Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Asked What Women Want

I asked. Got very few answers! Sure expected more, or maybe hoped...

One place I asked, I received three answers.
1. Treated as a human instead of a walking sex object to be charmed and gawked at.
2. Treated right and not lied to. Not disrespected. Treated like you would want to be treated.
3. Compassion

Another place I asked, again only three answers.
1. Someone that can be lighthearted, not boring
2. Someone who likes to be challenged and will challenge
3. Integrity

Seems that women want about the same things that we guys want...

The respect we all want as human beings. Now I think that respect includes not lying. Treating people like you want to be treated. Talked to and not talked at.
Treated as a whole person not an object. Not to be used but to be shared with. When in any type of relationship, romantic, friendly, business,work, whatever. To be treated as a partner, not a slave or piece of equipment. Not with a “you owe me” attitude.

I have witnessed over the years, that a lot of people speak and treat others worse than I would even consider treating the cows here on the farm.
Just ask yourself, how would I feel if someone spoke to me, or treated me, the way I treat others.

If... You want your woman to treat you like a King... Don't ya think YOU should treat her like a Queen?
If... You want your lady to be truthful with you... Shouldn't you be just as respectful to her?
You come home from work and demand... You will not, receive, in a very kind way.
Be nice, she will probably be nicer. Give to her, and you'll probably receive.
You come home from work and your beat, so stinking tired and exhausted, but she wants to talk. What do ya do? Ever think of, common baby, lets both go sit in the living room for a bit, and talk while we both rest? Your not going to starve while you spend a little time like I'm pretty sure ya did while dating her... Bud, she's beat to. Maybe not quite the same kinda day you had but similar enough. Work is work. Putting up with crud is the same at work, home, shopping or anything else.
Man, I worked construction, I know tired. Know what it's like putting up with peoples crap. I didn't have someone at home helping me with that task. Had two little ones that needed fed, help with homework, kept up after, on and on. Had to do it all including the shopping and cleaning. Most evenings I had more work to do here on the farm. I'm no magician and don't have a double. I didn't even have the luxury of time to find someone to date let alone have a relationship. Priorities had to be family, business, farm, and home. So please believe me, your lady is just as beat if not more than you. Pal, respect her for what she does. Get over what she hasn't had time to do.
Ya want that lady... Better treat her like one.
Have fun with her just like ya did when dating. Look, lets face it, there is a door on your life that swings both ways. You probably better get used to the idea your dating her forever or she may find someone else to date. Just because she was willing to be yours doesn't mean she's not the same person you met and took a shine to.......... Wanna keep her, better find some energy. Ya did before.

As for the lady that doesn't want to be gawked at, I understand. But we are guys with eyes... I even suspect that blind guys fantasize. There are some of my species that go a good bit overboard. There are butt holes that definitely go way to far. I'd like to change that, and am trying by letting them know just how much that hurts, but like I said there are butt holes and they may never get it... I really don't think they care at all and are only out for themselves. Best I can say is just stay away from them as much as possible.

As for me, well... I'm old enough, to broken down and way to tired to get back into the dating life. I have no real regrets. I made my priority decisions and am darned glad I did. I have fandamtastic grown kids as the outcome! They make an old fool proud.
I'd just like to see men and women, guys and gals, sirs and ladies, begin to have better lives.
Just trying to change this spinning orb for the better of us all.
Maybe seems like a waste of time, but time I have, and I'll spend it as I want.

So, if I haven't bored you to much, and your still here. In the least, you could think about it. You just may want to change your ways a bit and make an attempt to Treat Your Lady Better...

If ya want, let me know what you think. The blog's E mail is at the top and the comment section is right on the bottom here.

Now, for today and every day “Go forth with Love and Understanding”!

Talk to ya later : )
Think I'll go cuddle with the dog...

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