Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to Tired of Seeing Women Hurt

Its Deer season here in wonderful PA. I should be out, but until may back decides to heal up...
I don't think its a very good idea. Every time I push it I end up stuck in bed on my belly.
Stinks but what the heck... It does seem to be getting better. For me anyway...

I ran into a question the other day. Something about how women express their feelings but why don't men... Wow, wasn't sure how to answer that!
I did decide the shortest might be the safest.
1. Guys are brought up to be tough, not to let feelings show. That's a sign of weakness.
2. With that, how can we.
3. It's been my experience that when we try to express some, women generally tell us to get over it, or to grow up.
Maybe I'll have to ponder that for a while and ask around hoping to find more or better to understand reasons.
Any help out there would be appreciated... Email or comments...
I do think we really NEED to learn how to discuss them with our ladies!

On to todays topic...
Why guys talk down to women!
I asked the question and got some interesting answers.

Jealousy. I asked for some examples but got no response... Is it possible? Maybe. Maybe we feel they are better than us, so like little boys, we try to bring them down to our perceived level. Maybe we know their better looking than we could ever hope to be. Maybe we know that they deserve better than us so again, we try to make them feel they don't.
If that's the case, we better get smart. By talking down to them we are going to push them away, right into someone else's arms!

Fear. Again I asked for examples... Got none. I can see some possibilities. If we fear they are better than us, are to beautiful for us or we don't deserve them... We could be (again) trying to bring them down so they don't leave us. And again, if thats the case, we will push them into the first guys arms that treats them right.

Big egos, they think they own the world. Well first, see November 24'ths blog. (This World Belongs to Women) Any guy who would think this probably doesn't deserve any woman. Heck, think of dear mom, where would you be without her? Women really only need us to have children. They can do anything else that we do and often times do better.

To make theirselves look big because they're not big on their own. What an incredible answer. This is probably the one thing I've observed most in my life... Guys do this to each other as a “monkey show” of dominance. Admit it you've seen it in gyms, on jobs, and just about everywhere two or more guys are together.

Now I'm admittedly getting a bit old but I remember most of the 60's. These are the same problems that stood in the way of peace back then. They've been in the way before that and since. They will probably be in the way forever.
My thought/fear is, as long as 2 people are alive on the face of this earth, there's going to be a fight.

Well come on. Do you really want any of these things coming between you and the sweet, caring, woman you love? If you even consider answering that with a yes... You deserve no-one!
Pal, she's going to and will find someone, somewhere, that will give her the loving respect she deserves and leave you to look in a mirror and talk down to yourself!

Now, common guys, lets all get out there and try our hardest to make this problem go away.
Before they go, and they will!

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