Thursday, August 25, 2011

Man Up

Real men don't stand over women trying to make them feel small and dominated.

A real man does impress his woman with intelligence and caring. He lets her know she is his equal and she's wanted.

Real men don't threaten women.

Real men make their women feel protected and cared for.

Real men don't hit other men and would never slap or slug a woman.

Real men look into a woman's eyes and reasons with her. Showing compassion, empathy and understanding.

Real men don't verbally abuse their partner trying to take their self worth away from them.

Real men use their words to build women up and make them feel secure in who they are.

Real men don't yell so loudly that the entire neighborhood hears each and every word they say.

Real men speak to their women softly and don't berate them in public or at home. If she's really done something wrong he reasons with her as he would want to be reasoned with.

Real men don't need to use vulgar words when angry with women.

Real men have the intelligence to come up with words that won't offend or hurt anyone.

A real man doesn't slap his woman around behind closed doors because he doesn't feel like a man outside of his house.

A real man would have the courage and sense to get help for his anger issues and feelings of self worth.

A real man doesn't palm children off on his woman.

A real man appreciates the opportunity to share in the nurturing, teaching and guidance of children towards being responsible real adults. He knows that children learn more from example.

Be a real man.
Make her want to love and respect you by loving and respecting her...

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