Monday, April 29, 2013

Draw me a picture

When did this happen? Why did this happen? Did this have to happen to me?

Somehow my body is choosing to get stiff and sore. No longer does it seem to have the ability to do the work it once did without turning against me. It's either revolting against work or it's rising up and paying me back for all the damage I've done to it over the years while having fun.

What do you do...
Well I just keep plugging away at what needs done and what I want to do. I've learned over this life that the only way past aches and pains is through them.

Just like work. The only way to get it done is to do it.
I can ask someone else to do it, but that seldom works. If it does work at all, it only works when it fits the other persons schedule. Not my schedule. If it works it seldom seems to have quite the outcome I want.

Possible that could be from others not caring about the things I do the same as I do. Maybe because they don't care about what I do at all.
Possibly it could be that they see things differently than I do. But maybe they can't see at all.
Maybe they don't feel or sense the same value of the given project quite the same as I do.

As I learned when I was running my construction and remodeling business, if you want someone else to get the results you want from doing the project, it's best to come as close to possible to writing a book when you tell them what you want as an end result. Complete with pictures!

I learned also to spend plenty of time with the customers to learn as exactly as possible what they expected as a final outcome.
There was nothing worse to me than proudly finishing a project and showing it to the customer and then seeing a question mark in their eyes.

Much of the bones of construction is cut and dried. It's the finish details though that make or break a happy ending.
A customer that has a really good sense of what they want in the end makes things more likely to have a good outcome.

Just like anything else, when left up to the other person you'll get what they see as right. An easy example is paint. The other person may think purple is the best color. You may think a pastel yellow.

You can ask someone to dig you a patch for a new flower garden. The digging is bare bones and any able bodied person can accomplish it. But the size and shape you want is not. So if you lay a hose out and decide your final shape and then draw that shape by spraying some cheap spray paint or laying a line of lime along the hose, the other person can see the shape and size you want to plant your pretty flowers.

In the end it's your personal choice or like that is important.
The closer you can come to showing an exact picture to someone else of what you want, the closer to what you want you will get. And when you are pleased with the outcome you and the help are left with smiles.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wish The Lawn Had My Lack Of Energy

It's been a very long week with all the clean up, preparing of the ground, planting seed, and doing last minute, unexpected repairs.
It's the weekend, I'm tired and could use a break. But do I get a break? A little time off for some rest or fun.

There is that darned lawn that is almost tall enough to make hay. So that needs mowed.
Don't know why I decided to keep so much mowed and looking nicely trimmed. It now takes a good eight hours to do all the mowing. Eight hours and over five gallons of gas. With the price of gas so high I'm beginning to give all that nicely trimmed grass some second thought.

Some might just look very nice if it were planted to wildflowers and only needed mowed once a year when the flowers are done blooming. Some could be included as pasture. All I'd have to do is move the fence rows a few feet.
Along the road I could do like many neighbors do and just let the grasses and weeds grow. The township mows that once a year.

But no. I like to keep things looking nice.
It's so pleasant to see when I come home after being away shopping, visiting, fishing or just out for the day. It's a full days work every week though trying to keep it looking nice.

That's the problem with cutting grass in the spring. Once you begin you have to keep doing it until winter!

As I get older and spend more evenings sitting around that yard than I do running out and about I can now see places I should have planted some trees for shade when I was younger. But when I was younger I didn't think about the days I'd be older and spending more resting time here. And sadly neither did the five generations of family who were here before me...

Wonder if I should do that for the future generations of my offspring.
They too, while they are young, will never imagine the day they get old and want to spend time at home when not working instead of going out and about.
The days when you realize it takes as much or more energy to do that as it does for work.

I have made a resting decision.
There is that old swing set I built for the kids when they were younguns. I thought about building a two seat swing and hanging it on there. Well as I was looking at it one day and thinking about that I changed my mind.

Seems there are times I don't want to swing but instead just sit and relax. Then along comes someone and sets down beside me and darned if they don't want to swing. So I'm building two separate comfortable seats and hanging them both on there. Then I'll build another two seater to set nearby for those that want to sit and neck.

Heck I'm even beginning to think that necking is another big expenditure of energy one could do without.
By the end of my days I'm too sore and too tired to do any of that lovey stuff. Although some nice chat would be nice I fear that if there is any necking to be done it will have to be first thing in the morning when I feel full of energy!

Of course then I may get nothing else done throughout my days...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Summer smiles are on the way

The weather broke and spring is finally here. I've been very busy with the winter cleanup, getting the garden ready and planting seeds and getting the flower gardens started.

It's been almost perfect weather for getting that start. It's warm enough to be outdoors and yet cool enough to work without suffering from the heat. Every few days it rains enough that I don't have to spend too much time watering.
But... There have also been a few nights that got down around freezing. That may not be well for the seeds if they've begun to sprout.

There were hedges that needed trimmed and that also is well under way. Some fields are underway for the planting. There are some trees along the fields that need some trimming too. Keeping them from making the fields smaller is a never ending battle.

The beginning of fishing season is here, but I just don't have the time to go and get a line wet. With the late arrival of good weather I'm too busy playing catch up with everything else.

But such are the ways of life.
When there are responsibilities and work that needs done, fun things take a back seat.
There will always be time for the fun things and taking it easy after the work is done.

The blog suffered a little last week also. Not because of being busy, but more so because I was so tired. By the time my busy days ended I only wanted to drag my exhausted body to bed. Even my son noticed I was too tired to even think. He noticed that because of the lack of my mouth going. Something I'm positive he appreciated...

After the long drawn out winter my body has grown a little weak. There are aches and pains where there never were before. Even a few aches and pains on top of aches and pains!

I was hurting so bad one day before an upcoming predicted rain that I even laid down on the ground and finished working on a flower garden. My nearly useless back just would take no more bending. But the seeds got in and the rains came that night to water them in and get them off to a good start.

It will all be well worth the effort and the sacrifice of missing a good time fishing when summer gets here and the welcoming blooms delight my eyes and fill my nose with wonderful scents. Not to mention the smiles I get from watching people drive along the road real slow while looking at the one hundred and fifty foot long flower garden I have been putting along the road for several years now.

So there are goodies starting in the garden to make my belly happy and flowers starting to keep my eyes and nose happy. Soon things will be caught up to where they should be and I will find some time for some fishing to make me happy.
Until then I'll just keep smiling and planting. Hope you are smiling too!

Friday, April 12, 2013

New Normal / Disabilities

This is a rather long post, yet it's a post I really feel I want to share. Feel too that I must share.
But I do not want one word of sympathy. I've overcome and so can anyone.

From somewhere around 1976 until 1999 my back was in deterioration. The pain started getting bad in 1980. I found though that when the pain got real bad I could visit a chiropractor and he could get that back straightened up enough that I could carry on day to day.

That was an honest chiropractor. He told me the truth. I was a construction worker and I farmed. Both were very hard on the back with all the lifting and carrying of things by one person that really should be done by two or more. Also the nature of that work was hard on the back, twisting and turning into positions that are not normal which cause injury to the back.
So life went on. I adapted to what I could and learned to accept the pain. I also began taking mild pain killers when needed.

Add to that choice of work the wild things I did for entertainment when younger and through those years it all caused more injury to my body and back.
I kept working at both construction and farming and the back kept getting worse. Kept doing things and daring myself to do things to push any fears I might have felt aside which kept pushing the body.

Then in the beginning of 2000 a series of events happened.

First I'll say I'm a man. Limits? BS I have no limits.
There was this very long drive. A twenty hour drive. Two twenty hour drives in a week. Sleep? Who needs sleep? I'm a man...
Yah, and those straight through drives led to deep vein thrombosis. Never even saw it coming of felt it. Until... the blood clot in my calves began breaking up and small clots got caught near my lungs!

All I felt was tremendous back pain. Now I had lived with back pain, gotten used to severe back pain. Even pain that cause difficulty breathing.
So I found myself not able to lay down to sleep. I spent a week and a half sleeping in a recliner just barely leaning back which was the only position that eased the pain a little. Thinking in my man mind that it would soon let up. Wrong! It didn't.

Finally called a friend (an uncle actually who is more of a friend) and asked him to run me to a hospital. I told them of my back problems. Maybe a mistake...
They ex rayed and checked me out. Came to me later and said they found nothing serious but yes my spine was a mess and sent me on my way with some really powerful pain meds.
My expressing the major back problems and how I thought I had messed my back up once again did something to cause the pain had them looking only at my spine.

Well back to my chair. Popped the pills and they never began to touch the pain.
Another week and a half sitting in that chair. Not breathing, but panting. Couldn't take a deep breath because of the pain. Couldn't really sleep either. Just nodding off and my head would fall to my chest for a few minutes at most. Twenty four hours a day of that. Yes, three weeks of that. Couldn't take the pain any longer. Called for a ride once again because there was no way I could sit to drive. This time to my usual doctor.

When he saw me attempting to lay on his exam table he immediately backed off. Asked me if I had a way besides driving myself to the hospital. I did, the same ride who took me there. He said I was to go straight to the hospital NOW.
Hmm, OK. I did what he said and was in too much pain to ask why or fight.
This was now three weeks of this pain and very very little actual sleep. I had no fight left in me whatsoever.

By the time I got to the hospital emergency room the doctor had called and they were waiting. Scared? No. I was too out of it to feel fear. I just wanted any relief possible. For god's sake, ease this pain or kill me now!
Well, this time they knew what they were looking for and it was not my back. But a tiny little blood clot in my lungs. They gave me an injection of who the heck cared at the time and kept me in that emergency room for darned near ever!

Well they had given me something to begin dissolving that clot and wanted me near an operating room just in case. But I didn't find that out until the next day when I was in a room as a highly charged guest and was bitching and moaning about that. Man I had nurses and doctors checking in on me so often I wanted to scream at them to get the heck away from me and leave me alone in my agony.

It was a very old doctor who came in with a young intern who finally explained what was going on in a way I could understand. See if that thing decides to start moving it could move towards the brain and cause a stroke. OR it could move to the heart and cause a heart attack. Either way you lose. He might as well have added dumbass. Cause that is exactly how I felt...

So another week and a half there which! Included one night of me and a very high fever. One that made them pack me in ice. All I can remember of that is my brain told me I was cold. That is when I complained to a nurse and she pulled out her thermometer and shoved it in my mouth. Next thing I knew people were scurrying everywhere around me. Don't even really remember them packing me in ice. All I remember was feeling warm. Next day a nurse said I was cute when they packed me in ice and I said how nice and warm it felt before I passed out. The mind does some really strange things...

Well at the end of that week and a half I was beginning to feel like myself once again. They really were not ready for me to leave but yup, had my fight back. I told that old doc. I go peacefully or someone gets their uhh, butt kicked and I may well take someone out when I'm walking out.
He came around to my way of thinking. Made me promise if I had even the slightest pain or problem to get back there fast. But he saw I was not the type to stay laying there any longer.

Well, I guess from all the head dropping I did for the first three weeks two disks in my neck decided to do a complete rupture. Now not only could I not breathe worth a crap, I had no feeling in my right hand and lots of numbness in my entire right side.
Over the following several weeks they poked and prodded almost every inch of my body and x rayed and MRI'd and all other kids of nasty expensive tests. One doctor even hooked me up to some electronics and started checking the connection between my brain and my hand.
Well after being sure I hadn't had a stroke they finally settled on those ruptured disks pressing on a bundle of nerves which ran the right side of my body.

Nothing but surgery would help. And that was only a 50/50 chance. 50 that I would walk out a few days later. 50 that I'd be wheeled out. Now I have no luck with gambling. So I asked. I understand that I could end up in a wheelchair, but what if I allow the surgery then? The doctor looked me straight in the eye and said, 50/50.
Well I may not be in good shape, but I'll see ya then.

Now mind you, over this time I still never really listened to those dumb a-- doctors. I'm not the type to sit around taking it easy. Just can't do that.
I started tearing my old porch apart to rebuild it finally. Well what I once did in a seven hour day, now disgustingly took me seven days...

It got worse from there.
Every thing I did took me much longer than it had in the past. There were also many things I simply could no longer do. Returning to my construction business was one of them.

My lungs were a mess and I could only barely breathe. My right arm, hand and leg were very weak and numb which cause them to be close to useless. I couldn't work at my job even though I had a lot of work already lined up for the spring. I couldn't do many of the work and chores I normally did here on the farm. Heck I couldn't even go fishing by myself!

In all honesty, over the next several years I secretly hoped to die. I was useless, couldn't even have fun as I knew it and there was no purpose to go on.
Except... I had a daughter and son who were still in school. Still to young to fend for theirselves. Their mother who had left when they were very young had passed away. They really had no one but me.
I couldn't hardly leave them on their own.

For the next few years I just woke up, did what I had to do and could do and went to bed. Feeling useless and not a man at all. Just carrying on being the best parent I could.

Very, very slowly I began to find ways to do many of the gardening tasks I did before. Even tying a rope to a bale of hay and tying the other end around my waist so I could drag it to the cows. Loading that hay in the fields and then stacking that hay was now a job my son had to do or I had to pay someone else to do. Loading and unloading sacks of feed was something someone else had to do.

Many of the lawn and garden chores I once took for granted I had to find other ways to do. I couldn't handle a wheelbarrow because they tip. But I bought a four wheeled wagon I could toss stuff in and then pull to where it needed unloaded.

Even household chores I had to find new ways to do. Picking up a laundry basket full of clothes was out of the question. I needed my good hand for the cane to balance myself and the weak had wouldn't support much weight at all. Laundry baskets had to be drug along to the washer. Across the floors and down the steps. Drug to the clothesline so the wet laundry could be hung to dry.

Everything I had to do I had to find ways to do them. Many times I'd lose my balance and fall when trying to do things I once did without a thought. Even fishing was a mess. I now had to learn to walk around many obstacles instead of going over them. Had to learn to walk down banks by walking along them instead of straight down them or I'd fall. Had to learn to sit on steeper banks and slowly lower myself down them instead of just jumping down. Had to learn first to look for ways to get myself back up steep banks before going down them and getting stuck there waiting for help to wander by.

I won't say I'm totally satisfied with my life today. Yet I've found ways to make it bearable and ways to once again enjoy the life I have.
It's thirteen years now of living and learning this new life. Thirteen long, long lonely years. Years of doing everything at a snails pace. Years of still not feeling like a real man. Years of holding off interested women at a distance because of not feeling like a man.
Will that ever change? Only time will answer that question. I've grown comfortable being alone.

For now I've found my new normal.
Every day I have reasons to smile.
Every day is a new adventure whether it's work or play.

Sometimes I overdo it one day and spend the next three or four days in pain. But that is still the learning curve and I will continue learning and smiling at my sometimes stupidity.

The point I'm making here though is never give up!
I easily could have, except for those two little ones I had at the time. Even later after they were grown I could have.

But day after day I learned my new normal. Learned to accept my new normal. Even learned how to laugh and smile again.
And ya know what?
Life isn't half bad.

If you or anyone you know is in a nasty position of having to find a way to rebuild a life after losing the life they once knew, find a way to be as supportive as possible. Don't waste a lot of time feeling sorry or sad for them.

Help them find new ways to create their new normal.
Look and help them find simple ways things can be adapted so they can do. Look and help them find different ways they can do what they did before.

Be patient! Very, very patient.
Impatience can lead them to pull even further into their sadness. It did me and I'm positive it will anyone else. Heck it still sometimes does.
If one day they don't want to do something don't get upset. They may be in pain and only want to rest until the pain eases. They may just be having a sad day and need to deal with that.

Help them find their reason to smile at the asinine things that life has thrown in their path.
I find myself now laughing about what happened and what I go through on a daily basis. Heck it's not a disability, it's an adventure! Some of the dumb stuff I have to do to complete even simple tasks makes me laugh like a fool!
Even having forgetful days or dumb days and ending up in pain that takes me out for a few days makes me smile now.

Always remember,

Anything the mind can conceive and believe in, can be achieved.”

Life can be good, and can be full, once you find your smile.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My lips move but I don't make a sound

Seems that as I get older I only think I hear my self speak.
It's either that I don't actually say the words I am thinking or...

In a three day period I asked the son to take the garbage out and burn it. Each time I asked he said he would.
When the trash was overflowing onto the floor and I had more to put in, I finally gave up and did it myself.

Now unless I was dreaming that he said he would take that trash out I can only assume he really didn't hear me and just said yes as an automatic reaction to whatever sound may have fluttered through the air at the moment.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I only dream I'm speaking. Just maybe I only think I hear sounds when my lips move.
Maybe I'm hallucinating when I think I hear him agree...

There is the fact that sometimes when strolling down the aisles in stores I only think I'm thinking things right up until those I was thinking about turn and give me a mean ugly look.
So maybe that works in reverse too.

Odd thing is though, if I ask him if he would like to join me for some grilled steak he seems to answer yes before the words are out of my mouth! Heck I don't even have to ask him to put charcoal in the grill and light it. He jumps right up from whatever he is doing and has the grill hot in no time flat!

If I only begin to ask if he wants to join me for pizza the oven is preheated and he's even chopping onions and green peppers before I can move from my seat to start the dough.

If I only think about going fishing in his presence the poles and equipment begin appearing.

Should I be thinking to myself about going out to a favorite restaurant that has an all you can eat buffet, the truck is running and warmed up almost before the words leave my mouth.

I mean, it's really as if he's telepathic!
So even if I only think I ask him out loud to take out the garbage shouldn't he get that and do it...

Should I start hiding steaks under the trash can... Or pizza... Or fishing bait... Maybe prepaid coupons for those restaurants!

Yah right.
He'd lift the trash enough to get whatever is under it and put the trash right back.
So I guess I'll save the extra work for me and the cost and do it myself while I keep smiling.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Patience? Impatient!

I had another post for today. It got so long though and I felt what it's saying was so important that I decided to leave it until Friday so it will be on top for three days and hopefully more people will have a chance to read it and maybe even pass it along to someone they know.

Anyway, the weather has finally broke here and I've been very busy outdoors trying to get things caught up. Some of the lawn is cleaned up but not much. There is still about a weeks hard labor work to be done there.

I did get into the garden and got it cleaned up. Began the tilling and even got the string beans, beets, onions and some of the sweet corn planted. So at least the garden is now caught up to about where it should be in the beginning of April.

A few of the fields are now under way in preparation for planting. Even they are way behind because of the lingering winter weather this year. But when there is still snow on the ground or the ground is too wet, there isn't much you can do but wait. Just like everything else in life, it's a lesson on patience.

Patience isn't one of those things you either have or you don't.
With patience it's more like you have it or you suffer all the sadness of not getting what you want when you want.

You can gripe and complain all you want, yet nothing will come any faster. Matter of fact in most cases of complaining it seems the universe has a way of making you wait even longer. And so do many people who get tired of hearing all the complaining.

Over the past twenty or so years I've seen more and more parents giving into their children when they start whining and complaining.
What a huge injustice they are doing to their children!

Instead of learning that no means no or learning patience at a young age when learning is easy, the children then have to learn it as adults. Like when trying to find a job. Like when waiting for a bank to decide on a loan to buy a car.
Push and whine to the people who do the hiring and there is a really good chance you won't get a job. Push and whine to the bank and they may slam the door on you. Moan and whine to the people in a checkout line at a store and you may find yourself laying on the floor looking up at the stars.

Maybe it's the lack of patience that is making so many young people regret life. Making them sob and whine how much life s... uh stinks.

They want a top paying job. What they don't seem to get is that they too have to start at the bottom and with patience work their way up to the higher paying jobs.

They want new shiny things, the best of things. What they don't seem to get is just how many years those older than them lived with used things and cheap junkie things or even did without things before they finally had enough money to get nice shiny things.

They want a loving relationship. What they don't seem to get is that it takes time and patience to get to really know who they think they want that relationship with.

Then when they don't get what they want when they want it, they cry and sob and moan.
They don't see it as a challenge. They don't even know how to appreciate a challenge. Nor do they know how to relish in what they get as one does when it took them facing a challenge to get it.

Ahh, but what the heck does and old smiling fool on the hill know...

He knows that he smiles as he watches the world go around and he watches as things go wrong. He has patience.

Friday, April 5, 2013


I was in the garden working yesterday. Yes, finally the weather is turning and I can get into that garden. At least enough to do the spring cleanup. It was still just wet enough that I wouldn't get in there with the tiller. That could only lead to a clumpy mess that is never good for growing.

I did some other cleanup around the lawn area earlier while outdoors and then during the afternoon I moved into the garden. Was only about half done in the garden and I felt the tightness in my back telling me it was time to call it a day or I'd be suffering in pain for a few days. No problem, I can finish tomorrow.

I was getting tired anyway. Went back into the house and poured a cup of hot coffee then took up my favorite perch on the sofa. As the heat warmed my bones and the coffee warmed my belly I realized just how tired I was. It became a major battle just keeping my eyes open.

I was to tired and sore to even consider food. Hunger was no where near a thought. It was still way to early to go to bed though, so I spent a little time on line trying to find something to read to keep me from drifting off into a sleep.

I was about to give up and head off to get myself cleaned up and crawl in bed. The phone rang, it was my daughter. She asked if I had eaten yet. She was heading out to pick up some burgers and fries the grandkids wanted for dinner and said she was picking some up for me. I spent the next half hour once again fighting my drowsy eyes.

We had dinner and cleaned up the mess. Talked a little and then they were on their way. It didn't take long and I was on my way. To bed.
I laid there for a while watching and listening to the TV until the soreness and stiffness eased up and then fell into a very needed sleep. Never even turned the TV off.

I woke around four in the morning to some very early morning national news. Listened to the news that likes to try and ruin a smile by threatening to take ones peacefulness away. News that makes one wonder if life is even worth living. News that makes you wonder just what world leaders are thinking when they threaten to start wars and destroy life as we know it.

Right around four thirty though a news story came on. One that made me think Oh Really? ... OH S-IT! I'm doomed to be eternally sad...

Seems some people who don't have enough work to do have done yet another study. A study on happiness.
Yes, I even did a quick search.

Their conclusion is that the key to happiness (and I can't even type this with a straight face) is to have sex one hundred and six minutes each day!

Now so you don't have to do the math, that is one hour and forty six minutes.
And that's “each” day!
Now if I could even find a woman, just where would either of us find close to an extra two hours in a day? Are we supposed to do it while cleaning? Do it while cooking? Do it while doing the laundry? Do it while gardening? While working?

Heck I've been kinda lasting good in my past but an hour and forty six minutes!
And how about all the guys who can't even go for fifteen minutes I hear about? How the heck are they ever supposed to be happy!

Darned, maybe we the single people of the world will never find our way to happiness.
Life and all the work keeps me from even having time to find a date. Off hours are for resting and sleeping just so I can do the work!

Ahh, but perhaps. Just maybe. Could it be?
That once again a word got confused?
Another word being twisted into uselessness...

Do they really mean sex?
Or do they mean the romancing which leads on to that?

If so, I'll have to disagree.
That romance should begin over a cup of coffee in the morning. Should carry on and be built even more over lunch even if, with no more than a phone call. Should be nourished and fed during the evenings. Building the fires of passion to raging inferno's.

But what the heck do I know? So I'll shut up now and get into that garden again today and try to get frisky with some weeds.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Boobs and Gaps

Teen girls.
Don't you know? Can you not see? Is it really so hard to comprehend?
That thigh gap is not natural and really looks gross!

Cows have thigh gap. Robots have thigh gap. Stick people have thigh gap.
Healthy people do not! Have thigh gap.

But yah, your probably right. What does and old man know...

Well, He knows that a healthy body able to do work, able to withstand the tests of time is a well rounded body. And not a body of skin and bones.
Skin and bones only gets cold easily.

He knows that in the end the way we ourselves view our bodies is very seldom how others will view our bodies. And sweetie's, I've been around awhile. Spent time with and talked to many guys. Never once have I heard a guy who said he liked skinny girls or thigh gap.

Is it your objective to look so pathetic that some caring guy will buy you a meal!
Are ya tryin to get a bird to land in that nest!

Close that gap.

Want bigger boobs. Then date a big boob.
This old guy knows he has spoken with and heard many women including his mother and has heard horror stories about big boobs.
The way the weight of them alone makes bra straps leave ruts in their shoulders. The pain that weight brings to their shoulders and backs.

Try carrying your back packs on the front for a week or so. Then see if you still think big boobs and their added weight are still what you want.

Yah, guys look at and ogle big boobs. Guys almost drool over big boobs. Some guys with lust filled eyes will even waste their last dollar on a magazine with big boobs. Many believe there is happiness in big boobs and will go quickly with each and every big boobed woman he can.
Is that the kind of guy you want! Later my young friend you will find that is the guy who will not be there when you need him. He'll be to busy chasing the next big boob to add to his score card.

Sound mean? Sound cruel? Sound hard? Sound cold?
Well life is mean, cruel, hard and cold. Get used to it.

Be happy with the body you were born with to carry that brain around. That body that was designed and built to work and get food to nourish and to keep that brain alive. Really that's all that it is.
It's your brain that makes you who and what you are. The place that decisions are made that will affect your life. Where the intelligence to keep a guy lies.
The healthier that body, the healthier that brain will be.

Do you want a skinny brain? Do you want a huge gap in your brain? Are you a big boob that wants big boobs?
If you still do after reading this and you only think that I'm a big boob, then go ahead and destroy your body while your young.

Watch over the years as those boobs head south towards your toes. Feel the effects over the coming years of that malnourished body from wanting that gap so bad you're will to starve yourself to get it.

OK, I'm done with my rant for now.
Have a wonderful smiling day!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Germs got me again

What do ya do when you go to bed feeling bad then wake up feeling worse?

For me it's take care of what I absolutely have to and go back to bed and forget the rest.

Seems the youngest grandchild in my family is a magnet for getting every little bug that comes around the kindergarten class. Then he brings them to me who doesn't really go out much and gets no exposure to bugs so I have no resistance built up against them.

So once again in like three weeks he has brought me another gift of feeling like crud. Now I love the little guy, but he could forget giving me these gifts...
I spent almost all day laying in bed and sleeping. Then that evening I was feeling a good bit better.

When I was still out and about working every day, out in society where all manners of bugs and illnesses were being carried about, I very, very rarely would get sick at all. I would work on siding with no coat on during snow storms. I'd only have a heavy vest on with my arms exposed.

My motto was the heat is in the tools!
The harder you worked, the warmer you would stay. It was only when stopping for a break that I would feel cold at all. Even here on the farm during my evenings and on weekends as long as I was busy doing physical work I was warm during cold weather.

Over the years I always heard rumor that as people got older they would lose some of their resistance to germs. Would get sick more often.
I never really gave it much though until the last few years. Since I've had more easier, less busy times. Well easy for me and less busy for me...
Anyway, the more I think about it, the more I doubt that age thing has anything to do with it.

Myself and the others I know that seem to be getting ill more often seldom go out around people like we did when working. When we go to the store it's even at time we know there will be fewer people and crowds to deal with.
So the less we are exposed to, the less resistance our bodies build against bugs that go around.

Kinda like that going to a doctors office for a check up and getting sick. Your fine when you walk in. Then you wait and wait and wait. With all manners of ill people coughing, sneezing and wheezing. Spreading germs all over the waiting room. Next thing you know you are sick.

And my doctor wonders why I dislike going to see him.
Maybe if he'd not charge me for the crud I pick up waiting in his office!
Hmm, or is that his plan...

It's kind of like those little ones in kindergarten getting sick from each other. Their little bodies haven't built tolerances against the illnesses and as soon as one child has it they spread those germs to the others.
Well as older bodies don't have to keep tolerances up the tolerances seem to weaken. Then when we are exposed the germs have a field day.

Now am I going to start making plans to go to malls just to be exposed so I can build tolerances.

Don't think so.
To do that I'd have to first build a tolerance for all the uhh... various people and attitudes I'd have to deal with at malls or anywhere else for that matter.

I do think I'd rather stay in bed after that little guy brings something home to me.