Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mmm, That Smells Good

 OK, it's getting close to the New Year.
**** Please, please, please! Don't drink and drive...****
We lose so many people every year at a time they should be starting a new year off. Not ending any chance they have for another year of life...
Another good reason... I do not want any of my fantastic visitors to get hurt, or worse!!!

New Years Dinner
Traditionally my dear departed mother would make a nice pork roast with sauerkraut and dumplings, mashed potatoes with gravy and pie for desert. At times we would have sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top that she would toast to a golden brown in the oven.
That's what she grew up with and my dads side of the family had about the same. I miss the days of growing up. the families all getting together in one house and having a meal. With so many conversations going on that as a young boy it was never a problem sneaking cookies!

While raising my son and daughter I decided to go a bit farther.
New Years Eve I'd make some hot dogs and sauerkraut and usually add some kielbasa for having people over to celebrate and bring in the New Year. Just a good luck thing I learned... And a good way to get food in a drinking stomach

Before going to bed I would refill the crock-pot with a pork roast and let it cook until about done. Next morning while the roast was cooking away the kids and I would make some rolls from the bread recipe we liked so much and let them raise. Then we would go and play or just watch TV and rest.
Yah, I wanted to rest but they would usually be ready for the play... I'd lose!
Then we would add more sauerkraut, kielbasa and hot dogs. Make the mashed potatoes and put the rolls in the oven. When the rolls went in I'd dip out some of the broth and sauerkraut, put it in a pot and make the dumplings. We never used serving dishes we just loaded the plates from the pots then sat and enjoyed. When we would be getting ready to sit down I'd slip an apple pie I'd made a day or so before into the oven to warm.

Sounds like a lot of work but by getting everything together ahead of time it all went so easy. That work turned into play for us. We would have fun by working together and helping each other. Accidents did happen, spills mostly, but hey, that was something to joke and laugh about. Like I said, while things would cook we went and played. After the meal and desert, cleanup went kinda quick because we cleaned up along the way. And a sink full of dishes, well that could wait a while if we wanted to get back to enjoying and playing. Most days I'd just let them soak anyway until the kids were in bed.

My sweet daughter does most of the cooking at her house now and that's where I go and join her and her family for almost the same feast we prepared when she was growing up. It's kinda nice to see that Great grandma, Grandma and my additions are again being carried on.
Makes the heart warm!

Wonder are there any other single fathers out there that keep traditions up and pass them on to their children... Sadly I also wonder how many moms do...
Seems like so many people today just flit about to busy to be bothered. Family meals with everyone sitting and eating? Who has time?
You might want to drop some of the outside activities and get to know your kids. If you don't want to be forgotten by them...

So what are your traditions for New Years meals and celebrations?

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  1. We did similar things. I passed on the traditional good luck dinner idea to both grown boys, but don't think the wives keep it up. We live very far apart, so it's not like I can have everyone over for dinner. Sure wish I could, though.