Friday, August 12, 2011

Empty And Alone

Feeling again like yesterdays news. Handled, fingered, read. Flipped, learned from, smiled at. Fumbled, folded, dog eared. Used and tossed on the pile in the corner to be forgotten. Unless someone makes a mess and wants to use me for clean up, here is where I'll stay until I go into the trash.

Oh, that someone nice would come along and recycle me. I've been used a few times, but I'm sure there is still some good in me.

Surely not every word in me has been read. Certainly there are still words inside to teach. There have to be words that will give someone a needed smile.

Something inside to comfort someone, or even let them know they're not alone. Something of wisdom or something of humor, something that would make someone want me. Maybe some words of care or passion that would warm somebody's heart. Maybe a hidden idea, that could give someone a start.

Maybe a picture of things long forgotten that would help someone remember and smile. Or perhaps a picture that would inspire dreams, new plans and new schemes. Maybe an ad for something that's needed, that would fulfill someone's desires and wishes.

Maybe I could be used to cover some weeds in a lovely flower or vegetable garden. Maybe I could even be used to kindle someones fire to warm them. Maybe I could line the shelves of their life.

But no, here I lie in my tiny corner of the world, wishing and dreaming by day. Feeling lost and alone by the light of the moon as the loneliness fills my pages with sadness. Seeing the world pass by never laying an eye on my pages of what was once life.

That only someone had arms, caring fingers to fold and form. To tie a tail and string on my form, and legs to run to give loft. I'd soar among clouds up near the sun with eagles as they play. I'd once again have reason to be and would feel I have purpose indeed.

There may be words and lines that somewhat rhyme here, but this isn't so much a poem or even an attempt. My silly mind just seems to think in rhyming patterns at times. With some work I suppose it could be turned into a poem... Yet it's just a random thought that ran through my tired head on a rainy afternoon as I sat looking out at the raindrops.

So I grabbed the laptop and typed it in as a chance to give warning.

Please don't do as I have and make the choice to be alone for too long. You could find yourself as I have with walls too strong and to high for anyone to scale. You could find yourself as I have with no doors or windows in those walls where someone could climb through to rescue you.

You could discover that with all your fears and dreads you have emptied your heart of any possibilities of allowing someone entrance. You could end up old, hurting and alone on rainy days with no one but pets to talk to...

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