Friday, September 30, 2011

Open Your Mind

Was out doing some chores a few days ago and twisted my neck wrong and it's been in pain ever since. Was out yesterday and took a little slip in the mud. I didn't fall but the slip has my back and hip hurting like mad.
There are just some days, or in my case weeks, one should just stay in bed.

Enough of my carping. I'll live to get better and also live long enough to get hurt worse. Thank you for bearing with me as I whined.

I was thinking about how you can take a walk through the forest, but if your mind is so bounded by focus, so girded by certainty, that you miss all the surprises, are you really there?

There are no finite answers to everything. No absolutes. Each being sees things differently. A great masterful artist can paint a beautiful scenic painting. You can get lost in it's beauty and be lost in it's wonder. It can look so perfect. Yet if you go to the exact place where it was viewed and painted from, it will look different to you.

By admitting to yourself that you don't know all and there are no conclusive answers to everything or anything, you open yourself up to all the wonders that are there. You allow your mind to wonder. You learn to appreciate all the little things that exist and you can imagine. You learn to learn and you learn to become wise.

Normally when I'm out playing working here on the farm my mind is open. That allows for some interesting observations. From shapes of animals and people in the clouds to wonder at the wild animals playing in the fields and woods.

When I am in pain though, I don't even have the ability to laugh at a comedy show. When work gets behind and I have to play catch up while worrying about the next thing I have to do it's the same.

Keeping up with the many little things that face us each day and not letting them build up into big things, lets us enjoy life more. Even something as simple as laundry or doing dishes. Let either of them build up and we spend hours of agony trying to play catch up. And it never fails, when your trying to play catch up someone will pick that precise moment to want something of you.

Want to be alone? Just keep up with everything. I can be here for weeks and not a living soul will stop by for a visit. But let me be behind and trying to get caught up and people will drop by and want to chit chat or want me to help them with something.

Same goes for waking up late. Should I have a rough night and sleep in just a little... eh who am I kidding, very late, everyone and every thing will want my attention. Instead of having time to visit while feeding the cows, the dogs will be whining for their breakfast.

Yet when I get up on time I can always find the me time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or take a short nap. I'd seriously imagine it's the same for elderly in a home. They can probably sit there for weeks and no one will stop to relieve them of their loneliness. But let them have a bingo night and someone will stop by for a visit.

So here are two ideas for your weekend.
Go for an open minded walk or hike and find all the wonderful surprises waiting for you. Or go and visit with someone elderly living in a home.
Heck, you might even be able to combine the two and put a smile on a lonely face of dear old grandma or grandpap.

Whatever you do this weekend, do it with all you have and an open mind. Find the funny to smile about and the strange to shake your head about that makes you smile.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feelings, Ugh

Once again I had to discuss that ugly thing called feelings... I'm a guy, guys don't like feelings. Feelings don't have much rationality.

There was a young miss who was talking about a guy who is a joker and normally is very outgoing. But when she's around he goes quiet. She was wondering if that could be a sign he likes her. Even his buddies notice it and have commented on it. I can just imagine those comments...

When guys get caught with their feelings hanging out they tend to get picked on. Ferociously!
Would be easier to deal with getting caught with his pants down by an entire buss load of nuns with sticks in their hands...

Well I choked back my urge to vomit, drug up the courage and did what I could to try and explain to her that yes, even the loud mouth guys get quiet. True love brings true fear to a guy. It's an eerie feeling when you find it and it's so new.

It causes one to go deep in their mind searching for meaning and answers. It causes you to search your entire existence and future path.
You can't talk to other guys, that would be a sign of weakness and stupidity. You would live many years before you might live that down. You can't talk to girls, because well, girls don't understand the workings of a guys mind.

I left her with a suggestion though. I suggested if she is interested and has feelings for him, to (as silly as it sounds) slip him a note letting him know she has feelings for him. Before his feelings/fear make him run and hide.

Being turned down by a lady is worse than death. With death there is an end, being turned down is only the beginning of doubt and relentless picking.
Doubt causes loss of life. Think for a millisecond when under attack and you lose. Let any of your friends ever find out you were shot down and you will spend years on the losing end of a pile of ….. well you get the picture.

So we goofy thinking of the species may not make much sense and no one, not even ourselves, will ever totally understand us. But ain't individuality fun. NOT! Funny to others, but not fun when it's you...

Been there myself guys. Maybe even to many times... But ya know what? I had the brass to try. And ya know what? I'm still alive. Through that I have learned to poke fun at myself before the other guys could and I took their power away... It's no fun for them when your first, they don't like coming in second either.

So try it, take that little bit of advice and get out there and ask. She may just be the one that makes your world rock. We all lose some battles, but we live to fight on. Win in that battle against your fears. Never let fear stop you from doing anything that you consider worth doing.

Ladies, it isn't a bad thing if you find a way to let a guy know how you feel. You too might lose a few, but you also might find your prince. OK, that might be a stretch... How about someone that might rock your world...
All it takes is a silly little note or even a message. If yup think he's interested and you know he's not a jerk, he may just need a little sweet persuasion to get past that fear and on to the next step.

So as I laugh and smile at all the silly things that love makes us feel and do, you have a great day and smile along!

Hmm, wonder if I could figure out why I don't even feel a need for that anymore...

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Parental Failure

Do you ever wonder if there has ever been a parent, especially a mom, who hasn't felt they were failing?

I went through that myself. Being left alone to raise two babies. Never having any experience with little ones. Even my brother and I were close enough in age that I have no memories of mom taking care of him.

Once the son was finally out of diapers he wasn't so bad. I had made so many mistakes it was kind of easy trying to coach him not to make the same. I seemed to know what he would do even before he did. Some I tried talking him out of. But many I knew from experience that he would get hurt, but not to bad and would survive.

Like when I saw him place a bale of hay in the driveway and lean a plank on it. I knew. I also kinda knew this day would come. I told him he might get hurt and he really shouldn't attempt what he was thinking. Then casually walked away and went about some work while listening for the inevitable...

But he fooled me. The inevitable I was waiting for never came. So I poked my head out and got a smile. Instead of screaming out in pain he was under a tree clutching himself at the groin. I walked over and asked if he was OK. He mumbled something that sounded like I might not want to know what he was saying. But I knew then that he wouldn't die. Just wish he would... I saw his shirt was a bit of a mess, so I pulled it up a bit and saw a nice dose of road rash. Nothing that some time wouldn't heal though.

Then out of my mouth came the immortal words. “I told ya so.” I walked away as he mumbled some more words and went back to what I was doing. Sometimes you really are better off allowing life itself teach the lessons...

I still felt bad though when I'd see him struggle while making friends and having a tough time in school. I'd feel like a failure when I couldn't come up with words of wisdom for some of the problems.

But a daughter! I was still young enough and dumb enough that all I knew about women were they were pretty, soft and something real nice to have around...

First time she had a crap that squished out the top of a sleeper I about died. After removing that nasty sleeper and removing that useless pamper I cringed. Uhh, I had to clean that from what??? No way. That's my daughter, I do not belong there.

I quickly devised my plan of attack. I wiped what I could from what I could see. I then carried my dear sweet daughter to the bath tub. Placed her in and filled it with warm water. I let her happily play while the water washed the mess away. Then I emptied and refilled the tub and rinsed. Maybe 12 times...

She was happy for the opportunity to play in the bath and I was relieved I would not have to go places I had no business going!

I kept with regular doctor visits to feel a little more secure about her health. This worked fine. Right up until the day he said she was getting older and should probably have a few things explained before being surprised and frightened about them...

Who? What?? Me??? Are you friggin NUTS?????????????????????????? These are the thoughts I remember went through my mind as he stood there with his jaws flappin at me.

I don't know if he saw in my eyes the fear that that idea brought or if he was just being all the professional he could be. But he handed me some literature in pamphlet form and said I'd do just fine.

Like a good daddy I read the stuff he gave me. All the while wishing I could find a nice spot in the Brazilian rain forest to run away and hide until she was about 60.

But I read. Did some research in encyclopedias and other books I could find. (There was no google back then.) Finally I found a baby sitter for my son and took my daughter for a daddy daughter day.

I was so uncomfortable! But managed to open my lips and let what I had learned dribble out. She was so danged cool about it I was mystified, lost, confused but yet very very relieved. But did I give her the warnings and information she needed???

The little shit went to visit her grandma. I was red faced when mom told me about what my daughter had told. Mom said she knew things that my mom never knew or understood.

Then one day there was a parent day at school. There I was having a good time, playing with kids and smiling. Three mom's walked up and asked if I was her dad. Yes, I said. I thought they were going to ask for my sugar cookie recipe, all the kids loved them and raved to their moms about them. But no...

Again I got very, very red faced. They all thanked me and told me my daughter explained these things to their daughters and their daughters had told them. They all said I did a great job and saved them from having to do it and even they learned a little.

Only one thing I maybe shouldn't have said to my daughter. I might not have done the right thing when I jokingly said, “Now do the world a favor, when your going through your monthly madness think about the poor chickens who go through it every day.

I get really embarrassed when moms around here say they think a lot more about chickens now...

It would be hard to be a total failure as a parent. We all do what we can with what we have to work with. What we can learn and what the individual child will allow us to do. Guess as long as we bring them to adulthood with enough skill to survive and keep up the struggle we all face, we do a good job.

Have a great day and smile. And pray to the gods that your daughter doesn't decide to become the teacher of her friends...
But do be a good parent and teach them things they really should know.
In the long run they will teach you so much more.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crazy K Rap

Not only does this feared, ferocious pitt bull chase after little red pointer lights, now he's chasing the light from flashlights!
They are his LSD! If I go near where the flashlights are kept he jumps for joy. His tail wags as fast as lightning and his eyes seem to smile. If I pick something up that even looks at all similar to a flashlight his reaction is the same.

During the evenings when the lamps are turned on he chases shadows as you move your hands. I made a shadow bunny on the wall and he about knocked a hole in the wall trying to get it!

He frightens people with his mighty deep bark. But his tails always wagging. His barks are saying please come play with me and give me some good lovin. He's about the biggest sissy of a dog you ever wanted to see...

A few evenings ago, there was a small, two double A cell flashlight sitting on the stand beside me. This goofy dog sees it. I was on the computer for about an hour and he never moved from between my knees unless a shadow moved on a wall. Then he would promptly return and hopefully wait with desires of me picking up the light to play...

I'm kind of considering fastening a flashlight to his collar, taking him out in a field, turning that flashlight on just to see how long he'll run chasing that light. Only thing that keeps me from it is how many miles I might have to run to find him...

This dog with little lights is quite like a young boy chasing after girls. The brain goes numb, a cloudy look appears in the eyes and there are no limits to how far they will chase...

I suspect you really could use this magical method to get a young guy to rake leaves from a yard. Get them to happily take out the trash. Might even get them to clean their bedroom.

Just tell them you'll take them to the mall to let them watch girls when they're through...

I've also made a discovery! I had it all wrong when I was a young lad. I had no need to dress nice to impress the girls. All I had to do was show them my underwear. I didn't need a belt. I only needed to hold my pants at my knees with one hand and try not to trip.

I see so many sweet, nice looking young girls with guys who do not know how to purchase well fitting clothes. Me thinks they have found an answer to the age old question of how to get a girl...

Heck now that I'm older I wonder if that would work when my pants take the occasional slide to my ankles... Hmm, maybe that and an anarchist tattoo on my rear.

I've been giving some thought to a ring in my lip. It would make a place to hang my fork or spoon when I stop eating to get a drink.
And the possibilities of having one in my belly button seems sane. I could use that to attach my pants so they wouldn't fall down.

Wonder if I could convince young guys of that...
Heck, I might even be willing to give them a free belly button piercing myself!

Hey, have a great day and enjoy all the oddities you find out there in the world. They sure can make you smile.

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Monday, September 26, 2011


Had to sweep leaves from the porch this morning. That's not really a hard job, but it is one that kinda says winter is coming. Guess it's mother natures way of getting me ready for that white stuff that is harder to remove from the porch. So now I'll enjoy the beautiful colors of fall as the trees turn their amazing colors and shed their leaves.

I normally don't mind the coming of winter, but this summer was not a very nice one. Started way to wet. Went straight to searing hot and dry. Then returned to the world of wet. There were a few weeks of decent weather if you added the individual days together.

Crops were planted late because of the heavy rains this spring. Then they baked in the heat of the sun, starving for a drink, a drop of rain from the sky. Crops grew and survived, but not with their normal vigor. Everywhere I drive I see sad looking crops in the fields.

Skinny plants instead of the healthy robust plants. Sparse in the fields instead of thick as the seeds were planted. Bare areas in fields where rains washed the soil and seeds away. Ears of corn that are small. Soy beans that look half their normal size. But the weeds did well...

With all of the leaves that fell from the trees when it was so hot and dry, I don't expect the normal fall beauty. I doubt anyone around here will lose any money on their harvests. But they surely won't do much more that break even again...

So how can people keep on farming every year and not give up?
It's in the blood. It's a part of the soul. It's something you love more than life itself. It's just a way of life.

Nature keeps giving one challenge after another and people go on. Life keeps giving one challenge after another and life goes on.

For me it's the freedom. Being able to spend my days in the sun, seeing the birds and wildlife as I work. Seeing bare ground spurt forth with growth and become green as crops grow. Feeling the rain on my skin and having that moment of agony as I know that work once again will be delayed, but knowing it gives water so life can go on.

Doesn't really matter where you are or what you do in this thing called life. There will no doubt be problems. But the times between the coming of those problems are meant to enjoy and laugh. There even are opportunities during those problems to laugh.

Seems the more I laugh at problems and the more I laugh during those problems, the less problems I seem to have. Maybe the devil and his minions can't stand laughter. Might be that chases them away. Could be that just the change of attitude makes problems seem less serious.

I don't care what the answer is I just like the outcome.

I had a problem last night. For some strange reason unknown my toe was aching most of the night. Hurt like a cramp. I was unable to sleep. I'm late here this morning because of that pain keeping me awake.

So what? I'll do what needs to be done this morning, most of it is done already. Then I'll just take a nap for lunch. Maybe...
It could be possible I'll get a burst of energy. Then I'll find something to play at.

But no doubt at all, this ole fool will find a way to laugh about something. Heck, I'm already smiling while I'm writing about this. This may be the lamest writing in history. And I did it all myself while being so tired I'm not even sure my mind is out of bed...

Now I'm going to make more coffee and think of how I can hook it up to an IV drip. Wonder if I could design a coffee maker that could be worn as a backpack. Wonder if I could find someone to help hold my eyelids open. Wonder if I'm wondering or dreaming... Wonder why my toe was hurting like that. Oh well, it's a silly life. But it's just one more thing to laugh about!

Have a great day filled with all the wonderful smiles you can find!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Please Visit This Blog

You know I rarely blog on the weekends. 
This morning though I read a blog that I feel is very important.
Please visit Rebecca's blog and help spread the word. It's a battle we all must be aware of and protecting our children is our most important job.

Have a great day and much to smile about!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Road Map

Have you ever thought of what a perfect world would be for you?

What would your perfect world be like?

Might be interesting to write it down and put it in a drawer. A few years down the journey of life you'd find it and maybe get a smile as you read it and compare it to where you have come to in your journey.

If nothing else it could be your road map to where you want to be...

Everything in your life begins with a thought. Thoughts though are easily forgotten. When you take the time to quickly jot them down you are beginning to make a plan.

Want change in your life? Write it down. Go back a little later after thinking about it and change it if you need. Add ideas of what you'll need or need to do to get there.

I said it once before here that hanging your plan on a wall where you see it every day helps a lot. The reminder everyday helps you remember where you want to be. Encourages you when you see you have done something to get there.

It always works for me and I have no doubt at all that it could work for you.

So whether your doing it for fun or doing it for a purpose, do it this weekend.
Write down your thoughts of what would make your life better.

Come back and leave it in a comment if you want.
It could be fun to see the different ideas.
It could be a way of saving your ideas for you to come back and see later.

Before I go, I'd like to leave you with some blogs I've been reading a lot lately. I get smiles from them and you might too.

abbyhasissues This young lady tells about the issues in her life and is hilarious.

Attack of the Redneck Mommy This lady lets us in on her life and raising her kids. We all know the smiles that can come from that.

Oh Noa This funny lady can get a bit racy with the language, but she is so hilarious I sometimes spill my coffee (or spit it on the screen) when reading her blog.

Hey, I hope to see you here Monday! Have a great weekend and remember to share a smile with someone.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wake Up Guys

Do you want to dance, hold my hand, tell me baby I'm your lover man, Baby, do you want to dance
Do you want to dance under the moonlight, Hold me baby all through the night, Oh baby, Do you want to dance

A romantic song and a song that just made you move. If not dancing it made you tap your feet. Made people just want to sing along.

How long has it been since you danced with her? Can't remember the last time, then you may be in serious trouble.

When you get home, turn up the radio and grab her by the hand. No matter what music is playing dance with her like you did before.
Don't know the steps? Don't know the moves? So what! You didn't before either, but you danced with her and she had fun.

Maybe you went to the movies. Maybe you went out and got some mud on the tires. Whatever you did once upon a time, do it again.
Just because she married your sorry butt, doesn't mean she's dead. It just means you have to wake her up like you did before.

Hey, the weekend's almost here. Get your tired old self in gear and set up a date night. Do it!
Take her to dinner, take her dancing. Heck take her out mud bogging. But do something.

If you can't do anything else, take her out for a walk. Hold her hand and talk of dreams and plans like you did when you first met her.

Without her what would you have? What would you come home to after a long days work?
If your the typical guy, you'd come home to an empty, messy house and would be eating cold pizza. Maybe a burger and fries you picked up on the way home.

Now if your a bright guy, you want to treat her like the girl she is and take her out for some fun. She's either been stuck in that house all week or has been at work just like you. If you don't entertain her someone else may.

Now wake up and get your brain working and recall the stuff you did before. Then make plans to do it again and do it!

But I'm tired... Boo stinkin hooo. She's tired too. She probably wants to go out and feel alive again. You too will feel alive once you get moving. And your love life might come alive again...

Try it guys. What have you got to lose?
And for crying out loud, don't forget to let her know how beautiful you find her and how much you care!

Get those embers of love glowing again. Fan those flames with romance.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Desires N Dreams

Guess I'm typical to many guys in some ways. I do enjoy getting lost in hardware stores. To justify it though, I've always been very mechanically inclined. I also made my living doing building, remodeling and repair work. All phases and facets, I've done them or been involved.

Also living on a farm most of my life has brought the necessity to do it myself. Something seems to go bad every day and you just can't wait until someone else can get there to fix it. Paying someone else for all the little things would break the checkbook also...

While enjoying an expedition through a hardware store (especially the big ones) there is always the chance to spy something that will come in very handy someday. New tools, new gizmos, newly designed products and even new ways of doing the old. It's like a handyman's school.

Thanks to my wrecked spine that I managed to demolish over the years of hard work and stupidity, a pain filled hip and nearly useless right leg, I can't enjoy my treks down the isles of wonder and amazement as I once did. Now yah, one of those fancy motorized carts would help, but I'm a man and just can't imagine me using one. That would be admitting defeat...

For years though I've always had one thing catch my eye. It's not new, it's been around a while, like a siren hanging out on those shelves singing me it's magical enchanting love song. I ogle it with the wildest of desire. I imagine it caressing me with it's warmth and comfort. I lust over the thoughts of it and I spending time together. I just know it would make me sooooooooooo happy.

See, here in the wonderful Pennsylvania mountains it gets really cold during the winter. Heck, it's even cold in the early spring and late fall.
It's never ceased to amaze me even after all these years of living, that there is one place in any house that is always freezing.

You can have the fires raging and the thermometer can be about to blow it's mercury from it's skinny little head. You can have the thermostat turned up so high that the oil companies know you by name and send you cards with well wishes. I'll bet the gas companies would give you kisses. I've no doubt it's the same in the pits of the hottest parts of hell...

I am absolutely, positively, unequivocally convinced!

You could put a toilet seat in a raging fire that would melt diamonds and it would still feel like ice when you sit down!

Hmm, wonder if you could build a cost free refrigerator from toilet seats and never have to worry about the electricity... But I digress.

Yes, the thing that makes my heart go pitter pat every fall is the sight of those fuzzy toilet seats.
I see them, my mouth begins to drool, my buns almost feel their warmth cuddling and caressing with loving care. My heart cries out with desire unbounded. They reach into my soul and touch spots unknown.

But there are those other thoughts that I just can't get past.

You know they will, within a day, have over-spray dried on them and probably much, much more...

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kids Keep Parents Poor

What is it with kids and silverware?
How is it humanly possible to loose so much silverware?
Yet a parent could buy a new set every month and still not have enough to make it to the next month.

You can dig through the yucky, sloppy, disgusting trash all day long and never find missing silverware. You can dismantle the entire house, removing each piece one at a time and still never find the missing in action silverware.

Really! Is there a place like sock heaven for silverware? When we die will we be met by all our lost socks and silverware?

Is it that hungry kids eat silverware?

And dishes!
Even the unbreakable dishes you can drop from twenty feet that won't break or even crack! The ones you knock down and then scoop the mess up and put it back on to carry it to the trash to dump. You wash it and praise the gods for such a wonderful invention.

Well, kids find magical ways of destructing the indestructible!

Then it's the same old answer. I don't know!
How did you break that? I don't know.
Who broke that? I don't know.
Who made that mess? I don't know.

There is only one worse than I don't know. That is the little grinch I'm still looking for. The one that has lived in my house for years that has managed to elude me. The one who never whines, knows some secret hiding place and gets blamed for everything. “Not me.”

Who did that? Not me. Who made that mess? Not me.
Wonder if not me will leave when my son finally does...

Pots and pans.
How is it that for twenty years before my kids, my pots and pans never had a dent? Yet they managed to dent about every pot and pan I owned. Even new pots and pans I bought to replace them...

I am completely convince that the metal workers and dish makers have a contract with kids. I've just not quite figured out how they pay the kids. If I do you can bet I'll rob their bank accounts to replace all the stuff the kids have wrecked.

One more I wonder about is how when you ask a kid to do something, they drag their feet and move slower that molasses in the winter. Yet when they go to sit on your furniture they suddenly get a burst of energy and leap through the air to land their butts hard enough to destroy that furniture.

Kids are the reason parents are broke. Kids are the reason parents world over are going be working to be in the poor house instead of spending their senior years in leisure.

I for one say no more homes for the elderly. Lets protest and close them. Lets all move in with our kids and give them what they have coming!
Wouldn't it be right to teach our grandkids first hand all the wonderful things our kids did so they can enjoy the same wonderful life they gave us?
And then when they try and ask us to be a little more adult we can roll our eyes just like they do!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fulfilling Your Dream

Wonder why it is that some people say they want something, but then refuse to work their way towards having it.

Some even get off to a good start, but then give up. They find out there is actually work involved. They find out it's actually a struggle to have and hold on to what you want. Hmm, they thought that because others have it and and because they didn't see their struggle and hard work, that it was easy.

They only see the finished product of years of hard work and toil. They only want to see the good aspects.

What they refuse to see or hear about are the years of working two jobs to make a dream come true. The years of back breaking work. The years of not going out, but spending all the hours working both jobs instead. The years of watching friends have fun while you're building your dream. They have no idea of the friends you've lost that saw you finally get your dream when all they had for their efforts were bills.

Then they don't realize what effort it takes to hang on to your dream.

Wanting something doesn't make it easy. Having something isn't easy. Seeing someone who has already served their time and achieved their dream is only seeing the end result of their labors.

Dedication and the willingness to give up what everyone else is doing and putting in all the effort for what you want is the only way you'll eventually have it.

A little like crossing the ocean in a rowboat. A day without rowing and paying attention to where your going can cost you your dream...

To get what you want, it must become your life.

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Friday, September 16, 2011


Negative thoughts kill! Negative thoughts destroy! Negative thinking is like scum on a pond. The cool clean water of life lies beneath.

It takes many little cups of good positive thoughts to scoop away the scum.

I'll leave you for the weekend with something I remember reading somewhere. It's probably not exactly as I read it but as best as I can recall.
It's meaning is there and what a meaning it is...

There lives in each of us two wolves.
Each is in a fierce battle with the other.

One wolf is evil.
It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego.

The other is good.
It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth.

Which wolf wins?

The one you feed...

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Are You Sad

It's OK to be sad.
Sometimes life throws us a curve and makes us sad. Other times someone does something that makes us feel bad, and we get sad. Sometimes we hear something that brings up past memories that make us feel sad. Sometimes we are just tired and that makes us seem sad to others even when we don't feel sad.

Some can talk to others about what is making us feel sad. For myself and most guys I know, we can't. It's not really that we keep it bottled up inside. More often we need to think about our sad and figure out how we need to deal with it or what it really means to us. Understand it.

We sometimes talk about it after we understand it or are close to figuring it out, but until we are, we don't care for or need any outside influence making our thoughts more clouded.

There are also times you will never hear about our sad. We thought about it and saw that really there was no explaining it and/or it really had no meaning to us beyond the temporary setback. Most times when that happens we don't even remember why it was we were sad.

Guess we're lucky like that and can put stuff out of our minds quite quickly. If it doesn't have relevance, meaning or any bearing on our lives it just kind of flows right out and most likely will never be thought about again.

When someone starts trying to hard and asking to many questions about why we're sad, we get angry. If we knew how to explain it you probably wouldn't need to ask. Or maybe we know how childish our feeling is and we certainly don't have a desire to share that...

Also when the twenty questions game starts we often get the feeling we're in some kind of police interrogation. So unless you want to get us an attorney to protect our rights, don't keep asking.

If we're sad for to long it could be that we're dwelling on something bad. Possibly we're stuck. Instead of asking a bunch of questions to something we can't answer, try just chatting about life and day to day work.

When we guys start getting our minds on something else, we often have a moment that our thoughts magically clear. Then we begin to see and understand what is bothering us. Often when this happens we do begin to open up and talk.

So next time your guy seems down and don't want to talk about it, get him a drink and talk about the day. Just be there for him like the caring being you are and give him time to relax and get to know his problem well enough to talk about it.

But being sad isn't a death sentence. I've been alone for many years now and have had periods of sad with no one to ask. I'm still alive and doing well. So being sad is OK. You will get over it. You will get your smile back in time.
And face it, without sad how would we know and appreciate happy...

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bad Relationships

In a relationship that seems to make you sad. Here are a few things of my own and some that were gleaned over the years.
If nothing else, give them some thought.
If you know someone in a bad relationship, pass them along. Just maybe it will help to open their minds.

Crying over someone who dumped you, is wasting your tears.

If you love them but they don't love you back. Don't be a fool, move on!

If you cry more than you laugh, your relationship will not last.

Waiting for someone who's caused you pain, makes as much sense as waiting for hemorrhoids...

Someone who has caused you pain, will only cause you pain again.

Ask yourself, do I want to settle for someone who hurts me...

You smell to nice to be treated like manure.

Why would someone as nice as you feel bad about someone who wants you to be hurt?

One day of your life wasted with tears for someone who don't care, can never be regained!

If someone dumps you, they were not good enough for you anyway!

If your always letting someone back into your life and they keep crapping on you, are you not allowing yourself to be a toilet seat?

Don't be one of those people who has to get married four or five times before they realize that what they want is more than a pretty face.

Marriage isn't the greatest thing in the world. Getting married to the right person is.

No one can promise you that tomorrow will be better, but you can bet it will be different. Tomorrow will be the first chance you have to make your life better.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BS That Bugs Me

How come work is the only four letter word not in the vocabulary of young people...

They want to have money. They ask adults for money. They beg adults for money. But let an adult mention that they're willing to pay them to mow the lawn or rake the leaves from the lawn, they become sad and angry. Offer to pay them to clean the house and they become enraged.

Offer them any kind of work in exchange for money and they can recite from memory a list of four letter words that could make a gangster blush.
Yet should you lend them money, you know you'll never be repaid. Your hard earned dollars you had to endure abuse and sweat for will be gone.

Some seem to believe though that parting with their cash is better than listening to the hours of whining they will hear from teens. I seem to recall that my dads way of dealing with whining after I was told no, was give me a sentence where I would be exiled to my room only to listen to myself whine.

Should I not accept the sentence or make to much noise while whining to myself, the penalties grew in severity.
Was not to long until I learned to accept that offer for work for pay and would go about the work, while mumbling quietly under my breath about how mean and nasty he was, but the work got done and I got paid.

How come kids pay for a gym membership when they could take a job and get paid to exercise... Do they not see the lameness in that?
A little hard physical work, combined with sweat and your body begins to become very fit.

Want a real laugh. I happened to catch a conversation where two young people were discussing sex. Teen sex. The one pointed out to the other that it is scientifically proven that kids just grow up faster today. That is why they have urges and then have so much sex.

Now don't get angry with me for hearing that conversation. I didn't want to hear it, you just spoke loudly enough that anyone within earshot couldn't miss the conversation. As for me writing about it, well how could I not... You gave me such a great smile. No, a laugh!

Young lady, way back in the dark ages when I was a lad, there were kids having sexual relationships. It was the days before abortions and the pill. I recall many young ladies that were mysteriously visiting for a long time with a relative far, far away.

That visit would last until after they gave birth and then the baby was put up for adoption. Then sometimes they would return home.
Your not growing up faster, you just have no self control and very low morals!

Then from your foolish mind you roll your eyes when mom and dad get frisky and mushy. Eeeeewww, that so gross!
How do you think you got here?

If it wasn't for the fact it costs so much to raise kids, I'd suggest that they have another baby. Just to ruin your life by humiliation you claim to feel!

Get a life and an education kid. Life is not all about you and it's not about me. It's just life as it's gone on forever.

Guys, keep it in your pants. Girls keep your legs together. Both of you do some work to burn that pent up energy.
Find a way to get paid and quit begging for money!

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