Friday, May 17, 2013

Doers and the Mouths of Don'ters

You just have to love the people who never have time to do who then have all the time in the world to do nothing but criticize those who make the time to do.
They have all the perfect ways and solutions, yet never have an extra half hour of their lives to do.

The lucky people who know everything and have the perfect ways how everything should be accomplished. Yet they can not accomplish squeezing time into their lives to do.
Yet while others are busy and rushing about frantically doing they are sitting on their porch taking it easy.

An old line comes to mind.
If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”

If you have all the answers you should not be sneaking around behind others backs and bad mouthing them for what they are trying to do. You should be doing or in the least putting your ideas in front of the appropriate person who is putting forth the effort to do.

When what you do is talk about how someone else should be doing, saying they are doing it wrong, they will fail, you are doing not a thing but hindering that person who is at least trying.

Your words always get back to the person who is willing to try and often even discourages them. Your words hurt the people who give their time and make them want to give up and quit.
Sad for you, your words also make you look like a fool...

Others who you do your talking and back biting to have eyes. While they can hear your words, they can also see that you do nothing to be part of the solution. They can see the bad effects your words are having on the ones who try to do.

I recall hearing some good words from an old soul years ago.
If you now so much and know how to do it then get off your rear end and do it.”

Actions do speak much louder that words.

I see mothers who also hold down a job making time to do things to help others while their homes suffer with little cleaning that gets done around midnight.
I see men who instead of staying home and resting or enjoying their families who are out coaching T ball and other sports.
I see men and women who are Volunteer Fire Fighters who never get a penny for their time or gas, who spend more time away from home in their non working hours than they do at home.

Yet all the critics of how these people do, are all setting on their rumps. Talking about how it should be done.

If you really know how to do then do it. Too busy? Well, if you really know how to do, it shouldn't take you very long at all to start doing, get the projects going in your perfect way and then step aside and let someone else do.

If you can't put forth the effort and squeeze a little time from your precious life to do, then at least keep your mouth shut. Allow those who will dig the time from their lives to do. Quit making them feel regrets for trying because of your hurtful, discouraging words.

It's you who talk but do not do that I see smiling the least.
Doers I tend to see smiling more often. So do yourself a favor and do!

And to all those who mine the time from their lives to do, I thank you with all of my heart and soul. I for one do appreciate you.
You doers are the greatest!
It is you who is making the lives of others better and are allowing them to smile more.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sorry Love Friend

Why is it some people are in the habit of always saying I'm sorry?

You say your back or something hurts. They say I'm sorry.
You say you're not feeling well or are sick. They say I'm sorry.
You say you've worked yourself so hard you're exhausted. They say I'm sorry.
You mention you are having a hard time at something. They say I'm sorry.

Might be it's their way of being sympathetic. Trying to sound kind. But it's not their fault any of those things are going on in your life, so why should they be sorry? There are many words to express sympathy other than I'm sorry. Sorry should be reserved for when you really are sorry for doing or not doing something you should have or shouldn't have.

Seems about the same as the word love being used when someone only likes something very much.
When to love something you would be willing to go to bat for it, fight for it, even be willing to die for it. Or them.

Now I really really like steaks. But I am not willing to die for a steak.
I'd walk a mile when hungry for chocolate to get it and spend my last dollar to satisfy the hunger. Yet I can't see myself ready to fight to the death for a piece of chocolate.

Kinda like the word friend when the other person is at best an acquaintance. Even people that some hardly know by anything other than a name they call a friend. I've even known of people who recognize a face but can't remember the name, call the person a friend.

Then they stand in wonder when that so called friend lets them down. Some even cry when their so called friend robs their house or steals from them.

It takes time to know the good, the bad, the ins and outs of people. The trustworthiness of people. The willingness to help. The important things that make someone a friend.

And before saying you love someone you darned sure want to know they are a friend and you are willing to go to the ends of the earth to fight for and possibly die for them.

These are just three of the words that get tossed around so much that their true meanings have been confused and lost. Brought almost to the point of being meaningless.

What over used words bother you?

Surely with our vast vocabulary we could find other words to express the true meanings we have while preserving the heartfelt meanings of words which are important and shouldn't be used to death.

Or have we become lazy or so small minded as to no longer have the ability to choose words that would better describe what we are trying to say...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Serenity and Acceptance

I had a guest towards the end of last week. As we went for a walk they noticed how beautiful and serene it is here. With the endless views from the tops of the hills, the calming effects of the walks through the fields and woods hearing nothing but the chorus of the birds and having no busy rushing about people to intrude upon your thoughts.

My guest and I had time for chatting and sharing many of life's interesting stories thanks to a badly needed break from work because of the recent rains.
It was fun for me to have someone to talk too besides the dogs and chickens and wildlife.

Friday I saw the first hummingbird of the year as he flew above me on the front porch and checked out the empty feeder. I filled the feeder and on Saturday morning when the dog and I got up and I took him out for his first relief of the day I was waiting for him on the porch. A male hummingbird came in for a drink. He checked me out and when he felt I wasn't a threat he went about his business of having a meal. After a good long drink he then flew about two feet in front of my face and hovered there. Went back to the feeder and then back to me. As if to be saying thank you for my meal.

It had rained again Friday night as I slept and once again the ground was too wet to do much of anything. So I went about cutting up some winter broken branches off of some trees. One of the trees is close to a fence post where years ago I had put a bluebird nest box.

As I was busy cutting the big branch from the tree a male and female bluebird chattered at me. They didn't appreciate me so near to their nest. I spoke with them and said I just had a job that needed done and I wasn't hungry enough to be a threat to them. Finally they calmed down.

As I went about my work I saw mamma come with a meal in her beak. She sat on a post and watched me, but wouldn't go to the nest. Then papa bluebird came back with a meal in his beak. He flew to the nest as mamma watched. When he was finished feeding their little one or ones, he flew to another post and watched me. Mamma then went to the nest to feed. Then they were both off again in search of more insects to feed their little one.

It was interesting to me how they both watched out for each other while they fed and had their backs turned to me.
Too bad more human families don't watch each others backs...

Humans it seems can be the most self centered creature on the earth.
Instead of helping and watching out for each other they find ways of stabbing each other in the back.
Instead of listening to their spouses worries and problems and watching out for them, they say hurtful words like shut up and get tough.

People need to learn from nature.
Learn how to be calm and serene. Learn how to accept others doing their thing and going about their life. Learn how to care about each other and watch out for each other.

That I'm sure would increase the smiles on peoples faces.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Am I the only one who can see in this house

Why is it that when I'm busy outdoors the house still gets dirty!
I think that since I'm not in here making a mess that the house should stay at least somewhat clean. But no.

So since it rained so much finally and it's too wet to work outside I thought I'd do a quick cleanup of the house. Yah, I thought...
Think again. Seems some grinch has been in my house while I was so busy playing catch up from winter and getting a start on the spring planting.

I could see the carpets and floors being dirty. I'm not always perfect at getting the dirty shoes off at the door. But where did this disaster come from...

I guess when I'm spending most of my waking hours outdoors and only hurriedly come in and make an excuse for a meal that I am blind to the mess the house is becoming.

Then there is that son who seems only too happy to live with a mess. Leaving shed clothing anywhere and everywhere. Papers and mail piled up to the ceiling on an end table until they are cascading onto the floor. Then instead of picking them up and putting them away he just kicks them under a chair.

There are the grandkids who find ways to lose toys and crayons under chairs, sofas and anything else junk will fit under.
Two dogs who are only too happy to shed their hair all over the house. At least they don't leave food scraps laying around. Matter of fact I guess I should be happy they search them out and devour them or the scraps from the son and grandkids would begin to reek.

Wonder if I could teach the dogs to vacuum and dust while they are wagging their tails...
Nah, every time I turn on the vacuum these two big brave pittbulls run and hide. The older one will set and watch for awhile, but as soon as I turn and start vacuuming in his direction he's gone like a streak of light.

All I have to do is start mentioning that I'm thinking about cleaning and the son disappears too. He doesn't even take any time to ask for a few dollars...

So I bagged up his pile of papers and junk all in one big bag. I'll set it on his bed so he is sure to find it. Probably sometime during the night when he rolls over on it and it makes him uncomfortable...
Hope he has fun sorting the old bills from the due bills. If he gets mad at me so what! I'm angry at him for allowing that pile to lay there for the past month growing from a few envelopes to a mountain of crud.

A few weeks ago my daughter got the vacuum and was going to do a quick cleaning. But did I let her! No. I said I had to do a really good cleaning and if she did the quick clean I'd probably out it off longer.

So I guess it's back to a day of cleaning, complaining and smiling at my own laziness.

Hope it rains for another day or two so I can get some rest!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Tough Love Of NO

Sometimes motivation comes from just knowing that tasks need done and no one else will do them. Or in the least it would be a struggle to get someone else to do them.
Sometimes motivation comes from need and just having to do it yourself.

Isn't it odd how so many people will ask for your help, yet when you need help there is no one available. Everyone you know suddenly has something else to do. And then when you are too busy to help them, they get angry with you.

Seems they can't recall how you asked for their help and they were busy...

Then you also have the people who always ask for things like cash and you give. Then they never once, even for a second consider making at least an attempt to pay you back.

You watch as they go on about their life having a good time, out running and spending every week. Then all of a sudden they are strapped for cash once again and they don't hesitate coming to you and asking for more.

Could it be that turning them away without the help they ask for may teach them to become motivated to save for their hard times?

If you are always there for them when they need help, but they are never there for you when you need, do you even need them in your life?

By telling them no you may be losing them from your life. But one day they just may return to your life as a better person. If not you may find yourself better off without them.

You'll have less aggravation caused by them. You'll have more time to search out new and better friends. You'll have you own tools and equipment where you need them when you need them. So you will be able to do the things you want or need to do! You will have more cash in your own pocket...

Constant takers never make good friends. Constant takers lose friends.
Constant takers who are family need to learn through tough love and the word no that they need to change their ways.
After all who will be there to help them once you no longer continue to exist...

Give a kid a dollar and they blow a dollar. Teach them how to earn their own dollars and they will have the ability forever.

If there is always that someone who is taking your smile away, you may need to teach them how to do for theirself. Even if it means telling them no and putting a frown on their face. It's the only way they will learn to find their smile and keep it.
And your smile will stand a better chance of remaining on your face.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Hatred Murder and Destruction

I see spring. I can smell it in the air. I can feel it in the heat from the sun as I go about cleaning up from winter and working at starting this years garden and crops. The time when life begins once again.

Seeds that have lain dormant over the winter begin to sprout and push from the earth reaching for the sun to blossom with wonderful flowers. Trees begin to grow their leaves. Grass begins to turn from brown to green.

All the different plants growing and getting along in their quest for life. Living and thriving amongst each other peacefully creating beauty.

Wild animals coming from their dens in search of food to fatten their bellies. Playing in the sunshine while searching for love and companionship. Starting new families to nurture and teach.

People begin to come from their homes and tend to their lawns and gardens. Playing and working in the heat of the sunshine. Stopping to chat and catch up with their neighbors. Learning new things from one another. Sharing and caring...

Sadly this spring I am not seeing the caring.

I've been troubled and quieted by the hatred, killing and destruction.

Is it so impossible to see and understand
That it doesn't matter our skin color
That it doesn't matter our nationality
That it doesn't matter our religion

That what does matter is we all have so much to share and learn from each other.
That instead of hatred we can all enjoy playing on this big playground while learning from one another.

It's love and compassion that has given us the great inventions from people of every different race, each and every different religion and nationality to make our lives as we know them since the days we lived in caves, better and easier lives.
It's togetherness and acceptance that has allowed us to share all the good things.