Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Do Women Want

OK ladies, here's your chance.
Help an older guy out.
By helping me, you just may possibly help many of my species. 
We've been trying for eons to figure this out but seem to remain dumbfounded.
I don't think were totally incapable of learning but we do need your help. Want us to try to be better, then how about some answers? Please?
If ya want, leave your ideas in the comments. If ya don't want to see your name there, hey, send me an E Mail. I will keep your answer anonymous!
Now if I get nasty stuff,
I will name names. Just a word of caution for ignorant people out there!
I do still remember how to be a Richard Cranium if needed... OK, think about it!

Me, I hold doors, open car or truck doors for ladies. I pull out chairs from tables and help them get seated. I attempt to show some sign of intelligence and watch my vulgar mouth when around ladies. I help them getting jackets or coats on. I try always to show them respect. Try to be gentle. I stop by the side of the road and pick them a bunch of wild flowers and if none, when I pass a flower shop I just buy some. Try to be loving and make, maybe a feeble attempt, to be romantic. I'm probably not the most romantic kinda guy but I try...

If a suggestion would be made I could probably get better at that, I guess. I, sometimes not the best, write them poems, leave little love notes for them to find during their days. Try to buy them gifts I think they may appreciate. I am loyal to them like a little puppy. When I'm with a woman I would never even consider messin around with another. I am a man and I look, but I always try to make a lady I'm with feel she is the most beautiful, interesting being on the face of the earth or in the universe. She definitely is in my eyes! If not, I wouldn't be with her.
I try to discuss anything I find that I don't really like. When food turns out not so good, I try to find a gentle, understanding way to tell her. I really don't think one can hide that fact, a person knows when something turns out bad... I hold hands when I walk with them. I'm proud they are willing to be with me and never mind showing that... I could go on but I'm not sure it matters...

Maybe some feel that's old fashioned but I think it's just polite and behaving like a real man should. I see women as a gift, something to be cherished, adored, loved with all my heart and soul. If she chooses to accept me and have me then by damned, she is!
She becomes to me, more important than my right hand.

I don't lie. If ya ask me if the jeans make your a-- look big, I'll let you know I like your a-- just the way it is but, it's not the jeans.

So what the heck am I doing wrong? Why am I still alone? Why do they leave me?
Maybe they think I'm just boring...
I admit that long ago in my past, I was a jerk. I didn't always treat anyone right. I WAS a donkey butt. But the years taught me, and mellowed the fool I was. I learned, grew and changed into what I am today. Still, here I am alone. I gave up and now I don't even try. I've found, I can survive alone... But I would like to share what little I have.

Alright, these are some of my views of what I always thought women want from guys.
Now common, please, help this old fool out ladies. Let me and billions of other guys know,
Just what is it that a Woman wants from a Man...

OK, this is enough to keep me scratching my head and thinking all day, maybe longer : )
I'm gonna get some more coffee, just hibernate on the sofa and try to keep warm. It's frigid outside my door!
Have a great day and please, please, please... Try to find a minute and answer this centuries old question for both of us!
Now, everybody,
We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine...
We all live in a yellow submarine but we can get a long...
Until tomorrow, Bye : )

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