Monday, October 31, 2011


Saturday morning what did I wake to find

The ground was being covered by snow. Already there was snow covering and clinging to the power lines and tree limbs.

This is towards the south from my sun porch, which was not sunny all weekend. Well until very late Sunday afternoon.

Just a little closer from the same window.

This one from my living room door facing east. The ground and the road both disappeared later in the day.

Now I'm used to having snow during the winter season. But when we get four to five inches for halloween I do become frightened. Is this mother natures way of saying boo? Or is it her trick because I don't have a treat for her?

We normally do have a little snow or rain for halloween. Honestly I can't remember a halloween here where we did have nice weather.
But a snow storm in October that has brought down power lines...

After the strangely wet summer we had I'm a bit worried. I don't mind some snow. Really I do enjoy seeing fields covered in pristine snow. I like after hard winds when the fields are covered with drifted snow that lays in waves that look like an ocean frozen in time.

But after the strange weather patterns we've had this year so far, are we in for a winter that will give us snow to deep to keep plowed? Will I again see the road impassible for over a week at a time?

This could be one interesting winter...

Think maybe I'll finish stocking up the cupboards with plenty of extras and maybe even increase the amount of fire wood just in case the power goes out for more than just a few days. Might be a good idea to put new oil in the oil lamps and have some of that oil on hand also.

Living out in the country teaches you to depend on no one but yourself. You don't have the luxury of blaming others when others aren't around to blame...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Good, Bad and Indifferent

Maybe I'm a goofy old soul, but I tend to believe there is good in all people. I think if you really look deep into people that are evil you will find some good. I believe each and every day has good. Our assignment is to find it.

Many people for some reason, hide there good. Maybe they are afraid of rejection. A fear of being laughed at. Fear of being ignored. Possibly a dismal lack of self confidence. I hear many who say they are lonely, yet they don't reach out and even seem to reject people who try and reach them.

What good is your good if you don't share that good...
Sharing good makes other people feel good. Sharing the good helps open other peoples eyes to good they may not be aware of.

Fear of rejection and fear of being ignored. Well they are something I feel every day as I write another post. Many posts seem to go ignored when I look at the comment count. Am I being ignored or rejected?

Could be, yet I see high numbers of readers when I look at the stats. So silly me is believing that I reach many, but that many just have a fear of leaving comments. Comments though are always welcome and very appreciated.

Fear of being laughed at is always there. There are times I know I'm sounding funny and hope I am being laughed at. There are other times I'm trying to be serious and pass on what I feel is helpful. If I'm laughed at for that then so be it. I made an attempt to pass on something I felt might be helpful to someone.

Self confidence is not a major issue for me. I'm in no way as self confident as anyone might imagine. It's more that I just don't know enough to or when to shut up. I'm sure my kids would openly tell you that. Often times I may anger people with my words. Well, that is their problem. If they don't like what I have to say they are welcome to leave. They also don't need to ask my opinion. I do not give answers or opinions to be liked. Only what I honestly believe or think.

The first step out of loneliness is a step outside your comfort zone. Reaching out may get troublesome if some fool uses your words against you. But in the immortal words, those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter. No one should be hushed that has anything to say to add to any discussion. That is after all how we learn and gain understanding of opposing views.

Somewhere in this big world there is someone who is a lot like you. If you do not step out of your comfort zone, you will never find them. It could even be your neighbor, but if you don't open your door and say hi, you'll never get to know them.

There is good in this world and there are good people. The only way to find good is be open and look for the good when you are having problems with day to day life. The only way to find good people is to go out and kiss all the toads you find until a prince comes along. Or in the very least communicate with as many as you find while searching out the good ones.

Without leaving your comfort zone you can never find good, only what is already there. How long can what you have keep you smiling?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quality Or Quantity

Is there really such a thing as quality over quantity in a relationship...

Often I hear people say it's quality. Yet when two are apart they lack that daily communication that keeps people growing together instead of apart.
Then too there are people who are always together that don't really communicate.

They don't share the daily ups and downs. They think their life is so boring that no one would want to hear it. They forget that maybe one little funny thing brightened their day and it just might be what someone else needs to smile.

They may even think their partners life is dull and boring. So they don't want to listen to it. That in turn makes their partner feel useless and unappreciated.

When getting married or even in just having a partner, the two become one. If one breaks an arm both suffer. If one can't do their work the other must help for the work to get done.

If one feels useless, half of the other is useless.

If one feels unwanted, half of the other is unwanted.

If one feels lonely, half of the other is lonely.

When you spend days or weeks at work, then spend your time off with the guys, she feels lonely and unwanted. Abandoned.
How would you feel should you go home and she decided to spend time away with the girls? Leaving you alone with the kids and household chores. Leaving you alone with no one but children to talk to.

In the least you should be offering her a few days away from her workplace.
Yes you saw her sitting and watching TV. She was on a break. Just because you take a coffee break, would you like you boss thinking that is all you do everyday, all day long?

No she is on the clock twenty four hours a day. Her day has no beginning hour or no ending hour.

Give a little though to her and her life. Share some of your valuable time with her. When your tired self is old and gray do you really think your buddies are going to be there for you? Doubt very much they will, but if you stay in touch with her and always let her know that you want to be part of her, she will be.

Spent the quantity of time you have with her and be darned sure it's very full of quality too. She will appreciate it and you will too. Ignore the one you love and you will be loving yourself. It's really up to you...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I'm amused right now that some cities here in my State are struggling and can't pay their bills while others are doing well.

The cities that are struggling are the ones that have done well and had money from a good tax base. They refused to see down the road into the future and borrowed money for things instead of finding a way to live within their means.

Cities and Counties doing well are the ones who have always struggled. They didn't have untold money to waste spend so they buckled down and lived within their means. Not running out and borrowing money thinking the future would be brighter.

Same thing for families. Those that didn't stretch their faith in money are not doing so bad. It's those who didn't play the “keep up with the Jones's” game who are not struggling so bad. They made do with what they had. They made the attempt to live within their means. Drove that old car until the wheels were about to fall off, not until the new shine wore off.

Families who lived their life on big credit with lots of debt are the ones who seem to be suffering.

Seems to me I remember when a guy named Reagan was in office back in the eighties, he warned us of the impending doom. Did anyone listen? No many politicians since have done nothing but apply bandages to the wounds but never woke up and treated the wounds.

Now we have politicians tossing out stupid ideas saying they will save us. But do any say they will live within their means? Instead they want to change the tax codes. Will that make anything better? I seriously doubt it. Kinda sounds like good old fashioned snake oil medicine to me.

Living within your means, tightening the belt, doing without anything but the necessities. That is what we need.

I can't help but wonder just how long will it be until we as a country do wake up...

Yes, my neighbors struggle. Yes, there are other countries that are struggling. But how can I help others when I myself am in the midst of struggle?

Can not the politicians see that?

Tax reform??? How about some Government reform...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Go Ahead, Attack Me

Nature is a beautiful thing. Wild animals do look cute and cuddly. I have a deep appreciation and love for both. I refuse to chase even bears from the property here. I'm not a big fan of snakes, but as long as any wild critters stay away from the lawn and general area of the house they can be tolerated and enjoyed.

Yet when you go to feed the chickens and find all but two dead you tend to have it thrown in your face again that nature is not always our friend. Even those two didn't seem in the best of health after the attack and have now joined the others in death.

What exactly got my girls is something I'm not sure of. I did find that something was chewing at the floor of the chicken coop from beneath. I did find raccoon tracks. So I suspect they were the guilty culprit.

Hunting and trapping isn't done any longer as it once was and the wild animals are becoming crowded. That leads to having less per critter to eat. Less room for their territory. Makes them more likely to use areas closer to humans as their hunting ground.

There have in the past several years been more and more bear sightings near some cities and towns around here. At the same time I've seen more and more city people buying small sections of ground and building houses. They move here and the bear need to find new places to live. As they wonder in their search for food they wonder closer to people and their cities and towns.

Because of less hunting and trapping there are getting to be to many small critters. They have to compete with each other for food and territory. It also brings them closer and if one has rabies, they spread quite quickly.

Ever since the ever intelligent humans began to quit using furs and started terrorizing anyone who does, the small critters have begun to cause problems. They are now becoming far to crowded in their search for food and a place to live.

Over the past twenty years I've ran into more and more wild critters with mange and those that instead of running from me come running towards me. Not acting at all like normal. That is a sign of rabies. When an animal has rabies it's mind goes and they are no longer cute and cuddly, they become crazy.

It's not popular and in no way is it nice in my mind, but they must be destroyed. When that happens even the fur from those animals is useless. The meat from those animals is also useless.

Yes, hunting and trapping seems to be senseless, but is it really? Is it nicer and kinder to allow wildlife to become overcrowded and be killed by rampant disease? Is it more humane to watch them suffer a slow miserable suffering death? Is it kinder to watch them bite our children as they play and explore?

I'm not angry with the nature or animals that killed my chickens who couldn't even defend theirselves. I'm once again angry with humans who are to small minded to learn and understand. To ignorant to open their minds and even try to understand that their actions to save all the animals of the world cause those animals real suffering which will also eventually come full circle and cause man more suffering...

Maybe PETA would like to volunteer to guard my animals and my family twenty four hours a day...

Monday, October 24, 2011


Today I just don't know what I am. I actually have nothing to say. I know that is hard to believe, but it's true.

I'm neither tired or restless. I not happy, but I don't feel sad. I'm hungry yet I really don't want anything to eat. I've been trying for three hours now to decide what to write here today and darned if I can. So I'm just typing away as I think about this.

Maybe for some reason unknown to me I'm to just be quiet. Could be, but then why? Possibly because of that wonderful dance with the dog and the resulting back pain, my body is just telling me it needs a rest. Yet when this has happened before my mind never went this blank.

My mouth has never learned to be quiet. Normally my mind and mouth combined can come up with something to drive other people to the edge of insanity where they want to yell, SHUT UP.

There are nasty things in the news. Baby's disappearing. Catastrophes occurring around the world, wars and ends of wars, politicians saying idiotic things that should really have my big mouth going, but there not.

Now I've had quiet periods before, just not this long. I loafed all weekend. Watched news, spent some time on line reading, shopped for groceries and even ate out twice. Talked to people and while shopping was even bugged by a few.

There is just no spark. Nothing is fanning the flames of anger and nothing bringing me to elation. Not a thing that is making me tearful. Very little that can make me do more than smile. Yah, there have been a few that actually made me laugh, but that laughter quickly slid back to empty.

Three days now of this quietness... Though it has been kind of nice it also gives me some worry. Ya know, that uh oh, what's coming next... Like maybe that calm before the storm. That moment of absolute peace, right before all hell breaks loose. It's beginning to make me feel uneasy.

Only time will reveal the answer.

Today though there is no wisdom, no humor, no sadness, no full or empty to share. All I really feel like doing is going into hibernation like a bear. I can't really do that because there are things that just need to be done.

At least I will leave you with a reminder today.
Remember to smile and share that smile!!!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

No One Lives Here, Go Away

Have ya ever wondered what would happen if you had a big magnet in your pocket when you walked passed teenagers in malls?
Wonder if you pulled a big magnet out of your pocket if they would run and get outta your way...

Hehee, maybe magnetize some little ball bearings and just sit them around on the shelves. As the metal faced teens walk by they will be pelted and everyone else could stand around laughing...

Gee and mom and dad thought it was bad when we wore skin tight jeans. At least we didn't intentionally poke holes in our faces. We found that nature took care of that all by itself as we were living and daring to be all we could be while doing all we could. Get away with...

Teens have forever pushed adults buttons and have done so quite well. Yet the world keeps spinning around and life goes on. That's not to say there is no room for improvement, only that life will go on no matter how much you worry about it or don't.

Often the best way to get a kid to quit something is to back it. When they think you are OK with something and they can't rattle your cage with it, it tends to become boring to them. But they will find something else...

Speaking of something else, the weather is supposed to be cold and windy here this weekend. My back is still giving me a tough time so I doubt I'll be doing any more than absolutely has to be done this weekend. I haven't even looked to see what's going on anywhere.

My plans include me and my bed spending some much needed time together keeping warm. Me cuddling with the sheets and the pillow. Looking out the window at times and watching the wind blow through the trees and the rain as it falls down on the sunporch roof.

Dreaming of a warm sunny beach and listening to waves crashing on the shore. The sun warming my aching back and a waitress delivering icy cold beer without me even asking.

If it turns out like usual though, It'll never happen. I just know someone will find some way to mess up those plans. Or something will happen to change those plans. But hey, a guy can always hope can't he?

At times though solitude and rest are exactly what we need. Gives the body time to rest and recuperate. Gives the mind a chance to unwind and clear.

So as I lock the doors and close the blinds, shut off the lights and disconnect the phone, while attempting to hide from the world. You all have a great weekend and if your not hiding too, share that smile!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

How Not To Win An Argument

I didn't like the way she treated me and my date, so I just decided to call her fat.

That's basically what I heard on the morning news. A customer in a restaurant claims the waitress didn't wait on them the way they expected and even brought them the wrong thing. So on the bottom of his receipt he wrote that she could stand to lose some weight. When the picture of the receipt was shown I noticed he didn't even spell lose correctly.

Along with showing the world his rudeness he also showed us his lack of proper education... I wonder if he made a good impression on his date with that. Was she as cold hearted and ignorant as him...

This is not the first time I have heard or heard of someone attacking anothers looks when they were angry about something completely different. Seems that a simple mind can only resort to something easy to attack when it's angry.

Problem is when you attack someone for things they are comfortable with and they accept, it can backfire.

This waitress took it on line to allow the world to know what a wonderful person that guy is. Now should we see him with a date, we will also know what kind of a person that date is that chooses to be with someone like that.

Perhaps that waitress was busy and was having a tough time keeping up. Is it her fault? No, that would be the fault of management for not having more waitresses during a busy period. Perhaps there was a mix up in the order. In a crowded restaurant with many people chatting at once I don't understand how anyone can hear.

Thing is, if you have something legitimate to complain about, that is what you complain about. You do not go around flapping your jaws and attacking someone's looks. To the observer that makes you look wrong and whatever you felt was wrong no longer has any bearing at all.

I've watched this kind of thing happen and it always works the same. The real problem gets lost in the rude comment and nothing gets settled.

It does sometimes get interesting when a loud mouth runs into a secure person. I did once observe an anorexic looking girl mouthing off to a heavy girl about needing to lose some weight. But the heavier girl whipped up her shirt and told the skinny girl, yah, but you'll never have these if you keep puking them out. The skinny mini had her words taken from her mouth.

You'll seldom see a little guy mouth off to a big guy because he knows the big guy may just give him a proper thrashing. That too I have personally observed.

If you didn't like the way your boss did something and you garnered the courage to confront him, would you bring his bald head and beady eyes into the conversation? Not if you had any desire to keep your job...

It takes intelligence to win any disagreement. Remember, just because someone shuts up does not mean you won. It just means the other person is done arguing with you and no longer feels you can learn a thing.

Disagreements are only won when both sides agree on an equal remedy and walk away with a smile.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thank You For That Wonderful Dance

Wouldn't it be great if mute buttons worked on people?
How about pause buttons for those who never shut up?
Or rewind buttons worked on life?

Last Thursday the big dog Lakai broke his chain. It never even slowed him down. He ran straight for the chicken pen and then chased all around the outside scaring the chickens inside.

If I could have hit a pause button he would have been stopped. But no, no pause. I had to go and retrieve that fool. I had what was left of his chain in one hand along with a bowl from scraps I had taken out for the chickens and my cane in the other.

Actually the chain was still quite long so I really wrapped it around my hand a few times to pick up the slack and keep him close.

As I was turning to walk back to the house to fix his chain a chicken couldn't resist the temptation of the lovely vegetable scraps and came out it's door. Well, when the dog saw the chicken he wanted to play some more.

So there was an old guy being pulled and twisted around. The scrap bowl went flying and it took everything I had to dance along for about twenty or thirty feet trying not to fall and stay on my feet.

My actions made the dog afraid and he ran even harder and faster. I might have given in and let go of the chain but it was still wrapped around my hand...

When I finally did regain my balance and get stopped I didn't know whether to laugh my butt off or scold the dog. But I drug him back towards the lost bowl and scolded him at the same time.

Did he hear my angry words? NO! All he could do was keep pulling towards the chickens. I finally did get the bowl and while still scolding him, went back to the house.

I found a repair link and fixed the chain. Think I scolded him the entire time I worked on it. I really doubt that it did much good though...

I would have loved that to have been caught on video. I'm sure I would be rewinding that video until it wore out. That had to be one of the funniest stumblings of all time.

But... Getting older is again no fun. This older body does not appreciate being twisted and turned and drug and stumbled while high stepping across a lawn. It took a few days, but the wonderful dance has caught up. My back is again in dire pain and my neck is not far behind.

Yet I could at least have something to make me chuckle if it just would have been recorded. I'm sure I was as graceful as a three legged, drunken cow in a field full of holes...

So as I relive the magical dance the dog and I had across the lawn in my mind, I hope you smile and have a great day!
Who did you dance with lately?

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Was thinking about doing a study of boredom. But I only got bored...

I'm kind of wondering why so many people get bored. I get bored with little daily routine things while I'm doing them. But actual down right boredom?
I just can't understand that.

There is an entire world of wonder to explore. Not everything costs a lot of money. Some are even free for the taking or doing. Taking a walk through nature is free. Seeing all the beauty there is free. Hearing all the sounds there is free. Sitting and being mesmerized by a flowing stream with it's babbling sounds is free.

Sitting on a park bench can be amusing. Watching all the silly people in such a hurry to get nowhere as they bustle about. Observing the looks they get on their face. Hearing them trying to hold conversations while thinking no one can hear or is listening. Seeing young guys checking out young girls, seeing young girls checking out guys.

There is not a comedy show on TV that is as amusing as watching people as they go through their everyday lives.

Heck, I can take a cup of canned corn and scatter it on the lawn and sit and watch birds as they come to the limbs of the trees and scout out for danger before flying down to dine. Then seeing them being protective as other birds try to gather to join in on the bounty.

Sometimes I honestly think people want to be bored.
They seem to marinate in melancholy and really don't want a way out.

When you try to show them the things around to do, they only say that sounds boring. You can tell them a story, a funny story. For a few minutes they smile with twinkling eyes, yet as soon as your through they go back to sad...

Sad is not bad. Sad is to allow you to think of what is making you sad and find how it fits in your life. It teaches you what to stay away from if your willing to listen. It helps you get over people who leave all to soon. Sometimes sad can start out being sad and as your thinking sadly about someone you remember a good thing, a happy memory and sad turns into a smile.

But to sit and wallow in a sty of sadness? Stay mired in quicksand of sad for hours, days or weeks?
Where is the sense in that? How can an open mind stay dwelling in sad? How can an open mind be bored?

Open that mind to what exists around you! Or could it be you just want people to pity you... Are you really looking for that magical mystery being to come and relieve you of your boredom?

If you are how will you ever see them if your sitting there in your boredom and sadness hiding in your room?

Oh well, guess boredom and sadness will live long and prosper, but not here where I dwell. I'll be smiling and playing in this world of wonder and which holds so much to do I'll never get to it all in this lifetime.

Why not join in by finding what you can and telling us all about it? I for sure would love to hear. If you want, take some pictures and e mail them here to the blog.

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Monday, October 17, 2011


There is this old tread mill I bought when my son was playing football during his junior high school years. His intentions were to use it to keep in top shape during bad weather and the off season.

I ended up using it more than he did until my hip and lower back got worse and walking to much became more pain and agony than it was worth. If I'm going to suffer I would rather it be from long walks or hikes through the woods.

Somehow walking while looking at walls or staring out windows just does nothing but bore the living crap outta me...

I was sitting here on another wonderful rainy day ( can't take much more of this rain...) and decided to go to the kitchen for another cup of lifes go juice. Coffee!!! Have I mentioned lately I love coffee???

As I passed by the treadmill which now does nothing but collect dust, give spiders a place to build incredible webs and stub my toes... I had a thought!

After many years of living and every day doing many of the same boring routine things I am soooooooooooooo bored with taking showers. I will not take a bath! It's just redistributing the dirt around and equalizing it on my skin...

And I have very complete memories of the days when dad would get a bath, then mom then me and finally my brother. Being green? No conserving water and not wasting by all using the same filthy water! But that's just the way it was in those days. And some wish for the good old days???

Anyway back to that thought. Showers have gotten to be really boring. So as I looked at that monster residing on my sun porch I began to dream.

Car wash!

Maybe I could figure a way to place that darned thing in the basement. Rig up big spinning brushes with soapy spray. A nice brush that would not only scrub my back but would also massage it on the way through. (Heaven) Complete with a final spray of clean rinse water.

I could walk through the basement door, Peel of the grubby clothes and toss them in the direction of the washing machine. Push a button to activate everything. Step onto the treadmill and ride my way to cleanliness. All in a mater of seconds!

Just add a big fan or two on the other end as blow driers. Grab a towel and wrap it tight and make my way up the steps.

Clothes would be where they need to be, I'd be clean and wouldn't have a chance to sit and dwell on the boredom of taking a shower. All in the mater of seconds! Heck, that just might make getting a shower fun!

I could add a coin slot just like a car wash and make some money from my son... Oh yah... Never mind, he'd just borrow the quarters from me...

But I still like that idea of a automated me wash!

Have a great day and remember to share a smile!

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Phone Warning

So you wash your hands in order not to spread germs and hopefully stay healthy, right.

Saw a report on the morning news about all these wonderful cell phones and contraptions. Seems that studies are finding them contaminated with fecal matter...

And people allow their children to play with them???

Now this report doesn't surprise me at all. Few years back they left us all know how contaminated with germs and bacteria our house phones were. That phone just stayed in the house. For the most part stayed in one spot in the house. Yet it was probably the grossest thing in the house.

Those handy things we call phones today though are carried everywhere. Sat down on counters, sat down on desks, carried into public toilets and eweeee I've even heard people talking on them in public toilets... Seen guys talking while using the other hand to aim...

Yes, normally people wash their hands, but do they wash those phones? Think yours is clean? Well, where did you last sit yours down? Did the last person to set one down keep theirs clean? Did the last person leaning there wash their hands?

How about the last person you shook hands with before grabbing your phone? Just how clean were they...
Who knows what germs and bacteria those phones are carrying? Could they be the destruction of mankind?

Seriously if phones that were always left at home were covered with bacteria and germs wouldn't it be expected that phones carried everywhere would be?

Oh well, I'm not actually a fan of being to safe. Not even crazy about antibacterial soap. The more we protect ourselves from germs and bacteria, the less tolerance we build naturally against them.

Same as going to a country that's foreign to us and getting the skidders from drinking their water. The people there don't! They have built up a natural tolerance against the stuff in that water.

But ya know... I really don't think I want to use someone else's phone. Just the idea that they may have had a runny nose or even the skidders may keep me from that!

So as we go through the day carrying our deadly bacteria and germ laced phones. And talking on them even while dining!!! (Oh wow I was hungry...)

Try and keep those smiles shining the warmth from within. Try to smile through the looks of disgust as you watch all those people who can never put their phone down. Smile as you know someone will make a new product within a few days to save us from all these phonteria!!!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here Is Beauty

Saw something down right beautiful last weekend.
I had gone on a weekly shopping trip to the grocery store. In one of the aisles I passed an older man and his wife. Yes, even older than me... Shortly after passing them I heard him say, “You still have the sexiest rump I've ever had the pleasure of eying”. (But his word was not rump)

She turned around and scolded him, but I couldn't help but notice the twinkle in her eyes and the smile she was so obviously trying to hide.
I just know he had a smile on his face while he was being scolded.

I quickly went back to my own business and wow! Shortly after I realized, I never looked to see if he was right!

Ya know when thinking about it on my way home I smiled again. Now I think that guy has something going for him. He still loves the girl of his dreams and isn't afraid to let her know.

All through my life I've heard guys trying to sound funny, making comments to their ladies that sound hurtful. Making rude comments is easy. Very often they are funny. But!
They are not easy to overcome...

Those bad comments grow and fester. They become big ugly serpents ready to strike out and lash you with their finely honed teeth.
Even when said in the most loving ways they are placed in the mind to grow.

Each look into a mirror is done with scrutiny and even something normal begins to grow to monstrous proportions. Even joking about something you find as cute can backfire when she begins looking and analyzing with a scrutinizing eye.

With all the emphasis on magazine cover bodies and movie star looks is it any wonder?

If someone looks at you and calls you a skinny muscle less twerp, you get bad images of your self running through your head. If someone calls you fat the same thing happens.

All the little insinuations are nothing more than another form of bullying.

Why not learn something from that old guy I started with? Instead of pointing out bad things, find something to compliment her with. I'm sure there are many.

Just like you would not being around those that point out your imperfect features. Do you not believe she will find comfort in someone who points out her better features? Someone who shows her appreciation? Someone who finds her attractive? Someone who lets her know he wants her?

It just might even be possible to repair some of the damage you've done if you start complimenting her now. Women do seem to remember forever all the dumb things we say and do. But ya know, they are also very, very forgiving...

How about joining the blog and sharing with anyone you know. Help show the world we're all the same and can learn from each other and accept any difference of politics and beliefs.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It Keeps Me Out Of Trouble

I spent the day mowing yesterday. There are places here that are not really lawn that I keep mowed down just to keep the place looking nice. Well with the weather being so rainy towards the end of this summer, they have grown. As I was mowing I decided to get those places caught up. They are now about knee deep and will take two mowings to get them knocked down. I did not get totally finished and oh yes, the rain has come again...

Quite often throughout life things get behind for different reasons. Many times I see and hear people complaining about junk like that and they sound like their lives are over...
I don't tend to see them as life ending events, but more as just another challenge.

I can't help but wonder, if it were not for challenges would life get boring... In the very unlikely event that everything went exactly as planned when it was planned for, what would I have to do to fill the hours of the days?

I could visit with neighbors, yet they would get tired of seeing me and I'd probably distract them from what they have to do. I could take in a movie, but movies are long and I can't sit through them without becoming bored. I could try sitting and watching TV................................ Uhh, No! Nothing there worth watching.

I could go fishing, but then fishing wouldn't be that great escape from the everyday that I find it to be now. So that too would become boring. Maybe spend more time enjoying the woods and fields. Nope, just like fishing it would lose it's escape factor and would just become a ho hum event.

I could spend more time with the grandkids! Oh the fun that would be! Right up to the point their parents would chase me away because of my teaching them even more orneriness. Can't help but wonder if that's not why I don't get invited to dinner as much as before...

Ahh heck. If everything went perfectly I'd probably only find I had to mush time and I'd only end up in trouble. Being busy and having work to do keeps me out of trouble. I mean, could you just imagine an old guy stuffing a potato on the exhaust of a cop car...

Hmm, it's getting close to halloween. Maybe I can toilet paper yards and houses... Maybe even soap some windows...
But yah, I've grown older and slower. Heck I'd be caught before I even got a good start.

Oh there are tons of things I could do to entertain my goofy mind, but I'd only end up getting in trouble.
Yup, myself and all the kids. When were not kept busy, we only end up in trouble...

So I guess I'll just be happy that things go wrong and not always as planned. They keep me busy and keep the cops from knocking on my door.
Heck at my age they'd probably bring the men with those silly white coats with them...

And again it's raining. Now what will I do? Someone did once mention catching up on the housework. But in all honesty, I'd totally rather cut the lawn with scissors while on my knees in the rain!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nirvana At Last

Went to mow the lawn yesterday afternoon. It's rained a lot here this summer and my lawn is beginning to look like a field. More rain is predicted and it's to start again later today. Well one of the mandrel's on the mowers deck broke. That wasn't really to much of a surprise, my son picks up or moves nothing when he mows. If he see's a large stick he just grinds it up as he mows.

Thing is, I said my oh sh-t's, took the riding mower to the garage, jumped in my truck and drove a half hour and got a new mandrel.

Several days ago I was attacked by some hurting sole. I was accused of seeking women here on the blog and on the internet. That played dirty tricks with my mind for a bit. But I thought about my purpose here and I'll just carry on. I even sent the culprit an e-mail and even got an apology of sorts.

Thing is, I said my oh sh-t's, thought a little and moved on.

There have been other things happening in my life lately and with each and every one of them I say my oh sh-t's and move on.

Not a one of them is really making me angry...

I even had to make out a big check for estimated taxes and send it off to the state. Even that was done without anger. Woke up this morning and my back hurt like mad. Even that didn't anger me, I just made up a song about it and was singing away.

I seem to be reaching that mystical state of nirvana!

There is just nothing about things that go wrong or not my way that I can do other than fix them as they arise and rear their ugly heads. So somewhere along the path I seem to have lost the nasty ability to get really angry.

Guess my smiling ways are getting very powerful and are keeping the demons of anger away. Hmm, maybe the demons of anger can't stand against smiles and happiness.

But I've found that when we consume food and relish in the wonderful flavors, poop just pops out.
Not exactly any brilliance there but think about it.
It's really no different with life. As we consume life and enjoy, poop just pops out.

Where is the sense in allowing it to anger us... Best to just laugh at it, wipe it up and move on to the next game we can play.

As I recall, when I didn't find the humor in lifes poop there was much more of it.

Best to just keep on smiling!
So as little poop balls pop out of your life just laugh and smile and be glad it's not on a constant run...

So hey, how about clicking on that Join button and showing us your smiling face. We're all family here in this world. We all have similar problems and lives. We all put up with idiotic decisions made by our governments. But we all need each other to make a better world possible...

Monday, October 10, 2011


History books are great. I do believe it is very true that those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
They also bring encouragement to those that bother to read about success's of the past.

What they don't seem to teach enough of are the struggles, perseverance, heartbreak and tears along the way to the great accomplishments.

Nothing great comes easy. Anything worth doing or having is worth whatever it takes to acquire them.
There are risks and tremendous amounts of work involved in finding success. There are also setbacks, heartaches and tears. There are enormous amounts of patience needed.

So when we give all the unneeded things we do to our children, are we really doing them a disservice?

Teach them to work and earn what they want and you may teach them to be successful...

Guide them to think of ways to earn for what they want and you may be guiding them to become leaders...

Allow them to struggle for what they want and you may be allowing them to be innovators and inventors...

So hey, how about clicking on that Join button and showing us your smiling face. We're all family here in this world. We all have similar problems and lives. We all put up with idiotic decisions made by our governments. But we all need each other to make a better world possible...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Lonely, The Lost

I read something someone wrote this morning and had a brief discussion with them. They fancy theirself a Goth. Maybe I'm a bit silly, but I see little difference between a Goth, Loner, Hippie, or even a biker. They are all people who live their life their own way and with the exception of a few radicals who are only out for their own selfish amusement, are not harming people in any way. One must look beyond the radicals in every walk of life to see the real people that are there. Even the church has had it's radicals and still does...

I've been classed in all these groups at one time or another during my life. Just because I dare to live outside of what society calls normal. But other than Hippie, I've proudly held those titles as badges of honor and even hippie was held close because of why I was called that.

After the conversation I was out and busy with some work. But the conversation was still on my mind. As anyone who reads this blog with any regularity knows, my head may be the “king of scattered thought”...

Well, I had to stop what I was doing and come in and write down what was falling out of those thoughts. So I also decided I'd share it with you here. Hope you enjoy or even just maybe become enlightened.

Being original being me
Quite often leaves me alone in a sea
A sea of people who live with fear
Of offending someone who they think is dear

Yet people who are truly dear
Are people who live not in their fear
But reach out and touch their wildest dreams
Strive to achieve their craziest schemes

Not in a way that would hurt someone else
But in a way that is of them self
Questioning all that society holds dear
And locks their lives in dreaded fear

Jealousy rears it's ugly head
When they won't consider their ideas are dead
Having no feeling they can call their own
Only being what can be called a drone

People of compassion step out of that box
To where inventors invent to where writers do flock
They shut off the sounds of doubters sad words
Words that discourage don't need to be heard

So often looked at as strange and then feared
Scolded by people who know only tears
Told we are wrong for holding so near
The freedom society claims to hold dear

Now I'm getting old my hairs getting gray
So before I come to my final day
I'd like to tell all those of my kind
Learn to laugh as society whines

Shrug off that feeling that you don't belong
And live your life while singing your song
You are the great ones they someone will say
They wish they could have been during their day

Use your compassion as you see fit
Do not be bothered by unthinking twits
For near your end you too will find
We all turn to dust but what we leave behind

Leave behind words that help others see
They too will be lonely but they can be free
They too will find others who believe they are real
And in their end its the smile they will feel

Knowing they lived a life that was real
Not being a tin soldier lost in a field
Knowing the courage to last and endure
In their final days will feel very sure

Leave behind toys for people to play
Inventions to help as they go through their days
Memories in people that that will live long
Even after their body is gone

Words things and knowledge only outsiders can find
By not allowing their mind to be tied up in a bind
Compassion that society someday will find
A remarkable thing that will confuse their mind

They'll only wish they could feel as we do
Or have the courage to feel anything but blue
When we are long past is when they will find
That remarkable things come from unfettered minds

So dare to be different
Dare to be true
To the one that matters
The one that is you

Why not click on that followers button and join here? We are the same no matter where we live in this world. It's only our governments and radicals that mess this world up with their self centered ways. We can all learn to live together and share what we believe to be true. We can all get along and aim this world to a better future by sharing. So join here and show the world you care.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

So what are you doing this weekend?
The wet cold weather we were having here has finally broke and the weatherman is saying it's supposed to be nice for about a week. So I know what I'll be doing. It's time to play catch up with crops and work.

It's also the time of year here in the north to get those gardens cleaned up. Pull those old plants that are finished with their jobs for the year and add them to the compost. Time to get any remaining vegetables picked and canned.

With all the rain we've had here it's also time to get that huge lawn mowed and back in control. Seriously there may be spots where I could bale hay...
No big deal though, that too will make great compost for the garden.

Time also to clean out the flower gardens that were such a big waste this year. Since they were planted it has either been to wet, to hot and dry or back to being drowned. There was some beauty, but not as in normal summers.

Field crops in this area have suffered. Many that were planted late have not done well, some that were planted early were drowned as seed or were washed out leaving fields sparse.

What finally did get planted and what grew, were then hit with to much heat and dry weather. I think I said it before here, but I really don't think anyone around here will lose anything, yet they will not make much, if any profit.
It's just been one of those years that things didn't go well.

Even the apple trees here shed their apples when it got so dry. My grapes did the same. Only thing that did do well were the weeds. Really! I do have to find a way to make them taste good...

Trees we cut last fall for fire wood and to thin the woodlots and left lay to dry, are rotted kind of bad. But we still are cutting them up for firewood. We'll just have to cut and stack more to get through the winter.

That wood will still burn but will take twice as much to make the heat we usually get and the fire will have to be tended twice as often. It's more a matter of adding good with the bad. Kinda just like life...

There are pumpkin festivals and fall foliage festivals going on around here this weekend. But I believe I will be to busy to attend any of them.
There are probably some of the same taking place where you live. Why not attend them this weekend.

Or maybe just a walk through the woods. The wonderful, colorful autumn displays of the trees makes that feel like walking through a wonderland.
Watching for squirrels who are trying to store up food for winter. Seeing bunnies that are filling their bellies on what they can find in preparation for winter.

There is just so much to do during the fall. Just open your eyes and mind and enjoy this big playground we call earth. Soon the winter and it's snow and cold will be here. If your anything like me you'll be sitting somewhere warm watching the snow. Might as well get out and have some fun now...

Well at any rate have a great weekend and spread some smiles!!!

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This world is really one big playground and we can share and get to know one another. By learning we stand a chance to accept differences and understand.