Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Caring Parenting

Wonder why it is that we care and worry more about our childrens childhood than we ever did about our own...

As a young lad, I was near the tops of trees before my dear desperately nervous mother could scream the words, “don't climb that tree”.
But it was always too late. I was already there near the top and she was once again being driven crazy.

I'd suspect that there are many out here who could relate to this and probably even have stories of their own. Kids are daring and kids have youthful speed and energy on their sides. Along with that they have the advantage of their small size and are usually doing something before they're noticed.

Being overly protective keeps children from learning about much of their world and learning to deal with the bad things of life when they are under our care and we can instruct them in ways of dealing with the bad.

Besides that, when do they care about us...

When they need money maybe. Or want to score a free meal and get their laundry done.

Do they care that the electric bill is reaching levels of the national debt?
No they'll have every light in the house on. For months!

Do they care that food is rotting as they stand staring blankly into the refrigerator?
I swear someone needs to put see through doors on them!
Hmm, maybe a recording of classical music that plays when the door is open!

Do they care that you bought those chocolate chips to make cookies? Or that by the time you go to get them you'll already have the batter made??

Do they care that while your riding in the car with them driving, your fingernails are becoming one with the dash? Your foot's about to smash through the floor from pushing that imaginary brake? Your having chest pains from your heart beating with fear for your life?

Do they care that your house is your home and not their garbage dump? Or your life and safety are at risk from their junk that's left for you to trip over?

Hmm, do I really care for their safety and well being?

Or is it that I'm looking forward to the day I will relish the moments when they become parents and their kids do the same to them...

Oh yah kids, watch what you do to mom and dad. They have good memories and may even teach your kids all the stuff you do to them!

It is only fair after all that your children have all the fun you do...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BS That Bugs Me

Political Correct.
Sugar coating the truth and facts. Wonder if a judge in court would buy it if a suspected felon would try being politically correct and sugar coat whatever they had done. Would that help them get a lighter sentence...

Wrong needs to be called wrong and pointed out as such, even from a very young age. Consequences need to be severe enough to enforce that wrongs are wrong and will under no circumstances will be accepted. Harsher punishment needs be if the first are not heeded.

A fool needs to be told he's being foolish. How else is he to be expected to change?

A child abuser or a man who abuses women needs men who are free to be able to thrash them without the law punishing them for doing what's needed.
A thief needs to know that if he's caught that he'll be punished by his captures and if he survives that he'll be punished again by the law.

The government decided for us that evolution should be taught in schools and the teachings of the Bible should be kept out.
Evolution teaches us that only the strong, healthy and intelligent survive. But the government says we should keep the few people who refuse to abide by the laws of common good from being destroyed by the many who would rather do them in.

Religion teaches forgiveness and letting bygones be bygones, evolution teaches death and destruction...

The anti drug slogan, Just say no.

BS. Take your children out in front of a bar. Let them see for theirself the withered, leathery skin of alcoholics. Allow them to see the drunks stumbling and falling as they try to walk. Let them hear the stupid stuff that comes from their loud mouths.

Take them to junk yards and let them see the twisted mangled piles of metal that used to be automobiles. Allow them to look inside to see seats stained with blood, steering wheels and dashboards where pieces of guts and brains still cling, dried on like glue.

Same goes for teaching that excessive speed and reckless, careless driving kills. Show them the front of a car that is now under the front seat. Let them see the cars torn in half and twisted.

Introduce them to the families that are sad because they lost a loved one. Let them hear the tear filled words of families and loved ones who have lost a loved one to someone who was stoned or drunk or speeding and driving recklessly.

Candy coating the truth doesn't make bad things go away. Only admitting it, facing it head on and dealing with it can help to make it not happen again.

Traumatic? Yes. But trauma can be a really great eye opener and burn the results of bad choices into the mind.

One way or another and somewhere at sometime they will be traumatized anyway. I think it's better that your there to support them instead of standing by their coffin sobbing...

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Monday, August 29, 2011

My Kids Think I'm Nuts

First things first,
To all the wonderful people I know personally and from on line in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. I wish you well and hope your doing good after the flooding and mess you've been through from Irene. To those I don't personally know and to those on the rest of the east coast, same to you. Here in the mountains of western PA it was just some rain that she managed to throw our way, but not more than we could handle.

My feeling and thoughts are with you, and my prayers are for you in your struggle to wade through the mess and to bring back rightness to your lives. May your courage and strength be brought back to you quickly. May your happiness and serenity be brought back to you threefold.

Yes, my kids think I'm nuts and maybe I am, but I'm having fun!

Was wondering one day why at fifty I began to feel so free. Much like turning forty, another great weight was lifted from living.

Maybe because by fifty I'd made a fool of myself so many times it just didn't matter anymore...

Or by fifty I messed up and made so many mistakes and survived them, that I no longer cared...

Could it have been that after fifty when a guy called a young lady sweetie or hon, she didn't scowl and look at him like a pervert any longer...

Might be because you finally realize that anything you do doesn't really matter, so your free to just do what you like.

Or you see that embarrassing your kids really is fun, so why not do it on purpose...

You reach the point that you no longer care what others think of you, so you say what you want and do as you feel...

Possibly you finally realize you will just never have the body you desire, so you just don't care any longer and eat what your hungry for...

Could be that what everyone else calls a second childhood is just you figured out that having fun is really all that matters...

Might be that all that stuff you smoked and ingested back in the 60's finally finished burning your brain cells out...

Or you've figured out that laughing real hard burns calories, so that becomes your diet plan...

Maybe because you find that all those who have screwed you in the past are now bitter and lonely...

Is it you realize that many things you though or dreamed of don't have a chance to become a reality, so you just let go and live...

Possibly you realize that having something for only a short while is better than not having them at all...

Or you've come to find that what you thought were wastes of time are fun...

Could be you see young people worrying and struggling, you know it does no good, your just happy to be past that...

Possibly because you know that spoiling your grandkids is such a fun way of repaying their parents for making you a nervous wreck...

You remember how much your children desired and loved all those really noisy toys you hid from them, so your getting them for your grandkids so their parents can enjoy them too... hehehehehehehehe

And I just keep getting worse crazier better each year since. Now rounding that final turn towards sixty, I'm wondering whats coming next...

This should be fun! : )

Saturday, August 27, 2011

US Government

So now Obama is the bad guy. The Democrats have once again turned on their own. They like to preach and tell us all that we should think and do their way, but do they?

They toss out all kinds of experiments on the public and then when they go wrong and make them look like fools, they turn on their own and start placing the blame on their easiest target. And we're left to pay the bills...

During the recent National Debt fiasco he sat in his office and whined, but not once did I hear of a detailed suggestion from him. His first years in office he had the majority in congress and the senate, why didn't he try and do something about the debt problem then?

No instead he was to busy bailing out failing businesses and failing banks. Once again! Should a needed business fail, another will take their place and will do better at it than the knuckleheads who got too big and too greedy.

He showed his Democrat side by the quick flash bang in the public's eye. And once again the Democrat experiment failed and the people are left to pick up what they can and go on. Go on paying for it!

Then the Republicans have few other cuts than to call Social Security an entitlement and want to take it away from us. Bet they have no plans of not taking it from our incomes and wasting it... It was to be an insurance that we would pay into and then have at least enough to retire on so we wouldn't be a total burden on society in our old age or disability.

Then all the members went gone on vacation!
When something goes wrong in a business the owners don't go on vacation. No, they stay and get the business running in a right direction. Why the heck can't our wonderful elected do they're jobs and stay on board the ship and fix their leaks?

Simple, they have no idea how to. All they can manage is to act like children on a playground and call each other names and place blame.

As any business person knows, when your business is doing bad, you don't earn what you'd like. But yet the government does...
Has anyone heard even one of them suggesting they take a pay cut to help out with the debt problem? No, they just expect us to bear the burden. With no jobs to earn money to bear the burden.

Our fantastically intelligent government keeps moving us closer to socialism.
Do we the people want that?
Are we going to continue on with being the pacifistic sheep? Will we continue to forget what these people do when they're in office and keep reelecting them or let them be reelected because we're to lazy to vote?

It's way past time to wake up. It's now time to get off our lazy butts and make our voices heard! Heard loud and clear!

Start a blog of your own with your views, start commenting on blogs that are already here. If the blog becomes big enough or gets spoken about enough, they will hear and begin to read.

Start writing to your own news papers forums. Start writing and calling your representatives. Make them hear your voice. Do it in a civil manner though or you'll be ignored.

It is the squeaky wheel that gets greased...
It is the biggest masses that get heard. (Remember the sixties)
Stand for what you believe in or go down without a chance.

Let them all hear your views and thoughts. No one can do anything about the mess if they have to work alone...
It will take many who are not to lazy, to complain loud enough to be heard.
If you don't then you must be saying your satisfied with how things are going... Are you?

Our Government can work, but we must all be heard to be taken seriously. Right now all that is heard are the big businesses that lay down the mega cash. Our words and voices must begin to outweigh their cash. Our votes must begin to speak louder that their cash.

While your here take a few seconds and join the blog. Show the world you are not afraid to be heard. Show the government we're not going to be quiet and we want them to start listening to us.
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Friday, August 26, 2011


Magic moments, when two hearts are caring. Magic moments, Memories we are sharing.

A song recorded by Perry Como around 1957.
Another song from yesterday, a fun song, yet a song that has wonderful meaning. That is if your willing to listen to it and give it a chance to settle into your mind.

Living in the moment without clinging to the past or pondering about the future allows you to enjoy everything around you.

Having a plan of direction isn't bad. Plans establish a direction and lead to an outcome.

But hanging on to that plan too tightly can take away any chances to really enjoy the experiences that are possible. Circumstances alone often cause plans to change. If your not loose and willing to go with the flow, your rigidness will make your plans come to unhappy endings.

Clinging to stringently to a plan can erase the possibility to find the magic moments of your own.
Even when on a path to success there are times when things just come up and there is the possibility to share a moment with someone and create a lasting memory filled with emotion.

There are times when we can share with children and teach. Times when we can just have a moment of joy that will stay in their hearts forever.
Times that even when we are ourselves gone will be remembered with fondness.

There are times that you and the one you love can create magic moments that will be cherished and bring you even closer. Times that will have you both smiling with others left wondering why.

Being remembered as the one who was so strictly staying on their path that they had no time for anyone else is not how I would want to be remembered. I would rather be remembered as the guy who could stop and play yet still get back on the path and succeed.

I would rather be remembered as the friend or lover that dropped what he was doing to share and create magic moments filled with love...

If we hold to tightly to expectations of people, desires and what needs to be done, we become very shortsighted.

It's better to have plans, but live each day with flexibility and let your plans lead you to every possible moment of happiness.

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This world is really one big playground and we can share and get to know one another. By learning we stand a chance to accept differences and understand.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Man Up

Real men don't stand over women trying to make them feel small and dominated.

A real man does impress his woman with intelligence and caring. He lets her know she is his equal and she's wanted.

Real men don't threaten women.

Real men make their women feel protected and cared for.

Real men don't hit other men and would never slap or slug a woman.

Real men look into a woman's eyes and reasons with her. Showing compassion, empathy and understanding.

Real men don't verbally abuse their partner trying to take their self worth away from them.

Real men use their words to build women up and make them feel secure in who they are.

Real men don't yell so loudly that the entire neighborhood hears each and every word they say.

Real men speak to their women softly and don't berate them in public or at home. If she's really done something wrong he reasons with her as he would want to be reasoned with.

Real men don't need to use vulgar words when angry with women.

Real men have the intelligence to come up with words that won't offend or hurt anyone.

A real man doesn't slap his woman around behind closed doors because he doesn't feel like a man outside of his house.

A real man would have the courage and sense to get help for his anger issues and feelings of self worth.

A real man doesn't palm children off on his woman.

A real man appreciates the opportunity to share in the nurturing, teaching and guidance of children towards being responsible real adults. He knows that children learn more from example.

Be a real man.
Make her want to love and respect you by loving and respecting her...

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seeking Peace

Whoa dude! Did ya feel the earth shake? Was sitting in the living room having a coffee break when all of the sudden my house shook. Then it shook again. I looked to my right and saw a pole lamp swaying. One more shake and I looked up to see the chandelier swaying... Never heard a thing, no blasts, bangs or nothing.

Even though there was no wind blowing I walked outside and checked out the trees. None fell? Checked out all the other buildings here and nothing looked wrong there either. Came back in and turned on the TV and darned. We were feeling the tremors of the quake that hit Virginia.

Look mother nature, I'm a bit P'd at Washington DC too, so don't take your frustration out on me. I'm on your side!
It was something new and different though and honestly was kinda cool... But I do have a wild and crazy sense of humor.

OK, now on to todays squawking.
Have you ever heard of a thief getting a jail sentence and then after finding out they were only stealing food so they could feed their family, felt kinda bad for that person?

What they did was wrong, but what they did was also what had to be done in the moment. It's what I call doing the wrong thing for the right reason...
That never excuses the act. I still believe that there needs to be a punishment, but also teaching so they have at least an idea of where to look for help if the situation occurs again.

I dislike murder for any reason. Yet I've heard of people locked up for murder and then found the reason was to protect theirselves or someone else. It's still killing and it will be forever wrong, but there really are times it just needs done.

Thankfully here in our country we have courts that are allowed to take each case on it's own and pass judgment according to the severity of the crime. If we didn't and people would just be left go after committing a crime like either of these, others would go on a spree of crimes.

Morals tell us what is right and what is wrong if we listen to them speaking in our minds. Yet in an emergency morals get left behind and replaced with survival. Morals are also led by what we have learned and our learning environment.

Where we live and the population around us can be a great influence on what we learn and feel for morals. Our beliefs can determine our morals. But much of what we believe is what we've been taught by someone else. Whether their morals were good about something or not is beyond our personal control.

What is in the scope of our control is learning and growing as we live our lives. What is in our control is the ability to listen to each other and learn the others views.

Then we have this great ability of imagination. We can place our selves in the others shoes and think about how we would feel or what we would do if we were them. Should both sides do that then a communication can be opened up and understanding can be reached.

I'd never be one to say that anyone's morals should be set aside or given up. Only that a mutual compromise or understanding can be attained. Either an acceptance that others are different and we can still get along, or an agreement that we both shall live and just stay out of each others lives.

It's when we try to force our ways on others that hatred and war break out and rears their ugly heads. With acceptance that others think differently, more can be learned and taught by example than by fighting and killing.

There are a few tyrants and total idiots in this world who will never shut up and hear what you have to say, but don't become one of them. If you do run into one of them, just walk away. You don't need them in your life anyway...

It's no different than walking along and seeing a skunk or snake in your path. You just walk around and ignore them. Eventually they will meet up with another idiot that is as bad as or worse than them and they'll deal with each other.

No different than a swamp full of hungry crocodiles, you just avoid the area and you don't get eaten...

How about joining the blog and sharing with anyone you know. Help show the world we're all the same and can learn from each other and accept any difference of politics and beliefs.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I remember walking into mom and pop stores and the people who owned them knew their customers by name. Many times they were the places to go to learn what was going on in the community. There was a sense of friendliness to them, a sense of belonging.

Not so today. Today we have convenience stores, most of which don't carry what it is you are really after. Set up in a way to attract you to the purchase of junk you really don't need. Full of junk instead of practical items. With a corporate air that leaves you feeling like a stranger.

There were also big stores where you could go to make big purchases. If you needed new appliances you went to an appliance store. There too you would be known. Often the people who owned them would even remember what you had purchased last.

They carried one brand and if you wanted another you simply went to another store.

They could assist you in making a purchase because they knew you and had a sense of what you were after. If there was a problem with something you purchased, they had their own repairmen who would fix it. Usually within the same day you called.

Not so today. You now walk into a big store that is loaded with so many different items that they need a computer to tell them what is there. The people who work there are so overburdened they have no idea what it is you are looking at.

So your left on your own to make a wise decision. Should that item break down, you need to call a phone center states away and try to explain the problem with people who can't even speak proper english let alone understand.

Then you finally get your problem across and now have to wait until a repairman calls you to make an appointment. Then you have to explain again what the problem is. Finally weeks later they come and find they have to order the part. They don't even have parts for the appliances they work on in their vans.

By the time you get your washing machine fixed, you now have enough laundry to wear it out!

There were many stores where you could purchase different things. They carried specific items by specific companies.

Not so today. Today there are big stores that you need a road map to venture through. You need benches to rest up on while on your journey seeking what you want. You almost need a motel placed inside those stores so you have a place to sleep overnight!

Then when you finally find what your after, you find what they carry is junk. Not quality items, but items that were made to last only a few weeks and then have you back looking for more. When you do go back, you find they no longer carry what you bought before. It's been replaced by even more junk.

Yah, these stores of today do save you a few buck on the initial purchase price. But what are we really saving in the long run. When that washer breaks down we have to spend a fortune at the laundry mats while we're waiting. We have to make two or three purchases of other things to equal the lives of the other products. Then there is the hassle and cost of running to do those things.

Bring back the stores that carried the quality items! Bring back the stores that cared about the customers because they would be repeat business! Bring back the stores that I didn't need to spend a day walking through to find toilet paper!

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Monday, August 22, 2011


Feeling insecure about something? Feeling doubt about something, or some one?

First thing I'll say is your not alone. Sometimes I feel insecure because of insecurities!
“WE ARE ALL” just perfect the way we are. You! Are perfect too.

If your not scared your not taking a chance. If your not taking a chance then what are you doing? Live to your fullest potential and smile all the way.

When you really think about it your potential changes every day. You eat, you breath, you experience and learn. Your potential changes with experience and learning. Maybe what you did last could now be done even better simply because you now can see a better or easier way.

Maybe you can even see that you can now improve on what you did. Why not do it? Or possibly you have an idea to improve something made by someone else. Do it! You might have come up with a new idea for a product that almost everyone could use. Why not make it and become wealthy?

Maybe you don't have the resources or equipment to make what you want. Why give up, there are plenty of people who can help you. Take them on as a partner in your scheme. But do write up a contract so you don't find yourself later weeping because your idea was robbed...

There is where insecurity works for you. Being insecure about someone stealing your idea is an internal warning. A warning to have a legal recourse if someone does try to steal your ideas. It may still take “ugh” attorneys to fight your case in a court, but some will manage to settle out of court. Sometimes even the threat of an attorney with a contract to back you up will make people or companies settle with you.

Feeling insecure about people in your personal life is also a warning.
A warning to learn all you can before trusting them with your feelings and life. Take the time required to get to really know them before just giving them your total trust and you may head off giving them ammunition to hurt you...

Before I got my back hurt real bad and my health took a trip to the toilet for a while, I liked climbing around on monstrously huge rocks. I felt insecurity every time I decided to climb. Those insecurities made me cautious. Instead of just climbing with wild abandon, I would study my chosen path with care.

Same care can be used in any path in life. Take the time to think! Plan out your path and you have fewer chances to fall. That same thinking has to go on with every new step. That's because every step is a new chance to make a new decision and take another route.

The thing that I find sad about insecurity is the way it stops some from doing.
As I said earlier, if your not scared your not taking a chance. If your not taking a chance then what are you doing?
Well, your not doing! Your just existing!
Is that living???

Every tiny flower seed takes a chance. It can lie dormant in the ground for years. When it feels the moisture and heat from the sun are just right it will take a chance to burst from the seed and grow. See it thinks! It thinks the time is now. It grows into a beautiful flower.

It's about time you burst forth and blossom into the beautiful being that you are... Unlike the flower seed, you will have another chance if your world isn't quite ready for you. So lay aside the insecurity and instead let it become your friend. Allow it to be your guide when thinking about the possible outcomes. But never allow insecurity to stop you before you have begun!

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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Someone asked me a question.
How do you feel about globalization and our food coming from foreign places and spending money in other countries when we need to take care of matters here?”

Think it's kind of a darned shame. Ever since the corporate farms bought up so much of the mid west, the small farmer had had a tough time. And now like everything else the corporations will be buying land in other countries to have the cheap labor there for the food supply.
They did that with all the big manufacturing business and now this...

Just wonder how the people here will buy anything before long. All the work is going abroad and then the products are sent back here. Well, if we can't find work, how will we buy?

Yet we can't afford to buy American because we don't have the money to pay the prices.

I'm just totally confused about what can be done. The corporations and the Unions have us and how can we stand a chance!
Both keep being greedy and wanting more but fail to see that only causes everyone else to need more. Then the cycle continues!

I'm kind of hoping enough people will begin to wake up and start home businesses for clothes and any other items they can make and sell. Then sell them a reasonable prices. Same for the farmers. Grow food and skip the middle man and sell at decent prices.

Only problem with some of that is the regulations and laws that the corporations conned the government into setting up that keep people from selling home made foods among a few other things. We would all have to be a little bit outlaw.
But I feel that's the only way we will be able to once again become the country we once were.

There was a bigger rebellion that my ancestors were in and there has to be another rebellion to get back what so many fought and died for. Hopefully it would never turn into an all out war as the first though...

It's a hard and tough subject and I could probably go on all night! But what I've said here is, I think, enough to leave you know where I stand.

For the farmers, we have those farmers markets and stands here and there. People help us so much when they buy directly from us.
Now if many others would start selling needed items they could make like that, at decent prices, I feel we would be on to a great start and a solution.

We really need to stop helping the corporations from destroying us with their greed.
They are the only ones with enough money to sway the politicians, but we don't have to play their game by their rules. There are many people who can make about anything we all need, in every community.
We really need to back them instead of Wal Mart and the likes.

I really don't think it's so much the globalization that is doing the harm. It's the big corporate businesses that are. They are the ones that buy the products at the cheapest prices they can con us into and then turn around and sell them for the highest prices they can command.

They are the ones who had the mega bucks to lobby congress for cheap import prices so they could take advantage of countries that would work for next to nothing. Then our politicians lined their pockets with that money and happily gave the corporate world what they wanted.

Politicians will not listen to the people as long as the corporate world pays them not to. Maybe what we need to do is begin to break the corporate world that influences the politicians...

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