Monday, August 1, 2011

Is It Fate

Have heard it said “Fate” is for the weak who are to afraid to control their own destiny. Have also heard there is no fate. Only circumstance that leads to an outcome.

I also hear from many religious people that everything should be left in Gods hands. OK, so I'll let him finish todays blog.

(Insert the Jeopardy tune here)

(Insert crickets chirping here)

Yup, didn't think so... He's not doing it. Seems to me I recall reading somewhere in his book or hearing from some preacher, that we are his hands, not that he's doing it for us. With God and good morals one can do things with his blessings I suppose, but leaving things in his hands don't work.

The only way to get things done, is do them. The only way to get anything started is to begin. The only way to accomplish anything is to be persistent and follow through.

Fate just doesn't happen. Where you go, the things you learn and the things you do bring about the possibility for fate. You then become the creator of your own fate. If your finding all the little reasons not to do things, your putting the brakes on fate.

Quitting because something goes wrong or because it's to hard, stops fate in it's tracks. Having fear and letting it get in the way of beginning halts fate before it can begin.

You may sit and wait for fate, but fate isn't waiting on you. You sit and wait on fate, your fate will be no more than loneliness, boredom and more chubbiness.

You wait on fate to fix your roof, your fate will be a wet head and huge repair bill. You wait on fate to fix that dripping faucet, your fate will be an even more expensive repair bill to pay. Now a brighter note... If you wait on fate to fix a meal, you'll lose some of those chubbies! (I need to wait on fate here...)

Go ahead, give fate a chance. Just set there and wait. See if fate cooks you a meal or gets you a snack. Find out if fate sends someone to cook you a meal or get you a snack. Observe how hungry you get while waiting on fate.

Sorry folks. The only way fate can work is if you do. The only way for fate to have a good outcome is for you to make wise, well informed decisions. Even a well educated scientist sometimes has bad fate when his experiments go awry. But that's why he is testing. To see what will his fate or the fate or his project will be.

The only way to have fate in meeting a special someone (if that's what you want...) is to give fate a hand and go out and mingle. The only way to allow fate to have a chance at helping you find new or more friends is to get out and be around people. If you sit at home and just wait... You may only be met by the fate a robber or Jehovah witness...

The only way for fate to give you a successful business is to start one and stay persistent, so fate can have an opportunity to give to you. Fate in finding a job can only help when you are out looking for a job, with an open mind and willingness to do whatever work fate puts in your path.

Fate can't help you advance in your job if you don't put your all into it and give fate a chance to show the boss. Sometimes though fate sees things we don't. Like maybe we are not really prepared and ready for a promotion. But again, persistence will help fate work for you.

Heck, I get a desire for Girl Scout cookies. I wait each year for a Scout to come knocking on my door. Hmm, unless I find one at a mall or something I don't get that desire fulfilled. When is fate going to send them to my door again...

It doesn't happen. I have to give fate a bit of help by going to a store or mall and maybe then fate will have them selling their tasty little cookies there when I am there.

I must admit though that my sense of their wonderful flavors are diminishing in my mind as their prices keep growing...

The only fate I have ever really seen is the fate of people who hurt someone or something or done someone wrong. The universe then has it's way of giving those sorry people what they deserve. Yet if they wouldn't have done wrong, I doubt that fate would have done them wrong.

So get up, get dressed, get on a smile and get out and do. That's the only way fate will happen to you!

Now I've been here a while writing a blog most days. Just hoping that even one or two words would help someone in this world. Would you help my fate along and join me here in my insanity? It's not hard, just click on that join button and soon you'll be done and my fate will be a bit more of a smile and warm feeling in my old heart. Then tell a friend and help spread the word that there's some old fool out here on the web, with a dream to make the world a bit smaller and bring people together with understanding that we're all about the same.

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