Monday, January 3, 2011


I'm not saying “Get a Job” is gone forever. For now though, I'm tired of wasting my energy when there are just so many people who whine, but really just want to sit on their behinds and hope their fairy godmother drops money in their laps!

Today! Happy New Year. We're now three days into 2011!
So did you make a New Years resolution? What was it?
Me, I finally made a resolution about ten years ago and have never broken it yet!

At one time I tried saying I resolve to quit smoking. That worked about five minutes. Haven't had a cigarette in over ten years but that had nothing to do with a resolution.
Tried a resolution that I'd exercise more. Uh hu... Guess thinking about that made me tired.
Was going to improve my diet by staying away from treats. First time I smelled chocolate that went out the window. And the sound of a chips crunch finished of those ideas! Now I've found a way around the food problem but that's for another day...

So many resolutions came and went. Maybe I was to weak willed, maybe I just didn't care. Maybe making a resolution was just sabotage. Hard to say what the reason was but they just didn't happen. Some really did get shot down from lack of time. Made a few that were so outrageous they could never be fulfilled. They were from the drinking days. That's another thing about drinking. It makes you think you can do anything. Then ya sober up...

I've witnessed so many people make resolutions and then get angry because they failed. Some, like myself were to weak willed. Some were to far reaching. Many were made out of desires of the heart and doomed from the start. Way to many were just plain dumb... Knew a girl years ago who resolved to become a hit singing star. She couldn't carry a song in a bucket... I shudder even from thinking about it! A guy I knew was going to learn to sky dive... Worked right up until he looked out of the door of the plane.

I'm kinda thinking it goes right back to the drinking... You think, so you say. When in reality, you couldn't care less. If you really don't want it a resolution will not magically make it happen. It really would have to be heartfelt and sincere. If your mind says it but your heart doesn't really feel it, how could it possibly work? But if your drinking, well just how many times have ya said something you wished you didn't. Your mind is oblivious to reality...

What was my unbroken resolution? You may not like it...
About ten years ago I resolved to never again make a New Years resolution and I have never broken it!
I think about doing things, I plan on doing things, I have dreams. But on New Years, I just refuse to resolve. I just think if you put the pressure on yourself your doomed to fail.

What I do is write things on a list that I want or want to do. I hang that list on the bedroom wall. Then I am reminded when I wake up and before I go to sleep. As I get these things done I check them off.

I guess when I'm reminded before starting the day it gives my day purpose. When reminded before I turn in I think about it while I sleep. May sound strange but, it works.

So now, I won't resolve but I will let you get on with your day, and I wish for you the best day and New Year possible!

Later my friends...

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  1. I don't make resolutions, either. I set small goals for myself, and hope to achieve them in a timely manner. :) Works better that way.