Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hardship just happens. Happens to everyone.
Great stories and memories come from hardships. Many hardships make us laugh when we finally look back on them. Some make us laugh even as we go through them. Hardships bring us closer with others who are involved.

It's more the way you deal with hardship that the hardship itself.
So many run and hide form the world and form a little shell of existence around them. There they sit and cry, feel sorry for theirself, find all kinds of excuses that their life is ruined and will never again be worthwhile.

By accepting that hardship just happens and will soon be in the past, all sorts of opportunities open before us.

Hardship is a chance to learn.
Hardship can be a chance to teach someone else and guide them.
Hardship teaches us patience.
Hardship teaches us to be flexible during our lives.
Some hardships can be a chance to change your life.
Some can help you to change directions in your life and your way of thinking.
Hardship could be the way the universe is telling us we need a change.
Hardship could be a way our bodies tell us we need a change.

As children when we come to a stream while walking along a path or a tree fallen in our path, we don't let it get us down. No, we take that as an opportunity to explore and discover.

How about joining the blog and sharing with anyone you know. Help show the world we're all the same and can learn from each other and accept any difference of politics and beliefs.

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