Friday, December 3, 2010

How about some "Good Food"

I've liked eating my entire life. Yah, who doesn't! Some of us, a bit to much!
My mind for some reason is stuck on food today. I'm hungry and have been for a few days but, just don't know what I want. Now I have eaten but am still hungry. I have to figure out what I'm hungry for... You've been there, right?

Well my school of thought is, “Ya like to eat good food, learn to cook!”
As a teenage boy I asked my mother one day if she would mind if I tried making something different from what we usually ate at our house. Mom wasn't a bad cook, just usually made the same things over again. No problem, it was just her way. Not really an explorer. If she would have something she liked, she would ask for the recipe and make it herself. But normally she wouldn't set out on her own. (Sure miss her)
Well she said OK. I made my first omelet. I was off on a life of learning, trying, and exploring the endless possibilities of food, grub, chow, eats, fare, whatever your heart desires to call it.
I look at recipes, I see almost endless possibilities for using them. Ways to change the final taste.

During my “manly” biker years, that came under some scrutiny from others but I didn't care. Many other aspects of me, proved the guy I was. Heck, if you really are a man, you don't wimp out because, some one, may think something you do is “sissified”... Ya help your lady out because you love her and want to. To help take some burden off of her. Well, you can cook too. Your buddies will be a bit childish, until, they sample some of you cuisine (fancy name for food) and end up wanting more!

Quite a few moons ago, after a night of heavy partying. A few people came to my place because I said I was making a big pot of spaghetti. I made my sausage sauce with sausage meat balls.
One buddy said, “Man this is better than sex, wish my ole lady could cook like this.”
Yah, she slapped him, walked out, took his truck and went home. He, slept on my floor!
She did tell me later how much she liked it and I told her how. They are still together but I think he learned to keep his thoughts to himself... Still chuckle when I think about that.
It's just using loose sausage instead of burger. Nothing special about it other than the flavor.

As I said before, I was left alone to raise my children. I told them my food philosophy and we played together in the kitchen. At about 14 my daughter and I found a bread recipe and tried it. Guess she really was the one to try, as I recall I just supervised.
   “Don't let a child alone in the kitchen, there's to much that can go wrong way to fast”...
I've tried a lot of different bread recipes but never found one that tasted as good as bread I'd eaten from the older, yesterday women, I've known during life.
This bread was great. 1. It was kinda easy. 2. Didn't turn out like eating air. 3. Was way to tasty. We devoured it before it could get cold.
She makes rolls with the same recipe. Just forms rolls instead of loaves.
She's grown now with a family of her own. At Holiday meals, her rolls are gone. Not even a crumb left. Seems to me everyone looks forward to them.

I don't know about calories, and don't care. I eat because its good, not because its good for me.
Nutritional value... Yah, right. Gimme a Snickers!
I don't know who's recipe this is, don't remember where we found it. I do not take any credit for it in any way. I'm just passing it on and if you want, give it a try.

1 package dry yeast
1/3 C lukewarm water
¼ C Shortening, melted
½ C Sugar
1 Tbl. Salt
2 C lukewarm water
6 C flour

Dissolve yeast in 1/3 C lukewarm water. (Not hot, it kills the yeast)
In a separate bowl, combine shortening, sugar, salt, and 2 C water. Add yeast, stir in flour,
mix well. Turn on to floured board and knead until smooth.
Put dough into a greased bowl, cover and let rise until doubled in size. About 1 – 2 hours.
Punch down and shape into 2 large loaves. Put into well greased bread pans and let rise until double in size. 30 – 40 min.
Bake at 350 deg. for 45 min.
Can be made into different shaped Loaves, braided, or made into rolls or buns.

Now how about some of you “men” out there giving it a try... The worst that can happen is you'll make something the dog will enjoy. OK, if your really a chicken, ask really sweetly, hunny, would you make this for me? But... Your gonna owe her!

Now don't get the wrong idea. As I said before, I want this blog to try and better relationships between men and women, guys and gals. I'm not turning it into another recipe blog. I would never consider joining them as there are some of them I respect as authorities on cooking and baking. I just like to cook and for the blog... It will from time to time, take a crazy turn!

Maybe, see ya tomorrow. If not, will see ya Monday!

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