Saturday, August 27, 2011

US Government

So now Obama is the bad guy. The Democrats have once again turned on their own. They like to preach and tell us all that we should think and do their way, but do they?

They toss out all kinds of experiments on the public and then when they go wrong and make them look like fools, they turn on their own and start placing the blame on their easiest target. And we're left to pay the bills...

During the recent National Debt fiasco he sat in his office and whined, but not once did I hear of a detailed suggestion from him. His first years in office he had the majority in congress and the senate, why didn't he try and do something about the debt problem then?

No instead he was to busy bailing out failing businesses and failing banks. Once again! Should a needed business fail, another will take their place and will do better at it than the knuckleheads who got too big and too greedy.

He showed his Democrat side by the quick flash bang in the public's eye. And once again the Democrat experiment failed and the people are left to pick up what they can and go on. Go on paying for it!

Then the Republicans have few other cuts than to call Social Security an entitlement and want to take it away from us. Bet they have no plans of not taking it from our incomes and wasting it... It was to be an insurance that we would pay into and then have at least enough to retire on so we wouldn't be a total burden on society in our old age or disability.

Then all the members went gone on vacation!
When something goes wrong in a business the owners don't go on vacation. No, they stay and get the business running in a right direction. Why the heck can't our wonderful elected do they're jobs and stay on board the ship and fix their leaks?

Simple, they have no idea how to. All they can manage is to act like children on a playground and call each other names and place blame.

As any business person knows, when your business is doing bad, you don't earn what you'd like. But yet the government does...
Has anyone heard even one of them suggesting they take a pay cut to help out with the debt problem? No, they just expect us to bear the burden. With no jobs to earn money to bear the burden.

Our fantastically intelligent government keeps moving us closer to socialism.
Do we the people want that?
Are we going to continue on with being the pacifistic sheep? Will we continue to forget what these people do when they're in office and keep reelecting them or let them be reelected because we're to lazy to vote?

It's way past time to wake up. It's now time to get off our lazy butts and make our voices heard! Heard loud and clear!

Start a blog of your own with your views, start commenting on blogs that are already here. If the blog becomes big enough or gets spoken about enough, they will hear and begin to read.

Start writing to your own news papers forums. Start writing and calling your representatives. Make them hear your voice. Do it in a civil manner though or you'll be ignored.

It is the squeaky wheel that gets greased...
It is the biggest masses that get heard. (Remember the sixties)
Stand for what you believe in or go down without a chance.

Let them all hear your views and thoughts. No one can do anything about the mess if they have to work alone...
It will take many who are not to lazy, to complain loud enough to be heard.
If you don't then you must be saying your satisfied with how things are going... Are you?

Our Government can work, but we must all be heard to be taken seriously. Right now all that is heard are the big businesses that lay down the mega cash. Our words and voices must begin to outweigh their cash. Our votes must begin to speak louder that their cash.

While your here take a few seconds and join the blog. Show the world you are not afraid to be heard. Show the government we're not going to be quiet and we want them to start listening to us.
Leave a comment and be heard!
Want to say something but not start a blog of your own? Send it to me in an
e-mail. I'll read it and if it makes sense, I'll post it here for you. 

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