Friday, July 29, 2011


Ever consider the vastness of a mind?
The highways where thoughts travel at speeds like lightning. Hurrying towards known destination and outcomes. Knowing that good times are ahead.
The freeways where you've been before that lead to the known that has been learned.
The side roads without direction or maps traveled in hopes for things new and exciting. Traveled with caution or fear of what peril might lie ahead.

The streets lined with homes of knowledge. Each individual with neatly mowed lawns and flower beds planted with care.
The avenues with shops and stores filled with possibilities.
The dark alleys where fear keeps the thoughts away. Or quickens the thoughts steps as it passes by.

The back roads where thoughts go to meander through the memories that have been acquired and are long past. That bring smiles of happiness and joy.
The forks where thoughts sometimes get confused or lost as they try to understand, learn, or grow.
The U turns as it finds it made an error and beats a hasty retreat.

The lanes where thoughts walk and discover all the beauty and wonders of the world.
The paths where thoughts and ideas walk hand in hand. Loving, caressing and sharing all that has been and can be.

The hills and mountains that thoughts climb to discover what's on the other side.
The caverns full of curiosity that incite and lure the thoughts.

The fields and planes where thoughts go to lay their weary heads to rest.

The bogs and swamps that desire and though sometimes get stuck in, then disappear in the quicksand when doubt rears it's head.
The deserts waiting to be watered by curiosity, fertilized by learning, built upon by homes of knowledge.

The creeks, streams, rivers. The lakes, seas, and oceans. The waters filled with unknown thoughts and ideas that are waiting to be discovered and caught.

The sky filled with bright shining stars of hopes and desires.
The planets of unknown and wonder of what's there.
Black holes that thoughts fear they will be sucked into and lost.

I suspect the mind is as big and unknown as the universe that surrounds us. Filled with delightful tales and stories untold. Cluttered with unknown discoveries and inventions.

Yet so many of mankind choose to feel sorry for theirself and shut out the mind by worrying about the sorrows. So many refuse to stop, be quiet and listen to the mind, they instead would rather run around looking for someone else to amuse them or keep them company.

Curious about what may be there? Would you like to know who and what you really are? Are you wondering what beauty may lie there in your mind? Or the bright discoveries and and ideas it may hold? Can you be daring enough to face the unknown? Brave enough to stare in the face of he mean, nasty, ugly, inhumane dark thoughts you may find?

Can or are you willing to put aside the barricades that keep you from your mind? Can you bear to do without knowing what others are saying or doing, what the world is up to for a while?

Then turn off the Ipod. Silence the music or TV. Unplug the phone. Shut down the computer. Not yet! Finish reading first...
Be alone and listen to what thoughts pass through your mind. That's your mind talking to you, explaining what it needs and how it feels. Speaking of things you've refused to consider.

Be open and travel the paths that your thoughts lead you on. It will be a journey that no one else will ever have the ability to travel. See what mysteries, beauty and curiosity there are that lies within your mind.

When you have a thought, embrace it, hold it's hand and let it lead you. Laugh with it, cry with it, feel happiness with it, feel fear with it. Let it show you what it will. Play with it, discover with it, reason with it and learn.

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