Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love ?

Sometimes people are only meant to be together for a short while on their path through life. It does not mean they did not, and do not, love one another.
Maybe they didn't really fall out of love, maybe they just found it to hard to be together.

I read something very similar to this a few days or weeks ago... But I don't know. Then I hear or read people asking what is love. Now that sent my mind off on a tangent of wonder.

First I began to wonder about love. There are many different kinds of love, but they're all love. Or maybe different things we can love...

Someone can see a new pair of shoes. They buy them with love in their hearts. They love their new shoes. Those shoes get wore or maybe not, then their stashed away in a closet and only looked on fondly from time to time.

We all loved many things when we were children. As we grew, learned and moved on through this life we changed. Many of the things we loved as children were nearly forgotten as we aged. Some we can no longer stand to have. For me... Many of the cereals I couldn't live without as a child. I can no longer stand to even look at them today. Now they taste like sugar flavored cardboard...

Some see a new car and they fall in love. In love with it's sleek designs. In love with it's new car smell. A year or two later and they're back on the lot looking for a new car to have an affair with.

Many love steaks. But many did love steaks and now are vegetarians and swear to never eat meat again. There are many foods people say they love and I'm sure they do. But in a moment they could grow tired of them and change their minds.

I love flowers. But flowers come and flowers go. It's just their nature to not stick around. So I love them while they're here, but I also know to let them go. Even though it breaks my heart they wither away and are gone.

Now I know we have marriage vows that say till death do us part. I also know that people feel that love is forever. But do we confuse ourselves with hopeless romantic dreams? Is it possible that even a romantic love can only be a temporary thing.

Some find the love of their life and are happy ever after, but some never do. Some I have known, spent sixty or more years of their life alone before finding someone to be with. (I swear I felt the earth shake the day he told me he was getting married.)

Isn't it quite possible that as we live, learn and grow, that we change and we change differently? It is a fact that we all see things differently even though we see the same things. Now that would make our learning experiences different. That would cause us to grow differently. Possibly even to the point of growing apart...

Is it quite possible that we place to much on romantic love? Expecting it to last forever when we know all things can change.

Could we as human beings ever accept that things change and even romantic love can change? That maybe people just really do grow apart. Could we as the human race ever accept that and learn to leave one another with the good memories of what was and just move on?

I accepted that when my wife left me with two children. I always looked at her as a friend after that. I trusted that she and I still wanted good for our children and we could talk about their wants and needs and come to agreement. She dated and I dated. She spent time at my home when my dates were there. We all got along just fine.

So the thoughts of love and what love really is are plaguing my head. I'm sort of lost with many curiosities about love and the possibilities. It always lays festering in my mind when I see people who are hurting from a lost love and it hurts my heart to see them so sad.

As you go through your day and it crosses your mind, consider if you will coming back and leaving any comments that arise in your mind. Maybe collectively we could at least find a path to understanding this strange thing called love.

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