Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Real Estate Taxes

Just a quick question...
I'm not naming names but, if it's alright for one religion to pray publicly, on an entire city block, several times a year, why isn't it alright for another?
I just don't get it! I don't “thump” for any religion but I don't see the justice...

I feel cranky about Real Estate Tax today... OK, I feel cranky about Real Estate Tax every day!

Just why am I being taxed (here in PA) for a big piece of dirt and rocks?
The County sticks it to me! The Township sticks it to me! The School District sticks it to me!
Now, I'm not alone. Anyone who owns a chunk of dirt gets stuck with these taxes.
Me, well my family was here before this County. Shouldn't they pay me property tax? : )
Family has paid taxes on this place so long we've more than paid for it, why do they keep charging rent in the form of tax?
Ok, enough with the bad jokes... Yah, right! That's the only way I keep some sense of sanity!
I know, I know, some would, and do, question the sanity part... Hey, me too!...

I get that we, as a whole, need to take care of the roads, streets, etc... But I seldom use the roads. And they get road use tax every time I buy fuel.
Unless I get a special tax number I even have to pay these road use tax's to mow my yard. To plow, prep or plant, make hay, or anything else I do in the fields.
Think about it. You mow your lawn, you need gas for the mower. You pay road use tax for the fuel. You don't mow your lawn, they will fine you! ??? OK, somewhere along the line wasn't it decided that we wouldn't be taxed for necessities? Then If one must keep the grass and weeds down or be fined, isn't it a necessity that I buy fuel for the mower?
Don't I pay more than my fair share of road use tax just buying fuel for off road use?

I get that we need to build and take care of public buildings.
Just why the Politicians need buildings so extravagant is beyond me. Then they decide to tear them down and replace these extremely expensive buildings with even more expensive!
Ya know, if, and it's a big if, all the people had mansions and beautiful estates, maybe I could see the extravagance. BUT, the majority of the people struggle to just get by. A fresh coat of paint needs to be planned and saved for...

Public parks. Uh hu... They'd make a nice corn or grain field. Maybe a community garden...
If the people in the towns and city's want a park let them pay, don't waste my tax dollars for a park I, 1. will never have time to use and 2. isn't big enough to make me feel the freedom of open space.
State Parks and Forests, I don't mind helping out there.

Paying the Elected Politicians... Needs done. But why they should be paid so much... I don't get it. They should be paid, at most, 75 % of what the highest average wage earner in their district earns. Want more? Do more to promote better business that pays more.
That goes for the School teachers also. Tax helps pay them. If they are only teaching well enough that their average student, who stays in the area, has a low earning ability. Then they deserve what they put out.
I've noticed that many teachers in my district aim children away from the area. I haven't talked to them, I talk to the students! I hear, loud and clear what they teach and preach! Why not encourage them to be brave and make things better right here. Find and start a business.
Your teaching is a part of the reason families are so broken up...
But yet many officials get regular raises or vote one for their selves. Never had that from anyone I worked for...
They all put necessities as simple as paper and pencils out for bid. What they end up paying... I could go to the local dollar store and pick them up cheaper.

Enough! I just don't want to go on any longer today. And believe me, I could! Probably will in the future...

Why! Why is it, I pay for these things via property tax but someone who has less dirt than I, and the large amount of people who rent, are not made to pay their FAIR share?
Ooh, they pay it in their rent. B-S! They may pay a little through their rent but I'm willing to bet my butt they don't pay that much. I did repairs and upkeep for landlords and got quite a feel for how much that amounted to.

I just feel it would be extremely FAIR to drop these property taxes and tax everyone on their income. Some extremely high earners, that are smart enough to not own a lot of property pay less than I or a lot of others I know.

Now that was on a ballot here a few years back but I suspect... Many of the working poor have given up on voting and didn't even know. Sadly they've given up...

So, let me know what you think or feel. Does it bother you too? What can be done?
I think those of us who do still vote and still think we have a chance, need to talk to those who have given up and don't.
As we learned during the 60's it may be a hard thing to fight, but enough of us fighting gets the political ear... And by fight “I do not mean” with fists or weapons... It's standing together and telling those in charge how “we” feel. If they don't listen, “we” vote them out.

I really don't feel any better but, I am reaching out for your help today.
Thanks for the listen and take care.
Till tomorrow, Catch ya later and keep smiling, yes, even while getting the shaft!
A smile may be the only thing they don't tax... Yet...

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