Monday, August 8, 2011

Slow Baby, SLow

Slow down ya move to fast, you've got to make the morning last.
Just kickin down the cobblestones, lookin for fun and feelin groovy.

The song was called Feelin Groovy. Recorded back in the wonderful, rebellious, comatose days around 1966 by a couple of Folk Music guys named Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

I suppose there are times when you should hurry and not take a second to think. I reasoned that was why the Army always had us in such a hurry to get places and then just wait... I can imagine that when an order is given one should just do. Like maybe if some enemy is observed about to open fire, you shouldn't take the time to ask why, when told to take cover. It could cost you your head...

Yet in everyday life, moving along at to quick a speed doesn't allow for the chances to enjoy. It robs the chances to learn.
When rushing through a meal, we don't savor the wonderful flavors and aromas. Then when we're done we find ourselves still hungry.
Then rushing through a conversation and talking fast, we can't hear the feelings or deeper real meaning behind what's being said.
When we're rushing along as we walk through the streets and stores, there is no time to meet new people or learn of new products.

People constantly are after that thing called instant gratification. They walk fast, drive fast, talk fast and try to do everything else fast. For what? Just to get done and then whine there is nothing to do and they are bored.

Some constantly worry and wonder what's next or what they'll do tomorrow. Then they wonder why they can't sleep, or sleep well.

Speed creates it's own energy as momentum. So probably when people are rushing along through life they get to a point that they're no longer living. They're just hanging on for dear life, screaming and trying not to fall off of the speeding bullet train of a life they've created for them selves.

Do ya really think they'll be remembered for how much they did? Most are remembered for the quality of what they did and the quality of time they spent with others during their lives.

If you must rush through your day then maybe you should set a quit time in your planner to give you some you time. Set a time in your evening to just sit and ponder where you are, what you did and where your going. Make a cup of your favorite tea and relax. Listen to some music and let it carry you away to back when you were younger. Let it carry you to your dreams.

Let your mornings begin with a hot cup of coffee and more relaxation before you begin your race for the day. Then when the weekend comes allow yourself to take a mini vacation.

I hear you... I can't, there are too many people who depend on me! Yah...

Who are they going to depend on when your laying in a hospital, healing from a nervous breakdown...

Who will they depend on when your laying in a grave because you have had a massive heart attack from anxiety and high blood pressure...

The body and mind need time to relax. The body needs to relax to heal from all the pushing you did. The mind needs to relax to process what you did, file all the memories in neat little places and to clear itself out for the next adventure.

There is an old saying. The hurrier I go the farther I get behind.

When you don't slow down there are just to many errors and mistakes that slip by unnoticed. There are to many missed opportunities to really get to know people and become real friends who know and care about each other.

There is just to much time you miss with your dear family. Kids grow up way to fast and begin a life of their own. If you didn't take the time to become their trusted friend while they were with you, you may never get the chance again... They're learning from you!

I learned long ago that slowing down and kickin along can give your mind the opportunity to clear and gain a new sense of direction. One of those directions kept me from being dead at a young age from drinking and partying all the time with no sense of direction. Another made it possible to see I could start and run, not one but two successful businesses and then be prepared to retire early.

Now one of those businesses has turned into no more than a happy hobby that I can play at each day. I'm no longer bound to rushing around to get things done.

If your life isn't fun, then what is the sense of it? Life and work need to be your playground so you look forward to it every day with a smile.
It's all a matter of taking that first step of slowing down so you can learn what you really want and then kickin along and smelling the roses along the way.

Take even five minutes and slow down and smile as you travel through your day. You may be surprised at what you may find.

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