Thursday, December 9, 2010

Makeup ?

Guys do read this you just might learn something about your hunny! Don't chicken out!

I don't even want to make any jokes about this. Not that I couldn't. I just think some things are not always a joking matter. Now, in the future I may, and probably will, but not today...

I never had a sister so growing up, had no experience with makeup. As I moved on in life I'd occasionally catch a girlfriend putting on makeup. Usually not much but... Through my past married life I kinda saw things that stupefied me. Now, I hang out on a site where I find recipes to try for a change and it's loaded with a lot of wonderful ladies. Well, this site also has some makeup tips from time to time. “WOW”

Now after some perusing I finally got the nerve to chime in and start leaving some of my opinions on the subject. These wonderful ladies are also nice enough to explain things to me when I ask. I just hope I never wear out my welcome there. It's been quite the education for this later middle age guy!

Myself, well I never really did see the reason behind much makeup. Maybe sounds bad, but I always wondered what women were trying to hide, behind a lot of makeup. If I would have an interest and take them home... What might I wake up beside... To me, a scary thought!

Now don't get me wrong. I'm putting no one down. I'm still learning.
I do realize that a lot of the time women do things such as makeup just to for themselves.
Sorry guys it is not always for you!

I never gave some things a thought. Wide set eyes, narrow set eyes, deep set eyes, on and on.
Dry hair, oily hair, whatever. They to me were just normal everyday BS type things and were not something I'd ever give much worry to or spend much time working on. I do hate wearing a hat so, when out working during the summer with a good breeze blowing my hair does get a little hard to deal with but again, never gave it to much thought.

Well, eyes, I've always been fascinated with the varieties of different eyes and really have no preference. If the lady behind them is a good lady, I can get lost in them.
What I call mood eyes is interesting to me, the way the color changes with the mood. Dated a lady that had eyes like that. I thought we could be the proverbial soul mates. We seemed to fit with each other in every way. To bad she didn't feel the same... The person behind those eyes ended up quite a bit different than she at first let on to be! Took me three years to find that out and I was only a few months from asking her to spend the rest of her life with me. Close call!

Tons of makeup, well, I generally shy away from any type of relationship ideas, but if nice, I will be friendly.
Hair coloring. If it makes you feel good, why not. I myself never had a preference. I've heard all the BS that guys prefer blondes. Been my experience that most end up marrying someone who's not. One guy admitted he chased blondes because he found them easy! I never looked for easy. Much deeper things caught my interest. What was on the inside. Guess I'm strange for a guy...
Lips... Wide, narrow, puffy, slim, thick, thin... Wow, variety! This guy loves them all. As long as their on a Lady. Well I'd love to kiss em all.
The wide variety of “stuff” you gals will put on your faces is just simply amazing to this older fool. I'm beginning to understand why. A little.

Now don't get me wrong. If your doing it to make yourself feel good. I can totally understand. I make myself feel good with tools, equipment and “helping others” when I can.
If, and just if, you are doing it for us guys at some time. I for one really appreciate all the hard work and disgusting things you put yourselves through!

Now guys, quite a bit of the time they really don't do it for us. They may, but we'll never know for sure. 
Yah, if there's any of you left here by now...
When you do, and at some time you will, see the gals doing their makeup and facials.
1. Get out before ya start laughing. 2. If its too late, try to be supportive. You'll want her support next time you bring home a new tool, right? 3. Love her with all your heart. After all she does choose to be with you and face it. Not a one of us, deserves, the good ladies, we may have!

I'm gonna go now. But one parting thing for today... Wonder if a facial would help through a big old beard...
Till tomorrow, just keep lookin good and smile!  Hmmm, maybe some dye for it...

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