too.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tis the season to catch colds and chicken are getting scared for their lives

Not feeling well at all.
Yesterday I did what was absolutely necessary and that was all. I ached, the stomach felt ready to spew, head refused to go into gear to think, sinuses stuffed up and nose ran all day. I'm not even sure I could identify myself in a line up.

This morning I went and did the morning ritual of feeding and checking on the critters then for my morning quarter mile walk to my daughter's to watch the grandkids until the bus came to take them to school.

It rained. By the time I made my way to their house I was almost soaked. But it didn't begin to rain until I was half way there. To far to turn back and still to far to go, but on I went.

While talking to the kids I realized that their little over active minds are way to much for me to keep up with in the early morning when I'm not feeling well. Heck I can just barely keep up when I'm feeling perfect!

After the bus came I trudged my way back home. Luckily the rain drops held off until I made it to the front steps. I came in and poured a cup of coffee and now I sit here trying to write something at least halfway interesting.

It's a losing battle...

My eyes burn, my head is congested and all I want to do is go back to sleep.
I don't even feel like finishing the coffee. Yet I know if I go to bed I will only lay there staring at the ceiling or walls. Then the back will start getting stiff and I'll say some bad words and get back out of bed in disgust.

So I think I'll just sit here a bit and maybe even fall off into dream land and take a catnap.

Have a great day and keep that smile beaming!
I'll be smiling a bit later when I start to gain awareness once again, but for now I'll just sit here in a daze and try to remember who I am.

Any one have some chicken soup they could to bring me?

Friday, October 19, 2012

I'll be there before the next teardrop falls

I wonder if my happiness and comfort in the way I choose live my life sometimes makes people hesitate in opening up and telling me what's hurting them...

Just because I don't show hurt doesn't mean I haven't had plenty of hurt.
It's that I have dealt with that which hurt and put it behind me. I've made the choice to take that which I learned from it and try to use that to help others.
I know that hurt exists and there is nothing we can do to stop hurt from appearing in our lives. So I spend my time trying to make people smile.

I guess that constant smiling attitude can make some think I wouldn't understand. Maybe even make some think I wouldn't care. Maybe make them think I wouldn't want to be saddened by what worries them.

Things sadden me. People sadden me. At times some thoughts sadden me. Even memories sadden me.
When they do I seek the quickest way I can to deal with the sadness in my mind and move on to that which makes me smile.

The hardest thing I know of to deal with that keeps me sad the longest is knowing others are sad and not knowing why.
Once they reveal what their sadness is about I can usually be supportive and even get them started on a path to finding their way back to a smile.

I know that when you hold hurt inside that it only tears you apart.
I have learned through living that healing only begins once you let it out.
I realize that one can not get through this living thing without getting a few physical and emotional scars.
I also know how tough it is to open up and tell someone about things that trouble and hurt you.

There have been times I have even told my problems to a piece of paper. Once I could see the problem it seemed to get easier to deal with.
Maybe it gave me a reference to keep me focused. Maybe it made it easier to plan a road map away from the problem. A few times it just seemed to vanish after it was left out.

I've told my problems to trees. Told my hurts to animals. Even sat beside a stream and told my troubles to the water as it babbled and churned, then left the waters carry them away.
With tear filled eyes I've discussed emotional pains with clouds while sitting on top of a hill.
Sometimes there is either no one I feel safe telling things to or there is no one around.

For many years I carried my problems and hurt locked up inside.
That tightly wrapped up package was like dynamite waiting for someone to light the fuse.
At times that fuse was lit by the stupidest things that would happen or things people would say that a normal person would just laugh off.
I spent a lot of time apologizing and a lot of time and money fixing things. Lost a lot of potential friends.

I'm convinced that was a form of insanity. If not it was a sure path to insanity!

At any rate it is better to find someone or something to talk to and set your problems and pain free.
Once they are out they can start to fly away.
As they gain their wings they fly farther and farther into your past.
They will never disappear completely from your life, but they will become more like the dinosaurs. Only their bones will appear from time to time to remind you they were once a domineering beast and warn you of what you don't want to live with again.

Then you too can start using what you've learned to help make others smile.
The best smiles come from you making others smile.
Kinda like love, you can't really receive and feel love until you give it away.

Monday, October 15, 2012

How do you help them heal

A very young friend came to me over this past weekend with something they had to let out. It is a really bad pain from about twelve years ago.
One that cuts them so deep they have had a hard time making good decisions in their life. But then how can you if you carry so much pain that it clogs the mind...

I won't go into what the pain is, what happened to them.
That would only be for them to tell should they ever choose to.

I do believe the pain will now begin to heal.
Once bad things are released from the mind by telling someone else the healing process can begin. It's a little like getting clean fresh air to the infection of a wound.
It's finding someone you can trust enough to not blab about your ghosts and then getting up the courage to tell them, that is hard.

I was shocked, stunned and dismayed by what I was told. I felt anger rage through me like hot lava. If the person who caused it were still alive I might have ended up in jail. If the one who stood by and allowed this to happen were still alive I probably would have ended up in jail.

Without them around to punish for what they did to my friend, my friend has for years, turned the pain inward. Has done foolish things. Has made bad decisions. All with the pain they feel and intense anger clouding their judgment.

I hid my anger as best as possible and could only listen as I was too stunned to do much else. I thought I knew the person who left it happen better. In my wildest imagination I could never have thought they could.

My only words to my friend were,
One breath at a time,
One step at a time,
One day at a time,
One good decision at a time,
That is the path to healing.
There is no way to ever erase that memory from your mind. But the further your life gets away from it with good memories, the more the healing will allow you to love life again.

I do know this from my own life experiences, though there has never been one experience quite this bad.
But it still took me years to open up to fellow veterans about some of the junk I will always carry in my head.

There are some things in this life we can not control. Some predicaments we can be forced into in some way that will leave us scarred.
IT is NOT our fault.
But it is our responsibility to heal and then use what we learn to help others.

It might be hard finding someone you can open up to that won't have a big mouth and will not be judgmental of you, but you need to so you can begin to heal.

Know someone who is always angry? Know someone who seems to always be making wrong decisions?
You may then know someone who needs you to hear them.
You can tell them of your path to healing, but their path will be their own. Everyone has to find their own path through that freaky forest.

The rest of my week I will be doing very little besides trying to be as supportive as I can. Beating my mind to try and find words of wisdom that may help. Searching for words or any idea that I think might help. Hoping with every fiber of my existence that I can help my friend get a start on their path. But I can't in any way show them the way. It must be a path of their own. I can only be there and offer an ear if they stumble and encourage them upward and onward.

I did see in my friends eyes the day after I was told, a much brighter look than I've seen in their eyes for years. Kind of a more relaxed look. A friendlier look.

If I'm not here on Wednesday it will be because I'm trying to be there for this friend. Same for Friday. But I will be here if I can.

Keep on smiling and please try to be a good friend to someone in need.
That does help to make one more smile in the world.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Playing Hookey From My Work

Why do so many get stuck on the far left or the far right instead of taking the safe road and listening closely to both sides?

Why do so many think they can beat other people into thinking their way by speaking hateful words or with threats of physical violence?

These are a few things that went rumbling through my mind over the past few days.
Every darned presidential election they come to my mind. Maybe that is why I refuse to take an absolute stand on either side. But it could be too that I haven't seen or heard of a good political candidate for many many years.
I really wish from somewhere, someone would step from their life and take the political reins of this country and get us back on a good track.
There has to be someone out there that could...

Well, I was in a happy, singing and dancing mood yesterday and just didn't feel like working at all. So I played hookey!

While I was in my great mood I decided it was time to make some cookies.
(I do not consider that work. Cooking and baking to me are a form of play.)
(((Especially when I'm dancing around the kitchen with the tools)))
I like oatmeal cookies. But... I have always wanted an even better tasting oatmeal cookie. One that in my twisted mind could possibly be considered at least a little healthy too.

Over the past bunch of months I've been playing with the original oatmeal cookie recipe from the Quaker Oatmeal box. That was the best recipe I'd found since way back when I began making cookies. I tried others but always came back to that.

According to my taste buds, my kids and my grandkids, I have finally concocted the great tasting cookie I was looking for.

It's a Peanut butter, Oatmeal, Raisin cookie.
I do believe with all my heart and soul that a few of these make the perfect healthy breakfast. OK, when balanced with coffee. Maybe with milk for the kids when they are in a hurry.

As far as calories go I couldn't care less.
I believe working hard and playing hard are the best exercise for the body, soul and figure, then mixed with a dash of pleasure!!!
Best for the mind.

That's worked well for me for over fifty eight years now and I'm not gonna change.

If you want to try them you'll either have to come visit me or make some for yourself.

Now I'm not the greedy type so here is my recipe free from charge:

1 Cup softened Butter (1 Cup = 2 sticks butter)
3/4 Cup Brown Sugar/firmly packed
1/2 Cup Sugar

2 Eggs
1 teaspoon Vanilla
2 Tablespoons Molasses
1/2 Cup Peanut Butter

1 Cup All Purpose Flour
1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour
1 teaspoon Baking Soda
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon Salt

3 Cups Oatmeal
1 Cup Raisins

Beat the butter and sugars until creamy. I use an electric mixer on medium for this. Add eggs, vanilla, molasses and peanut butter, beat well.

This is where I begin mixing by hand with a stiff spatula or wooden spoon.
Mix flours, baking soda, cinnamon and salt, then mix them into the wet ingredients. Mix well.

Stir in oatmeal and raisins. Folding them in well and making sure to dig clear to the bottom so the oatmeal and raisins are mixed clear through. When you think you've folded enough, fold a few more times.

By Tablespoons. Place about 2 inches apart on cookie sheet. Flatten to about 1/2 inch.
Bake at 350 for appx 8 to10 minutes.

(**NEVER** trust an oven or a clock. Ovens can be off a few degrees and time will be a little different for every oven. Trust your eyes for the best cookies. When it's almost time, check with your eyes.)

Take them out when they are turning brown around the bottom but still look a little undercooked on top and the heat will finish cooking them, but they will still be moist chewy cookies with just a bit of crunch on the bottoms.
I'm now using one of those small ice cream scoop looking things that holds a Tablespoon to make cookies. I'm finding the recipe makes about 6 dozen +
But it's so hard to keep count when your sampling them as they cool : )

Hope you enjoy!!!
And remember, cookies make people smile so you really should share them.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Herbs Stump Me

I've never had any luck when I've planted herb seeds.
I plant them, they come up and look decent and then a month later they start withering and dying.

This year when I put up those gutter planters on the porch railing I planted some basil, two different parsley's, mint and stevia. They have done great! I even had plenty of all to use and now have a lot to dry.
Being they were in a sort of planter they gt a drink of water from me when it didn't rain quite enough.

I'm now wondering if after I plant them other places around here it doesn't just get to dry for their roots. Are their roots that shallow?
I never have any problem with the regular garden plants and only have to water them when it gets really dry which is normally in very late July and August. But maybe the roots of the garden crops are deeper and they get more water from the ground.

I've even found a way around watering them though by laying on a really heavy, about six to eight inch, layer of grass clippings for mulch. Even in the driest of weather if I move some of that mulch it is damp beneath. And what I think I love most is I have very few weeds to dig out of the garden.
This year I didn't get that mulch started early enough but that was my fault.
But I wonder too if I could just mulch herbs really heavy the same way or if that might do some damage to them.

With all the other things I have to do I just don't have time to water more plants. I'd like to find some answers... I've searched the web but have found no useful information for my problems with herbs and I really don't have anyone locally to ask. Everyone I know buys their herbs and such at a grocery store. But I want fresh.

Yup, there is just one more thing I should have payed more attention to the old timers before me and learned about while very young.
Ehh who knows, maybe it's just something I'm not supposed to know for some reason.

Yet I am determined that if I can find no one to help with that I will figure it out on my own. Even if it's the last thing I do!
Ha! Give me herbs or give me death!

I do not allow the disease of doubt to stop me.

We had a hard frost here a few mornings ago. That means it's now time to finish cleaning up the garden and begin planning for next year.
But the fall colors this year are beautiful and tend to make my mind wonder into daydream land when I'm trying to get work done. I'd really rather be out hiking across the mountain tops and enjoying the kaleidoscope of beauty and color.

Well just one more thing for the day. Do you need some help cleaning that nasty computer screen? Then click this link.

This was sent to me by a reader here. And I so thank them for the smile which turned into a great laugh!

Monday, October 8, 2012


I wonder if success is finding happiness and fun in where you are living and where you are at in life.
I wonder if success is listening to people and trying to understand.

I wonder if success is making the world a nicer place to live. Practicing love and peace. Striving not to speak hateful words.
Planting a flower garden for others to see, observe and enjoy. Planting a tree for some child to one day look at with wonder.

I wonder if success is listening to someones hurt then hugging them so they know they are cared for. Being there to put a bandage on a skinned knee. Spending time with someone who is a shut in or offering to take them shopping.

Could it be helping to rebuild? Helping to rebuild someones front porch. Helping to mend a leaking roof. Helping to rebuild a broken life.

Wonder if success is filling the mind of a child with wonder from a story you remember from your life. A story that could give them inspiration. A story that could teach them a moral. A story that could just make them laugh. A story that can help them remember who their departed family member was.

Wonder if success could be loving. Loving the world and all the good it holds.

Some seem to define success by the things they have, things they own or friends they have. Some define it by money.

Could it be though that the most successful are those that help others find their success. Those that give. Those that help.
Those that show more care for others than they do for their self...

Is it possible that all the small successes you have are true success...

Even the success of sharing a smile and making someone else smile?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Just Who Are You?

After getting to know some people, you realize if you put their brain in a mustard seed it would rattle around like a dried pea in a metal rain barrel.
Some you find have less sympathy than a flea.
Some you find have anger inside that could rival an angry bear being woke up from hibernation with a huge appetite for human flesh.
Some might care about their selves more than they could ever care about others.
Some are just so cheap they would even allow their self to be deprived of things they need, let alone want.
Some are just good talkers and dreamers, but would never find the courage to venture beyond their little worlds.
Some are just whiners who want to sit in self pity and cry.
There are even some who would tell any lie they think you want to hear just to get you and use you then toss you away like a rotten piece of meat.
Some are just lazy.

Some are just

Spiders that creep through our lives.
They sneak in while we're not paying attention, when we have our guards down, they spin their webs in our minds and then are a sticky mess to clean up.

It's baffling, all the things we find out about people “after” we really get to know them!

Ahh, the importance of finding someone to be best friends with. Someone you enjoy playing, working, laughing, singing and dancing with. Just sitting alone with and wasting time relaxing and watching TV.

Passion is like many other things. It comes and it goes. It flits around through our lives and briefly makes itself known. Then like the hummingbird it flies off, not to be seen for a season.

Some of the longest lasting couples I've known during my life were “not” the most passionate. Yet they cared about each other. They had fun being with each other. Even stupid things made them smile.

They appreciated and cherished the passionate moments they found when they appeared.

Wouldn't it be better and wiser to take the time to know the person we meet?
Couldn't that save us from our worlds of hurt?
Could it just be possible that the old fashioned long engagements were a good idea?

By taking the time to get to know someone better we can stand a better chance to find out who they really are. People are just not all that good at keeping a lie going for a very long time. Their exaggerated nice guy or girl can't stay hidden for long. Their inner beast can not stay asleep and hide for a long time either.

Maybe holding back that physical aspect of a relationship could keep us from having to deal with the emptiness left behind when things go bad.
It does seem to become an addiction...

It never surprises me or makes me angry that people let me down. What angers me is the fact that I allow myself to be put into the situation to be let down.
So I try my best to not let anyone get that close that they can hurt me so deeply by making them my addiction.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tossed Out And Deserted

Tuesday morning after my morning trip out to feed and take care of the necessary chores, I proceeded through the early morning chill and drizzle on my quarter mile walk to my daughters. I do that to stay with my grandchildren while we wait for the school bus while their mom goes to work.

On the way there I could hear a low lonely bark of a dog. Could hear as his whine told me of his fear and loneliness. Crying out for the family he once belonged to and loved. Wanting to be cuddled and loved by the only family he probably ever knew.

On my way back home I walked through the woods I knew I heard the sounds coming from trying to find him or her. I called and whistled while I looked. Saw the dog several times and tried to get it to come to me or at least follow me home. I spent about two hours in the rain trying to get that dog. But it was of no use.

That creature is afraid. It's family has brazenly abandoned it. Tossed it out along side of the road and drove away. Left it to fend for itself in the rain and cold against creatures who will only make a meal of it. With it's lack of trust now overwhelming it's mind it won't even come to a stranger.

What people don't seem to understand is, that dog may have been proud and courageous in your home, but that's where it's family was and it would have done anything to protect you.
All it knows for food is what you fed it. Not how to hunt food in the wild which is healthy and won't eat it first.
It doesn't know to be quiet when a possible enemy comes his way or how to find a new friend.

When I started to get cold enough and wet enough to begin to shiver I had to return home to get dry clothes and warm up. That dog did not follow.
Later in the day I went back out in the rainy weather and tried again. With no better results. So I opened a baggie of dog food I had taken with me and piled it where I knew he could see it and left. When I was about fifty feet away I could see him approaching it. So at least he had a meal.

But will he make it through the night...
There are wild creatures around that would make a meal of him or her.

Yes, that dog you once took into your home and said you would take care of will probably be filling the belly of a coyote or another wild animal.

What did you tell your children?
He's moved onto a nice farm. Well maybe it is but rest assured it is frightened and living in the woods. It will starve, get ill and die or be eaten by a wild creature.

Would you toss your children out on the streets of a city?

Is this how you treat a friend?

My smile yesterday and today is kinda hard to find thanks to your kind of love.

Please quit abandoning your pets in the country. They will not survive...

And now I have a stuffy head and am ill because I tried to save your loving pet that you said you loved.

Monday, October 1, 2012


What do you do when your inspiration is drained? How do you write something interesting when your mind is interested in nothing? What do you do when your bored?

Since last Tuesday it has rained off and on every day. I've been cooped up in the house. No one but the dogs to talk to and they are not the greatest at conversation. I've surfed the web, answered questions, read stories and blogs, but nowhere did I find anything to keep my mind busy for more than a few seconds.

No help here with inspiration, we're bored too.

With the thoughts of all the work that still needs done and I want done before the snow begins to fall, I'm in a mental panic. Yet am also so danged bored!
What I wouldn't give to have someone here to talk to, play a board game or even do a puzzle. Then again, with my luck at relationships...

Think that is something I shall just give up on. Some battles are just not worth fighting and a wise man does pick his battles carefully.

The dogs are going to be very happy boys.
The chickens are laying too well for just me. Since I've gotten all the neighbors keeping a few chickens there seems to be a glut of eggs in the neighborhood. So I figure I'll be cooking eggs for the dogs breakfast. Heck at least then I'll have company for breakfast. That might keep them awake for a short time!

According to the weather forecast I saw last it's supposed to dry off now, yet it will take at least a day or more for the fields to dry off enough to get in them. I sure hope the forecast hasn't changed since early Saturday morning! A few more days of this world of wet and mud and I might find a way to grow webbed feet!

So I guess that today I'll have one more boring day of just making sure everything is ready. Looking around at all that needs done and get more frustrated. Watching as time passes and it begins to get colder.

The corn crop is looking great here this year.
On the news however there is that prediction that bacon is going to skyrocket in price. Even chicken wings are on the way up. All because of that huge drought in the midwest.

I'm not fond of raising pigs, but if bacon is going through the roof so will all pork by my best guess. So maybe now raising a few for myself and the family might be a good idea. I'd still like to figure out how to breed a hog to have two pork bellies to make bacon from!

Chicken wings don't bother me much. I can sit and pick away at a dozen of them and still be looking for a meal. At best they are just an appetizer. So I very seldom buy them. About the only time I have them here at home is when I invite a chicken in to dinner. Now a chicken with double breasts would interest me. I always was more of a breast man.

So what do I do when the mind can't focus and I'm bored... I ramble on.
What do I do when I'm uninspired... I allow my mind to wonder.
How do I write something... I just type all the gook and goo that dribbles out of my mind, through my fingers and onto the keyboard.

So what's dribbling out of your mind today? How do you become inspired when your bored for days in a row?

Have a wonderful day and smile!