For Daughters

For Girls, Moms and yes, Fathers.

This may not be real popular with a lot of guys but... Be truthful with your daughters.
This may be tough for a lot of moms but... If you don't talk to your daughter, who may or will?

Let them know that we guys will say and do whatever we think you want to hear, or want us to do, to get what we want...

I hate to admit it but, yah, I was there during my life. Then came daughters and I thought. Would I want some guy like me chasing after my daughter? Uh uh, no way, I'd beat him to death...
Had a great big change of heart and was started on the way I feel today. Might say, my little girl saved me!
And, you guys, you know what I'm talkin about!
I hope your not like I WAS but, you at least know guys like that. Do you want them chasing after your little girl?

Girls, I don't want to scare you but... Its sadly, true. There's a lot of guys out here in the world that will say all the I love You's, I think your the most beautiful's, I'd do anything for you's, I'll still love you in the mornings, etc... Just to get the thing you have that they want. “Sex”.
They'll buy you nice things, take you places they'd not normally go, do things they don't like, for just the same reasons. There are guys out there that keep mental score cards and find some kind of smug pride knowing and bragging about the number of girls they have scored with.
I asked one about names and wow, he had no idea. That's what they meant. Just raw meat...

A real man will wait. A guy that really loves you will wait. A man that truly respects you will wait.
If he loves you he loves all of you and will be there no matter what or how long.
We will NOT die if you say no! Yah, it does hurt a bit but we will live. As a young guy we may not think so but we will. It hurts to fall off a bike but gee, we get back on!
Far to many guys have become fathers and have not been man enough to be to be real fathers. At the word pregnant, they run for the hills never to be heard from again.

You on the other hand, will have a sweet little baby who will need to be fed, by you, kept clean, by you, clothed, by you, taught morals, by you, housed and kept safe, by you, and on and on...
The cost to feed, clothe and care for a child until ready to live a life on their own is beyond even my wildest imagination.
You'll never be totally prepared to be a parent, money wise or mentally but you, for darned sure, do not want it to happen by accident!

Please if a guy gives you all the come ons and reasons in the world, don't fall for it! Run for your life. He's full of crap. And darlin, birth controll is not 100%.

Try him, if he doesn't wait and finds someone else, do you really want him anyway? He's the guy who will jump on just any bull in the rodeo and take a ride... He's possibly the same guy with all the STD's from all the trash he's been with! Want that? He's the guy that will gladly go out of town on a business trip and will find a one night stand.

If you really have to have it yourself, there are ways around it. Ask a doctor or talk with an open minded adult that you can trust and talk to. They can help. Its tough to talk to an adult but sweetie, we've been there and probably have experienced the same thing.
Common, imagine mom trying to talk about it when she was young... :)