Monday, August 22, 2011


Feeling insecure about something? Feeling doubt about something, or some one?

First thing I'll say is your not alone. Sometimes I feel insecure because of insecurities!
“WE ARE ALL” just perfect the way we are. You! Are perfect too.

If your not scared your not taking a chance. If your not taking a chance then what are you doing? Live to your fullest potential and smile all the way.

When you really think about it your potential changes every day. You eat, you breath, you experience and learn. Your potential changes with experience and learning. Maybe what you did last could now be done even better simply because you now can see a better or easier way.

Maybe you can even see that you can now improve on what you did. Why not do it? Or possibly you have an idea to improve something made by someone else. Do it! You might have come up with a new idea for a product that almost everyone could use. Why not make it and become wealthy?

Maybe you don't have the resources or equipment to make what you want. Why give up, there are plenty of people who can help you. Take them on as a partner in your scheme. But do write up a contract so you don't find yourself later weeping because your idea was robbed...

There is where insecurity works for you. Being insecure about someone stealing your idea is an internal warning. A warning to have a legal recourse if someone does try to steal your ideas. It may still take “ugh” attorneys to fight your case in a court, but some will manage to settle out of court. Sometimes even the threat of an attorney with a contract to back you up will make people or companies settle with you.

Feeling insecure about people in your personal life is also a warning.
A warning to learn all you can before trusting them with your feelings and life. Take the time required to get to really know them before just giving them your total trust and you may head off giving them ammunition to hurt you...

Before I got my back hurt real bad and my health took a trip to the toilet for a while, I liked climbing around on monstrously huge rocks. I felt insecurity every time I decided to climb. Those insecurities made me cautious. Instead of just climbing with wild abandon, I would study my chosen path with care.

Same care can be used in any path in life. Take the time to think! Plan out your path and you have fewer chances to fall. That same thinking has to go on with every new step. That's because every step is a new chance to make a new decision and take another route.

The thing that I find sad about insecurity is the way it stops some from doing.
As I said earlier, if your not scared your not taking a chance. If your not taking a chance then what are you doing?
Well, your not doing! Your just existing!
Is that living???

Every tiny flower seed takes a chance. It can lie dormant in the ground for years. When it feels the moisture and heat from the sun are just right it will take a chance to burst from the seed and grow. See it thinks! It thinks the time is now. It grows into a beautiful flower.

It's about time you burst forth and blossom into the beautiful being that you are... Unlike the flower seed, you will have another chance if your world isn't quite ready for you. So lay aside the insecurity and instead let it become your friend. Allow it to be your guide when thinking about the possible outcomes. But never allow insecurity to stop you before you have begun!

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