Friday, December 24, 2010

Lonely at Christmas

Christmas time.
Another Happy holiday for everyone but the lonely.
How can I be lonely when I'm with friends and family?
It's not hard. I all to well understand just how bad a person can feel when their with family and friends but, are still alone. Makes no sense right? Oh but yes it does!
When your with others and you still have no one you just feel like you don't belong. We know we're with loved ones but, it still hurts down deep inside. We laugh at your jokes. We enjoy your company but, we still go home alone!

Then there is that certain ignorant someone who always has to point out the fact that oh, you still don't have someone. Kinda wish they would just loose their voice. Maybe get so danged sick that they have to stay home... Yah, like that would happen...
Now I know that didn't sound nice but. If you have ever felt the bitter sting and emptiness of loneliness, you would surely understand. For those of you who don't know. I'm really happy for you and hope you never do.

You happy people, why not just pop in and visit someone who's lonely? And if your at a get-together and a lonely soul is there...
Do not... Do not... Try and tell us you know how we feel! Don't tell us you feel bad for us. It only hurts more... Those may sound like words of comfort but in reality, they're like a knife stabbed then twisted.
Instead why not just be there for us. Share normal everyday conversation. Help us get away from ourselves for a while. Find anything that we can share a smile or dream about.
If we talk about it, listen. Just let us get it out. Don't try and stop it. It is part of healing...

For you self centered jerks who seem to get your kicks from pointing out that we're still alone...
Shut up!
Look in a mirror and realize you may well be looking at a person who will be someday!
Everyone knows already so your pointing it out can only be to serve some deep desire of yours to cause more pain to those that are already hurting.
You are “not” cool. You make yourself look like a jerk to all who are around you.

Me, I'll be with family and friends, children and grandchildren. Guess I'm one lucky guy though. Never, at any get together, has anyone tried pointing that crud out and no one has even brought it up. We all just carry on happy conversation and enjoy each others company, a wonderful meal and the opening of gifts.

I'll come home after. Then, oh yes, my dear friend loneliness will be here waiting...
Shouldn't be to late. I seldom stay out late at all any longer. What's the point...
I'll probably be here in this long reaching www. Might even be here on the blog...
Yes my home away from me.

Well, Merry Christmas and thank you so much for taking the time to visit and read the words of some crazy ole guy with to much time on his hands and probably way to many opinions. : )

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